Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Mayer, David
01 January 1962 - 05 July 2016
Beecher, Illinois

Our Remembrance
I miss you every day. I am not angry, just perplexed that you are gone forever. I cherish this time we went to Glacier and saw a double rainbow. I thought about it later and realized you may have experienced that as reminding you of mom, and wish that I had realized that. We played an acoustic, soulful version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"at your service. I wish Braedyn and Jocelyn had their "grandpa with the white car" or "Bop Bop" to love and cherish them, for they are blessings. You are an angel in heaven with mom and will watch over us. I only wish you believed that you were too valuable to lose. You were and still are my hero. The lessons I am learning now will only help us to survive and thrive! I really wanted to get you out of that toxic environment, but I failed. I forgive you. Please forgive me.