Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Adair, Rene Marie Manchego
17 October 1968 - 15 October 2018
Englewood, Colorado

Our Remembrance
The End of the Rope

I see all of you grieving
because I've recently passed.
I hope each day you grieve for me, is the last.
Just as you never left my side;
I'm always near you,
even though I've died.

I can't describe the way it feels,
only that, all my pain is gone,
and here, every broken heart

There is no more self-loathing, betrayal, or lies.
Once peace takes over,
insanity subsides.

I know I left you suddenly,
and I never reached out.
You see, I knew you'd
come running, and I wanted out.

I simply could not continue
with this facade.
Inside it was dark
I felt twisted and flawed.
Those who were closest to me can convey, I never wanted to live my life
in this way.

I'm sorry I left you with questions unasked.
I lived barely present,
deeply stuck, in the past.

You all were the reason
I got up each day,
Your love filled me then,
and it still does today.

Please let the comfort
from our memories
be enough for now.
Try not to focus on your anger.
Don't obsess over how.

I live in your heart so please
don't be afraid, if you hear
my voice whispering,
‘’Don't cry, I'm okay’’

I have lots of friends and family I've missed over here,
but remember I still love you
and hold each one of you dear
I haven't left you I promise
I'm always right here.

I am grateful for all of my
amazing friends
As it turns out,
that is all that really matters
in the end….
Written by
Heidi Shavill

Written by
Heidi Shavill