Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Hussain, Farid
09 February 1996 - 09 January 2012
United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
It\'s been too long since you left us. I can't believe that just the weekend before it seemed like any other ordinary Sunday. We laughed, not worrying at all about the finals we would have to take that week, choosing to play Magic and Smash Bros. instead. And then came the day you left us. It was the first time I had cried in years. I tried to be stoic, but it was useless. Coincidence or not, it marked the beginning of the darkest year of my life. I lost myself; I had no place to go. I don\'t know if any of us did. But slowly, we learned that the past cannot be undone. We still think of you all the time, looking back on more naive days when we didn't have anything to worry about. Flower-strewn thoughts, innocent and carefree. You\'re in all of them.

I still wonder how different things would be if you were still here.