Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Miller, Noah
13 May 1998 - 15 February 2012
Michigan, USA

Our Remembrance
Someone is missing from our dinner table,
from our bedroom and our home.
Someone is missing from holiday celebrations,
family vacations and everywhere in between.
Someone is missing from our lives,
Our littlest one is gone.
He will not have birthday parties, graduations, or celbrations.
Noah was the bright light of our lives.
We will miss him throughout eternity
and our family will never be complete.
Someone is missing, yet we go on.
Our lives are touched by him.
Changed forever by his brief existence.
His memory we keep alive.
He lives only in our hearts and minds,
We were blessed by his short life.
Our love for him forever strong.
Even though...someone will always be...MISSING.

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