Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Wolff, Garrett
02 July 1996 - 04 June 2012
Allyn, Washington

Our Remembrance
Garrett made a firm decision to end his life. He had inquired about life after death to me and had been studying Buddhism. He drew elaborate drawings of the soul mind body and spirit most likely days before his choice. In his early years he drew drawings and wrote poetry centering around the lady of truth , he star cleaner and ghosts and gargoyles � just amazing.

We do respect Garrett�s decision to end his life. He may have had a sense of life beyond the earthly realm and if there is such a place we hope to join him there someday. My former wife and our living son are firmly committed to live our life on earth with passion and healthy pursuits. I hope to give back to society in more meaningful ways when my forestry related career winds down. My wife is pursuing spiritual healing. I hope this story assist others who are grieving and perhaps would encourage others to choose life when faced with obstacles or other challenges

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