Faces of Suicide

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Renk, Daniel
23 July 1963 - 27 April 1993
San Diego, California, USA

Our Remembrance
Sgt. Daniel J. Renk USMC Drill Instructor MCRD San Diego. Husband of Donna Renk and father to Nicholas Renk. His last gift was the donation of his organs for transplant. All of his major organs were harvested at UCSD medical center and recived by 7 seperate recipients.Resulting in a high school senior was able to walk at his graduation after receiving Daniels heart. A nurses sight restored after receiving one of his corneas. Construction worker his ability to breathe restored by one of Daniels lungs. A mother in Arizona a kidney recipient more time with her family. He was a marathon runner and triathlete participating in the Ironman and relays in Hawaii, Texas, Arizon a, and California. Amateur magic a hobby and passion that brought joy to his son and those around him. His absence is felt everyday and he is missed and loved still.