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Hunt, Richard Thomas
10 May 1970 - 27 October 2010

Our Remembrance
Richard Thomas Hunt, Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend. I miss him dearly, if I think about what he has done to no longer be here upon this earth with us my heart feels like it stops beating and the tears begin to well up and overflow. It hurts so much!
Richard was a good hearted person deep down. If anyone ever needed anything he was there with a helping hand willing to help with whatever it may have been. I called him plenty of times for firewood since he was a professional tree climber and always had wood at his disposal. I miss those days, I don't have as many fires this season compared to the past. His memory is not far from my mind if anything it's in the forefront when we are sitting around the glow of the flames.
He tried his hardest to be the person he thought he had to be for my parents and never realized we all just wanted him to be himself, to be happy. Sadly his biggest enemy was himself. He fought many demons and more than any of us wil
l ever know.
Richard was an avid hunter and was looking forward to this upcoming deer season. He was suppose to join my Dad on opening day November 15th , a day that he hasn't been around much with my dad in the past. He was excited this year to be spending it with my Dad and boasted about to his friends like a 5 year old. He never did make it to Opening Day 2010 in person but he was surely there in spirit and missed by all that knew Richard was suppose to be sitting high in his blind looking down upon the fields and thru the trees for the first sign of movement.
He is truly missed by all that knew him.
Richard Thomas Hunt Chesterfield, Michigan
He left us October 27, 2010 at approximately 1:14pm on a Sunny Fall Wednesday early afternoon.
Richard was 40 years old.
Always in my Heart
5/10/1970 to 10/27/2010

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