Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Brown, Chuck
16 April 1957 - 24 September 2006
Asheville, North Carolina

Our Remembrance
Miss you every single second of every single day!

Why, dad did you choose to die? You left a note but made me wonder why. You thought you were doing what was best and right. Why, oh why did you end the fight. Your pain is something I will never understand. You must have been so afraid to take the stand. You left me with this title I am sad to attain. Suicide survivor, but who should I blame? I know your decision was painful to make. Now that your gone, I think of you a lot. You couldn't have known the suffering this has brought. And still year after year your memory remains. We try and look for a glimpse of you through all our pain. September 24th is when I received my title. As I will always be known as the suicide survivor.