Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Embrey, John Phillip
27 September 1992 - 08 December 2016
Fancy Farm, Carlisle County, Kentucky, USA

Our Remembrance
John was genuine, humble, always thankful for everything, no matter how big and mostly for anything small. I never ever heard him speak anything negative of anybody his entire life; not even once. Material things never ruled him, and he loved his family so very much. Sometimes he would say, remember the little things, (because the little things he kept closest to his heart) He loved his family, all day-everyday, no matter what. He was the glue to "ALL" his family and families, and his death has forever changed us all. John was an old school soul in a much younger mans body, and he is always loved and missed tremendously from all of us, all-day every-day.