Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Holloway III, William Judson
31 July 1964 - 08 January 2009
Austin, Texas

Our Remembrance
I just thought of you, after so many years. Thinking of reconnecting, imagining you would be a science prof somewhere, the grown-up Boy Scout who could fix anything, the fellow co-oper who let you borrow his car when he was out of town so you could go to work, salt of the earth sweet guy--
Damn it. Too many years too late...
Spoke with a friend of yours who said you had run out of money for your medication. Didn't want to reach out, ask. And then this. I am working to get a memorial fund for you set up at 21st Street Co-op so that everyone remembers you, your hopes, what you could have continued to be. I watch you on youtube videos and you are the one who moves the microphone so others can speak. Me and the whole wide world missing you, so much...xo L

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