Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Tidwell, Dustin
01 January 1997 - 18 December 2010
Arley, Alabama

Our Remembrance
Dustin Trent Tidwell was a 13 year old who loved to pretend to be a rockstar he loved all kinds of heavy metal and rock he loved riding four wheelers and riding his dirt bike but his main love was race cars! NASCAR was a huge deal in his life he would sit outside for hours with his toy cars making ramps out of whatever he could find and make a whole race track…he was a good kid full of life with so much waiting for him! He was different from some of the other kids because he was autistic and they told him to do the pass out game and said it would get him high…so many rumors but no one knows what truly happened that day! All we know is he’s gone and the question will forever linger in my mind…I miss you Dustin..the day you left was the day my life changed forever and I feel so stuck in that part of my life but letting it go means letting you go! The pain is my way of knowing the love is still strong and proof you existed when the time goes on and your name fades I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU!