Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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White, Robert George
10 July 1956 - 25 June 2011
New York, USA

Our Remembrance
He was called "Bob" by everyone but me, his mom. He was and will be forever "Robert" to me. Loving and handsome as a baby and an adult. He was a former recruit in the U.S. army which he joined because of the admiration he had for his older brother. Married and the dad of one son, David, whom he loved with more love than his father ever had for him.
He suffered terrible post surgical pain for yrs. At last he was told, after two surgeries, that all that could be done was done and that was the turning point in his life on earth. His death was all that he could see to rid himself of the physical pain that was there night and day.
I remember so many wonderful things about him as a boy and man. He finally could afford a Harley bike that was his pride and joy but because of the pain in his arthritic hands he had to give up riding it.
The church was filled to overflowing for his memorial service so there were others who had only the sweetest memories of Robert. He was so loved by all. He is forever in our hearts, tho broken as they are that there was no help for him. Until we meet on that Heavenly shore, Robert is with all our family and his friends who have gone on before. Be happy Rob, now the sadness and pain are no more and I'll see you soon.