Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Raio, Kym Ann Ross
28 June 1958 - 11 April 1999
Newbury Park, California

Our Remembrance
My mom.. Infinitely classy, effortlessly beautiful, loyal friend, loving sister & above all else.. Devoted mother to her 2 daughters. Kym Ann Raio, you are more missed than you could have ever imagined. Your granddaughter is the spitting image of you, in body and in her sweet spirit. Your grandsons heart of gold is always wanting to know more about the grandma he never got to meet. He even brings you flowers by himself. You would love these two so much... And they you.
The least we can do having lost you at your tender 40 years of age, is work to effect change for anyone struggling with thoughts of suicide, coping with mental illness, bi-polar disorder, depression, self harm etc. We CAN end the stigma. There IS hope. Your story is NOT over.
All in your name, your memory and your honor, Mom.
I love you so much.