Faces of Suicide

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Aslam, Shuaib
29 February 2000 - 14 March 2018
Stockton, California, USA

Our Remembrance
Shuaib "Shuaiby" Aslam was known as a kind and loving person to those who knew him. He used to enjoy things like anime and video games, and he loved discussing those things with his friends. He was very close to his friends, he kept in touch with them online. He would often message them about various topics, ranging from discussing anime to asking whether or not they'd like to play an online video game with him. He was a member of a Pakistani-American family, and his family still holds him in high regards. He was very open about his depression, and he turned to his family and friends when he began to feel feelings of worthlessness. We all assured him that he was certainly worthy of life, and we all thought he was getting better. He was always very open about how he felt, so we thought that was a good sign. We continued to stay very close to him, we had his back 24/7. We always told him that life was worth it, and that suicide was a permanent solution to a temporary problem. We assured him that there was no reason for suicide, but I guess it didn't get though to him. He took his life on March 14, 2018, much to the dismay of everyone he knew. We still wonder if there was anything else we could've done. We're sorry, Shuaiby. We hope that you have at least found eternal peace in your decision to end it all. Maybe in another universe, you're still here, enjoying life to its fullest without any doubts of life's worth. We're sorry that we didn't do enough, Shuaiby, and we're still mourning your death to this very day. I hope that you can read this, Shuaiby. May you rest in peace for eternity.