Faces of Suicide

The POS - FFOS Internet Community presents you with the Faces of Suicide

Brittany Corocran, born 29 March 1998, died 24 March 2016 in Tea, South Dakota

Our Remembrance
Brittany "The Ninja" Corcoran was the All American girl with the world open in front of her. She was an amazing daughter, friend, athlete, student, and person. She gave so much of herself to others, always loving, supporting, and laughing along the way. She never wanted anyone to see the painful battle she was fighting. She fought a long battle with depression and sadly never saw herself as the amazing young woman the rest of the world saw. She will now forever be our "Ninja in the Sky" and will continue her blessings by the scholarship we have created.

Daniel Patrick Crosby, born 26 April 1989, died 21 April 2012 in Texas, USA

Tyler Arruda, born 11 April 1992, died 27 March 2015 in Columbia, Pennsylvania, United States

Taylor Zaeske, born 23 March 2003, died 06 December 2013 in Maryland, USA

Our Remembrance
I wish she hadn't made such a permanent decision at such a young age. I wish she hadn't decided that she couldn't handle the tortures of her mind, or the bullying at school. She was too young to have to go through so much, but she did it for a decade, and I'm proud of her even though she felt she couldn't hold on longer than that. All I can hope is that whatever is past the void of living is more peaceful.

"Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there
I do not sleep
I am a thousand winds that blow
I am the diamond glints on snow
I am the sunlight on ripened grain
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight
I am the soft stars that shine at night
Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there
I did not die"
~Mary Elizabeth Frye

Matthew Cook, born 24 March 1972, died 15 February 2012 in Kentucky, USA

Our Remembrance
You were made perfectly to be loved - and surely I have loved you, in the idea of you, my whole life long. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Bryan North, born 11 July 1968, died 16 September 2016 in Canton, Ohio

Our Remembrance

Michael Casey, born 01 October 1958, died 07 May 2011 in Millbury, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
Michael was my best friend. I met him when I was 7 years old. He had as good a soul as anyone. He cared for his friends, who ranged in age from 7 to 91. He loved sports - baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and tennis. He was an avid fisherman. As kids we would ride our bikes 20 miles or so to the West River to fish for trout, and we'd cook and eat them there.
The way I found out he died, and how he took his own life, was tragic. I was suffering from depression, living in California, and having a very hard time in my life. Two months before he took his life, he called me out of the blue. He told me he loved me, and while I was just about to tell him that I loved him the phone went dead. He didn't have a caller ID, it said private number, so I couldn't call him back. And so my young 8 year old son tried to commit suicide, and my girlfriend died from a kayaking accident, and I was extremely clinically depressed and recently out of a job, I decided to return to Massachusetts. The day I arrived back from California, I found out he died from his obituary in the paper.
Emotionally devastated, with what seemed like his back up against a wall, he decided to take his life. I feel bad that he did not realize that all of us who loved him were ready and able to help him. He could not deal with the loss of his marriage.
He was a good person, my very best friend, and a very passionate man. I loved his family - his dad Donald, mom Elaine, and sisters Kim and Patty. I loved him like a brother. His sisters were like my sisters. I teased them because they were like my sisters, and I loved them. Kind and generous to a fault, I miss my best friend. And I will forever

Miles Schaibley, born 1989, died 25 February 2013 in Wyoming, USA

Our Remembrance
Miles, we love you and we will never know why you had to leave us this way.

Joshua Richard Lee Vargas, born 11 February 1978, died 15 August 2007 in New Mexico, USA

Angela Jean Kuns Tolley, born 13 October 1964, died 17 August 2011 in Ohio, USA

Our Remembrance
Angel\'s beautiful smile &laughter would brighten every room she entered. Loved &now missed by so many who will cherish every memory of her & hold them close to their hearts. R.I.P. sweet Angel.

Andrew Shoen, born 23 August 1989, died 08 April 2011 in New York, USA

Our Remembrance
I wish you could have only known what an impact you had on the lives you touched. You will be missed forever by so many people. As long as I am alive, never will a day pass that you will not be in my thoughts. This is an unbearable pain, life without you in it will be hard to adjust to.

Jonathan Weaver, born 22 September 1985, died 23 March 2016 in Pahrump, Nevada

Our Remembrance
The best father and partner any one could ask for. Loving,caring, funny, hardworking, great person all around. We miss you every second of every day.

Douglas Lee Lyon, born 30 August 1959, died 15 September 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Jeremy Francis Kossek, born 05 March 1986, died 31 October 2001 in Newark, Delaware

Our Remembrance
We miss you everyday.

Tracie R. Walker, born 03 April 1977, died 09 May 2014 in Spokane Valley, Washington

Our Remembrance
This shouldn't have been your only solution. You left behind 2 lives that will have to grow up in world without you.

Kristina Kellick, born 28 April 1953, died 22 November 2005 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Our Remembrance
My Mothe battled heroin addition and ended up taking her life with methadone.

Stephen Milkovits, born 19 February 1962, died 12 October 2003 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
You were a man who helped many but didn't have the strength to help yourself. The world is a better place because of you

Michael Dwayn Stroud, born 10 June 1949, died 11 May 2015 in Willis Point, Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
My Love, My life, I miss you so much. Your wife, Tessie

Robert Smith, born 17 January 1979, died 04 March 2015 in Boise, Idaho

Our Remembrance
Loved and missed my many.

Michael Allen Seay, born 28 August 1978, died 12 November 2016 in Big Spring, Texas, USA

Terry Martin Hart, born 12 February 1952, died 14 October 2010 in Illinois, USA

Our Remembrance
Two roads parted in the woods and he took the one less traveled.

Mark L. Saif, born 14 September 1961, died 11 December 2007 in Westmont, Illinois

Our Remembrance
Mark suffered from many challenges in his life. He faced them a very lonely person, misunderstood and ignored by most. The saddest thing is how few will remember him, or see the lost potential of his existence.

Peter Allen Asencio, Jr., born 4 May 1970, died 23 May 2006 in Madison Heights, Michigan

Our Remembrance
Our American Trucker Bound for Glory. Forever in our hearts and forever missed.

Susan Farrel, born 25 July 1968, died 25 July 2014 in Virginia

Our Remembrance
To "the nicest person I ever met" May you rest and finally be happy with yourself Goodnight my sweet neighbor

Peter B. Krupka, born 11 November 1966, died 03 May 2009 in Florida, USA

Urbon Benjamin, born 27 February 1979, died 21 April 2017 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Ben was naturally creative and an artistic person, but also very passionate and a rebel at heart. He read everything and loved a good debate. Quirky things caught his attention and he saw beauty in them. His passion was music and he was a gifted pianist who loved to compose and play his own songs.

Montierre Maquise Adams Harvey, born 17 July 1990, died 07 July 2011 in Missouri

Our Remembrance
You were and you still are my best friend and I miss you everyday. Things just don\'t seem real that your gone. I still some days don\\\'t believe it. I miss your smile, your advice. You always use to tell me how proud of me you were.I was always proud of you and cared about you so much. I\'d give anything to have you back. I miss being able to talk to you and have one of our crazy talks. I\'d give anything to have one of our talks.I miss and love you so much!
<3 Your best friend

Frank Francis Brothers, born 30 January 1977, died 10 August 2009 in New York, USA

Richard Johnson, born 12 November 1982, died 28 August 2004 in Manchester, England

Jeff Daniels, born 19 February 1976, died 01 August 2013 in Illinois

Our Remembrance
You are not forgotten, loved one nor will you ever be, as long as life and memory last we will remember thee. We miss you now, our hearts are sore. As time goes by we will miss you more. your loving smile, your gentle face, no one can fill your vacant place.

Brandon Lee Carnitz, born 30 January 1984, died 29 Octobre 2003 in Milwaukee,Wisconsin

Our Remembrance
My #1 Son. Loved and missed deeply. Mom

Kevin Louis Johnston, born 11 May 1970, died 07 February2017 in United States

Our Remembrance
Kevin was a generous man with a huge heart. He was a wonderful partner, father, brother and friend. He loved nature and found joy in God's creations. He is so very missed and loved.

Ralphie Domingo, born 21 March 1972, died 03 May 1997 in Granada Hills, California

Our Remembrance
My precious Ralphie left us over 15 years ago. I never knew he was hurting so much inside. I love him and I miss him. My handsome guy had so much to offer this world, if only he realized. His brother, Phil had joined him now. Brothers reunited.... happy for them so sad for me.

Mark Collins, born 18 September 1955, died 24 March 2009 in Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Son, you were a treasure to us from the moment you were born. You were a loving and beloved little boy and became a loving and compassionate man. We were always proud of you. You devoted your life to community service through law enforcement and touched countless lives in the process. You were was foremost a beloved family man. You will be long remembered by all of us for kindness, your smile and your words of encouragement for others. Your life was full of charm, grace and joy, freely shared with your family, friends and all who met you. Our love will follow you always.

Jeremy Jon Clark, born 09 April 1991, died 25 July 2013 in Iowa, USA

Our Remembrance
I miss you so much everyday...I love you Jake...xoxo Mom

Patrick Todd Sartain, born 24 March 1976, died 09 June 2011 in Oakman, Alabama, USA

Our Remembrance
Our loving Son, Brother and Dad. We miss you with all our hearts. I know that you are in Heaven and we will see you again.

Christopher Dale Leatherwood, born 4 January 1971, died 17 February 2008 in Alabama, USA

Our Remembrance
Beloved husband and father, forever in our hearts and souls.

Casey Vance Shelton, born 23 July 1986, died 28 May 2008 in South Carolina

Thomas Carhoff, born 31 January 1988, died 7 September 2009 in Peoria. Arizona USA

Lew Chu Moy, born 16 April 1948, died 23 November 2010 in Singapore

Our Remembrance
This was only a temporary separation, till the day we shall meet again and be together eternity. Love you forever. Your family and From your son, jinrong. Love you forever

Donna Lynn Heath Nichols, born 18 April 1961, died 9 October 1994 in Missoula, Montana

Our Remembrance
We love and miss you .... your daughters, mom, and all your family. Your beauty and love live on.

Kristine Grande, born 23 December 1993, died 05 June 2011 in Newark, California, United States

Our Remembrance
Loving daughter and my best friend. <3 As she used to say - \"My life is a decision taken part of what I make it, both equal to positive and negative choices. I want to achieve and strive and not wait for and think what I should have expected. There is always a path to everything and there is not one path that I cant take. I\'m a lover and I\'ll always treat others with respect. I\'m free-spirited and the only thing I strive for is a good Laugh because I cant end a day without one\" We will miss you greatly :\') Love you :\")

Nick Gremler, born 17 July 1979, died 30 June 2008 in Ohio, USA

Todd Clark Poland, born 08 January 1991, died 23 July 2014 in Milford, Connecticut

Our Remembrance
Love you forever. Miss you always ð

Abbot Howard Hoffman, born 30 November 1936, died 12 April 1989 in Massachusetts

Charles Porter Estivill, born 01 February 1974, died 13 February 2009 in Vermont, USA

Jazzmyn Rache Dubuisson, born 09 March 1988, died 26 April 2009 in Alabama, USA

Our Remembrance
I miss you.
Please change \"Our Remembrance\" to:
Bullied/Passive Hanging
DOB 3/9/1988
Angelversary 4/26/2008
Forever 20 years old

\"I Only Wanted You. They say memories are golden... well maybe that is true. I never wanted memories, I only wanted you. A million times I needed you, a million times I cried. If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. In life I loved you dearly... In death I love you still. In my heart you hold a place... no one could ever fill. If tears could build a stairway and heartache made a lane, I\'d walk the path to heaven and bring you back again. Our family chain is broken,and nothing seems the same. But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.\"

If you, or someone you love is in crisis, help is available 24/7 by calling: 1-800-273-TALK (8255), *Thoughts of death or suicide are common in depression and it is important to take these thoughts seriously. If you feel like giving up, call the National Suicide Prevention Helpline, 1-800-SUICIDE ( 1-800-784-2433 )*

David Mayer, born 01 January 1962, died 05 July 2016 in Beecher, Illinois

Our Remembrance
I miss you every day. I am not angry, just perplexed that you are gone forever. I cherish this time we went to Glacier and saw a double rainbow. I thought about it later and realized you may have experienced that as reminding you of mom, and wish that I had realized that. We played an acoustic, soulful version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"at your service. I wish Braedyn and Jocelyn had their "grandpa with the white car" or "Bop Bop" to love and cherish them, for they are blessings. You are an angel in heaven with mom and will watch over us. I only wish you believed that you were too valuable to lose. You were and still are my hero. The lessons I am learning now will only help us to survive and thrive! I really wanted to get you out of that toxic environment, but I failed. I forgive you. Please forgive me.

Anthony Joseph Klocke, born 11 December 1982, died 02 October 2011 in Bremerton, Washington, US

Our Remembrance
Forever remembered, always loved (TJ)

Nicholas Armstrong, born 12 September 1991, died 26 November 2016 in Bakersfield, California

Our Remembrance
I love you and so do our kids rest easy babe

Mark Randall Larnick, born 13 November 1968, died 20 May 2011 in New Bern, North Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
Dr. Larnick was a wonderful person who cared for his patients and loved animals. I will forever miss his sweet smile and have yet to find a doctor as compassionate and caring as he was. He is deeply missed and the world has lost a beautiful person.

Mark was a very special person. He was an exceptional Dr. and a wonderful compassionate man. He was always ready to help anyone in need and that included animals. Mark\'s friends enjoyed his quick wit and sense of humor. I was blessed to have such a loving son. We will never know the extent of his pain.

The world should have had many more years of his knowledge and compassion. Our family misses him more than we can say, but we know we will be with him again some day.

Michael Jason Stilson, born 06 February 1971, died 20 December 2004 in Arizona

Courtney Byers, born 25 September 1989, died 10 May 2012 in North Carolina

Our Remembrance
My sweet baby, I love you so much, I miss you my baby girl.

Mike McIntosh, born 27 February 1965, died 06 December 2005 in Kent, England

Our Remembrance
A loving father, in our hearts forever. Ill never forget you Macko x Love you x

Jimmy R Williams, born 29 June 1951, died 31 December 2004 in Alabama, USA

Isabel Cristina Bristol, born 2 September 1989, died 5 September 2006 in So Paulo, Brazil

Our Remembrance
Forever and always daddys violet-blue eyes

William Russell, born 04 January 1990, died 03 March 2012 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
Our Will, a kind and gentle young man who will be forever loved, forever missed.

Christopher Lee Burrell, born 03 August 1982, died 08 September 2007 in Arizona, USA

Frederic C. Eberline, born 28 March 1961, died 03 May 2003 in Michigan, USA

Anthony Forsman, born 18 June 1992, died 21 April 2012 in Minot, North Dakota

Our Remembrance
You are forever beating in my heart! I love you!

David Edwards, born 01 August 1960, died 11 January 2013 in Kentucky, United States

Our Remembrance
A gentle giant with a heart of solid gold. He could make anyone laugh and loved to have a good time. He is survived by his wife and daughter, sisters, a brother, along with a host of other family and friends. He left too soon and without a single warning or goodbye. There are literally no words to describe how painful the loss of this man is to so many.

Melissa Karoly, born 12 March 1993, died 17 August 2011 in Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Love and miss you always Melissa, you were gone way too soon. May you have found the peace and joy you couldn\'t find here. Love, Mom

Jose Lorenzo Austria Tan, born 11 November 1983, died 30 June 2008 in Phillipines

Gabriel A. Caycedo, born 14 October 1984, died 17 January 2011 in New York

Our Remembrance
My Dearest Gabriel and Beautiful Son,
Too soon in God\'s arms.
Until I see you in Heaven.
All my love, forever!

Kelly Roder, born 18 July 1976, died 28 June 2016 in Denver, Colorado

Our Remembrance
She is with her brother and father again. Rest now, it's been a long journey for you dear tender-heart.

Brandon Wayne Kimble, born 12 March 1993, died 15 June 2009 in Louisiana

Our Remembrance
My baby boy, I love and miss you so much!!

Tyler Hibbitts, born 05 November 1976, died 05 November 2006 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Our Remembrance
I will never forget you, Dad..

Carolyn Collins, born 20 March 1985, died 19 September 2016 in Portland, Oregon

Our Remembrance
To my womb mate, you will be dearly missed. The world is lonelier place with out your humor, love for animals and spirit for life. You are and will always be missed. I'm glad your suffering has ended and I cant wait to play in the mud with you again in the future

Travis L. Watson, born 23 December 1981, died 11 May 2014 in Burlington, North Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
A loving son,brother,husband and father. Would always smile even through the pain. Loved and missed so very much.

Delbert W. O. Searfoss, born 15 December 1902, died 21 December 1952 in Ashley, Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
Delbert was my great-great grandfather. I never met him but was saddened to hear that he committed suicide. He shot himself.

Erin Swaniga, born 09 April 1978, died 10 December 2006 in Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
Miss and love you every day. You live with me in my heart and guide my decisions. Fly strong sister. xo

Mi-Lyn Maree Byrnes, born 21 January 1976, died 23 July 2011 in South Australia, Australia

Andrea Wolfe, born 25 April 1967, died 08 November 2008 in Texas

Our Remembrance
I loved you so hard! I miss you! Bradley misses his auntnee!

Bryan Hairston, born 21 October 1992, died 10 April 2007 in New Mexico, USA

Robert R. Garrett, born 30 July 1964, died 18 December 2010 in Shelbyville, Kentucky, USA

Our Remembrance
Everybody\'s friend, everybody\'s rock, everybody\'s caretaker, sweetest smile on earth &a laugh that could liven up the saddest moments. This world is a darker place now that his light has gone out like so many--gone too soon. Life\'s burdens became too heavy to carry &so strong &proud but yet humble in the sweetest of ways. One of the most caring people to have walked this earth--he put his live into action--tirelessly feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, tending to the sick &finding shelter for the homeless. He helped countless numbers of people unselfishly--I am so sorry that I wasn\'t there in his darkest hour. My heart hurts everyday because you aren\'t here--my friend, my confidant, my little brother.

Joshua Thompsen, born 13 June 1980, died 20 October 2016 in Austin, Texas

Our Remembrance
I loved you even before you were born and I will love you forever and always. My son you will always be!

Brian Leeswood Jones, born 02 February 1988, died 09 June 2010 in Weston, Texas

Our Remembrance
Loved By all Knew him. brother, cousin, grandson. touched many lives and will be missed.
there was no one like him and never will be again.

Alexander Graves, born 31 August 1997, died 25 January 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri

Our Remembrance
Alex, I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you very much in high school. You were a wonderful person and I'm sorry you were in pain. I hope you're in a much better place now.
-Ana T.

Donnie Carathers, born 02 November 1981, died 05 May 2016 in Nashville, Ohio, USA

Our Remembrance
My brother, Donnie, was the most gentle, funniest and caring man. I called him, Piglet and he called me, WeeWee. This man was my bestfriend and he will be missed dearly.

Lawrence Robert Nault, Jr., born 05 May 1978, died 12 October 2013 in Warren, Michigan

Sarah Thompson, born 19 January 1967, died 16 July 2014 in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Our Remembrance
Sarah Anitra Thompson was born on January 19, 1967 to Karen (daughter of famed child psychologist Manfred Sonstegard) and Jerry Thompson, in Harvey, Illinois. After her mothers death when Sarah was almost three her father moved the family to Shepherdstown, WV, where Sarah grew up.

Although Sarah had a bachelors degree in English from Dickinson College, a Masters in Communications from American University and worked as a technical writer and legal secretary, her real passion was gardening so Sarah became a certified West Virginia Master Gardener.

Following her divorce from Brock Vander Vliet, in Greenwich, Connecticut, Sarah moved to Martinsburg in 2002. Here, she bought a dilapidated house and barren garden on Burke Street and transformed it into a beautiful and eclectic paradise that was featured on the Berkeley County Historical Society Homes and Gardens Tour. Sarahs artistic creations can be found gracing her home and garden today! With Martinsburg as base, she established Your Perennial Gardener and oversaw the gardening for many area homes. Sarah also volunteered at the VA Hospital in Martinsburg, where she taught gardening to patients, at C-CAP, and at the Wildlife Rescue Mission in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Sarah loved cats and over the years many abandoned and homeless cats came to live with Sarah. Sarah also loved dressage and bought two beautiful horses, Jack and Daisy.

