Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Huff, Derek Shawn
26 July 1980 - 05 February 2012

Our Remembrance
Derek died on a Sunday in Feb 2012. In Feb. 1991, his older brother died in a hunting accident. Feb. had always been rough for Derek. He tried suicide for the first time when he was only 16. He died on Super Bowl Sunday. Sitting on the bed, looking in the mirror, playing Russian Roulette. He filmed it on his cell phone. His older brother (our one surviving son) found him. He had been drinking. He drank a lot. Had done rehab. Was so lost. So sad. So loved. He left behind a 12 year old son by his first wife and a 3 year old daughter with his current wife. We are not allowed contact now with either child - and they are not in contact with one another. So, we buried our son and lost our grandchildren as well. Life just totally sucks. The pain in unbearable. I miss him so much.