Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Acevedo, Lawrence Michael
17 June 1988 - 29 December 2011
West Covina, California

Our Remembrance
Lawrence Michael Acevedo was a loved son, cousin, nephew, and friend. There are no words to explain what he meant to so many. So I can only attempt to say what he meant to me, he was my nephew but more like the little brother I never knew I wanted wish I never lost. He knew no judgment, and offered acceptance to all. His services had every type of person,every size, shape, color, ethnicity and peer group you can think of. You were my baby brother I was supposed to protect you, I\'m sorry I didn\'t hear you when you listened and saved me. My nephew fell victim to this horrible darkness at 23yrs old, he never had a chance to love, to marry to have children, he never had a chance to find himself before he lost himself to himself...........IT\'S TIME WE TAKE THE POWER OUT OF SICKNESS, SUICIDE IT\'S ONLY A WORD NEVER AN OPTION. I love you n I will keep my promise love always your Deva