Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Rhodes, Jackie Vaughn
09 December 1935 - 05 December 2010
Bridgeport, Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
My dad was not a perfect father but he was an excellent provider and loved each of us in his own quiet way. My dad was a true cowboy worked on farms and ranches at an early age and he remained a cowboy for the rest of his life. He loved me despite all the numerous poor choices I made. My dad was never able to absolve himself of guilt and grief after my older brother chose to take his own life at the age of 12. For many many years my father drank his guilt away and watched our family fall apart over our own grief. After my father ended his life I found information that devastated me and when I questioned another family member and they confirmed it was true, I lost it. Not because of what he did but that other family members were given an opportunity to speak their mind and voiced their disappointment to him. If I was given that opportunity I would have said: \"Dad, although I am deeply disappointed in the choices you made, I do not support the choice BUT my love
for you has not wavered and I will support you even though I don\'t condone your behavior.\"