Once settled in, Sarah decided she wanted a husband and so she approached a tall, dark, and handsome man, Roger Pickering, on the MARC Train. It was love at first sight and soon they were married at Avalon (near Paw Paw, WV) in 2008. Over the years Roger and Sarah had a wonderful and happy marriage despite Sarahs mental illness. Their motto was Without us, where would we be?

Sarah was the kind of person who would light up a room with her wit, colorful speech, laughter, and smile. She was kind and caring, with an amazing variety of friends. Sarah was such a gifted speaker she could transform the dullest topic (e.g. weeding) in such a way as to fully engage the audience and leave them laughing, clapping and begging for more. An avid reader Sarah would devour weighty tomes such as The Life and Philosophy of Karl Marx in under a week; smaller works were gone in a day! Sarah would also get inspired by a soon-to-be-legal herb and bake the most delicious cookies sans recipes!

Sadly, Sarah passed away on July 16, 2014 a victim of her mental illnesses. She left behind a loving, doting, and grieving husband, Roger Pickering, family, and countless friends.

Sarah, you brightened the world with your beauty and creativity; you will always be loved and missed. This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you!

Jeremy Earl Ayers, born 04 January 1983, died 16 July 2013 in Manchester, Ohio

Our Remembrance
He was full of life and would do anything he could for others.I love and miss you baby boy.

J. Cameron Stephenson, born 29 May 1987, died 11 August 2005 in North Carolina & Texas

Our Remembrance
Cameron grew up in Raleigh, Bear Grass, and Williamston, NC. The family moved to Flower Mound, TX when Cameron was 12. Cameron suffered from major depression and substance abuse disorder and thus ended his life while in Texas in 2005.

He has returned home to NC again.

Cameron was the sunshine of his mother\'s life. When he ended his time here on earth, she felt as if all the light in her life was snuffed out. She misses her only child more than words can say but feels confident that they will meet again in another life and time.

God bless you Cameron for you are so dear to the world.

Brian Cameron, born 06 November 1976, died 19 September 2013 in Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
R.I.P Brian You will be missed by everyone who knew you.

Jack Clason Sanford, born 29 August 1985, died 04 December 2001 in Polson, Montana

Our Remembrance
Also known as Moe.

April Paulson, born 03 March 1972, died 28 September /2006 in Sacramento, California

Our Remembrance
Your 3 boys will always love and remember you until eternity.

Giovanni Lazaro Rios, born 17 February 1989, died 25 March 2011 in Florida

Our Remembrance
My Loving SON
May GOD keep you at his side

Daniel Imeal McElfresh, born 15 September 1976, died 06 February 2008 in Gibson City, Illinois

Our Remembrance
If tears could build a stairway,and memories a lane,I\\\'d walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again..Your with me everyday son, in heart,mind, and soul..I love Daniel..MOM..xoxo

Andrew Britton, born 30 December 1988, died 25 November 2011 in Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
22 forever.
You may be gone from this world but you love on in me each and every day!

Brandon John Grizzel, born 14 February 1986, died 05 February 2013 in Wellsburg, West Virginia

Our Remembrance

Thomas Edward Grill, Jr, born 17 May 1973, died 06 July 2008 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Terrence Kelley, born 10 May 1999, died 21 February 2016 in Loveland, Colorado

Our Remembrance
Your life was a blessing. Your memory a treasure. Your loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.
My son in heaven my angel up above

Eric Kartinen, born 25 August 1967, died 1 November 2006 in California

Our Remembrance
Always loved, never forgotten. \"Scope!\"

Ryan Dale Hammond, born 19 December 1986, died 15 December 2013 in Oregon

Our Remembrance
Ryan was the funniest and most caring person I had ever met. His smile lit up my world. I will miss him forever.

Christopher Wrath, born 01 February 1991, died 03 January 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Our Remembrance
Christopher is remembered as a loving, devoted and caring son, brother, uncle, nephew and friend. I will not forget you Burr until we are reunited in heaven. Love, Mom

Kelly Joseph Murphy, born 01 October 1978, died 03 April 1997 in Canada

James Christopher Svitak, born 20 March 1991, died 30 December 2014 in Westmont, Illinois, USA

Our Remembrance
Jimmy was one of the most caring, go out of his way for a stranger type of person. He was an awesome child who's time came far to soon and he is remembered every single day.

Gabriel Andre` Rivera, born 13 November 1989, died 04 September 2006 in California

Mike Hayward, born 27 October 1971, died 07 February 2014 in Sunapee, New Hampshire

Our Remembrance
RIP Mike. You were a great man and will be sorely missed by your parents, siblings, wife, son and dogs. Last but not least, the Bob Dylan and The Band community have also suffered a great loss. I hope you are at peace my friend.

Toby Wesley Abrams, born 29 June 1989, died 20 August 2015 in Marion, Ohio

Our Remembrance
My husband.. beautiful amazing man, I love you so much toe head!

Keelin Brett Eiger, born 16 February 1990, died 16 March 2006 in Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA

Our Remembrance
Also known as Keely.

Jeffery Allen Whaley, born 23 October 1958, died 30 June 1997 in Kentucky

Our Remembrance
Jeff was my father, who was a very loving man. He will forever be in our hearts.

Nicolas Dubuc, born 05 August 1985, died 14 April 2011 in Quebec, Canada

Our Remembrance
He was such a kind, caring and simply amazing. He is loved by so many.

Kevin McDonald, born 08 April 1983, died 07 April 2013 in Alabama, United States

Our Remembrance
In honor of my sweet friend, Kev. Not a day goes by that I don\'t long to have one more talk with him. I miss him every day.

Cecil Butler, born 10 November 1971, died 22 June 2012 in Utah, USA

Our Remembrance
My little brother. I\'m sorry I did\'nt know you where in such pain! You where always so loving and kind. I will miss you so much!!

Ryan Patrick Holliday, born 21 June 1983, died 24 February 2012 in Lancaster, California, United States

Our Remembrance
you touched so many hearts and will always be loved and never forgotten. May the peace you could not find here with us be over you as you now sleep eternally with our loving Father.

Patrick Fleury, born 30 November 1977, died 26 July 2006 in France

Mike Worth, born 09 December 1958, died 13 April 2001 in Virginia, USA

Allen Pedigo, born 13 April 1979, died 13 October 2009 in Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

Our Remembrance
Allen was the oldest of our three children. He was incredibly intelligent, funny, and musically inclined. His sudden death has left such a hole in our family.

Gloria Dianne Clark Orr, born 17 August 1956, died 15 March 2007 in Texas, USA

Jeremy Michael Dodson, born 29 September 1975, died 19 April 2010 in Lees Summit, Missouri

Our Remembrance
My Beautiful Son, I miss you every second of the day and hope you have found Peace in God\'s Arms. My heart will never heal.....I told you often \"I Love You\" but I don\'t think you knew just how much.

Christopher Lee Stangle, born 11 August 1963, died 18 January 2002 in Kansas, United States

Our Remembrance
Your family and friends miss you!

Tony Willoughby, born 27 June 1957, died 07 April 2014 in Washington

Our Remembrance
I love you too tony and I miss you so much I'm sorry that I could not help your pain go away love your sister Tammy

Matthew Charles Hustwick, born 2 November 1983, died 6 June 2006 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Our Remembrance
Matthew, my beloved always and forever. \"Believe what you cannot see!\"

Stephen Puckett, born 11 November 1981, died 28 October 2004 in Union Grove, North Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
Forever in our hearts

Jenine Rachel Pretorius, born 26 December 1984, died 24 February 2005 in South Africa

Sabra Tinsley, born 09 February 2000, died 07 November 2014 in Indiana

Our Remembrance
Sabra was my baby girl, she suffered through lots of allergies and was sick all the time, but through all that she still always found the positive in everything. She wanted to be an ecologist and was on student council. She ran for class president and was very giving. However she suffered some very traumatizing things and was severely bullied, because of this Sabra hid very well that anything was wrong and I had no signs nor any clue that anything was wrong and I truly is my sweet angel

Ricky Dean Thornton, born 15 May 1985, died 18 April 2008 in Oregon

Our Remembrance
You were my best friend and brother. Not a day goes by that I do not think about you. I wish everyday that you were still here. My life has changed for the better and I wish you could of shared it with me. You will never be forgotten. Forever in my heart. - Your sister Michelle

Zackory Alan Nay, born 09 February 1997, died 04 April 2016 in Basehor, Kansas

Our Remembrance
A kind and sweet soul that will never be forgotten.

Katelyn Nichole Davis, born 20 February 2004, died 30 December 2016 in Cedartown, Georgia

Our Remembrance
A good heart. She loved to sing, adored her siblings and is now greatly missed by her family and friends, a void that is irreplaceable.

Michael A. Jeffries, born 27 February 1969, died 11 August 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Our Remembrance
You are loved and missed so much, by so many.

Billy Joe Brown, born 05 December 1930, died 09 August 1984 in Hiram, Georgia, USA

Benjamin Aaron Neibold, born 17 December 1992, died 18 February 2008 in Indiana

Our Remembrance
Loved and Missed. Forever in our Hearts.

James Robert Hammett, born 19 August 1988, died 28 August 2012 in Mooringsport, Louisiana

Our Remembrance
Loved and missed by many.

Gloria Bagley, born 04 November 1955, died 24 January 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky

Adrian Emmons, born 24 May 1989, died 19 July 2016 in Franklin County, Virginia

Our Remembrance
My sweet husband Lee. I love and miss you dearly! There isn't a day that goes by that you're not on my mind! I still find myself looking for you to walk through the door. I can't accept this, but I know you're at peace now. I love you, my sweet angel!
Love always your wife Brittany Emmons

Michael Bruce Rhyne, Jr., born 20 July 1983, died 20 August 2007 in Montpelier, Virginia

Anita Ayrea Ecklund, born 30 November 2004, died 27 August 2014 in Tacoma, Washington

Our Remembrance
Not forgotten Rest in Peace Anita.

George Rupert Charles McCulloch, born 17 April 1992, died 27 January 2012 in Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
My Wonderful George. Loved and Missed Always. X Mum x

Robert Ryan Archibald, born 07 November 1978, died 19 September 2004 in Alberta, Canada

Our Remembrance
Miss you everyday father. Wish I could tell you that I love you and that I forgive you. Rest in peace. Forever in my heart.

Dan S. Freedman, born 01 January 1994, died 16 February 2012 in Washington, USA

Our Remembrance
The smartest kid I ever met. And one of my best friends.

Mary Rocha, born 07 September 2000, died 20 February 2015 in Pearland, Texas

Our Remembrance
Dancing in the sky
Singing in the angels choir

Benjamin Clay Stinnett, born 20 January 1983, died 08 November 2008 in Monroe, Michigan, USA

Our Remembrance
My beautiful son! We miss him every day, our hearts will never be the same

Jesse James Oliva Safranca, born 31 March 1979, died 02 October 2005 in Kula Maui, Hawaii

Our Remembrance
I love you son and wish that I had the chance to talk to you one last time. To tell you how proud you have made me for the things in life you had done. Accomplished more that I ever could have hoped for you. I love you and miss you every day. Love Mom

Andrew J. Smith, born 31 July 1987, died 21 February 2016 in Evans City, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Andrew ( AJ ) Was always so full of life, Always being the life of the party. He served in the US Army and was deployed to Iraq, after leaving the army he achieved his life Long dream of becoming a professional firefighter for Columbia South Carolina. He lost his battle with PTSD on February 21st, 2016, Bud you will never know how many tears have fallen for you, RIP

Shayne John Andrew Clench, born 03 September 1996, died 03 March 2014 in Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Chris Smith, born 08 August 1975, died 28 February 2013 in Virginia, USA

Our Remembrance
I miss you my brother ...

Jeremy Thomas MacDonald, born 21 December 1994, died 25 November 2011 in Nova Scotia, Canada

Our Remembrance
My son,forever missed,forever loved,forever in my heart.You were always an angel here on earth,truly an angel now up in heaven.

Laura Michelle Kitchens Gerlack, born 09 June 1979, died 21 January 2015 in Amarillo, Texas

Our Remembrance
My beautiful Michelle, my first child, gave up her fight to live. It was on impulse while drinking and taking medications for anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
Michelle was both excited and happy as she left work, having made plans to shop for an apartment. She had just been offered a full time position at the hospital she worked as a temp.
She was found asleep in her bed, clutching a small photo of her and her 3 babies, her head resting on an 8x10 of them..next to her was a letter she tried to write to her children. She did not get far.. It read, "To my precious babies. You are my everything." The police said she likely succumbed to the medications, and felt it was likely an accidental suicide.
She left so many of us lost. Her ten year old has attempted or plotted her own suicide. She has been in and out of hospital suicidal.
No child should hurt like that.

Zo Nichole Myers, born 21 November 1996, died 24 August 2014 in Saint Robert, Missouri, USA

Our Remembrance
"Dandelions are just beautiful weeds, but to me, I see them to be flowers. Beautiful flowers that are easily misunderstood, Flowers that people try to get rid of, weeds that are beautiful to me but ugly and annoying to them. Flowers that you make a wish upon, or crush and step on. I'm just like a dandelion, So please see me as a flower, Not a weed. -Zo Nichole Myers"

Callie Breanne Tolich, born 05 November 2001, died 25 October 2015 in Arizona

Our Remembrance
Callie was a talented skilled loving sensitive and beautiful daughter, granddaughter, sister and friend. She was an amazing soccer player, sax player, horse rider, artist, and student. She was a kind-hearted, giving and loving human being. She is greatly missed by many and forever loved and remember. Till we meet again I will continue to live on with her deeply in my heart and spread kindness and love for my beautiful Callie Breanne Tolich.

Mia Miller, born 18 March 1998, died 24 September 2014 in Colorado

Our Remembrance
Mia Grace Miller was a bright light in a dark world. Unfortunately she succumbed to the darkness. We miss her so much!

Lara Barnett, M.D., born 28 May 1970, died 2 September 2006 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
This is my beloved wife, Lara. She had just finished medical school and was two months in to her residency at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, Texas. She had suffered from depression for many years.

To honor her – be a compassionate listener; be a careful observer; do strong work; look past the surface of your colleagues, friends, and those in your workplace; be true to yourself and to your beliefs; and speak openly and honestly with those whom you love and who love you.

Matthew Louis Brisces, born 14 May 1980, died 31 October 2001 in New Jersey, USA

Marc Bohle, born 20 December 1970, died 28 May 2012 in New York

Our Remembrance
Uncle Marc you will never be forgotten.! You were a huge part of my life and i love you so much.! <3

Marco Martinez, born 10 February 1986, died 02 May 2014 in Caldwell, Idaho

Our Remembrance
Im proud of you brother Ray. You achieved your biggest dream and that was to be a great fighter.No matter what the obstacles were,u still moved forward. U taught us that giving up on our dreams was never an option. When our time comes we will be reunited with u once again. I love u and we all miss u dearly.

Debora Lynne Rice Dombroski, born 19 July 1966, died 13 April 2008 in Washington, USA

Our Remembrance
A bright and shining star extinguished far too soon!

Michael Lee Paul, born 03 March 1981, died 30 November 2010 in Oliver Springs, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Not a single day goes by that we do not mourn your absence. Not a single moment in our lives that could not be better by just having you here to share it with us.

Ashton Michael Carl Holtz, born 20 June 1994, died 05 February 2017 in Fort Scott, Kansas, United States

Cesar Massaro Ito, born 26 March 1983, died 19 September 2014 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
Cesar, son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, grandson, friend. we love you. you will be always with us in our hearts in our thoughts. we will remember your courage, your kindness, your love for your family. you will find peace now. we will miss you forever. see you.

Randy Madron, born 31 October 1974, died 09 December 2016 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
We love you to the moon and back. You will always be loves and misses dearly.. Gone but never forgotten. I live you Beau love always your lil Lady

Leslie Wayne Enfield, born 02 August 1981, died 16 September 1997 in Garland, Texas, United States

Our Remembrance
Les, you will always be my angel. I love and miss you so much, bud boy

Neil Addison Brown, born 30 August 1989, died 19 April 2016 in Harmony, Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
Neil's life had tremendous value. He has people in his life who feel his absence every single day. He was a beautiful free spirit and we were privileged to know him and be loved by him. Neil will remain alive in our hearts and our memories forever.

Brant Dylan, born 06 July 2016, died 09 November 1998 in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
Goodbye my friend. You will be missed, we will always miss your beautiful smile and laugh.

Jade Louise Hope Rees, born 21 January 1994, died 02 November 2015 in United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
always and forever in our hearts
love and missed every day

Donald Gene Dedmon III, born 02 December 1994, died 07 February 2012 in Shelby, North Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
You are forever in our hearts! We love you and never forget! See you again soon baby

Bonnie Lea Forth Verstraete, born 06 August 1977, died 07 April 2010 in Colorado

Our Remembrance
\"Oh, bring back my bonnie to me\"

Marc Kenneth Blomberg, born 18 July 1974, died 14 August 2007 in Minnesota

Steven Cedillo, born 02 November 1990, died 06 December 2009 in Columbia, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Beloved son of Joe and JoAnn Cedillo

Joshua Rivas, born 24 February 1993, died 26 June 2013 in Denver, Colorado

Our Remembrance
My son had the most beautiful eyes , he was a very good son, brother , uncle, grandson , nephew cousin loved by many left us with a hole in our hearts and questions unanswered ...his pain was greater then the love we could offer..but left us with many beautiful memories and that\\\'s what we will remember all the good a beautiful he was as a human !!! Love you baby mommy and dad will see you some day soon

Nicholas Stroemer, born 01 July 1979, died 11 February 2012 in Ocala, Florida

Our Remembrance
My bright shinning star. I look for you every night and I see you and feel your presence. I love you and miss you from the deepest part of my heart and soul which is where you live in me. Until we meet again my beautiful Son

Justin Kyle Skrettingland, born 22 March 1986, died 26 March 2011 in Wyoming, USA

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of my son. You will always be remembered and never forgotten by your family and friends!

Nicholas James Devine, born 24 August 1983, died 23 October 2008 in Washington

Our Remembrance
I love you more.
I will see you in heaven, my Beautiful boy.

Mark Filipcic, born 10 April 1957, died 21 November 2012 in Seattle, Washington

Our Remembrance
A man who made us all laugh whether he was burping the alphabet or sitting in the corner of of a Filipcic party even allowing us kids to paint his nails where he`d take the laughs from coworkers! Our lives have changed since you left us but the memories we all shared keep us close. We miss you Markie

Richard Michael Daly, born 15 April 1959, died 24 October 2004 in California, US

Our Remembrance
Anyone who met "Richie" was his friend for life. Richie would give the shirt off his back to anyone he saw walking down the street who he thought may need it. He was the ambassador and peacekeeper to family and friends. The Daly family was forever changed on that sad day.

Marc Vinson, born 07 November 1958, died 21 November 2014 in Delray Beach, Florida

Our Remembrance
Marc was a very good friend of mine for the last 4 years. We talked on the phone almost everyday. I developed a great relationship with Marc Vinson. I live in Ohio and he lived in Florida. We met in person in October 2011. I visited him in Delray Beach Florida and had a wonderful time with him. Marc has a lot of problems with back pain and sleeping. He took a lot of pain and sleep meds. I was deeply sorry to hear that he killed himself back in November 2014. I wish that he could have talked to me before taking such drastic action of ending his own life. I will always remember and cherish our friendship together. I guess he could not stand being in pain any longer.

Roy Dodson, born 24 April 1930, died 07 June 1967 in Virginia

Joe Kim, born 10 February 1983, died 23 September 2012 in California

Our Remembrance
Brother, Son, Uncle, Soldier & Friend. Joe was one of the most authentic, kind, and loving people I know. I love you bro. See you again in Heaven.

Lauryn Santiago, born 26 January 1998, died 16 February 2013 in Laurel, Maryland

Our Remembrance
My beautiful sweet angel. Sissy, Lihana and Mami love you and miss you immensely.
We will keep our love strong until the day we meet again.

