Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Nava, Sergio
02 August 1972 - 29 November 2017
Plano, Texas

Our Remembrance
You were a wonderful, loving brother that will forever be in my heart.. I could have never imagined that you would go before me, I couldínt wait to see us grow old together and travel the world in the camper we talked about with Tony, Fred , you & me!! Your boys miss you so much little brother and mom is in deep pain, dad is acting strong but I know he is broken. Tony is ok we will all take care of him just as we would of done for you. Only god knows why you did it and if it meant you would be in a better place than I forgive you and love you with all my heart. I do beleive we will see eachother again in godís gracious kngdom and I do beleive our Loving, Merciful & Forgiving Father has you in his kingdom where you are no longer batteling your sickness. Faith will lead me as I try to heal from this pain I am feeling every day without you, I know god will give me the strenght I need to pick up the pieces and help our mom & dad through this. May you rest in peace my precious angel and may god accept us all in heaven so we can live in eternal bliss together. Love you always and forver Serg. Your sister