Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Rothe, Thomas
07 September 1996 - 12 July 2014
Pasadena, Maryland, USA

Our Remembrance
This is my Brother Thomas Wilson Rothe , he was always happy and filled with joy , always knew how to make you smile , he was well on his way of becoming a professional Jack Of All Trades . As he Loved to play the harmonica, guitar, he also loved drawing and being educated on things that are cool , such as adruino coding ,turning useless stuff in usefull stuff and chemistry...he was talking about becoming a massage therapist as he loved making people happy!!
I will always miss him ...
He was a very passionate person. Tommy was incredibly talented with electronics and also interested in taxidermy and was exceptionally good at music. He played guitar and harmonica and collected harmonicas and antiques