Laugh when you can
Apologize when you should
Let go of what you can't change

David Reed, born 10 June 1975, died 15 September 2012 in Braidwood, Illinois

Our Remembrance
This is my friend Dav. He had enough of Life . I pray he found peace , as well as all these other faces. He was an awesome person. One hell of a crane operator. I wish I could have stopped him , no different then all the friends and family of these faces. We'll meet again Bro !!

We miss you David .

Tracy LeBlanc, born 17 February 1962, died 19 February 2013 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Our Remembrance
Chipper: My dear friend, I think about you every day. I still have the guitar and haven't taken the pickup out.
I should of seen it coming, but who would of thought. We miss you my friend, I hope we will see each other again.
Love Neale & Brenda

Elliott James Lobertini, born 22 December 1987, died 06 September 2011 in Rohnert Park, California

Our Remembrance
Elliott was a loving husband, father, brother, uncle, and son. We will always miss him.

Matthew Tyler Medley, born 25 July 1992, died 08 June 2011 in Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Tyler was extremely loved by all and never knew a stranger. He had a beautiful smile and a wonderful laugh. You will always be loved and missed!

Ryan Tyler Kenyon, born 09 May 1980, died 22 September 2009 in Wisconsin, USA

Jordan Michael Baxter, born 10 January 1985, died 24 December 2008 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Our Remembrance
In memory of Jordan, a loving son and Brother!
My son, a kind, thoughtful, loving and beautiful soul!
Always on our minds, forever in our hearts!

Alan McDonnell, born 21 April 1990, died 02 December 2014 in Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland

Our Remembrance
Peace at Last x

Linda Ann Godson Peterson, born 12 February 1968, died 08 July 2017 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
Loved Dearly, Gone but never forgotten

Corey Noburo Jian Kiang Lock, born 04 April 1988, died 04 December 2015 in Hawaii

Our Remembrance
Corey is the most selfless person always putting others before him and always found the good in people. He burnt out taking care of everyone but himself. He is truly loved and missed by his friends, family, and girlfriend.

Douglas P. Dragonetti, born 11 December 1954, died 29 December 2005 in New York

Our Remembrance
Always on our minds and forever in our hearts.

Glenn Thomas Allen, born 10 November 1981, died 06 July 2016 in Four Oaks, North Carolina

Our Remembrance
Loving son,brother,father,husband.You will be missed my dear son,for on that fateful day,you did not die alone....a piece of me went with you .I will be forever missing you.Born with musical talent,a computer genius,and so handsome I'll love you always son and ,I'll see you on the other side.

Roxann Kmberly Goodale, born 23 April 1984, died 20 March 2007 in New Brunswick, Canada

Josiah Ryan Langevin, born 19 December 1983, died 27 March 2007 in New Hampshire

Our Remembrance
“What ever happened to the young man\'s heart
Swallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apart…”

We remember a beautiful soul who taught us so much and changed our lives even though his heart hurt. We love you, we miss you, and we treasure every moment we had with you. Until we are together again the memories will remain and you will be with us in our hearts.

Jeffrey Goodale, born 25 February 1975, died 28 September 2004 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
Also known as Milo.

Dennis Broch Nall, born 20 June 1978, died 10 April 2013 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Our Remembrance
I loved Dennis Broch Nall and lost him to suicide April 10th 2013 at 4:26am. He spoke his last words to me and told me he loved me before he went but that dose not help the pain. I miss him and i just want him to come home and cuddle.. Where ever he is now I hope he is in peace.

Aloha hoalie <3

Derrick Slade, born 08 June 1982, died 29 November 1999 in Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
FOREVER in our hearts

Nicholas Giesler, born 21 January 1993, died 07 February 2012 in Austin, Texas

Our Remembrance
Our precious Nico left us just weeks after his 19th birthday. We will forever miss his incredible wit, his amazing intelligence, his warm and caring heart and we his infectious laughter will echo in our hearts the rest of our time apart from him. Always loved, never forgotten - be at peace, Bear - we'll see you when we get home. I miss this beautiful soul every moment of every day!
Love you forever, Like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.
To the moon and back kiddo - to infinity and beyond

Jimmy Thompson, born 13 November 1958, died 30 September 2014 in Lincoln City, Oregon

Our Remembrance
You left us far too soon. You were loved, and you are missed.

Russell James Brummond, born 08 December 1980, died 14 April 2009 in Minnesota USA

Thomas J. Washeleski, born 11 March 1963, died 03 December 2013 in Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
RIP Thom

Rodney Dilbert, born 31 December 1968, died 10 June 1997 in Brooklyn. New York

Our Remembrance
A beloved son, brother and uncle. Always remembered by your family lovingly, every single day. Miss you so much, especially your big sis! ♥

Thomas Schofield, born 13 October 1959, died 18 July 2014 in Hazel Park, Michigan, USA

Brian Leask, born 05 January 1975, died 02 November 2011 in Aurora, Illinois

Our Remembrance
Fallin\' angel

Robert Wood, born 05 March 1974, died 17 October 2009 in Port Charlotte, Florida

Our Remembrance
Rip dad

Terry Swanston, born 28 August 1980, died 21 August 2010 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
Love you always, Mum, Dad & Jen XXX

Jamine Corner, born 17 August 1992, died 28 July 2010 in Australia

Our Remembrance
We miss you Jasmine every day. Love mum and dad and Fabian xxx

Niles Jackson Slaughter, born 15 February 1988, died 27 October 2007 in Washington

Richard Blair Kisner, born 27 January 1978, died 15 September 2011 in Akron, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Ricky you left our lives way too soon. Nothing has been the same and it still doesn\\\\\\\'t feel real. I keep your memory alive for our two boys and they miss you terribly. I know we will see you again one day and I also know you are finally at peace. Rest in Paradise! Love, Your Baby Bunnie!

Caleb Wayne Carr, born 07 May 1988, died 22 April 2006 in Texas, USA

Lee Dyer, born 19 September 1986, died 15 August 2013 in Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
Lee was filled with love, laughter and music. He will be greatly missed.

Christopher Lopez, born 16 September 1988, died 10 February 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
I love you my precious son. I miss you so much. You will never be forgotten because you were loved by so much.

Justine Phillips, born 13 November 1990, died 03 September 2005 in Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
Gone too soon ...

Dane Freedman, born 13 September 1988, died 13 December 2013 in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Twenty days after the sudden death of his service dog Lager, Cpl Dane Freedman took his own life after a long struggle with PTSD. He will always be remembered for his infectious smile and his ability to light up any room, his brave sense of adventure and his caring spirit. Fellow Marines have said that he was brave and always knew what to do and say to motivate them in times of trouble. In his short 25 years of life, he touched the lives and souls of hundreds of people that are better for knowing him. He will always be our hero and he will never be forgotten.

Daniel Eugene Swartz, Jr., born 20 September 1982, died 07 October 2010 in Maryland

Our Remembrance
My son, who I miss every day.

Willam Douglas Foss, born 26 November 1986, died 06 October 2013 in Idaho

Our Remembrance
I'm trying not to worry - Love and miss you so much! Your Favorite Aunt Sharon

Jesin Riach, born 10 June 1988, died 03 January 2010 in Twin Falls, Idaho

Our Remembrance
Jestin was a loving son, brother, uncle and grandson. Jestin was the light and laughter of every room he entered. He was a great athlete.. He held records at Mountian View for the most pins in wrestling. He had a football scholarship at SUU. He made his parents and family very proud!

Jestin went to live with the lord on January 3rd 2010. He is missed by everyone that knew and loved him. Life will never be the same without that young man in our lives.

Arthur Russell, born 07 July 1979, died 28 November 2006 in Troy, New York

Our Remembrance
Artie, you are never forgotten, you are missed more everyday. Always in my heart.

Joshua Carl Envil, born 20 January 1981, died 27 September 2007 in Minnesota

Our Remembrance
You are still loved and not forgotten. Our lives will never be the same without you in it. May you now rest peace with the angels. On the day you left, you took a part of my heart with you, and until we see each other in heaven it will never be whole again. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever loved. Mom

Eleonora Kabloutchko, born 31 July 1991, died 07 June 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Our Remembrance
I will meet you in the next life Eleonora. I hope you are happy in paradise with God and his angels.

Heather Kinlaw, born 04 August 1987, died 02 August 2013 in Augusta, Georgia USA

Our Remembrance
Entered into rest Friday, August 2, 2013, Heather Marie Kinlaw, 30, the mother of Leila Kinlaw, who loved her dearly, and daughter of Lonnie and Marie Kinlaw.rnHeather loved drawing, painting and enjoyed going to the river with her friends.rnShe loved punk rock music, going to shows, and meeting new people.

Jonathan Stewart Trice, born 24 March 1991, died 04 October 2010 in Dallas, Texas

Our Remembrance
SO very much loved - and a victim of suicidal depression and bipolar illness.

Christopher Blom, born 18 August 1970, died 06 May 2000 in La Crescenta, California

Our Remembrance
Not a day goes by that i dont think about you and miss you.

Scott Walker, born 28 October 1976, died 17 August 1997 in Mississippi

Our Remembrance
Forever in Our Hearts . Loved and Missed by All.

Kody Cosby, born 02 October 1989, died 04 November 2008 in Baker City, Oregon

Our Remembrance
My little cowboy the Lord must of needed a cowboy up in heaven.Though the whole in Mom's heart is still there, you have gone on to bigger and better place. You shall never ache any more till we meet again. I love you and miss you very much.

Daniel M. Kennedy, Jr., born 16 March 1965, died 03 February 2003 in Illinois, U. S. A.

Our Remembrance

Samuel Christopher Todd, born 14 March 1963, died 25 August 2013 in Marysville, California, USA

Our Remembrance
My dad was an amazing man. Always helping others and giving when he could. He always helped a person in need. And had the best sense of humor. He is forever loved and missed!

Trevor Kenneth James Moynes, born 29 April 1987, died 30 September 2008 in Ontario, Canada

Colby Clements, born 28 May 1996, died 02 July 2017 in Moyock, North Carolina

Our Remembrance
My sweet nephew, Colby Clements, lost his battle with his demons on July 2, 2017. The absolute worst day of our lives. We cherish every single moment we had him here with us for those 21 years.

Craig Carson, Jr., born 14 January 1982, died 25 February 2005 in Aurora, Colorado

Our Remembrance
You went to young for that I will live with guilt and pain till we see each other again my dear son

Peter Ellwood, born 30 March 1967, died 03 March 2001 in Auckland. New Zealand

Our Remembrance
A much loved son, grandson, brother and uncle. Actually took his life in Victoria, Australia.
Peter we all remember you.

Jeffery Brian Herndon, born 12 January 1978, died 13 March 2010 in Valdosta, Georgia

Jason Brandt, born 17 February 1977, died 24 June 1999 in Livingston, Montana

Our Remembrance
Son I miss you so much. My tears are always on my cheeks.

Brian Scott Pruitt, born 28 July 1970, died 01 November 2010 in Castle Rock, Colorado, USA

Our Remembrance
I love you Brian , I was always there for you , I wish I could of stopped you from doing this!! I can\'t get past not being able to help you change your mind.. Now your gone and I\'m without you forever .. I Live with this thought daily and makes me cry ..

Marque Charles Broadnax, born 08 September 1977, died 22 April 2008 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
My husband Marque who is now my guardian angel until we are together again! His smile and presence could light up a room. He was an amazing man, father, and husband. I love you PAST death my angel!

Alejandro Ignacio Mateo Soltysiak, born 15 June 1988, died 15 January 2009 in Spain

Thomas Richard Ryder, Sr., born 26 January 1954, died 28 May 2004 in New Hampshire, USA

Our Remembrance
RIP Daddy. Not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind. Thinking of you always. Love and miss you tons.

Joshua Venable, born 29 January 1976, died 02 July 2008 in Tennessee

Christopher Todd, born 22 June 1976, died 19 November 1998 in Waco, Texas

Our Remembrance
this is my first born, my quiet child. he always was there to help anybody that needed help. he is now my angel to watch over me. i will always love and miss you Chris. stay safe in our Lords arms till we meet again. mom

Jesse Sterowski, born 28 December 1991, died 31 January 2012 in Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
My only son, my light, my joy.

Matthew Austin Seabolt, born 28 January 1981, died 13 August 2009 in Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Caitlin Nuthall, born 22 December 1991, died 24 October 2012 in Victorville, California, USA

Our Remembrance
Lover of all animals, Caitlin was known to take in any strays that crossed her path - harboring them in secret in her room as a young child, and later taking them into her care as she traveled across the country as an adult. A student at Easton High School and Frederick Community College, Caitlin also volunteered at the Talbot County Humane Society, where she most enjoyed working with abused pit bulls. Traveling all over the country at a young age, she embraced adventure and truly lived in the moment. Caitlin will live forever in the memories of the many hearts she touched throughout her life, and her smile and laughter will never be forgotten.
She lived life to the fullest spending her last years of life traveling across the US on freight trains with friends, and backpacking from state to state.

Frank Joseph Carbone, born 21 July 1993, died 13 November 2011 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Our Remembrance

Rod Jackson, born 10 September 1953, died 12 January 2012 in Chandler, Arizona

Our Remembrance
A true southern gentleman, Rod always had a kind word or compliment for everyone he met. He will be always missed by friends and family.

Shannon Marie Pomaro, born 08 September 1975, died 05 August 2007 in Ohio

Jacob Martinat, born 01 May 1984, died 19 July 2003 in Nampa, Idaho

Our Remembrance
Jake. You were my only friend for such a long long time. I still sleep with your pillow 15+ years later friend! It's tomorrow I still remember you.

Diana Lynn Kinney, born 02 February 1954, died 08 October 2006 in Washington, USA

Gonyea Jennifer Ann, born 22 December 1981, died 22 January 2008 in New Hampshire, USA

Our Remembrance
My daughter Jennifer you are missed beyond my ability to express it. How I wish I could speak to one more time to tell you how valuable of a person you are and how much we love you. Rest in peace. Dad

Charles West Blanchard, born 28 December 1956, died 27 March 1986 in Florida

Our Remembrance
My brother Chuck was a wonderful friend and brother. He had the voice of an angel and could sing like a lark. He always seemed so happy. :-) He left behind a wonderful son and beautiful daughter who have both grown up knowing how much their dad loved them. I miss you Chuck! Till we meet again.

Jeramy Hatton, born 01 March 1976, died 23 March 2008 in Garrett, Indiana

Our Remembrance
We miss you everyday Jeramy. There isn't a day that goes by that your family doesn't think about you. You were VERY loved by your family and wish we would have seen this coming so that we could have helped you. None of us will ever forget that day for as long as we live. I hope you found the peace that you were looking for. Until we meet again, RIP cousin. Love, mom and Dave, grandma, Gage, Daytona, Caleb, Owen, Carter, Maddy, Jennifer and Jeff, Heather and Rich, uncle Mike and aunt Rita.

Deril Winters Kelly, born 31 December 1969, died 08 February 2012 in Columbus, Georgia

Our Remembrance
Deril was one who could always make you laugh and loved his family. He liked to fish and hunt and joke around. My brother was one of a kind.

Martine Charisse Hepton, born 30 May 1978, died 17 March 2009 in Western Australia

Our Remembrance
Martine was a beautiful carefree and gorgeous girl who lit up a room. If you were loved by Martine you felt as though you were loved by the whole world. So deeply missed. Love, Mum

Sarah Carman, born 12 August 1992, died ** August 2008 in Texas

Our Remembrance
Sarah was such a shining light that touched so many people. She had an infectious smile, and a contagious bubbly personality. She is missed and loved by so many people, and will be remembered always.

Christopher Bailey, born 13 January 1969, died 16 April 2012 in Maryland, USA

Our Remembrance
Dad, everyday I miss you more and more. I was and always will be proud to be your baby girl. I love you.

Sean Barclay, born 10 March 1997, died 18 May 2016 in Chorpus Christi, Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
I'm sorry I didn't notice

Richard Soto, born 05 Janaury 1997, died 23 January 2015 in Nevada, US

Our Remembrance
I've known Richard since the 4th or 5th grade. We never really talked much after elementary school, but his death affected me hard. I would always see his smiling face in the hallways and smile too. Now he's gone, and it doesn't feel real.

Amanda Marie Stebbins Larson, born 15 December 1989, died 16 August 2014 in York, Nebraska, USA

Our Remembrance
I wish you would have known how loved you truly were and how much you gave to everyone who knew you. You made a difference here on earth and your legacy of love and kindness lives on. Fly high with the Angels baby girl. Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts.

Thomas Gravelle, born 26 February 1988, died 28 May 2012 in Erin, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
He battled with mental health issues for 10 years. He sadly decided that taking his life was the only way that he could truly be happy. We need to bring awareness to mental to save many people from taking their own lives.

Joshua Allen Callaghan, born 26 September 1988, died 16 October 2009 in New York, USA

Junior Bennett, born 07 January 1982, died 19 August 2013 in Canton, Georgia

Our Remembrance
My Only Brother & Best Friend
You left so early from this world. The torment you told me you lived in was unbearable and I wish everyday I could make it better!! There's not a day or minute that goes by I don't miss you and want you here. I know that's selfish as you are at peace and can sleep now. ... I Love You n Miss you dearly!!! Love Your Sister n Best Friend,

Francois Laurent Dupuis, born 25 October 1974, died 09 September 2000 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

Jay Emory, born 09 April 1985, died 03 April 2017 in Bolingbrook, Illinois

Our Remembrance
Always in our hearts.

Jim McCartney, born 26 December 1975, died 19 August 2012 in Texas

Our Remembrance
My husband of 16 years and father of our three children was funny,loving,understanding,and depressed. I wished I could have helped him.

Betty Ann Bowen, born 01 April 1938, died 01 August 2012 in Florida

Our Remembrance
Loosing you changed our entire world.

D. Heath Wilson, born 09 July 1981, died 16 October 2003 in Tennesee, USA

Anne Sexton, born 09 November 1928, died 04 October 1974 in USA

Alex M. Stein, born 13 January 1985, died 01 September 2015 in Trenton, Michigan

Our Remembrance
Stein, Alex M., age 30 of Trenton, passed away September 1, 2015. Beloved husband of Jamie. Loving father of Gavin. Dear son of Darlene and the late Terry Stein. Brother of Lisa and Sara Stein. Grandson of Frances (the late Stanley) Prus and Edwina (the late Charles) Stein. Alex is also survived by other loving family and friends.

Alex was born on January 13, 1985 in Wyandotte, to his parents Terry and Darlene Stein (Prus). He married the love of his life Jamie, on May 17, 2008. Their marriage was blessed with their son, Gavin. Alex was a very smart man. He graduated from The University of Michigan with a Bachelor's degree in finance. He worked his way up to second vice president at Monroe Bank and Trust, where he was a commercial loan officer. Alex loved spending time with his family, running, and boating. He also loved Jimmy Buffet and always went to the concerts when he was in town. Alex will be deeply missed by his family and friends and all who knew him.

Bradley Earl Stewart Blakely, born 08 September 1981, died 07 August 2002 in Canada

Corwin James Farmer, born 9 November 1987, died 9 February 2007 in Georgia, USA

Our Remembrance
Missed every day, loved always

Alycen Jobe, born 13 July 1984, died 01 January 2004 in Kentucky, USA

Our Remembrance
We have not forgotten your smile, your energy and how giving of yourself ...you always stood up for the mistreated and broken. Miss you more each day. Love you, your family.

Adam Bryan, born 22 September 1988, died 14 March 2012 in Texas

Our Remembrance
Adam if I could have you back I would not one minute goes by where I don\\\'t think of you or miss you! I will forever hold you in my heart! Words will never be enough to express everything I am going through without you here! If you only knew what you were worth to me!! I love you sugar with all my heart,soul and mind!...

Timmy Dale Harrell, born 17 December 1968, died 22 September 1986 in Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of son, brother, and friend.

Nathan Crawford, born 21 July 1983, died 09 November 2014 in Weatherford, Texas

Our Remembrance
Nate was one of a kind. He was my bff. Not a day goes by that I dont miss him. He is loved and missed by so many people.

Joshua Dreiling, born 11 January 1985, died 19 November 2007 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Our Remembrance
I miss you son. I love you Joshua

Stewart Anderson Collings, born 08 August 1966, died 22 September 2014 in Whangarei, New Zealand

Our Remembrance
I love you, I will always love you, I will never forget you.

