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Anderson, Derrick
01 July 1985 - 01 September 2019
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Remembrance of Mr.Anderson passing
September 1,2019

He was a great son,brother,dad, step dad, grandson, nephew, uncle, cousin, and friend. Derrick was definitely a lot of peoples favorites person to be around. His laughter would fill the room as times. He had many jokes. He enjoy dinner dates, dad time with all the girls, family time was his type favorite, and making money. He had been working full time as a taxi driver, and was very successful as a driver for the local Oklahoma yellow cab. Which he had grew to gain many friends over the years of working here. They truly all miss him. He was able to successfully provide for his fiancé and his stepdaughters local in Oklahoma as well as his daughter in California. Mr.Anderson had a beautiful baby girl of his own from his previous relationship. They were 5 main ladies he put first including his Beautiful mother Angela Anderson, and daughter(name excluded). Derrick had a one of a kind relationship with his uncle who he look up to since they had lost his dad before he meet him. But his uncle never left his life.
He was working on continuing his education, and getting his relationship with his fiancé. After battle mental health for most of his life. He seek help but not knowing we’re to start in how to really get help:

Sadly Derrick succumb to his long battle with mental health issues. Ending in suicide on September 1, 2019. He will be truly miss his legacy will be carried on to by his daughter who truly loved and adores her dad so much. He was the sparkle in her eye, and she was his. I know they’ll give anything to have eahother physically there. But like happens right?

Although this happen he still deserve to be remembered as the person who he was well known of. He would give the shirt off his back his last if he had to. He work countless hours with no off days every year. Sometime we never get credit for the good things we do.

A message from me to share: from this sad ending is share your love know you’re worth. Never look back or give up. Show someone you care about or stranger you care today it’s never to late give credit when deserved. Lastly cherish the ppl that is still standing in support you today. It’s never truly really too late.

His memory will forever be delivered yearly by myself no matter what we went through I know what true love is now.
And I’ll always give you credit where it deserve