Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Weaser, Gary Edward
29 June 1965 - 11 April 1998
Placentia, Calfornia, USA

Our Remembrance
Gary was a loving son, brother, and father to his 11 year old son. He was the family clown,and the class clown, always had everyone laughing at his jokes. A true entertainer. But I think his jokes covered up his insecurities.
He loved children and they always responded to him. He once saved a 3 year old child from being hit by a car. As a young adult he became involved in drugs. Drugs cost him 2 wives and at the age of 32, they cost him his life.
We miss his always smiling face. And sadly, he is missing being a part of his new granddaughter's life.
Rest in peace, my son. We will meet again.