Ann Louise Smedley, born 28 August 1947, died 08 March 2003 in Connecticut

Our Remembrance
My Beautiful Mother, I pray everyday that you are in a good place and that you have found the peace that you neglected to have your entire life. I love you with all of my heart.

Aaron Scoville, born 26 May 1993, died 25 August 2016 in Fridley, Minnesota

Our Remembrance
My handsome young man lost his battle on 8/25/16. I am so proud of him and can't wait to see him again on the other side. Mom

Jerome Brehme, born 12 June 1972, died 24 August 2011 in Missouri

Our Remembrance
Also known as Jerry.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. Author unkonwn
What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well. ~ Antoine de Saint

Ian Michael Williams, born 10 March 1981, died 13 February 2006 in Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Our Remembrance
I hope you are out of pain now, I will forever love and miss you xx till we\'re together again

Marcus Walker, born 30 July 1999, died 10 November 2016 in Spokane Valley, Washington, USA

Our Remembrance
Always our monkey butt, our son, our love-Mom and Dad

Clark Bawden, born 19 August 1959, died 02 September 2012 in Utah, USA

Our Remembrance
Clark, your wife, siblings, children and grandchildren are so sad that you\\\'ve made this choice to end your life this way....may you finally have peace.

Leslie Brook, born 25 December 1956, died 28 May 2013 in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England

Our Remembrance
Leslie Norman Brook left his two sons, his wife and new puppy too soon, he will be dearly missed by all of us.
We miss you Dad.

Erick Plunkett, born 22 October 1975, died 18 September 2017 in Elora, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Erick Plunkett, age 41 of Elora, passed away on September 18, 2017 after a long battle with himself. Today he has found peace and the purpose he struggled and longed for. He was born on October 22, 1975 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Erick graduated with honors from both Hernando High School in Florida and IVY Tech Community College in Indiana. He was a Mason by trade and was a member of the BAC Local 4 in Indiana and Kentucky. He enjoyed restoring old buildings, Star Wars, and storytelling around a bonfire, and he loved music and played the bass guitar. Erick taught Sunday School at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Indiana. He loved volunteer work, being a foster parent, coaching soccer, and spending time with his friends�Above all things he loved being a Daddy. Erick will be remembered for his ability to make others laugh. Erick was a good man. He was always thinking of how to help others. Even thru death he helped save the lives of others thru his organ donation. He is preceded in death by his nephew, Jesse Beaman. Erick is survived by his wife, Rachel Brennan of Elora; children, Katherine V.M. Brennan, and Finnian M.A. Brennan, both of Elora; mother, Vicki Beyerlein of Longview, Texas; father, Fred (Sheryl) Plunkett of Mooresville, Indiana; siblings, Larry Lee Brand of Michigan, Penny (Robert) Beaman Indiana, Laura (Larry) Clark of Longview, Texas, and Kyle Plunkett of Mooresville, Indiana; and several nieces and nephews and other relatives.

Fred Bonner, born 17 December 1954, died 17 March 2006 in Lake Worth, Florida

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of the funniest person I've ever known, my dad.

Michael Barnett, born 07 September 1994, died 02 August 2016 in Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Our Remembrance
Michael Barnett was a loving father, son, husband, and brother, who impacted the lives of everyone who was fortunate enough to know him. He could be arogant and hard-headed at times, but he was also a gentle man who stood behind the ideals he believed in and the people he loved. Michael loved the outdoors, fishing, and his two dogs, Blue and Bain. He loved spending time with his family, especially his wife, Danielle, and his daughter, Bella, who meant the world to him. Things in life never came easy for Michael, but he still did everything he could to be there for those who needed him, and brought laughter with him wherever he went. On August 2nd, 2016, Michael Barnett took his own life at the young age of 21 by self inflicted gunshot. Even though Michael had many family and friends who deeply loved him, he never tried to reach out to any of us for help. We may never know why he decided to take himself from us that day, but we can honor his memory and do what we can to support his family and his two daughters.

Kenneth Gunter, born O6 May 1960, died 31 April 2017 in Mississippi

Our Remembrance
Ken was a loving son of Jackie and Patrick, brother of Brian, Pat, and Lisa, Father to Travis, Eric and Jamie, Grandson and nephew, and also Uncle, Grandpa and Friend.

Justin Donnell Woodly, born 9 September 1981, died 30 June 2006 in Georgia

Our Remembrance
You are our shining, righteous young prince, our beautiful baby boy. Etched forever in current remembrance. And as my time moves on, it cannot, move on without you.

Nathan Ray Dupont, born 17 May 1975, died 22 September 2002 in Jasper, Indiana

Our Remembrance
We think of you everyday, will love you forever,until one day when we will meet again.

Hannah Abigail Hastings, born 22 May 1991, died 01 January 2012 in Cumming, Georgia

Our Remembrance
I keep typing and then deleting. I can\\\'t describe how it feels not to have her with us anymore. I hope one day that no one ever has to feel this.

Elena Gonzales, born 22 December 1998, died 16 October 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona

Our Remembrance
My best friend my baby girl lena I love you and miss you every day, every hour, every minute always

Alexander Lea, born 15 March 1990, died 07 November 2007 in Palmerston North, New Zealand

Our Remembrance
You are always in our thoughts Alex and forever in our hearts.

Brian Douglass, born 02 March-1979, died 10 May-2010 in Westminster, Maryland

Terri Marrison, born 23 July 1972, died 23 January 1998 in Michigan, USA

Karen Joy Jordon, born 30 January 1959, died 21 January 1982 in Raytown, Missouri

Our Remembrance
A truly beautiful soul, who never really knew how loved she was

Katie Young, born 22 October 1993, died 28 October 2016 in Houston, Texas

Our Remembrance
Katie was a light in everyone's dark times. We all just wish she would've let us be the light in hers. Rest easy babygirl.

Damien Jomar Adams, born 01 May 1977, died 24 October 2015 in Austin, Texas

Christopher Pewe, born 24 August 1991, died 15 October 2010 in Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Vibrant and daring, you brightened every room. Your light has dimmed all too soon.

Crystal Gale McGuire, born 27 January 1979, died 07 October 2012 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
: Crystal was an amazing sister, daughter and mother. She was always there, whether it be day or night, whenever somebody needed her. She never judged anybody and always looked for the good in everyone. She was my big sister, my role model. She is loved and missed by so many!

Grayson Wolpert, born 07 December 1993, died 14 October 2009 in California

Jessica Stevens, born 30 September 1976, died 18 March 2013 in Denver, Colorado, USA

Our Remembrance
Jessica lived and breathed for her two beautiful Daughters. She was the most loving, loyal, stubborn, beautiful, kind and honest person I have ever known. She chose to leave this world early to be with Grandmother in Heaven. I love you Jessica!

Barak Milby, born 15 April 1987, died 09 February 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
My beautiful, brilliant, sensitive, witty and loving son left me to mourn his loss forever. The world will never be the same place without him.

\"I shall not be here, I shall rise and pass\"

Stephanie A. Keitel, born 10 June 1954, died 08 January 2009 in Vermont, USA

Carl Anthony Williams, born 14 April 1960, died 29 October 2012 in Florida

Our Remembrance
He was loved and will be greatly missed

Dustin Michael Custer, born 02 September 1990, died 31 May 2011 in Virginia

Our Remembrance
your forever in our hearts ... i love you ...

David Edward Irwin, born 20 February 1959, died 12 July 2006 in Tennessee, USA

Our Remembrance
You were my big brother, my friend, my protector. I miss your smile, your music, and your beautiful soul. Love you Always.

Shayla Grayce Miller, born 07 October 1999, died 22 September 2014 in Cross Lanes, West Virginia, US

Our Remembrance
My bestfriend took her own life by a shotgun . She was only 14 and a freshman at nitro high school .

Scott Joseph King, born 01 September 1961, died 23 June 2014 in Illinois, USA

Our Remembrance
Scott Joseph King was a loving husband, father, son, brother, and friend. He is sorely missed, and He will forever live on in our memories.

John Edward Clover, born 05 February 1980, died 13 January 2013 in Nampa, Idaho

Our Remembrance
I miss you every single day. But I'm glad you are now at peace. I love you.

Eli Doherty, born 06 September 1999, died 08 March 2016 in Derry, Ireland

Our Remembrance
gonna go buy a pack of smokes
- brb
I'm still waiting. See you, Space Cowboy.

Jeffrey J. Oium, born 04 August 1981, died 07 June 2010 in Minnesota

Our Remembrance
Forever in our hearts

Charles F. Fausel, born 11 January 1873, died 01 November 1919 in New Jersey, USA

Brady Adam Schaurer, born 09 November 1991, died 26 February 2011 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
My beautiful son that thought the pain of living was much harder than the pain of dying. I Love and Miss you sooo much Brady!

Benjamin Hal Armstrong, born 01 September 1994, died 18 November 2015 in Franklin, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Fly with Angels Sweet Ben, you are loved and missed

Michael Douglas Boone, born 21 December 1986, died 03 August 2012 in California

Our Remembrance
For my beautiful son who I miss so much. He suffered in life with Traumatic Brain Injury, pain all over his body and then addiction. May he be resting in peace now and not living in the turmoil he had here on earth. Rest In Peace,my son. I\'ll love you forever. May God Keep you forever by his side.

Bradley R. Moore, born 25 May 1989, died 15 January 2014 in Michigan

Our Remembrance
I lost my youngest brother to him taking his own life. I will always be proud of my little brother for all his accomplishments in his short life. He will be dearly missed. I love you Brad. Until I see you again.

Lawrence Aaron Huckaba, born 09 March 1987, died 21 October 2007 in Missouri, USA

Our Remembrance
Also known as Lance.

Sean Bensch, born 20 July 1988, died 07 February 2016 in Yakima, Washington

Our Remembrance
We love and miss you

Lisa Marie Gundersen, born 29 February 1984, died 13 September 2000 in New Jersey

Our Remembrance
Lisa you\\\'re \\\"In the Arms of the Angels\\\" but you will live forever in Mommy\\\'s heart. Miss you and love you more than you could ever know. Until we meet again......

Christina Nelson, born 21 July 1991, died 06 February 2014 in Lighthouse Point, Florida

Our Remembrance
My precious. Beautiful, smart, talented, warm hearted daughter left this world February 6, 2014, the worst day I could ever imagine, so full of life, had so much going for her, so young, she was so loved, mental illness is a killer, so sad, I miss my baby so much, RIP my baby girl, forever in my heart and mind... Love your momma XOXOXOXOXO

Christopher Miehlisch, born 17 September 1991, died 09 November 2017 in Lanesboro, Minnesota, USA

Our Remembrance
Christopher lost his battle with depression by taking his own life by using a gun. He was amazingly kind and considerate, loved animals and they him. He would rescue all sorts of creatures, but his own life was out of his reach. He never wanted to burden anyone and coworkers never new about his depression. As parents we knew about it, but could not find a way to prevent this unbelievably sad ending to such a wonderful person. Today we would have taken a family trip to Germany and Iceland, a trip he helped plan and was excited about. We miss him so.

Phillip Haldorson, born 20 August 1975, died 19 April 1991 in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, USA

Our Remembrance
I will always love you my sweet brother!! Love your sis Jenn

Jack M. Zygmunt, born 20 July 1986, died 16 November 2010 in Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Jack, You may be Gone from our sight, but remain Forever In Our Hearts. God Speed my darlin, may you fly on Angels Wings! Until we meet again. Our love goes with you.

Amanda Brown, born 27 June 1996, died 18 June 2016 in Schenectady, New York

Our Remembrance
"I'm the girl who talks others out of suicide,but has a hard time doing the same for herself.She truthfully assures everyone how beautiful,lovely and wonderful and precious they all are, because she doesn't want them to feel the same way she does; The opposite."

Amanda you saved 3 lives that I found out about the night of your funeral. I only wish I cold have done the same for you. I miss you more each day. I love you so much. Until we see each other again. Love always MOM

Shawn M. Cornwell, born 27 March 1979, died 07 November 1994 in Anderson, Indiana

Our Remembrance
Shawn was my Mom's newphew but we were raised more lile brothers and Sister. Since he lived in mine and my familys home most of his life. He loved to ride bike's and also he loved to Fish i will never forget the time he caught a fish while we were at a family cookout at a park. Shawn loved to play jokes on all of us. He was a smart funny teenager who most of been in more pain then anyone of us thought. Even though it's been over 20 years since Shawn decided his short life was over with. Noone that was lucky enough to know him has ever forgot about him.

Robert Wayne Wright, born 30 April 1952, died 29 August 2005 in Indiana

Julian Garcia, born 07 October 1967, died 04 October 2015 in Panama City, Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
Gone but never forgotten, I will love and miss you forever. There is a void where you used to be that can't be filled.

Billy Clemente Jr., born 15 January 1992, died 13 September 2015 in Justice, Illinois, United States

Our Remembrance
Billy was a great person and my best friend. Billy loved fishing, 4wheeling, rc trucks, friends and family. I will miss the way we make eachother laugh. I love you son.

William Bartels, born 09 September 1992, died 03 March 2011 in Columbia, South Carolina

Our Remembrance
William was the most loving and kindest boy.William had the biggest heart.His heart was to big for this world with all the problems that teenagers are facing now.We love u William u will always be remembered.Now u are a big Angel with a fro in heaven.Love you Momma

Martha Ellenberg Page Hamlett, born 12 May 1927, died 05 April 1973 in South Carolina

Kuhl Nick, born 24 August 1982, died 31 May 2014 in Yutan, Nebraska, USA

Our Remembrance
Nick, you changed numerous lives while you were here on earth with us. You were kind, thoughtful and a wonderful friend. I know you felt like you were a failure in your parents eyes, but you were a great son. I don't believe I will ever meet someone like you no matter how long I live. You were truly special. A genius. A creative force to be reckoned with. The music and art you created were incredible and inspiring. You were the person I could turn to with anything and you'd be there to listen. And no matter how down either of us were feeling, you made me laugh. You made EVERYONE laugh. I miss your sense of humor. I miss everything about you Nicholas Charles Kuhl. I know you're free from your pain and that comforts me when I'm missing you so much I feel I can't bear it. Miss you and love you Nick.

Kathleen Ann Murray, born 04 March 1983, died 02 November 2015 in New York City, New York

Our Remembrance
My beautiful,brilliant child. You will forever live in my heart.
I love you all the way up to the sky and way past California.
I miss you so.

Richard Zigmond Boelhower, born 07 February 1983, died 10 June 2003 in Hopelawn, New Jersey, USA

Benjamin Aaron Niebold, born 17 December 1992, died 18 February 2008 in Indiana

Jack Desmond Ryan, born 09 April 1996, died 06 February 2014 in Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia

Our Remembrance
It doesn't matter what i do to move on from this pain, deep inside i will know that i never get to hug you again 💕 09/04/1996 - 06/02/2014 💕 I'll forever miss that smile of yours that lit up the world around you 💕
Forever in our hearts, loved my many friends and family. Your smile and goofiness brought sunshine to the world around you, forever 17 💛

Austin Davis Somers, born 8 May 1985, died 14 January 2007 in Cordova, Tennessee & Wiggins, Mississippi

Our Remembrance
Our Guardian Angel who has a smile for all, forever and a day.

Nicola Raphael, born 10 September 1985, died 24 June 2001 in Scotland

Robert Csonka, born 11 June 1954, died 14 October 2011 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
Bless Bob, hope he is at peace.

Brandon Norris Martin, born 13 September 1985, died 14 July 2010 in Big Spring, Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
My dear son, I\'ll love you always and miss you so much.

Melany Kozak, born 09 April 1990, died 01 February 2006 in New London, Iowa

Our Remembrance
Hold on to the thread
The currents will shift
Glide me towards
You know something's left

And we're all allowed
To dream of the next
The next time we touch

You don't have to stray
The oceans away
Waves roll in my thoughts

Hold tight the ring
The sea will rise
Please stand by the shore
I will be, I will be there once more

Song by Pearl Jam

Joshua Curtis Koutros, born 14 April 1993, died 06 January 2013 in Seekonk, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
A life cut short. He is missed and loved every second of every day. Till we meet again, my Son, fly high with the Angels.

Michael Makausky, born 21 October 1982, died 05 December 2011 in Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
I miss you baby brother. Love your sister, Marie

Chad Brookhouse, born 06 February 1971, died 8 May 2002 in Michigan

Our Remembrance
May eternal rest be yours Chad. Gone, but never ever forgotten. Love you and miss you!

Bill Pfeiffer, born 29 January 1960, died 18 April 2014 in Stephenson, Michigan

Our Remembrance

David Benning, born 14 August 1973, died 04 March 2016 in Columbia Station, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Dave, our love was so immeasurable. We always wanted to be together and missed each other so, so much when we weren't. You took me with you, and I am lost. I pray that you watch over me and Kaitlyn. Let me know that your love is still with me. I am yours forever, and I shall see you again my love.
I love you!
Your Tammy

Rosie Grafen, born 22 January 1988, died 16 November 2010 in Brighton, United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
A face and personality I shall never forget - so moved in great awe by your greatness of character and bravery, such an intelligent and funny spirit you were, never will ye be forgotten in my heart, always remembered and always connected, we always love you and always miss you, our dear special wonderful enigmatic friend. till this day you still make my heart glad with silent amusement. I could write pages of poetry in your honour........xxx

Douglas Klein, born 03 August 1976, died 28 June 1999 in New York

Kym Ann Ross Raio, born 28 June 1958, died 11 April 1999 in Newbury Park, California

Our Remembrance
My mom.. Infinitely classy, effortlessly beautiful, loyal friend, loving sister & above all else.. Devoted mother to her 2 daughters. Kym Ann Raio, you are more missed than you could have ever imagined. Your granddaughter is the spitting image of you, in body and in her sweet spirit. Your grandsons heart of gold is always wanting to know more about the grandma he never got to meet. He even brings you flowers by himself. You would love these two so much... And they you.
The least we can do having lost you at your tender 40 years of age, is work to effect change for anyone struggling with thoughts of suicide, coping with mental illness, bi-polar disorder, depression, self harm etc. We CAN end the stigma. There IS hope. Your story is NOT over.
All in your name, your memory and your honor, Mom.
I love you so much.

Briar Lynn Ramsey, born 25 April 2000, died 07 September 2014 in Enid, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
My Babygirl whom I miss with all my heart. She was full of life and made life joyful. Now I drown in sorrow for I cannot seem to move forward. I love you my Briarpatch! Forever missed!

Virgil Steed Mirles, born 17 August 1969, died 14 February 2009 in Georgia, USA

Jesse Knight, born 02 July 1994, died 22 July 2016 in Elko, Nevada

Our Remembrance
Your my everything, now, always, and forever

Robert Carl Wooley, born 28 March 1998, died 06 September 2015 in Gladstone, Missouri

Our Remembrance
My only son---Vodka took his life--He leaves his twin sister Morel and his mother Tina and I

James Lee Schreiner, Jr., born 18 June 1971, died 07 June 2010 in Titusville, Florida

Our Remembrance
True Love thwarted by a malign star. No more good-byes.
\"Joy and gladness shall overtake them, sorrow and sighing have fled away.\"
Isaiah 35:10

David Andersen, born 15 July 2017, died 21 December 2014 in Crete, Nebraska

Our Remembrance
This is our Dad. The most wonderful, caring soul who loved to make people laugh. He is missed everyday. I love you and miss you so much, Dad. Thank you for the feathers. Please keep sending them. I know they are from you. ♡

Kyle Hamilton, born 23 September 1995, died 01 January 2012 in Prineville, Oregon

Elliot John Golding, born 03 December 1981, died 19 June 2007 in New Zealand

Jonathan David Rodriguez, born 03 October 1989, died 05 March 2012 in New York City

Our Remembrance
My \\\"brother from another mother\\\" and my best friend. You took a huge piece of my heart with you to heaven. Not a day goes by that I don\\\'t think about you. We had a lot of plans, and I\\\'m going to accomplish them for us. I promise big guy. RIP to my gentle giant.

