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Davis, Leon Gutierrez
05 January 1988 - 26 August 2008
Kissimmee, Osceola County, Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
Born "Leif Jesse Holcombe", his name was changed by the courts to Leon Gutierrez Davis in honor of his parents when he turned 18. A truly kind and gentle young man, he was a victim of brutal bullying most of his life for his racial heritage, being a descendant of Long Island Native Americans and Virginia African plantation slaves on his father's side, and Central American Native Indians and Central Europeans on his mother's side. His life and death stand as a witness against the evils of racism and bigotry, and in 2009 a binary star system in the Andromeda Constellation, consisting of a blue star and giant red star, was named "Leon & Lydia" in memory of Leon and in honor of his mother Lydia. The binary star dedication and a memorial poem was launched into space aboard the United States Space Shuttle DISCOVERY which retired in 2011.

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