Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Morris, Alexis Victoria
15 July 1996 - 07 March 2014

Our Remembrance
Lexi, I - we miss you so much. You were - no, ARE such a beautiful, kind, talented, and every-good-quality-out-there girl. I wish I looked like you, and I was a perfect as you... Lexi, I think about you every day, even though I didn't know you very well. Close in age, I looked up to you. I...I know what it's like to fight a battle against yourself...now I do. I honestly really do. Ever since you left, I've silently fought. I try to imagine you cheering me on to give me hope and telling me to keep on going and never give up. I'm trying, but it is so hard...so hard. Four times I have failed, so I'm...I'm still here, Lexi. Will you keep helping me and being there when I need it most? I am trying to keep going in your memory - I'm trying to live for you. I love you so much, Lexi, and it is not only me - it is everyone you knew - KNOW. Everyone you know will never ever forget you, because you are such a special and precious part of our lives. God loves you so much...I do, too. I miss you.