Shannon Rae Conn Williams, born 22 November 1963, died 23 April 2011 in Alaska

Our Remembrance
Shanni, your life was much too short and we had too many memories to make. I love and miss you so much. Love you always, your bestest sister, Johnna

Brandon Michael Dorris, born 11 March 1986, died 02 June 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Our Remembrance
my son was a great person and he was a great father he loved racing he is missed by so many dad loves you and misses you bubby.

John Weeks, born 21 August 1979, died 25 November 2013 in Stockton, California, United States

Our Remembrance
I could never have asked for a better father to our children. Ur love for them beamed proudly thru your eyes daily. We miss you dearly every day. We love you.

Andrew Holo Torgerson, born 06 January 1838, died 21 February 1890 in Stewartvile, Minnesota

Our Remembrance
For as long as he could, he carried memories of the Civil War, pressures and responsibilities for a large family, while he suffered the disease of alcoholism. Dearly loved and missed.

Cody Rader, born 23 January 1998, died 15 June 2015 in Dallas, Georgia, USA

Our Remembrance
Our beloved son and brother. You were full of so much love and kindness and always put a smile on everyone's face. We love and miss you beyond words, our precious angel. May you finally rest in paradise. Until we see you again....

Jacob C Miller, born 21 August 1996, died 02 January-2015 in El Paso, Illinois, USA

Joseph Campling, born 04 October 1995, died 19 October 2013 in United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
our beautiful boy... gone too soon and will be forever missed Love you so much Joe xxxxx

Liselda Magana Domingo, born 28 December 1997, died 26 April 2012 in Puyallup, Washington

Our Remembrance
You were the love of my life my everything i miss you and love you very much beautiful love always your girlfriend Jaicin. :)

Shaun Casey Hatton, born 11 February 1978, died 23 June 2014 in Idaho

Our Remembrance
My soulmate, I will never love anyone as deeply as you! My heart is now at your feet

Jacob M. Avalos, born 01 Jan 1994, died 31 May 2010 in Camden, Michigan

Our Remembrance
Our sweet boy, gone much too soon. Loved deeply, missed mightily.

Adrian Nathaniel Ryan Mawyer, born 28 October 1989, died 02 February 2011 in Dinwiddie, Virginia

Christopher David Lowder, born 13 May 1984, died 01 November 2013 in Albemarle, North Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
My world has forever changed. I love and miss you Son, Rest easy

Ian Atchison, born 10 November 1994, died 18 March 2007 in Manhattan, Kansas, USA

Our Remembrance
Gone fishin\' ... I love you, son.

Flavio Augusto Rios-Abreu, born 12 May 1984, died 22 July 2009 in Rio De Janeiro, RJ Brazil

Our Remembrance
My son was so beautiful that I don\'t poems to describe him.
He was on of my most precious poem of love.

Rickey Ridley, born 23 January 1957, died 12 May 2006 in Tennessee

Ethan Matthew Hester, born 16 December 1993, died 04 August 2013 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
We miss you so much son. We love you.

DeVeronica Cameron, born 16 February 1997, died 29 November 2011 in New York

Our Remembrance
Cameron was loving, caring, and everyone loved to be around her. She planned on becoming a Pediatric Surgeon and had so many other plans for her future until being bullied consumed the innermost of her loving soul. Thank you Cameron for letting me be your mother for 14 wonderful years, and my angel for the rest of my days on this earth. Someday, I will hold you in my arms again.

Cheryl Ann Rudolph Baker, born 11 November 1956, died 06 December 2009 in Charleston, South Carolina

Our Remembrance
Counting the days to meet you on the other side ...

Gail Bault, born 10 September 1951, died 12 March 2012 in California

Our Remembrance
My dear Gail \"Abby\" I will forever miss my forever friend ~ I wish we lived closer, I wish I would have called, I wish you would have called, I wish I would have known! I Love you Gail and hope to see you again someday!

Love, Jeannie \"weenie\"

John F. Pedrick, born 08 April 1945, died 06 January 2008 in Delaware, USA

Timothy Dale Pyle, born 24 April 1987, died 18 November 2011 in Texas

Our Remembrance
Loving son, brother, and father. My beautiful angel loved forever

Diego Fernando Callejas Cadavid, born 10 January 1977, died 11 April 2017 in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Our Remembrance
you will be remembered forever, brother, you are an angel now, you are now in heaven, my tears are yours.

Shirley Irene Dawes Champagne, born 14 July 1942, died 06 July 2012 in Washington

Our Remembrance
My mother was the most giving person. I miss her terribly. Her final act was terrible for us by it was her gift to us as well. However misguided it was, she felt it was the best solution and would be less painful on us. She was wrong. I know she is in a better place and she is no longer in pain. I love her more today than yesterday and will for the rest of my life, till we are reunited again in Heaven.

Michael Robert Bieber, born 16 July 1948, died 26 April 2007 in Dallas, Texas USA

Our Remembrance
I never dreamed you'd choose to leave. We could have had so many more years together. I miss you very, very much. I love you always.

George Francis Mathis, born 11 February 1941, died 18 June 1981 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
~My sweet George ~ After 34 years, not a day passes that you
arent felt somehow. It is still heartbreaking that all the love in the
world could not hold you here. The inner torment you suffered with for
decades had to end. The constant head noise, the deepest darkest depression
and manias you could barely deal with until they would pass. All of your cries
for help seemingly went unnoticed in the mental health world, as there was
not a cure to be found in the 50s, 60s, and 70s ~ leading up to 1981. Your
chemical imbalance won out. When you left, the world lost not only your
most brilliant mind, but a truly gifted classical pianistrecitals as a child
prodigy i n Jacksonville University in your teen years; your passion for
music ranged from classical to hard rock your love for it all; your gift as
a machinist who crafted amazingly beautiful designs from any imaginable
materials; your passion for speed; the motorcycles you meticulously maintained
and polished; ahhhand your love for the ladies. . . You deeply loved your
Lord, His Word, and cried to me countless times how you only wanted to return
back to Him. In hindsight after witnessing decades of pharmaceutical and
medical advancement in the mental health realm, your bipolar disorder,
coupled with the traumatic brain injury from the tree fall at age 12, made for
some genuine mental torture that none of could ever comprehend. I saw beyond
the stigma associated with the way your life ended, as I understood how
real your pain was. If only we could have held you here a while longer long
enough to receive the help your mind needed. You only wanted to love and
be loved. Yo u only wanted to beachcomb 24/7 and feel the sun on your body
while you searched unendingly for the ever elusive sharks teeth, and be
anywhere near a body of water, as that was where you could find peace. You
cherished your 7-year-old son and 18-yr-old daughter and never would have wanted
to leave them. Remembering you today and every day, you beautiful soul my
sweet George~
~Loved forever and never forgotten~

Kevin Buchman, born 12 November 1990, died 17 February 2010 in Minnesota, USA

Our Remembrance
Loved by many with a smile an attitude that brightened everyone\'s lives.

Anthony B. Consier, born 12 March 1990, died 19 March 2008 in Ohio

Our Remembrance

Michael Sexton, born 13 September 1989, died 27 January 2015 in Alabaster, Alabama

Our Remembrance
Michael was an amazing brother and son. His love for his mother and sisters was amazing. He is missed by many. rnrnMichael, Riddick will know who you are. He sees your picture every day. I wish you could've gotten to meet him. You would have loved him. He reminds me so much of you. Your loss is felt every day, you are always on our mind. You are loved. So loved. I think of you often, and I know Daisy does too. Daddy misses you, even though he doesn't talk about it. I wish I could hold you one more time, baby brother.

William Berry Dial, born 04 March 1945, died 11 August 2011 in Blackshear, Georgia

Our Remembrance
Orthopedic surgeon, pilot, master woodcarver, pianist, father of four, and grandfather (now) of 6 and four step grandchildren. He left us far too soon. I (youngest son) never expected that he would/could do this. It has left us all with scars and pain in our hearts. I love him and miss him!

Roberto Miguel Maldonado, born 17 September 1987, died 10 August 2009 in Texas, USA

Alexander Lynch, born 25 July 1997, died 10 April 2013 in California

Our Remembrance
Alec was a fun, loving, caring guy. he helped out a lot of people. i didnt know him for long, but he was one of the most amazing guys i have ever met. people pushed him to far one day and he gave in. your time came to soon alec... i love and miss you <3
love Amanda

Monique A. Littleton, born 01 April 1966, died 10 June 2010 in Hampton, Virginia

Garry Lynn Jones, Jr., born 07 May 1978, died 13 August 2002 in Washington, Illinois

Christopher Bailey, born 30 October 1984, died 19 May 2007 in Kentucky, USA

Greg Matetich, born 09 October 1965, died 16 May 2012 in Reading, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
you were my best friend, i love you with my whole heart and soul, i miss you terribly, you took my heart with you, i would give almost anything to see you again

Jeffrey Dean Speckmann, born 15 December 1965, died 15 April 2010 in Terrell, Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
RIP Jeff \\\"Speck\\\" Speckmann, I miss you when something really good happens, because you\\\'re the one I want to share it with. I miss you when something is troubling me, because you\\\'re the one who understands me so well. I miss you when I laugh and cry, because I know that you are th...e one that makes my laughter grow and tears disappear. I miss you all the time, but I miss you the most when I lie awake at night, and think of all the wonderful times that we spent with each other.I Miss & Love you Jeff so much.
Your Wife \"Babes\"
Terry Speckmann

Dovid Benyamin Gilbert, born 11 April 1986, died 19 January 2015 in Kingston, Washington, USA

Our Remembrance
Beloved Brother and best friend. I miss you.

Heather Nicole McPherson, born 21 February 1993, died 22 July 2010 in Oklahoma, USA

Kimberly Lierley, born 3 November 1972, died 20 August 2003 in Georgia

Our Remembrance
Always and forever, our Princess Cat

Dillon Orvis, born 28 April 1997, died 05 July 2012 in Michigan, USA

Our Remembrance
Dear Dillon. So many miss you, and we look forward to seeing you again.

Kristina Stahl, born 02 June 1977, died 11 September 2002 in Connecticut, USA

Our Remembrance
Our daughter, Kristina Ann Stahl, died September 11, 2002 at the age of 25. Although an accomplished writer, teacher, coach and All-American athlete, she is remembered for her warmth and compassion for others the most. She loved her family and friends deeply. Kristina brought passion and commitment to teaching English and creative writing. Her legacy includes the Kingswood Oxford School Teacher Mentor Fund, Colby College Kristina Stahl Writer-in-Residence, and the Kristina Stahl Anxiety Lecture Series at the Institute of Living.

James Leonard Peterson, born 06 April 1980, died 19 March 2007 in Texas, USA

Matthew Kochanowski, born 28 April 1960, died 24 August 2011 in Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
I miss you so much, and love you so much. You were an amazing husband and dad. You will forever be in my heart and soul. Until we are joined together in heaven, I keep my memories of you tucked away in my heart. I love you
Love your wife Holly

Jordan Montgomery Hensley, born 25 March 1982, died 24 October 2005 in Georgia, USA

Brady Scott McKee, born 06 March 1993, died 04 August 2010 in Utah, USA

Our Remembrance
My son is missed more than I think he knew possible. I love you Brady.

Travis Graves, born 18 May 1992, died 13 May 2007 in Virginia, United States

Our Remembrance
Lives through every breath take!

Ben DeWire, born 2 July 1991, died 20 September 2008 in Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Ben made this word a better place to be in.
RIP my beloved son -

Lee Coburn, born 11/23/1993, died 08/19/2009 in Ohio United States

Our Remembrance
Always in our hearts. Love you and miss you.

Paul Robbie, born 29 June 1930, died 14 November 2014 in Porter Ranch, California

Our Remembrance
Miss you dad. I have so many regrets... too many to list. Know that I love and miss you. I hope one day we will meet again. Love your favorite and youngest daughter, Laura

Adam Howerd, born 26 February 1984, died 30 November 2015 in Hillside, Wyoming

Tyler Bushmiller, born 05 February 1994, died 18 December 2012 in Washington, USA

Our Remembrance
You will live in my heart, until the day i see your smile again.

Casey Wright, born 10 November 1986, died 09 April 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Remembrance
Goodbye Casey, you were so lost for so long I can only pray that you are at peace. I will keep your memory alive for our babies...ALWAYS....i will always love you, Rest In Peace my Sweet Love

Steven Andrepont, born 01 November 1972, died 02 October 2014 in Louisiana, United States Of America

Our Remembrance
My brother, best friend, protector, confidant and partner in crime. Miss you so much each and every day!

Joshua David James, born 05 September 1982, died 04 December 2004 in South Dakota

Jeremy Stage, born 5 March 1983, died 28 October 2007 in Alabama

Our Remembrance
Jeremy I love and Miss You dearly. I think of you always.~Love Mama

Suzanne Smith, born 26 March 1959, died 21 April 2014 in Amarillo, Texas

Our Remembrance
You were my dear friend and secret keeper. I wish I had known how much pain you were in...I am so sorry. You will always be loved and missed by so many.

Cranford Sutton, born 17 January 1936, died 05 July 2010 in Georgia, USA

Our Remembrance
This lovely and talented man was able to bring great joy to so many. I miss him!

Boris Efrain Alvarado Madrigales, born 18 May 1994, died 15 March 2015 in Garland, Texas

Our Remembrance
he lived his short life like there was no tomorrow.

Jacob Keith Gordon, born 23 May 1994, died 01 January 2012 in North Vernon, Indiana

Our Remembrance
Jacob is loved and missed by so many.. My first born, my only son. He was a proud daddy to a son who was born on June 4, 2011. Jake will never be forgotten.. Always in our hearts and we are always thinking about him. He loved spending time with his family and friends. Loved fishing and hunting, loved his music.. R.I.P. my sweet boy...

Tanner Chase Gaede, born 22 August 1992, died 08 December 2016 in Enid, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
My precious Friend, oh how the way you left us tore a hole in our hearts. Chase was an amazing human being, brilliant, an old soul that deserved to be heard and remembered. He was a talented Guitarist, amongst his supernatural vibe that literally left an impact on everyone he met. Something so magical about who you were. I loved you more than i can express. My Soulmate, Twin flame, whatever it may be. . . You were my light, and my reason for many smiles. You are so missed. I know you were ready to leave this conformed planet, and be endlessly everywhere. . . And so you are now. Fly high, my love.

James Houston Evans, born 05 December 1990, died 23 September 2015 in Thomson, Georgia, United States

Our Remembrance
My brother took his own life on September 23, 2015 after trying to get himself off of drugs. He was one of the strongest people that I have ever encountered in my life . . . He was the simplest, sweetest brother that anyone could ever be blessed with. I am the youngest, but he was always my baby brother. . . But I get to plan a wedding to an amazing man where I am putting an empty front row seat. Rest in peace, baby brother. We will always love you.

Nicholas Gregory Colson Wright, born 28 March 1983, died 10 May 2008 in Ohio

Angelica Hope Leipert, born 01 June 1990, died 02 April 2009 in Arkansas, USA

Lenny Rosenkrantz, born 14 October 1985, died 10 March 2002 in Florida

Keli E. Schlicht, born 13 May 1971, died 12 March 2007 in Florida

Justin Paul Sparling, born 04 December 1992, died 30 January 2008 in Canada

Ronnie Thompson, born 03 March 1960, died 15 June 2011 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
Ronnie Thompson, 51, a retired deputy constable, went home to be with his Lord and Savior, Wednesday, June 15, 2011. Celebration of life: 2 p.m. Monday at Retta Baptist Church, 13201 Rendon Road, Burleson. Visitation: 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday with Masonic service at 6 p.m. Sunday at Blessing Funeral Home. Ronnie was a member of the Kiwanis, board member of Windy Ryan Memorial Roping Association, chaplain for the Eastern Star, provost, Shriner, Fort Worth Masonic Lodge, and a volunteer for Officer McGruff, Mansfield Convalescent Hospital and Mansfield Activities Center. He was an avid Rangers fan, a caring friend to all and prided himself in being the best grandfather he could be. Ronnie was preceded in death by his mother, Jewel Thompson; grandmother, Iona Brumm; and brother, Kenneth Thompson. Survivors: Wife, Kinike Thompson; father, Tommy Thompson; brother, Steven Thompson; daughters, Amber Davis and husband, Audie, and Cindy Lewis and husband, Lance. He was Pawpaw
to granddaughters, Liliana, Jordyn and Reagan; and a loving uncle to Bobby, Kenneth, Steven and Melody.
Web Site :

Jacob Mantia, born 22 July 1977, died 20 May 2015 in California

Our Remembrance
My love, my soulmate, my best friend
I have your heart

Randal Don`te Owens, born 31 March 1990, died 22 September 2009 in Chicago, Illinois

Our Remembrance
Love and miss you more each day!

Joseph Allen Wilson, born 19 November 1986, died 21 August 2011 in Michigan

Our Remembrance
Gone but not forgotten

Wesley Newman Raymond, born 25 September 1945, died 24 November 1990 in Florida, United States

Our Remembrance
Even after all these years I miss and love you so much. I hope you are in peace.

Alex Eales, born 19 June 1992, died 06 August 2011 in Mackay, Queensland, Australia

Our Remembrance
My beautiful son, Alex. I love you so much.
I hurt every day. I still can't imagine living in this world without you xxxxx
To the moon and back and far beyond, I will love you xxxxx

Mathew Jacob Riley, born 09 May 1996, died 20 April 2013 in Greenville, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
In memory of our son Mathew Jacob Riley. Gone from this earth way too soon but forever in our hearts and memories!You could not be forgotten son as if we\\\'d ever try. We try to see the love you left even as we cry. You wait for us with God we know for us to join you there!

Elliott Feinberg, born 27 October 1980, died 06 July 2011 in Los Angeles, California

Our Remembrance
Rest In Peace El, I love you and miss you everyday... I hope to God you are happy and relieved of all of your pain.

Amy Lee Alvarado, born 25 March 1978, died 23 May 2009 in Florida

Our Remembrance
Amy Lee. Alvarado was a beautiful kind mother and wife who all loved and adored. You are gone but never forgotten.
I love You Mom, Love Always Kassidy.

Stephelo Mathew Smith, born 18 July 1994, died 04 July 2012 in South Africa

Our Remembrance
I love you and I wish you were home,
it hurts me to think you were so alone.
Its not the same without you here,
why you did what you did is still unclear..

April Katharine Frankenberry, born 10 April 1987, died 02 March 2011 in New York

Our Remembrance
eart of my heart, I understand now. It`s okay. I love you forever and we will be reunited on the day of my physical death.

Eliot Gareton, born 02 December 1991, died 10 May 2010 in Cary, North Carolina

Our Remembrance
Eliot (aka \"Frenchie\") lives on in the hearts of family and friends.

Thomas Robert Harbin, Jr., born 13 July 1995, died 01 December 2012 in Georgia

Our Remembrance
Forever 17~We Love You
~Fly With The Angels Baby Boy~

Warren Daniel Sobat, born 31 January 1964, died 05 July 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Our Remembrance
The futility was so heavy, that we were unable to ease the pressure you were living with, pains me every day.

Jessica Claire Fletcher, born 15 December 1982, died 26 April 2011 in England

Our Remembrance
My beautiful daughter Jessica, why were you so sad? I miss you so much my baby. I wish wish wish ! Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

James Andrew Gregory, born 06 July 1976, died 05 April 2014 in Coventry, United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
My beloved younger son. You couldn't see the sun through the clouds. You now have the peace you deserved. Joined by your brother Lewis in January 2015. You have left a huge void in my life which will never be filled. God bless you boys xxx

Taycia Marie Bertoch, born 21 November 1992, died 10 October 2011 in Utah

Our Remembrance
My Butterfly, fly high, fly free, your are my inspiration and I will forever live life with you in my heart, in my soul. I will remember you with every sunrise, every sunset, every rainbow and everyday I look into the eyes of my three grandchildren, your Nephews and Niece that you loved so dearly and meant the world to you. Beautiful as a Rose, Free as a Butterfly, Forever 18.

