Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Devlin, Dale Michael
29 November 1985 - 17 November 2003
Gonic, New Hampshire, USA

Our Remembrance
Speak Their Name

Someone I love has gone away
And life is not the same
The greatest gift that you can give
Is just to speak their name
I need to hear the stories
And the tales of days gone past
I need for you to understand
These memories must last
We cannot make more memories
Since they're no longer here
So when you speak of them to me
It's music to my ear

There is not a day that goes by where we don't think about you Dale. All the memories of all of us together, whether running drills in rotc, catching up on things at lunch, and just having a great time with all of our friends. You were always there to listen to any of us, no matter how foolish the situation might be. The advise you would give will never be forgotten and helped so many of us through times that at that time we thought we the most horrible in the world...when deep down you were battling far worse problems of your own. You truly had a heart of gold Dale, and nobody could ever take over the empty place you left in all of our hearts when you went away. We miss you so much...and one day the crew will all be together again. R.I.P. Dale...until we meet again.

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