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Brown, Alan
20 March 1963 - 05 June 2010
Johannesburg, South Africa

Our Remembrance
Alan was born in England on 20 March 1963. He lived in many countries throughout the world including India, Zambia, England, New Zealand and of course South Africa. rn rnHis immediate family members are Jason and Chrissie ( his children ) and Heather and Carol - his sisters. Both his parents are deceased ( Jessie and Pat Brown ) rnHe went to various schools throughout the world ( as his dad did work contracts in different countries ) Michael House Boarding School in Petermaritzburg and John Orr Technical High School in Johannesburg to name 2 of his main schools.rn rnHe never liked school though and was happier under the bonnet of a car or taking something apart to see how it worked. There wasn\'t much he couldn\'t fix and was brilliant with his hands. There was never any fear of breaking down if Alan was in the car because he could get anything going as long as he had a spanner and a screwdriver in his hand. rn rnAlan liked adventure in his life and when he
was in his early 20\'s - he hopped on a flight to England and got himself a job in the printing and publishing industry fixing all the printing presses and whatever machinery broke down. He was never scared to take on new challenges and tackled various jobs throughout his life. rnHis main forte was his skill at steelwork and building gates, burglar bars and anything steel related. Most of you in this room are bound to have some steelwork of Alan\'s in your houses!rnIn fact I asked Alan\'s brother in law Andy if he had a message for Alan and his answer was \" Alan, DO NOT try and fix or redesign the pearly gates!!!\"
The most important aspect of Alan was his soft hearted and generous nature and he was a true gentleman who still believed in opening doors for ladies - a trait not seen very much in this day and age. He could never say No to anyone and was well known for giving away his last R20.00 to someone in need. Throughout Alan\'s life his parents got used
to him bringing homeless people home and feeding them and giving them a bed for the night and sending them on their way with his pocket money in their hand. He never had much in his life in terms of material possessions as he was always giving away whatever he had, even if it meant going hungry himself, but that is what made Alan happy - simply by helping other people.