Tyler Seeley, born 12 November 1999, died 16 November 2016 in Johnson City Tennessee

Our Remembrance
He was a very sweet boy I never will forget his sweet smile I will miss him forever

Tabatha Rae Ruotolo, born 20 October 1983, died 09 February 2007 in Florida

Taylor Martin McLaughlin, born 28 June 1990, died 21 May 2007 in Washington, USA

Frederick J. Sloan, born 24 August 1953, died 19 July 1999 in Pennsylvania

Steven Shawn Hajdinjak, born 07 December 1978, died 17 November 2005 in Thunder Bay. Ontario. Canada

Larry Dickerson, born 20 November 1940, died 05 September 2005 in United States

Our Remembrance
Missing you every day

Kristofer Padilla, born 22 December 1988, died 08 November 2005 in Nevada

Our Remembrance
Oh Dear Heavenly Father, not a day goes by that we don\\\'t grieve the loss of our baby boy, Kristofer. Kristofer how much we miss your big smile, your funny ways and your whole self. We love you so much and we all look forward to the day when we can meet again in Heaven. God be with all the other families who hurt like we do. God we love you!

Christian Jeannot, born 05 October 1992, died 06 August 2014 in Plantation, Florida

Our Remembrance
If only I would`ve known, I would`ve probably saved you. Rest in peace, I hope your pain and suffering is over.

Jon Matthew Langley, born 23 June 1967, died 30 December 1999 in Iowa

Our Remembrance
Jon was part of my life since I was 6 or 7. He and his brother, Mike, were close friends of the family and spent a lot of time at our house. He even babysat my sister and I a few times. I have very fond memories of him, when I was a child. As an adult, I came to know him as my sister\'s boyfriend. I will always treasure him and remember him fondly.

Taylor Tompkins, born 03 December 1993, died 21 November 2010 in Fort Fairfield, Maine

Our Remembrance
Taylor had a smile that would light up a room, A laugh that came from his belly and a heart that was made of gold. He loved living life to the fullest in his 16 short years. Loved his family, friends and all animals. An old soul that was so loveable. We love and miss you so much babe! Till we meet again....meet me in my dreams! Always on my mind...forever in my heart <3 love, Mom

Thomas Eugene Reed, born 04 April 1929, died January 2008 in Texas

Jacklynn Lewetag, born 25 October 1992, died 02 May 2016 in Dallas, Oregon, USA

Our Remembrance
This is my best friend Jackie. She went by many names, mostly known by Jacklynn, Jackiee, Jax and Jaxson. Words cannot describe her personality. She was one of the most loving, caring, and funniest people I have ever met. I met her in 2008. She was Myspace and Twitter famous lol. She was known by many people around the World. Her laugh could go on for hours, You definitely knew when she was around, she had a smile that would light up the whole room when she walked in. She was so full of life, everyone around her loved her.

Jonathan Cain, born 22 October 1986, died 17 May 2010 in Georgia

Abraham Isaiah Hogan, born 26 June 1995, died 19 March 2012 in New Jersey, USA

Our Remembrance
My nephew Abe was raised by my mother who was Abe`s grandmother and myself. My mom died in 2010 and it depressed him to the point that in his suicide note he stated, I just want to be with mom; I miss him so much and wish I could hold him again

Todd Koper, born 04 February 1970, died 26 December 2012 in Arkansas

Our Remembrance
You fought depression for nearly 2 years that was brought on by divorce. After trying every remedy you grew too weary to go on. Your light shines on in your 2 lovely daughters & I will forever treasure our times together.

Ingrid Anna Flom, born 10 January 1979, died 07 April 2015 in Sioux City, Iowa

Our Remembrance
I first met Ingrid at the Unitarian church we both went to. She was only a teenager and decided to join on her own along with her girlfriend, Angela. This was unusual because most of the teens in the church came with their parents and attended Youth RE classes. Ingrid sat amongst the adults and very comfortably mingled with everybody. After church we would go to lunch a popular Vietnamese restaurant. Years later, after graduating from college and starting her career, she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. It took her life in April 2015. We miss her dearly.

Nancy Mary Boulay Heath, born 30 June 1948, died 20 May 1995 in Barre, Vermont

Our Remembrance
My much loved mother. She was the strong loving mother of six children. She had a warmth and kindness that radiated to everyone she met. She was a talented artist with a green thumb. My mom Nancy was an RN at Berlin Convalescent Center. She got tube fed patients to start eating again. She always took extra time to show people her love and care.
The world has never been the same place since we lost her. Not a day goes by that that I do not think of her and feel her presence of her love.

Martin, Sr. Kenny, born 10 August 1979, died 21 September 2014 in Ledyard, Connecticut

Our Remembrance
He was a loving husband and father to his wife and son Jr. He will be forever loved and missed. R.I.P Kenny, Kenneth and I love you and miss you dearly!!

Brandon Dax McGehee, born 12 December 1977, died 30 August 2002 in Louisiana

Our Remembrance
Brandon has been gone many years - but every day we think of him and miss him with love unchanging. We live on, but with an unremitting emptiness.

Michael James Hooten, born 29 January 1993, died 18 October 2014 in Nevada

Our Remembrance
I only had you for 21 years, I will love & miss you for eternity!!! You were my son, my sunshine, my heart, my life!!! I love you Michael

Tanner Ray French, born 18 July 1991, died 21 February 2011 in Berckenridge, Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
In memory of my sweet son who had a way of always making those around him laugh. His "dancing eyes" lit up any room he walked into. 19 years was just not enough time to have you here with us. Rest with the angels my sweet boy, you are missed and loved by so many.

Darryl J. Lancaster, born 05 January 1977, died 10 August 2008 in San Antonio, Texas

Our Remembrance
The rainbow comes and goes,
And lovely is the rose;
The moon doth with delight
Look round her when the heavens are bare;
Waters on a starry night
Are beautiful and fair;
The sunshine is a glorious birth;
But yet I know, where\'er I go,
That there hath past away a glory from the earth.
~William Wordsworth

Frank Barnwell, born 01 November 1978, died 24 June 2012 in New York

Our Remembrance
Love you Frankie!

Kyle Sundell, born 31 August 1992, died 23 December 2016 in Tucson, Arizona, United States

Our Remembrance
I miss you so very much and honestly still can't get over your death.You had tryed to submit a face here but I never put the pieces together and knew you were serious.You seemed so normal then a loud bang from the bathroom that still echos in my heart took my beloved baby away.you will be FOREVER missed.-mom

Noble Berryhill, born 20 March 1995, died 20 March 2017 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Noble Berryhill was a beautiful soul. Humble, kind, loved, admired, and missed. He was a well rounded athlete, fitness trainer and loved being a big brother to his little sister. He was loyal to his family. Enjoyed talking with his close friends. He was funny and always smiling. He was a leader, was composed and confidant. He is so very missed, and is loved by many who will remember him always.
We all look forward to the day we see you again in heaven, God willing. Until that day you are in my every heart beat...and for all of the friends you have they are also keeping you in their prayers and hearts forever.
Love you always Noble. And miss you every moment of every day.
May you be at peace in heaven.

Joseph Charles Maurone, born 31 May 1955, died 23 August 1978 in New Jersey, USA

Anselmo Vidal Carvalho Nuno, born 24 January 1981, died 03 September 2012 in Guimaraes, Portugal

Our Remembrance
The universe may have taken you away from me, but you\'ll always be alive in my heart.rnI know we\'ll meet again someday.rn\"So go on and scream, scream at me (I\'m so far away), I won\'t be broken again, I\'ve got to breathe, I can\'t keep going under\".rnLove you and miss you so so much dude.

David Crane, born 14 March 1981, died 10 March 2006 in Nashville, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
David was not only my brother but he was my bestfriend. I don't think he ever realized how much joy he actually brought into people's lives. Everyone loved to be around him...the life of the party all the time. I miss you tremendously. You are not forgotten my dear brother...and as long as my heart still beats you never will be....

Lucy Gradolph, born 17 September 1992, died 01 February 2016 in Birmingham, Michigan

Our Remembrance
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, your are loved beyond words a d missed beyond measure. XOXO my beautiful baby sister... Fly high in the heavens.

Justin W. Wisecarver, born 28 February 1981, died 01 October 2016 in Mohawk, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Heaven got a piece of my heart the day you left us. I will never be the same. I miss you every second of every day. I love you my sweet baby boy. Heart broken Momma

Michael Charles Gorham, born 10 May 1973, died 04 June 2007 in Dallas, Texas

Our Remembrance
We miss and love you Michael. With us always....

Sean Bailey, born 28 September 1997, died 28 October 2014 in Kingston Upon Hull, United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
My son Sean took his life away from me ,his dad his sisters nina and beth his brother David and nieces Lilly and millie

Loretta Schultz Franco, born 07 August 1953, died 03 February 1995 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother and Friend. Forever in Our Hearts.

Mary Ann Enos, born 26 March 1959, died 22 July 1983 in Providence, Rhode Island

Our Remembrance
My sister ended her life on a warm summer night, devastating her family and friends forever. I miss her every day and wish there was better medication back then to help her mental illness, and I wish I was knowledgeable regarding the signs of someone about to commit suicide. Miss you Mary xo

Kirk Mills, born 14 February 1983, died 22 September 2009 in Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
BROCKVILLE - A 26-year-old city man struck and killed by a freight train near the William Street overpass early Tuesday evening wanted to be put in a psychiatric hospital and spoke of suicide, his brother said.

As Brockville police were still investigating the tragedy beneath the overpass, Corey Mills huddled with a group of friends and family members alongside the nearby Via Rail station, still coming to grips with the terrible news.

Although police had yet to identify the victim or reveal much about the circumstances of his death last night, Mills said the victim was his brother, Kirk Mills.

"He's been talking all day about killing himself. He went to the doctor today," Mills told a reporter at the scene. "We never thought it would come down to this."

The incident, which happened around 6 p.m., stopped traffic on the east-west rail line that crosses the city.

City police were called by a witness at 6:10 p.m. who reported a "pedestrian-train accident," said Deputy Chief Lee MacArthur.

The victim was apparently walking along the tracks somewhere between the overpass and the Clarke Transport property to the immediate west, said MacArthur.

The CN freight train was heading east at the time, he said.

The deputy chief said police had not identified the victim or spoken to next of kin, but he did confirm the victim was male.

Early into the investigation, with officers still taking statements from witnesses, MacArthur also would not speculate on whether the incident was a suicide or an accidental death. He did say there was no evidence of foul play.

A coroner was on his way to join in the investigation and MacArthur was not sure how long train traffic would be stopped.

Via Rail passenger service was still working on the other tracks shortly after the incident.

The freight train was stopped on the south tracks and stretched around a corner east of the overpass, beyond sight.

Some cars were separated from the rest of the train at the Perth Street crossing, which was blocked.

Officers sectioned off the scene right beneath the overpass with police tape and a tarp covered the victim's body directly below the east side of the overpass.

Over by the Via station, Corey Mills said he received a phone call and headed to the scene. He was given a description of the victim that confirmed his worst fears.

Mills said his brother suffered from severe obsessive compulsive disorder and could not find the right treatment for the condition that tormented him.

"He wanted to be put in a hospital," he said, adding doctors were telling Kirk he did not require hospitalization.

Mark Schlipmann, born 05 June 1957, died 27 April 2011 in New York, USA

Our Remembrance
At Peace

Adam Brunk, born 21 March 1988, died 23 January 2012 in Derby, Kansas

Our Remembrance
Wish you could have stayed longer. It's just not the same without you. Miss you and love you always!

Claire Marie Dutton, born 03 October 1988, died 27 June 2014 in Bellingham, Washington, USA

Our Remembrance
Our dear Bear (Claire Marie Dutton) left us too soon, and without warning. She will never be forgotten for her impact on all who met her-- and she will remain always in our hearts, and forever close by.

Randy Reuben Oglesby, born 13 August 1965, died 19 January 2011 in Texas

Our Remembrance
A loving Dad, Papaw Randy, Son, and Friend.

Michael James Chaput, born 07 February 1986, died 09 July 2006 in Michigan, USA

Kshante Brown, born 11 April 1987, died 21 June 2010 in Wyoming

Our Remembrance
We all love & miss you so very much every day! Love ya, mom.

Kip Eliason, born 31 December 1965, died 02 March 1982 in Boise, Idaho, United States

Nicholas Davis, born 11 April 1981, died 16 April 2015 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
My son Nick my rock. You are loved and missed dearly. The one person I could count on and who would be there whenever I needed him.

Charles Harrison, born 07 February 1993, died 06 April 2015 in Annandale, Minnesota

Our Remembrance
Son, brother, friend, loved and missed!!!

Trent Kersting, born 15 June 1976, died 13 September 2006 in Michigan, USA

Rose Adler, born 30 October 1994, died 08 February 2015 in North Carolina

Our Remembrance
Rose had been battling Schizophrenia and other mental illnesses for almost her entire life, and had been dealing with seizures and strokes for the last 3 months of her life, all of which she fought bravely. The people who love her only wish she is somewhere with her mother now, who was also taken away from us by suicide when she was a child. She will be missed dearly.

Forrest Dean Lambson, born 25 October 1969, died 29 August 2013 in Iowa

Our Remembrance
Forry was a real special guy. We went to church together and I was a bit younger than him so I didn\'t know him as well as I would have liked to, but I admired him and always noticed him. He always had a smile and was a gentle spirit. When he got older he had 3 daughters who were his life. He was loved by many and will contiue to be remembered forever in their memories.

Brian Francis Lean, born 11 November 1977, died 26 August 2013 in Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
The light of my life, my treasure, you have my heart.

Gary Steven LaRue, born 19 June 1985, died 21 October 2011 in New Jersey, USA

Our Remembrance
I love you my heart, my buddy, my son.

Kristen Elizabeth Owens, born 20 February 1974, died 01 June 2003 in Richardson, Texas

Our Remembrance
RIP Kristen Elizabeth Owens. Born 2/20/1974 died 6/1/2003. 1992 graduate of RHS. She was the girl next door, we married in '93, split up a few years later. Kristen was a fun and upbeat person. I posted this because she remarried and moved out of town, and I'm sure lost touch with a lot of people that may not be aware of what happened. Her son drowned in her pool March 2003; she took her own life a few months later. Very sad.rn

Jo Holladay Funchess, born 16 December1982, died 23 April 2010 in Central, South Carolina

Our Remembrance
Our 27 year old daughter-so loved and never to be forgotten-she had Bipolar I and was misdiagnosed only after becoming addicted to rx painkillers. She lost her battle after fighting to get off the pills but lithium took her artist abilities away...

Ceridwen Claire Allom, born 03 July 1996, died 11 November 2011 in New Zealand

Our Remembrance
I will miss you and love you forever my Ceriberry. Love Mama bear. xxxx

Keiarie Russell, born 11 January 1999, died 05 February 2016 in Georgetown, Kentucky

Our Remembrance
Forever 17,Forever in our hearts

Jack Russell, born 21 May /1950, died 03 January 2015 in North Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
I will miss you and love you forever. You did so much, and you were gone too soon.

Heath Pennington, born 09 April 1993, died 13 February 2012 in Lucas, Iowa

Stephen Miller, born 18 November 1977, died 28 May 2016 in Waco, Texas

Our Remembrance
Husband father will be missed

Tammy Jan Medina, born 01 July 1966, died 13 June 2007 in New Mexico, USA

Bryce Christian Herrara, born 25 December 1991, died 28 September 2006 in Houston, Texas

Joseph Smith, born 07 January 1951, died 26 November 2005 in Florida

Melissa Leigh Melton, born 08 January 1970, died 13 January 2009 in Tennessee, USA

Michael Erik Moscarella, born 17 May 1995, died 09 December 2013 in Nevada, USA

Our Remembrance
He brought hope to so many, and was loved by everyone who knew him. He had touched the heart of everyone he met.

Josh Miller, born 26 June 1979, died 16 June 2012 in Oregon, USA

Our Remembrance
He was my husband of 6 years and the father to my daughter. He was the step father to my other two children. He was a volunteer firefighter. We had separated 8 months prior but still saw and spoke to each other daily. I miss him and wish he was here to see the kids grow.

Taya Bruell, born 07 March 2001, died 02 February 2016 in Boulder, Colorado, USA

Our Remembrance
We love you so much Taya. Love, Dad, Mom and Leo

Sammy Bloom, born 13 December 1959, died 13 February 1982 in California

Wyatt Folks, born 21 June 1996, died 18 August 2017 in Weatherford, Oklahoma

Creigo Jonathan James, born 14 November 1988, died 01 August 2011 in Washington, US

Our Remembrance
Beloved grandson, brother, cousin, uncle and friend greatly missed by all. Hanged himself before his 25th birthday.

Felicity Elaine Macosta, born 13 May 1996, died 02 April 2011 in Daisytown, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
On Saturday April 2, 2011 God Called Another Angel Home.
Rest In Peace Felicity Elaine.
We lost Felicity Elaine on April 2, 2011 to suicide, she was only 14 years old. Felicity was a vibrant amazing teen with outstanding athletic ability! She loved all sports (basketball, volleyball and softball) and cheerleading and adored her horses! Felis could light up a room with her smile and was super out going and loved by everyone who met her!

John Allen Foss, born 14 December 1987, died 09 October 2015 in Idaho

Our Remembrance
Sadly, John Foss committed suicide just two years and three days after his older brother William. Both of my nephews are missed and loved by our family and I'll see them when I get there.

Carol Foster, born 10 July 1942, died 14 July 2004 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
My Mom, My Best Friend---Forever Loved, Always Missed!

Conor Paul O Brien, born 22 April 1977, died 26 February 2000 in Gates Mills, Ohio, USA

Our Remembrance
We love and miss you, Conor.

Tanya Gnaster, born 11 August 1977, died 22 February 2013 in Michigan

Johnny Glenn Trousdale, born 30 May 1949, died 07 May 2007 in Alabama, USA

Jason Robert Gonyeau, born 12 July 1982, died 01 January 2000 in New York

Daniel James Reiter, born 29 March 1976, died 08 November 2007 in Pennsylvania

Joshua Anderson, born 08 March 2003, died 13 February 2016 in Sacramento, California

Our Remembrance
Remembering my angel on earth who is now an angel in heaven. Miss you JJ

Rainey DeVonte, born 04 January 1993, died 27 August 2014 in Detroit, Michigan

Our Remembrance
A life gone too soon! A loving smile that light up any room! Family, politics, music, and laughter! when you left this world it broke my heart! We talked about everything, but for some reason we didn't talk about what was really hurting you! I refuse to remember you for how you left! So I will remember you for who you were while here! My funny little brother whom I protected from everything! I just wish I just wish I could have been there more!! Maybe god needed you more! Rest peacefully

Rylee Alyce Ellis, born 16 November 1993, died 03 April 2011 in Porter, Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
You are loved and missed every single day by so many... RIP, my beautiful niece. 💔

Ernest Junior Morris III, born 14 August 1984, died 23 November 2010 in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
Ern didn\\\'t truly live until him and I became friends back in 2004. But from that time until the day he decided the pain was too much, he lived an entire lifetime. He was no coward. He was in pain. He laughed and lived and loved. He didn\\\'t understand unconditional love but he tried. Ern is forever my hero and for all of us that he left behind, he is our angel. He is loved and missed. <3

Jason William Kitchens, born 06 May 1973, died 07 August 2015 in Elba, Minnesota

Our Remembrance
Jason you're missed every day i love you 4 ever baby your our angel now RIP

Anthony Bonagura, born 29 August 1956, died 04 October 2007 in Franklin Square, New York

Our Remembrance

You are always in my thoughts & heart.
Shine On.............

Christina Ann Watts, born 19 September 1982, died 14 Janaury 2015 in Easley, South Carolina

Our Remembrance
gone from our lives but not our hearts

Tyler Blackwood, born 27 May 1992, died 07 August 2011 in North Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
May your sweet soul rest in peace always and forever.

Jeanne Marie Vallorani, born 25 January 1972, died 26 April 2016 in Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Jeanne there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you and miss you so so much sister. I can not wait until the day we meet again. Love your sister Jenny...XOXOXOX

Thomas Eaton Sprague, born 23 October 1947, died 20 June 2012 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Our Remembrance
For my dad who will never be forgotten

Nicholas Brooke, born 31 October 1982, died 01 June 2011 in Florida

Our Remembrance
My cousin!! You are so very missed!! Rest in paradise Nick!! Until we meet again!Gone but never forgotten in my heart I will keep you!

