Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Cummins, Beverly Louise Turner Hart
14 July 1951 - 02 August 2015
Brookline, Missouri

Our Remembrance
Our ❣Mom❣ suffered a head injury at the age of 16, due to a car accident that caused her to be thrown out the windshield & hit her head on a electric pole, the accident put her in a 3 month coma, when she came to, she had to relearn how to do everything, from walking, talking, eating , reading, writing, her mental state never was the same, I've been told, by MANY family members, she went from a sweet loving girl to one who had anxiety became rude & depressed. She suffered all our lives with mental issues that she'd NEVER ADMIT. From time to time, doctors managed to get her to take a medication but she never stayed on it long, she always felt better so she'd stop taking it.

She had attempted suicide twice in the past, those times were attempted with prescription pain medication she took for RLS ( Restless Leg Syndrome) & Arthritis. The doctors again got her on medication & she'd once again quit taking it.

She ALWAYS thought she was healed. We quickly knew when she was off her medication by her words/actions & constant insecurities of my 4 siblings & my love for her! We have always known her love is real & she had a deep loving heart, some times her battle was invisible to those who love her most, we all are good at hiding behind a SMILE, when we're breaking inside!!

All her stories of her past, abused as a child in many different ways, physical abuse by our dad who equally, if not more, got it from her too, seeing her 5 yr old Uncle die when she was just 5 herself, she remembered that day & the following ones VIVIDLY, even the smell of the baby's breath flowers on his casket, I wouldn't even doubt if all those years of trauma, over & over again, may have caused PTSD, who knows, either way, no wonder she was so broken & questioned our love, time after time, she'd been deeply hurt in ways others can only imagine.

Our 💔Momma 💔 lost her battle with her medical condition & a shattered heart on July 29, 2015 , when took her life. She survived for a few days on life support until my siblings & I had to make the choice to let her go. August 2, 2015, our mom's suffering ended; not her story.

Forever changing the word suicide for me, my siblings & extended family, like Cancer is to others, one no worse then the other, just one is harder to understand, for one choose Death over Life, in a otherwise seemingly almost physically healthy body.

💦💔Momma 💔 💦 I KNOW YOU'RE STILL HEAR WITH US ALL, wish it was physically, you always were here for us & I feel you still. I remember your voice as you sang along to this song,
Freddy Fender - Before The Next Teardrop Falls. That's why I smile today, for you;

I leave you with a ;
For Beverly's story has not ended