Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Lukan, Danae Dianne Rachelle
23 December 1994 - 30 January 2021
Denver, Colorado

Our Remembrance
How badly you are missed needed and wished so very much that you would just walk through the door and that it was all just a very horrible bad dream but unfortunately that will never happen. Your Boys are growing up so fast and are becoming such amazing young little boys Ezekiel is your twin Ricky Ray is so smart and Hezekiah is still a sensitive crya bear . I wish I knew how much and how badly you were hurting my baby , I could have stopped it. I wish I could have taken all your pain away and show you until you actually felt how important special wanted needed and loved you seriously are.. I'm so sorry my baby girl I am so sorry..
I will see you someday when God decides its time for me to come home to heaven with you and everyone else I've lost. Until than just keep an eye on your sisters and baby brother for me when I'm not near them. Pops misses you too has does Devanie Niya and Nana . No one more than I do ..
Fly those beautiful angel wings baby girl until my time comes to join you. #GONENOTFORGOTTEN #FOREVER26 #YOURSTORYISNTOVER #YOUSHOULDVEHERE #LONGLIVENAE