Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Wyman, Heather Dawn
11 October 1956 - 09 June 2006
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Our Remembrance
Heather was an amazing woman, mother and friend.
She cared so much about others she often put her own needs last. She was the type of women who would give you her last ten dollars away, even though she would go hungry until she got paid the next week.

Having her as a mother I always felt loved, safe and warm. Her eccentric personality and unique parenting made her one of my best friends, and when I was going through a lot of tough times as a kid being bullied and so forth, my only good friend!

She was very open and honest, and worked as a care giver for people with disabilities and also later on in life delivered meals to the elderly. She was so well received by her patients/meal receivers she was always asked about when away sick or otherwise. Unfortunately, with all great qualities there's always some flaws. Heather was a complicated woman when it came to (relationship type) love, ex husbands/lovers and extended family. She suffered greatly from stints of mental illness which would come about at various stages in her life. I suspect it was something she was born with, yet losing her mother at a young age to cancer, and being left to deal with a lot of big occurrences in her early teens might have also grown roots and affected her deeper than anyone was aware.

I don't pretend to understand such a complicated thing, and why she felt the way she did. I don't even know why this time she just couldn't get passed it like all her other relapses, but I can say that it has been almost ten years, and I'm still as sad today as the time it happened.
I'm devasted that she wasn't around to see me grow up, and I'm gutted she's not here to continue that great mother son relationship we shared. It kills me to know that she won't be around to talk to, go out to lunch with, have witty banter with, to tell each other stories (as we always did), to learn more about her as a person as we both got older and experienced different aspects of life.
It is such a shame.
Rest in peace, Heather.