Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Jones, Sean William
03 December 1972 - 23 November 2017
Evansville, Indiana, USA

Our Remembrance
Sean William Jones born on 12/03/1972-11/23/2017, age 44 passed away on Thanksgiving Day 2017. Unfortunately. He kept telling me that if he were to do this (go through with what had happened) that at least everyone would finally be thankful for something. Implying that his passing would be a blessing. I told him he was wrong and that his kids would be more upset about it then anything, as well as his deceased father, Bill Jones, myself, and all his friends. He kept telling me that if he did do what he had planned on doing that number one, it was completely my fault, I was to blame, and he didn't want me coming to the funeral service. Well, I'm sorry babe. I love you way way way too much to listen to any of that stuff you said. Although from time to time I do still think I am to blame and it was my fault. But you can see that somehow I'm making it through life. You were supposed to be by my side. We were supposed to be married that coming February. Instead, I have to sit here and watch our house that we lived in slowly deterate and fall to pieces. I still go by there almost daily to talk to you. We would have made it through that fight just like we always did. I just wish you would have known how much I do DO really love you and need you here with me. I also hope and pray for you that you finally not hurting. I know you were struggling with a few things. Extremely depressed. I know. I did wake up to hear you crying at night. I just really wish we could have worked all that stuff out so you could have been at peace within yourself.
R.I.P. Babe! I will always love you and miss you terribly!