Michael Hill, born 02 February 1973, died 24 April 2011 in Roanoke, Texas

Our Remembrance
Michael was a good friend that would give you the shirt off his back. He was loyal, loving, and funny. He could make you laugh even on your worst day. He was the rock of our group. He was more of a brother then a friend to most people. He loved riding motorcycles, his bulldogs, wood working and working around the house. He was a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan. Game time was always a sacred time in our house. He\'d get all dressed up in his Cowboys garb and watch the game. I’m pretty sure the neighbors at the end of the block could hear him yelling at the television. I will always remember his creativity. The homemade furniture in our house that all our friends were jealous of. The way he proposed to his wife (what a wonderful day that was) (I was blessed to be part of it!!. The way he could rig stuff together and it would work! His sense of humor was crazy! He had an infectious smile and a kind heart.

Ron David Whitcraft II, born 13 May 1974, died 14 December 1997 in Alaska, USA

Kristopher Kier Mielke, born 16 March 1972, died 05 December 2014 in Wasilla, Alaska

Our Remembrance
Kris, we miss your bear hugs; we miss your voice; we miss your twinkling eyes; we miss your thoughtfulness; but most of all we miss YOU. Godspeed sweet prince, we love you. Mom and Dad

John Stewart Logue, born 10 October 1996, died 15 December 2016 in North Olmsted, Ohio

Our Remembrance
If the measure of someone's life was in the joy you brought to my heart instead of years, then you would be immortal. I never respected anymore more then I respected you because in a world full of superficial, meaningless, material you had content. You had depth. You had the gift, which ultimately was a burden, of pure unadulterated existence. Your soul was so full that its weight sunk you. I'm sorry that we couldn't help you carry that weight.

Mary Frances Lee Kilborn, born 14 March 1992, died 12 October 2014 in Alabama, United States

Our Remembrance
My sweet and beautiful sister, Mary Frances. I love and miss you so much. Always in my heart.

John Robert Nordstrom, born 09 November 1970, died 24 July 2004 in New Jersey, USA

Timothy Allen Estep, born 10 January 1991, died 02 August 2012 in Parkersburg, West Virginia

Our Remembrance
it\'s a shame that you left this world too early.....you\'ll ALWAYS be missed and FOREVER loved!!

Brandon William Toms, born 14 March 1991, died 10 August 2008 in California

Adeline Virginia Stephen Woolf, born 25 January 1882, died 28 March 1941 in England

Ross Hoyt, born 29 October 1932, died 05 May 1981 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
Best dad ever. He felt he had no option which is so sad.

Allen L. King, Jr., born 11 August 1959, died 18 August 2005 in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Beloved Brother, with every beat of a hummingbird\'s wing, I think of you..

Adam Dale Penland, born 13 December 1983, died 03 February 2008 in Missouri

Larry Smith, born 19 December 1979, died 29 January 1995 in Evansville, Indiana

Our Remembrance
Brother & best friend, I wish I was stronger for u, helped u hold on til the problems & nightmares that plaqued u became ashes for u to blow into the wind. Ur presence is missed daily & "what if" is asked more & more each day. A smile comes at every thought of u & along with every mention its also accompanied with a laugh at some random thing u said or did, ever the comedian u r. Love u baby brother XoXoXo

Leonard Whittaker, born 17 February 1962, died 26 October 2012 in Utah

Our Remembrance
Always Missed, Never Forgotten.

Michael Raymond Halus, born 09 January 1966, died 02 June 2005 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Allen Stephens, born 25 September 2003, died 02 February 2016 in Gastonia, North Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
Love you always, my precious Son!! You will be remembered always!! Gone too soon

Elizazbeth Noel Shively Sclafani, born 05 December 1973, died 10 February 2012 in Ohio, USA

Our Remembrance
This is my beloved baby sister...who I love and miss very much. She was so beautiful...and not just on the outside either! I know she really cared about her friends and her family. She was funny and I still laugh at some of her answers to questions on surveys that I\'m so glad I saved. I really enjoyed talking to her...especially in recent years.
Oh Liz...time is now divided between before February 10th, 2012 and after. I love you so much, your big sister, Cricket

Dale Michael Devlin, born 29 November 1985, died 17 November 2003 in Gonic, New Hampshire, USA

Our Remembrance
Speak Their Name

Someone I love has gone away
And life is not the same
The greatest gift that you can give
Is just to speak their name
I need to hear the stories
And the tales of days gone past
I need for you to understand
These memories must last
We cannot make more memories
Since they're no longer here
So when you speak of them to me
It's music to my ear

There is not a day that goes by where we don't think about you Dale. All the memories of all of us together, whether running drills in rotc, catching up on things at lunch, and just having a great time with all of our friends. You were always there to listen to any of us, no matter how foolish the situation might be. The advise you would give will never be forgotten and helped so many of us through times that at that time we thought we the most horrible in the world...when deep down you were battling far worse problems of your own. You truly had a heart of gold Dale, and nobody could ever take over the empty place you left in all of our hearts when you went away. We miss you so much...and one day the crew will all be together again. R.I.P. Dale...until we meet again.

Jonathan Owen Marks, born 09 March 1988, died 24 December 2012 in DeRidder, Louisiana

Our Remembrance
He was my heart and soul, he took it with him when he left this world.

Nathan Watford, born 10 February 1990, died 20 December 2010 in Berrien County, Michigan, USA

Our Remembrance
Nathan was a bright, inquisitive, clever young man who secretly battled depression. We are thankful for the 20 years we had with him and hope the tragedy of his death and how it has changed us will result in others getting help before it is too late. We especially hope that parents will learn more about the symptoms of depression.

Heaven Lee Angel Gore, born 06 July 1991, died 23 October 2006 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
I wish my child hadn\'t died. I wish I had my child back.
I wish you wouldn\'t be afraid to speak my child\'s name. My child
lived and was very important to me. I need to hear that my child was
important to you also.
If I cry and get emotional when you talk about my child, I wish you
knew that it isn\'t because you have hurt me. My child\'s death is the
cause of my tears. You have talked about my child and you have allowed
me to share my grief. I thank you for both.
Being a bereaved parent is not contagious, so I wish you wouldn\'t shy away from me. I need you now more than ever.
I need diversions, so I do want to hear about you, but I also want
you to hear about me. I might be sad and I might cry, but I wish you
would let me talk about my child; my favourite topic of the day.
I know that you think of and pray for me often. I also know that my
child\'s death pains you too. I wish you would let me know these things through a phone call, a card or note, or a real big hug.
I wish you wouldn\'t expect my grief to be over. The months/years are
traumatic for me, but I wish you could understand that my grief will
never be over. I will suffer the death of my child until the day I die.
I am working hard in my recovery, but I wish you could understand
that I will never fully recover. I will always miss my child and I will
always grieve that my child is gone.I wish you wouldn\'t expect me to not to think about it or be happy. Neither will happen for a very long time, so don\'t frustrate yourself. I don\'t want to have a pity party, but I do wish you would let me grieve. I must hurt before I can heal.I wish you understood how my life has shattered. I know it is
miserable for you to be around me when I\'m feeling miserable. Please be
as patient with me as I am with you. When I say, I\'m doing okay, I wish you could understand that I don\'t feelokay and that I struggle daily.
I wish you knew that all of the grief reactions I\'m having are very normal. Depression, anger, hopelessness and overwhelming sadness are all to be expected. So please excuse me when I\'m quiet and withdrawn or irritable and cranky.
Your advice to take it one day at a time is excellent advice. However, a day is too much and too fast for me right now. I wish you could understand that I\'m doing good to handle an hour at a time.Please excuse me if I seem rude, it\'s certainly not my intent. Sometimes the world around me goes too fast and I need to get off. When I walk away, I wish you would let me find a quiet place to spend time alone.
I wish you understood that grief changes people. When my child died, a big part of me died too. I am not the same person I was before my child died and I will never be that person ever again.I wish my child hadn\'t died. I wish I had my child back.

Michael Allen Bailey, born 7 February 1967, died 27 December 2006 in Kansas City, Missouri

Our Remembrance
Since Heaven has become your home and though we now are far apart,you hold a big piece of my heart. I never knew how much I\\\'d grieve when it was time for you to leave or just how much my heart would ache from that one fragment you would take, for now the hole in my heart will never heal God lets this tender hole remain reminding me we\'ll meet again and one day all the pain will cease when he restores this missing piece. He\'ll turn to joy my every tear until our reunion day it hurts the same year after year. It doesn\'t get easier I miss you and love you. Mom

Shirley Ann Taber Gettings, born 20 August 1945, died 10 September 2006 in California

Our Remembrance
This is my wonderful mom. I am ashamed to admit that I didn\'t realize how beautiful she was or how much I needed and loved her. Mom, there is not a day that my heart doesn\'t hurt for you. You are so missed!!!! Please continue watching over my boys!!!! I AM SORRY.

Linda Marie Jacob, born 30 October 1985, died 20 January 2012 in Austin, Texas

Our Remembrance
What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. ~ Helen Keller

Jenny Alex Fursova, born 18 August 1988, died 23 December 2006 in Oregon

Our Remembrance
Flying on Angels Wings

Austin Graham Chase, born 13 April 1993, died 21 July 2008 in Nevada USA

Kathleen Robeson, born 20 July 1975, died 10 July 2012 in Washington, D.C.

Our Remembrance
Most loved and loving...goodbye in this linear plane.....will see you when we have crossed...so look forward to that....thank you for sharing your beautiful soul with us and the learning you provided...it is hard to be as good as you were, but that is where we need to be.

Christian Herzog, born 05 May 1978, died 13 August 2017 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Our Remembrance
A genuine person, sincere heart and a true friend. Chris, you are loved more than you ever know... We will miss you forever.

Malinda Gayle McCready, born 30 November 1975, died 17 February 2013 in Arkansas

Amy Irene Wagers, born 15 October 1990, died 09 April 2016 in Chalmette, Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana, USA

Our Remembrance
A wonderful, loving, caring dedicated Mother. Never failing while loving her children. She worked hard to overcome most things in life. A wonderful person that all to often has had the burdens of the world upon her shoulders.

Alex Harkins, born 1 October 1987, died 2 June 2009 in Missouri

Our Remembrance
I\'ll love you forever, I\'ll like you for always, as long as I\'m living, my baby you\'ll be.

Jayson Scott Cline, born 31 July 1974, died 29 March 1996 in Long Beach, California

Our Remembrance
He was a loving friend, lover and father.

Amy-Ann Cull, born 03 December 1978, died 07 January 1993 in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

Our Remembrance
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
Wherever you are, I am there also.

Tristian Dunn, born 05 April 1996, died 22 September 2011 in Missouri

Our Remembrance
You may be gone from my sight.....
But, your never gone from my heart.

Dennis Lee Mann, born 26 May 1948, died 27 September 2005 in Texas, USA

Scott Rebura, born 20 December 1987, died 01 January 2016 in Warrenton, Missouri

Our Remembrance
“Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel may be you.”
― Aerosmith

Stacey Renee Conoly, born 28 January 1973, died 21 August 2010 in Donalsonville, Georgia, U.S.

Danny Triplett, born 12 April 1982, died 24 February 1997 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
We\'ll love and miss you forever, Dan.

Cassandra Ann Mazzoleni, born 03 September 1972, died 12 October 2014 in Caballo, New Mexico, United States

Our Remembrance
To my beautiful friend whom I considered a sister. I love ya and will miss ya always. Ya had a beautiful heart and soul and touched so many. Even now in death ya have touched so many. I am sorry ya felt ya had nowhere to turn. I know ya are now an angel on earth watching over all that loved ya!!! RIP

Richard Lee Leos, born 02 June 1986, died 11 March 2011 in Dallas, Texas

Our Remembrance
This is in remembrance of my beautiful handsome son Richard Lee whom I miss deeply every waking minute of my life and whom I will never forget. I take with me your giving heart, your endless smile and the 24 short years of pure selfless love you gave me. I love you Always & Always Richard Lee...

Leland Sapier, born 06 April 1948, died 12 October 2011 in Nevada

Our Remembrance
I remember you.

Kenneth Long, born 10 December 1964, died 10 December 2001 in Nevada

Charles Matthew Rodriguez, born 22 November, 1978, died 19 August, 2005 in Texas, USA

John Heinrich, born 09 April 1968, died 14 May 2014 in Haltom City, Texas

Our Remembrance
John will be forever loved and missed here on earth. Until
we meet again.

Jessica Glaze, born 16 January 1988, died 27 April 2013 in Sauk Village, Illinois

Our Remembrance
this is my beuatiful daughter who has two beautiful children that miss their mommy and i am here mother she had overcame a very serious mensgitis which dr said she wasnt going to pull through and if so she would not have a life they said so much she wad a very strong girl and showrd them upshe fought for years after her infection left some brain damage and her life was fullfilled to the fullest smart always trying to get approval of her achpalishments she loved her brothers and sisters her cousins and her very close friemds she considered her sisters she is so loved by all she came into she is greatly missed by her family so much we are still in pain and she is not alone her brother jad joined her on 7-17-2014 msy you both my babies rest in peace im forever heartbroken

Kurtis Lee Murphy, born 9 March 1992, died 3 August 2010 in Michigan

Our Remembrance
Heart full of love! Never had hate,and only wanted to be loved.

Andew Jason Gausepohl, born 22 November 1990, died 18 January 2006 in Cumming, Georgia

Our Remembrance
Loved,Adored,& Missed!!! I love you my Andy-Pie,Only GOD understands my love & my loss!

Zachary Taylor Wegener, born 11 June 1990, died 28 July 2012 in Brackenridge, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of U.S.M.C. Cpl Zachary Taylor (Buzzy) Wegener. Asleep in Jesus blessed rest in which one never wakes to weep.

Larissa Michelle Scheving, born 17 October 1991, died 07 December 2011 in Georgia

Our Remembrance
Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sun on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning\'s hush, I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circling flight. I am the soft starlight at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there; I did not die.

Joi Courtney O'Dell, born 05 March 1985, died 07 July 2013 in Minnesota, USA

Our Remembrance
My sweet and all-loved Joi, I'm so sorry that you hurt so much. You loved us well, and we loved you far more than you ever imagined. Countless people think of you every day, and our hearts break when we think of how much more love there was left to be felt. You were courageous, sweet, kind, witty, hilariously funny, so very creative, and, most importantly, entirely willing to love everyone you met exactly as they were. I only wish you could have felt the same of yourself.

Patrick Anthony Taylor, born 08 September 1964, died 07 July 2012 in North Carolina

Our Remembrance
By Robert Frost
Dedicated to Pat.

The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose.
But now the theory goes
That the apple\'s a rose,
And the pear is, and so\'s
The plum, I suppose.
The dear only knows
What will next prove a rose.
You, of course, are a rose

Stephanie Almonte, born 19 May 2001, died 16 May 2014 in New York, New York

Our Remembrance
"When someone you becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure,
Rest In Peace Stephanie Almonte."

Christopher Patrick Elmore, born 08 June 1987, died 25 January 2005 in Arkansas, USA

Mark Cude, born 06 February 1979, died 21 April 2015 in Austin, Texas

Our Remembrance
He was my best friend and I had known him since we were 15
years old. He loved the outdoors, repelling and motocross. He was always
happiest on a bike or in the nature. This was the type of guy that would go out
of his way to help anyone who needed a hand. He would give you the shirt off
his back even if he didn't know you. Unfortunately, his father
committed suicide when he was a young boy and that stayed with him
forever....Statistics show that when a parent commits suicide, his/her children are 6-8 times
more likely to do the same....and he chose to follow those same foot
steps... He touched many hearts with his love and kindness, but he never realized
how much he was truly loved by his friends and family. You didn't even
realize how much you had to offer this world. You will be greatly missed by
all of your family and friends, especially me. I hope you are finally at
peace and chillin with your Old Man. RIP Brother and see you on the flip
side.Respectfully, Waylon Jenkins

Matthew Crooks, born 11 August 1984, died 06 December 2012 in Indiana, USA

Our Remembrance
I miss you Bub! I love you to the moon and back! Mom

Dylan Kovacs, born 01 March 1995, died 01 March 2017 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
My Angel Baby . You will be forever loved and missed so much by everyone ... I love you to the moon and back , forever and always, Mommy

Robert T. Minter. Jr., born 22 April 1982, died 23 October 2012 in Escondido, California

Corey James Spoor, born 06 June 1984, died 01 October 2008 in New York

Ryan James Cummins, born 22 October 1993, died 09 November 2013 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
A kind gentle soul gone too soon.
Our shining light has gone out too fast.
Happiness is when what you think, what you say,
and what you do are in harmony. ~ Mahatma Ghandi

Rhonda Irey, born 23 January 1958, died 13 January 2014 in Leesville, Vernon Parrish, Louisiana

Our Remembrance
She was the loving Mother of two. A faithful wife for 36 years. She was giving, loving, loyal. She was a wonderful women. She had suffered horrible back and neck pain for many years. She struggle with addictions due to her pain. She had also suffered the loss of her Father and Brother at an early age, both tragic deaths effected her deeply. She battled depression most of her life, and even though she tried many times to reach out for help, there never seemed to be much. She is greatly missed and her memory lives on through her children and grand children...

Approved 2017. April 26 by Karyl.
I copied her obituary from the link above and have copied it below.

Rhonda Irey View the Obituary
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Rhonda Irey

January 23, 1958 - January 13, 2014
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Funeral services for Rhonda Irey, 55, of Leesville, Louisiana will be held at 1:00 p.m. Monday, January 20, 2014, at the Labby Memorial Funeral Home Chapel in Leesville with Rev. C.R. Bayham officiating. Burial will follow in the Drakes Forks Cemetery in Cravens, under the direction of Labby Memorial Funeral Home of Leesville.

Visitation will be held Sunday, January 19th from 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., and on Monday, January 20th from 9:00 a.m. until service time in the chapel.

Rhonda, the daughter of James A. and Bessie Faye Bryant Barnes was born January 23, 1958, in Summerville, Missouri. She passed away Monday, January 13, 2014, in Leesville.

Mrs. Irey was always willing to help anyone. She was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother.

She is survived by her husband of 35 years, Rodger Irey of Leesville, sons, Rodger Dewayne Irey & wife Sarah of Gainesville, GA and Thomas Robert Irey of Leesville; daughter, Amanda Faye Irey of Leesville; brothers, Thurlow Barnes, Carl Ray Barnes and Robert Barnes all of Summerville, MO; sister, Wanda Faye Barnes of Houston, TX and grandchildren, Jacob Allen Irey, Brittany Irey, Josiah Irey, Prophecy Irey and Amaya Irey.

Christine Morris Drew, born 21 December 1967, died 20 May 2012 in Amesbury, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
I never got to meet you but I know we would be one in the same person a lot of the time...keep up the good work where you are now, you have had such an impact on my life and its been for the best so thank you.

Michael Toth, born 03 March 1983, died 09 November 2010 in Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
I love you all the lovins in the whole wide world
\'cause you\'re the best and you\'re my baby - forever and always!
Love, miss and need you, Mike <3

Sergio Nava, born 02 August 1972, died 29 November 2017 in Plano, Texas

Our Remembrance
You were a wonderful, loving brother that will forever be in my heart.. I could have never imagined that you would go before me, I couldnt wait to see us grow old together and travel the world in the camper we talked about with Tony, Fred , you & me!! Your boys miss you so much little brother and mom is in deep pain, dad is acting strong but I know he is broken. Tony is ok we will all take care of him just as we would of done for you. Only god knows why you did it and if it meant you would be in a better place than I forgive you and love you with all my heart. I do beleive we will see eachother again in gods gracious kngdom and I do beleive our Loving, Merciful & Forgiving Father has you in his kingdom where you are no longer batteling your sickness. Faith will lead me as I try to heal from this pain I am feeling every day without you, I know god will give me the strenght I need to pick up the pieces and help our mom & dad through this. May you rest in peace my precious angel and may god accept us all in heaven so we can live in eternal bliss together. Love you always and forver Serg. Your sister

Monique Heasman, born 05 February 1983, died 21 November 2003 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Logan Nino, born 02 July 1993, died 20 August 2017 in Wichita Falls Texas

Our Remembrance
My dear son Logan walked into the loving arms of Jesus Christ on August 20th 2017. Logan was a young charismatic man who lit up a room and brought a smile to others faces in any situation. He was the life of the party and will always be loved and remembered by so many family and friends whose hearts he touched at one time or another. Logan loved football and basketball. He liked to fish and be outdoors. He was a loving and protective father, son, and brother to the ones he loved. Logan touched so many hearts and impacted so many lives. He is dearly missed by so many. I love you my precious son. You will be forever in my heart. Love mom❤️

Dallas Black, born 30 June 1985, died 05 March 2012 in Cincinnatus, New York

Our Remembrance
Dallas R. Black, my beautiful baby boy. Love and like you forever and always! Miss you lots. Love, Mom

Scott Leland Toll, born 11 November 1988, died 10 May 2006 in California

Our Remembrance
Scottie T. We will love you forever, you are with us for always--you are missed and loved more each day. You were the best son and brother and we will be with you again.

