Faces of Suicide

Remembering ...

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Leyes, Zachary William
23 March 1996 - 07 February 2014
Bend, Oregon, USA

Our Remembrance
A brilliant young mind. Watching you in the classroom, I always thought you were going to go far. I can only imagine where you would be now if you didn't choose to end your life on that chilly Friday afternoon. When I heard that you had died, I started to sob, and I continued sobbing the rest of the day. The long walk back home from the bus stop felt like one of the longest walks I had taken in my life.

It's really all a shame - a shame that you didn't join the rest of the Class of 2014 in donning your cap and gown; a shame that you didn't get to share your greatness with the world; and a shame that you didn't reach out to the people who would have gladly helped you in your time of crisis.

I still remember your memorial: there were hundreds in attendance and by the end, there was not a single dry eye there. The community you left behind misses you, and your absence has been felt.

We all love you and we continue to miss you. Rest in peace, Zach.