Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Valentine, Brent Lyle
22 September 1975 - 28 April 2010

Our Remembrance
To our beloved son and brother. Dear Brent, you are desperately missed every single day. We try to keep you involved in our day to day lives even though I believe you're around us and watching and making your spirit evident. We love your "visits". I was told once that if I didn't get you off a pedestal, I won't heal. Well then, I guess my healing will take longer because that's where I have you, always have and always will: On a pedestal. I keep a journal and write letters to you and pray constantly for you. If there had been anything else I could've done; I would have. You know that. Every night, your sister and I say "good night" to you. I will love you forever-always have-always will. Mom