Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Simpson, Joshua Ray
05 October 1978 - 29 July 1994
Chesterfield, Virginia

Our Remembrance
joshua ray was a one kind of a man I will never meet again.He was a dad of a beautiful daughter who he never got to meet I was 15 when he took his life he believed in God and loved country music swimming riding bikes hiking and just going on any adventure I will never forget the time he out one plastic chair up front and one on his back so they were connected to each other and how he started running and smiling and giggling and in his beat voice he would say fast as fast as can be you will never catch me well unbelievable since the day he past I and his family have lived by those words we couldn't catch him I couldn't stop him I couldn't be enough but I know he loved me and his daughter more than anything now that I have medical conditions that are incurable and I've been abused and raped of my securities I can finally say I understand can wait to meet my soulmate in heaven I love u Josh it's been a long time coming we will meet agian.to anyone who wants to commit suicide it's not the good way out I now have to go to help because my priest said people who harm themselves go to hell so my life has been based upon this his little girl summer Ray sutton will never feel his warmth smile hugs hear his voice but can I tell you something she's just like him summer lone star I'm already there it's a song listen to it when you think about your daddy he's always with us...please think before you do something repucutions sick n hurt and you can never get over them coming to see you soon jr