Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Cargill, Leslie Helen Van Epps
12 May 1941 - 27 January 1979
Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA

Our Remembrance
Mom - picture from her late teens. Seriously Bi-Polar, got drunk, put a .357 Magnum to her head and pulled the trigger. Left behind 4 daughters - at the time of her death, one grown & married, one living with a BF, two in the "care" of her nasty brother and his hideously sadistic wife. Mom went through 3 divorces, had a lousily unsupportive family. She was tired of life, tired of failure, tired of being sick. Cremated, no memorial service, no cremains, nothing. Gone without a trace, except for handful of people who remember and mourn silently. I'm her third daughter, one of the handful.