Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Williams, Judy Lynn
11 November 1965 - 30 September 2013
Sterling, Colorado

Our Remembrance
My mom. Beautiful, hard working, kind, open, always giving of yourself and your means, grandma, loving daughter, mother, caretaker. My mother was honest, caring, and full of silly fun. You fought the struggle hard. And how i wish i could take back and add in plenty of things that may have been the strength you needed. For the rest of my days i will try harder to never have something unsaid or waiting to be said. For one of the hardest lessons throughout all this is your life was more important than a person can express in words and time is precious and unstoppable. For the flow of time continues and runs by no ones clock And how one day and hard times added with hurtful words left hanging in the energy of the day can be the most important moment where support may be needed. As a lady you were selfless always giving but never receiving atleast not in time because youd try to juggle being the strength for another while letting your own tank fall empty. Ill never be so foolish. I would like you to know ma that ill do whatever i can to see the signs and understand that you cant rely on hoping to know if today may be it. I would have never went to work ma i would have never compared my own problems. I will forever learn to be as kind and caring and selfless. To ensure the effort of saving a life. And the destruction of the individuals left behind wishing they would have done more. R.I.P. mama. Youll never be forgotten ill make sure of it. Your grandkids will know you as best they can even without your physical body and mind present. And if there is anything that you know now let it be Im sorry ma i just wasnt up to par. You deserved to be proud not worried and it may not count now but ill try everyday to be better