Faces of Suicide

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Turner, Bradford
25 January 1985 - 15 February 2022
Carterville, Illinois, USA

Our Remembrance
He honorably served in the United States Navy where he was assigned to the Seabeeā€™s Division. He served overseas during the earthquake in Pakistan, and also did tours in Afghanistan and Iraqi Freedom. Unfortunately after returning home he was not the same person as he was before he left. He was always in a state of anger and this led him into alcoholism. And of course without a doubt he got diagnosed with PTSD but he didn't think anything was wrong. So he wouldn't take his medication and he definitely didn't want to talk about it.
He no longer found the joy and excitement all of us cousins would have on our trips. Before leaving the country he was fun, outgoing, always there to make someone laugh and never late to a party. He is definitely missed by his family. Just be there a do all you can to help those in need even if they get pissed off.

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