Faces of Suicide

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Bartlett, Jonathan Wayne
04 April 19875 - 17 April 2012
Virginia, United States

Our Remembrance
: I first met Jon the day me and my parents moved into the house next to his. He wheeled out in his chair and sat in the driveway until i noticed him, and he waved at me, bobbing in his chair happily, waved and introduced himself. That was almost one year ago, and since that time he had become one of my closest friends. Jon lost his legs when he was 19 in a humvee explosion in Falujah, iraq. He was in the army infantry. The explosion shot his head through the steering wheel, and out of the car and he actually technically died twice that day, but due to the extensive lower body damage from the explosion, he had to have both an above the knee and below the knee amputation. Though he was missing practically half of his body, Jon was one of the most vibrant individuals ive ever met, always brimming with life and laughter (which you could hear a mile away). When people where obviously uncomfortable about his legs he would make jokes about them, and even when they weren't.
He even nicknamed himself Johnny No Legs. He was not only an amazing person, but he also did all he could for everyone around him, trying to motivate them to hit their greatest potential, and facilitated it in any way he could. He was not only an inspiration to me, but a wonderful friend,confidant, and motivator. The world is a little less bright without him.

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