Faces of Suicide

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Agar, Sgt. Kimberly Diane
25 November 1985 - 03 October 2011
North Richland Hills, Texas

Our Remembrance
So proud of my only baby girl. You gave up acting modeling and pageants to go serve our country and you completed the three goals you set for yourself. To sing, to serve, and to see the world. You joined the Army and spent 15 months in Iraq driving 52 wheeled Convoy trucks and survived two separate IED complex attacks. Though you had hidden wounds you reenlisted to Germany because you love serving our country. 4 years after the first bomb you were diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury that was never treated. 4 months later as the symptoms had taken over your life you took your life on active duty in Germany. #SgtKimberlyAgar #OIF #PurpleHeart....

I couldn't have asked God for a better daughter and I couldn't be more proud of you, at the same time knowing you were in such pain and were "left behind" by your comrades. I miss you with every heartbeat, with every breath I take. But you are a reminder to everyone who knew you, every time the National Anthem is played. You were a National Anthem Singer for 15 years including five years as the go-to anthem singer in the army.

God counts my every tear. He knows the sadness behind my smile. But the depths of my pain won't compare to the Joy I will feel when we meet again. I love you forever. Past the moon, past the Stars, Over the Rainbow, and back. I have become your voice for Veteran, Military, and especially Active-Duty suicide. I know you are by my side and you lead me on this mission and I do it proudly as I push through the pain of missing you. Your two brothers miss you terribly. Your oldest brother lost not only a sister but a sister in arms and he is sad that his three children will never get to meet their aunt. Your younger brother was all set to join the Army and follow in your footsteps, but his dream died when you did. However he does keep it on the back burner and it may come to fruition as his grief slowly heals.

I know you say hello every time a song comes on the radio that you would love to sing. Of patriotic, and especially at Christmas time. There are not enough words in the English language to tell you how much I love you and miss you and I can't wait until the day we meet again.
You Were My Mini-Me.

I miss our girly times. I miss our girls nights out. I miss your smile, your quirkiness, your craziness, your humor. You were full of compassion and talked several others out of taking their lives while in the desert across the pond... yet at the most vulnerable time of your life sadly no one was there for you. Oh how I wish I could have been. I was six thousand miles away and it tears me up everytime I think about it. But we will meet again at Heaven's Gate and I will get to hear you sing again.
Love, Mama🙏🇺🇸💔

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