Faces of Suicide

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns and tends to the pictures on the Faces of Suicide site?

The Faces of Suicide site is owned and tended to by volunteers from the POS-FFOS Internet Community. (Parents of Suicides and Friends and Famlies of Suicides.)

How are the faces displayed on the wall?

The faces are shown in random order. Refreshing the screen will show another random selection of faces. Click on a picture to see more information about that person, including links to any memorial web sites. On larger screens, moving the mouse over a picture will display additional information about that person.

How can I submit a face to be placed on the wall?

Click the Submit Face button and fill in the form with the required information. Please carefully read the directions on the submittal pages.Your e-mail address must be valid. You will also need to indicate whether you would like an application to join one of our grief groups. After submitting the information, another screen will let you upload a picture (portrait) for that person to be displayed on the wall.

After one of the administrators has reviewed your submission, it will be placed on the Faces of Suicide site. Please check your submission by doing a search for the last name, then ensure that the information is accurate. Contact us if there is an error.

How can I search for a photo or portait?

Our Search page allows you to enter search parameters as needed. It's best to enter just a few search items, such as just the last name. You'll then see faces that match your search. Click on the portrait to view the information.

What grief groups offer support through this site?

You can find these sites on the Outreach page.

What should I do if I find an error?

If you find an error, click the Contact Us button. Send us the name of the person, explain the mistake, include your name and your e-mail address. Then, check back in a couple days to see if the correction has been made.

Can I use the pictures and stories on my web site?

All pictures and content (including descriptions) are the property of the Parents of Suicide - Friends and Family of Suicide group, and may not be used without written permission from that group. Use the Contact Us to contact us about any use issues.

Who does the work on this site?

All work done on the Faces of Suicide is done by volunteers who are part of the POS-FFOS Internet community. This wall is an outreach site, created and maintained by people who want to help others, in memory of someone who died by suicide.

For more information, or to comment, it's easy to contact us.

Click the Contact Us link, complete the form, and click the Submit button. We'll respond to you as quickly as we can.