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Morrison, Niccole
22 November 1984 - 21 April 2024
Maricopa, Ahwatukee County, Arizona

Our Remembrance
We are mourning the passing of Niccole Lauren Morrison who left us April 21, 2024. Niccole was born on Thanksgiving day, November 22, 1984 at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Niccole's early years were spent in; Fort Meade, MD, Minneapolis, MN, Orlando and Clearwater FL, before her mom and dad (Cari and Ken) settled down in Mesa, then finally Phoenix AZ. Niccole had a favorite blanket and a toy, which was a little kitty that changed color when it got wet. She named it Sarah. She had a black kitten named kitty Max that scratched her nose when she was only 2. At that age, she had already wandered off to the end of the block without anyone noticing so she started scaring her parents early on. Niccole was an independent child who frequently took on tasks beyond her years. By age 8 she was already at the stove, cooking her own macaroni and cheese. She was prone to be a bit bossy and so on her own accord, helped raise her younger siblings. When directing them to do her bidding her common refrain was; "Mom said". The family spent weekends camping and playing games and taking vacations to Disney World and later, Disney Land.

Niccole was an above average student. Once when she was giving a presentation while she was still in elementary school, her baby sister Samantha shouted out; "that's my Nicki!" much to the delight of her family and the chagrin of other parents in the audience. Throughout her school years Niccole regularly took advanced classes and eventually received a full scholarship to ASU earning a business degree. In her high school years, she got a job at the local ACE hardware store. She later managed that store and became general manager of three stores. Later, she expanded the operation to include a fourth store. Niccole had a contagious laugh and smile like her mother. She was friendly and kind. Niccole had few loves, but among them were; her family, her niece Zoey whom she doted on and her life partner Adryon Steel.

Mistakes, misfortune and circumstance compounded to overwhelm Niccole and blind her to a positive future.

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