Faces of Suicide

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Hightower, Wayne
13 February 1966 - 02 August 2012
Fort Worth, Texas

Our Remembrance
For all of us who knew him - and especially in the last few years - Wayne was an inspiration even at the times when he didn't want to be. He didn't want to be a hero, he just wanted to be an ordinary guy living a peaceful life with his family, but life demanded more of him.

Whether he was telling jokes, singing, teaching, talking or just listening, Wayne Hightower had an extraordinary presence that could be felt even from a distance. His circumstances challenged him to be stronger than anyone should ever need to be. He reached out to other people who were in pain and difficulty, and showed them what they could become. Even when he didn't see it himself, he was a light to others.

Wayne could make the people around him laugh, and feel good about themselves, even when his own world was falling apart. He always reminded each of us to cherish our loved ones, and never to take them for granted, because they could be taken from us in an instant.

He loved, and was loved by, many people. He will be greatly missed.May he be reunited beyond this life with his beloved wife Toyanne, who meant everything to him.

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