Faces of Suicide

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Dugas, Jonathan Maurice
02 December 1981 - 17 December 2019
Winchester, Tennessee, USA

Our Remembrance
Jon was my little brother and my best pal. He was going to be a father for the first time until he died. His only child, a beautiful daughter, was born six months later. He reminded me a lot of the movie Good Will Hunting. When he wasn't beating the hell out of people at the bar, he could do some really cool math problems. He went to college for the first time at 28 years old. He made straight A's, won awards, and obtained awesome scholarships the entire time he attended college. He graduated with a bachelor's and a master's in engineering from Tennessee Tech, but math was his passion. He developed a formula for calculating the number of prime numbers from a fixed point to infinity...truly groundbreaking math fear. We were all so very very proud of him. I couldn't have been more proud of his accomplishments if they were my own. We were so close. I was the last person he talked to the night it happened. He had been sober for many years but relapsed the week before he shot himself. He was leaving a bar on Friday the 13th with the biggest fullest moon ever in the sky and got pulled over by the cops. He shot himself under the chin as the officer was approaching his truck. I wrote a poem for him that sums him up quite well....


We had the same dad
We had the same mother
I was his big sis
He was my little brother
To hear him slurp cereal
was just so gross
He was the only one of us
That wouldn't eat toast
I tried not to nap
When he would be upstairs
He worn these loud steel boots
And have zero cares
He hated to use towels forks and ashtrays
So wet foot prints, cigarette butts, and grease spots were mainstays.
I would get him out of trouble while he would get me in
But it was hard to stay mad
At him or his grin
We tortured each other
Way more than we should
But when it came to other people
Wish somebody would
To keep me safe there isn't much he wouldn't do
I even had to stop a drone strike on you know who
He loved each of my kids like they were his own
He taught them how to fish and loved watching them grow
I'm going to return the favor with his baby daughter
And make sure she knows everything
About her father
Until my kids came along
I loved him the best
His passing has left me with my greatest test
For it's so lonely and quite now that he's gone
I'm always gonna miss a dorky butthole named Jon

R.I.P. Bubba. I love you and miss you so so much.

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