Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Sisk, Justin
18 November 1993 - 14 November 2015
Rochester Hills, Michigan

Our Remembrance
Justin was so excited to serve his Country. He went into The Air Force. He was top of class. He was stationed in Charleston South Carolina. I hated him being so far away but he was on his own, for the first times and loved it. Justin was my first born and my only son. I loved him before he was born. Unfortunately Justin got caught up in what I call “The perfect storm” and took his own life, at the end of my street, in our old apartments. It’s so devastating to go on without but I have two girls that still need me. I never seen this coming, there wasn’t a note, just a devastating call saying my son shot him self. Thank you for putting his name and face on the wall, means a lot...Justin’s Mom 💔