Shawn Baker, Sr., born 24 May 1971, died 27 June 2006 in Maryland

Our Remembrance
He loved and knew so many people. He was a bright shining light in many of our lives. His love is written on our hearts for all time. We will remember him forever.

Rick Masten, born 05 August 1949, died 28 March 2012 in Howell, Michigan

Our Remembrance
Dad - I miss you so much and think of you every day. You are the most kind-hearted person I\'ve ever known. I don\\\'t think you realized how much we love you.

Kraig Leon Vecchione, born 06 September 1990, died 05 February 2008 in Mississippi

James MacDonald, born 17 February 1989, died 23 March 2011 in Washington

Our Remembrance
I\'ll love you forever,
I\'ll like you for always,
as long as I\'m living
my baby you\'ll be

Damon Lee Richey, born 24 June 1990, died 30 January 2012 in El Reno, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Damon was a kind an gentle soul who is missed by the many people who loved him.

Lila Gene Breen, born 12 February 1964, died 27 August 2010 in Virginia

Our Remembrance
We never knew you were suffering on the inside. I miss you everyday mom.

Alan Morton, born 17 June 1979, died 12 September 2009 in Bundaburg, Queensland, Australia

Our Remembrance
Brother to 5. Died like his dad who he missed so much.

Judy Bernice Peterson, born 03 May 1946, died 21 June 2007 in Oregon

Cody Brock, born 16 October 1991, died 16 October 2012 in Houston, Texas

Our Remembrance
My beloved boyfriend was taken from me on his 21st birthday and I miss him more and more every day. His name shall forever fly on the banner tattooed over my heart.

Barbara Gail Washburn Self, born 02 February 1940, died 10 May 2003 in Little Rock, Arkansas

Our Remembrance
In loving remembrance, you will always be missed.

Phillip Edgar Parker, Jr., born 08 November 1997, died 20 January 2012 in Tennessee

Our Remembrance
My son had a smile that could light up a room he loved every body he was my shadow he had to go everywhere i went i miss him so much he was taken too soon from me he is gone but not forgotten.

Jeremy Shawn Sims, born 17 February 1997, died 10 February 2012 in Hotchkiss, Colorado, USA

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of my youngest son Jeremy Shawn Conklin~Sims We miss you so much and love you even more and then some.

Anthony M. McGrain, born 28 January 1977, died 19 June 2007 in Watkins Glen, New York

Jerry Raymond Thomas, born 31 January 1977, died 06 October 1993 in Macon, Georgia

Susan Rana Cosby Williams, born 07 January 1971, died 08 August 2016 in Tazewell, Tennessee

Our Remembrance

Tyler John Simpson, born 14 November 1991, died 26 November 2013 in Unity, New Hampshire

Our Remembrance
Forever young, Forever missed and Forever loved. Tyler John you are missed every second, minute, hour, and day buy us all! You were an wonderful little brother and son!!! We love you very much!!

Stacy Kay Grover, born 2 June 1981, died 5 May 2005 in Michigan

Our Remembrance
My daughter, My angel. What a horrible disease mental illness can have on a human being. I know you love me and You know I love you. I wish we could turn back time and get the proper treatment that is now being recognized in children. Love Always:)

Malisa Bookhardt, born 01 May 1978, died 04 January 1996 in Savanah, Georgia

Our Remembrance
So very missed and Loved. Can not wait till I can hold you again! Thank you for the little while and all the lessons you have taught me since!

Daniel Dale Henderson, born 11 May 1955, died 28 October 2013 in Texas

Our Remembrance
Remembrance : For as long as I can remember, I have always been a daddys girl. He was my hero in more ways than I can say. He was my hero, my superman.In my eyes he has always been 100 feet tall and stronger than anything in the world. My daddy loved us kids so much and he was an amazing daddy. My daddy was an amazing man. I was so blessed to be loved by him and to be his daughter. I still keep thinking that the phone is going to ring and that he\\\'s going to be there still in my life. I look up at the sky at night at the stars and they just twinkle at me, and I just know it is my daddy saying he\\\'s okay he\\\'s looking over me. He was always my strength and my rock but also my gentle teddy bear. He always saw the best in me and knew that I could do anything I put my mind to. I know that he is up there in heaven shining down on me and that he will always be with me through everything I experience, both the good times and the bad times. When I\\\'m scared he will be in my heart to comfort me, and when I am happy he will be there to smile with me. I dont know how to go on without my daddy. To never see him again just steals my breath from me. He was my papa bear, and I just loved snuggling up to him and laying on his belly because he was so cuddly like a teddy bear. My daddy will always be my superman and I will never get over losing him from my life. I wish that I could have said goodbye.

Garrett William Park, born 29 March 1985, died 18 October 2008 in Florida, USA

Sean Emling, born 05 April 1985, died 06 February 2016 in Berea, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Sean was a loving husband and terrific father to four children. He was an esteemed welder and avid BMX/ dirt bike rider. He is a cherished friend and will be missed by many. He is loved always and will never be forgotten.

Stephen Dale Aldrich, Jr., born 15 December 1985, died 21 July 2009 in Washington USA

Donald McCready, born 31 July 1917, died 31 January 1993 in Virginia

Our Remembrance
Always in our hearts, a strong and loving father. You are not in pain any from the cancer any longer and I hope so very much you know how much I love you. Love your daughter and son-in-law.

Edward John Kernbauer, born 18 May 1983, died 30 November 2007 in Illinois, USA

Our Remembrance
Always in our hearts

Gary David Helmbrecht, born 17 April 1957, died 10 February 2011 in Virginia

Our Remembrance
A loving husband, father, uncle, brother. A best friend.

Joseph Daniel Ramon Blasco, born 03 March 1990, died 01 August 2013 in Washington

Our Remembrance
We all love and miss you very much Joseph. Your family is thinking of you everyday. I know you are watching over us. Your at peace.
Love your family - The Blasco's

Reginald Arthur Milley, born 24 June 1974, died 07 June 2013 in British Columbia, Canada

Our Remembrance
May you rest in peace, Reg.
You are loved and missed dearly.

Nicolas David Childers, born 12 June 1984, died 18 February 2014 in Michigan City, Indiana

Our Remembrance
my brother was my best friend he was such a good person kind to everyone around him its so hard to face that he`s gone but i know that will meet again some sweet day i love and miss all the wonderful times we shared and could of shared but till the day comes when i see you beautiful face ill hold on to the memories ill never forget you my brother and my best friend i love you so much your sister Angel...

Tonya Egyhazi, born 25 October 1971, died 12 May 2001 in St Paul, Minnesota

Our Remembrance
We will never forget you...even in a hundred years.

Krista Locey, born 11 February 1989, died 15 April 2011 in Canada

Our Remembrance
I Love You Krista, may you rest in peace until we meet again,
Love Mommy xoxo

Joshua Scott Elliott, born 10 December 1983, died 21 September 2008 in Idaho

Our Remembrance
Bud, I miss you so. Just wishing you would have come to me that night. I\\\'m your Mom... I was your friend and confidant!! I would have done anything to help and save you from what you felt was going to take you from me!!! I love you to Heaven and back!!!

Nicole Dunlap, born 22 July 1997, died 30 July 2015 in Ewing, New Jersey

Our Remembrance
You will always be in my heart. You will always be loved.
You are in God`s presence.

Mark Allen Lee, born 14 April 1985, died 04 August 2012 in Indiana, USA

Our Remembrance
I can not hear your voice. I can not see your face. I wish that we could talk again or just stare into space. I know you\'re watching over me. Seeing everything we do. And though you\'ll always be with me. I will always be missing you. When it is time for me to meet you. You\'ll be there to show me the way.I never knew loss until I lost you.

Charles Neely, born 02 February 1952, died 22 April 2012 in Claremore, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Daddy, you were so much more than a father, you were my best friend. My boys miss their Papa so much. I am doing my best to survive without you until I can see you again. Love your daughter Tami

Shaun D. Mills, born 05 July 1976, died 20 May 2012 in Ashland, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Shaun was a man with a heart of gold. He never hesitated to lend a helping hand to anyone, friend or stranger. He is definitely missed by many... Love you cousin!

Rachel Domingos, born 16 April 1992, died 31 August 2015 in Bayfield, Colorado

Our Remembrance
Rachel "Rage" you were my beautiful daughter and best friend. I will miss you as long as I remain here on earth. I hope that you have found peace and comfort and can look down on me someday and give me your smile.

Samantha J. LaCount, born 22 February 1989, died 14 August 2007 in Wisconsin, USA

Michael Patrick Bossler, born 07 February 1966, died 16 November 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
My Uncle Mike was the best friend I ever had and the closest I\'ve ever had to a father. I love him and miss him more and more everyday.

Mark Gambone, born 11 November 1961, died 06 November 2005 in Maryland

Our Remembrance
Shine on you crazy diamond. You will live in our hearts forever. I miss you brother

Philip Montgomery Tyree Reid Reid, born 19 August 1988, died 01 June 2014 in Westampton, New Jersey

Our Remembrance
Philip Montgomery Tyree-Reid of Albuquerque, N.M., formerly of Westampton, passed away Sunday, June 1, 2014. He was 26.
He was the beloved husband of Kandys (Batiste); loving father of Sharon Reid; dear son of Derrick Reid (Monica) and the late Sharon Tyree-Reid; loving brother of Charles Reid and Nathan Williams. Also surviving are his grandparents, Charles Reid (Mary) and (the late Joyan), Barbara Tyree, Michael Sudler (Wahnita) and Shirley Sudler and his aunts Terry Reid, Latoyna Reid and Judy Stinson.

Marissa Josalyn Murphy, born 01 June 1998, died 10 April 2015 in Rialto, California, USA

Our Remembrance
I don't want my daughters death to define her. She was a beautiful girl with an infectious laugh. She genuinely loved and cared for everyone she came in contact with. I was blessed to have her as my daughter and I miss her every second of everyday.

Arlyn Maria Beal, born 25 January 1978, died 07 August 1996 in Pavo, Georgia

Our Remembrance
Beloved daughter of Ronnie and Karyl Chastain Beal

Lesley Zilberstein, born 01 December 1956, died 06 May 2012 in Washington, USA

Our Remembrance
Loving wife, devoted mother, cherished daughter. Lesley was loved by all and her life ended far too soon.

Dale Adam Hinson, born 11 March 1980, died 18 November 2003 in New York

Douglas Wayne Treece, born 28 June 1958, died 28 December 2006 in Montana

Our Remembrance
Miss you my Dug-a-Bug. You will never be forgot.

Christopher James Painter, born 07 October 1988, died 04 March 2012 in Australia

Our Remembrance
My beautiful CJ,my first born son,adored big brother to his sister and 2 brothers. A hard working loving caring young man,whom I\'m always going to be proud of being his Mum.Free from all sadness and hurt now my darling R.I.P xxxxx

Brandon Heath Wellentin, born 25 June 1987, died 14 December 2013 in Eugene, Oregon, USA

Our Remembrance
You are so special, you will never be forgotrten.

Nicholas Brandon Elstun, born 29 December 1988, died 29 September 2008 in Kansas, USA

Our Remembrance
Also known as Nick.

Kyle Manry, born 15 May 1987, died 28 November 2012 in Corydon, Indiana

Our Remembrance
Loving son, brother and friend.I miss your hugs Baby Boy

Cody Terry, born 28 June 1995, died 30 April 2011 in Gaffney, South Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
Even though you were only here for 15 years you touched so many people\'s heart. You will be never forgotten and always loved. Love and miss you so much. Love you man!!!

Mary Agnes Clark, born 11 November 1974, died 06 August 2003 in Montana, USA

Danielle Pons-Kelley, born 02 February 1999, died 12 October 2016 in Cocoa, Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
She was my best friend and my rock who always new how to make a person smile. She made a lasting first impression on anyone she ever met but never really saw that. Her insecurities and depression cut too deep and although it hurts that she's gone I can rest easy knowing she's no longer in pain.

Jiimmie Ray Vaughn, born 25 December 1970, died 08 August 2010 in Defiance, Ohio

William Jessie Brown, born 03 December 1967, died 17 May 1988 in Nashville, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Our time together was short, but our bond was not. Your smile, and warmth will live on through the ages. I still miss you.

Corey Michael Callahan, born 18 October 1984, died 16 January 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri

Our Remembrance
Loving father, son, grandson, brother, cousin, nephew, uncle.
Forever in our hearts ...

Michael Nelson, born 03 February 2003, died 01 September 2017 in Kentucky

Our Remembrance
Michael was a very loving caring and respectful person. He will be missrd by many.

Cody Searcy, born 02 November 1999, died 29 November 2017 in Mesa, Arizona

Our Remembrance
Beloved son, brother and uncle.

Michelle Leha Joseph, born 16 January 1981, died 02 January 1998 in California

Our Remembrance
My sensitive girl, hurt by the lack of love in this world and still she loved too much. I think about you everyday, wishing you were here.

George Matthew Knight, born 10 June 1992, died 26 December 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Our Remembrance
He lived life to the fullest.

Frank McRee Smith, born 12 February 1947, died 25 December 2007 in New Mexico

Abraham Noel, born 17 May 1993, died 23 April 2014 in Florida

Our Remembrance
Abraham was my best friend. He was my shoulder to cry on and the smile on my face. I loved him with every part of my soul and I miss him consistently. He always put others first. He was self-less, loving, ambitious, and one of the greatest people I am honored to have known. I love you abraham.

Richard Owens, born 1942, died 06 April 1988 in United States

Our Remembrance
He made the biggest mistake of his life April 6th, 1988.

Shelby Nicolle Marie Perez, born 17 August 1997, died 03 January 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Remembrance
: Shelby Nicolle Marie Perez was truly an angel on Earth. An amazing softball player and friend, she filled the hearts of everyone around her with happiness.

Stephanie Ladd Lorio, born 21 October 1986, died 16 July 2015 in Connecticut

Our Remembrance
She was the most free spirited woman. A quirky, beautiful soul taken from this world too soon by the grips of illness and a broken heart. She was a loving mother of 2 small children, whom she loved more above all else. The only hope held is that she finally got to feel how it felt to spout wings and fly. She now flies with the angels for eternity. She is greatly missed by the many people whose lives she graced with her infectious smile and laughter. She deserves so much more than just a tragic story in a newspaper headline that piques people's interest for morbid reasons. Look at her lovely smile! Those eyes capture so many emotions; so intelligent and creative. She was a human being, flawed as we all are, but one of the very best. There was nobody quite like you, babe. Your story will live on, even if it was drastically cut short. May you finally be at peace.

Emile De Miranda, born 27 March 1985, died 05 February 2006 in South Africa

Johnny Michael Moya, born 09 June 1967, died 20 January 2013 in Manassas, Virginia

Our Remembrance
I miss my very troubled youngest brother John, it is still unbelievable, I am at a loss.

Charles Brady, Jr., born 12 August 1951, died 23 July 2006 in Washington, USA

David Paul Bertrams, born 11 June 1978, died 08 September 2013 in Lakeport, California

Cameron D. Jordan, born 10 November1989, died 10 January 2008 in South Dakota, USA

Robert Montgomery, born 21 January 1970, died 13 December 1997 in Housatonic, Massachusetts, USA

Our Remembrance
My beloved son Bobby..I miss you so much my sweet boy..Love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck <3 <3 <3

Joshua Kurt Morrison, born 11 June 1979, died 27 September 2014 in Pocatello, Idaho, USA

Our Remembrance
My dearest eldest son and first-born child. I miss you so very much. I would give anything just to be able to hug you and tell you "I Love You" just one more time. I know why you made your ultimate decision and try very hard every day to understand, but that does not, in any way, lessen the ache in my heart and sole. I will always question whether I might have been able to make things different had I known things were so desperate. In my heart you are still that little blonde baby boy in need of my daddy's protection and nurturing. I watched you grow, become a man, have your own child. I was so very proud of you. I know you loved being "daddy" more than anything in this world, so I know you feel the loss that cuts to the very depth of my soul. I am doing my very best with your daughter, Kiddo. She misses her Daddy. I Love You Son. I know that, one day, I will be with you again for that hug.

Tal David Kestin, born 16 Sepember 1988, died 08 October 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland

Our Remembrance
Young, good-looking, smart, talented and friendly: since 8 years we've been missing him every single day and we'll miss him for ever!

John J. (Joe) Ruthenbeck, born 29 December 1971, died 31 July 2007 in Avon/Portage, Indiana USA

Our Remembrance
Joe was the most loving son anyone could have. He is missed dearly by his family and friends.
Loving son of Jack & Jean Ruthenbeck
Loving brother to Jennifer
Loving Uncle to Alexandra & Gabrielle
Devoted master to Howie.

Orlian Ky Adams, born 17 August 1969, died 17 March 2012 in Oregon

Our Remembrance
I will love u always n forever my soul mate

Norma Jean Morry Heaston, born 08 March 1978, died 19 November 2016 in Barrow, Alaska

Our Remembrance
I loved you dearly along with our children.

Carolyn Palmer, born 14 December 1966, died 22 August 2016 in Hephizabah,Georgia

Our Remembrance
I miss her so greatly i wish she would have left me a note I love you mom

Lisa Lynette Johnson, born 28 November 1964, died 14 September 2012 in Vermont

Our Remembrance
Miss you, sweet angel

Glenn Alan Saeger, born 16 January 1949, died 20 October 2006 in Pennsylvania, USA

Delilah Gonzales, born 21 February 1989, died 11 July 2005 in Sandia Pueblo, New Mexico

Our Remembrance
To my loving daughter that was taken from me on July 11,2005
you will always be in my heart and one day we will be together forever.
I love you and miss you everyday.

Thomas (TJ) J Malone II, born 13 July 1981, died 06 April 2009 in Virginia Beach. Virginia, USA

Elizabeth Ronneberg, born 11 July 1988, died 03 November 2010 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Ashlyne Brook Whitton, born 16 June 1988, died 17 June 2011 in Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA

Our Remembrance
My beautiful baby I love you more than all the stars in the sky.

Joseph Allen Powers, born 07 May 1990, died 20 February 2011 in Missouri

Our Remembrance
In remembrance of my son, Joseph. My love for you will never end. Rest in peace.God be with you.

Michael Victor Harrington, born 20 April 1985, died 04 November 2015 in North Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
Smart, funny, talented. He is missed by family and friends.

Kerri Maria Gilboe, born 08 May 1992, died 09 July 2014 in Averill Park, New York, USA

Our Remembrance
KerBear, My Little Petunia...We miss you so much each and every day. We will love you til the end of time. So many hearts broke when you left. Never forget "Your Mama Loves Ya." Someday we'll be together again...til then, we hold you in our hearts with tremendous love. Love, Mama & Joe, Danny, Nick, Lee, Kait, Lindsey, Cheryl and hundreds of others who will remember you with love & kindness, FOREVER.

Zachary Merritt, born 12 December 1990, died 25 March 2012 in Colorado

Our Remembrance

Your missed more today than ever. If I could turn back time we would still have your beautiful face. You Were A shining Star, put out before your time. But God needed you home. RIP...I love you Zach♡

David M. Hammerquist, born 12 January 1982, died 15 August 2014 in Illinois, USA

Our Remembrance
Dave- Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love means a memory no one can steal. I love you Dave and there is not a day that goes by I don`t think of you. I will always miss you. And there will always be a piece of my heart broken without you. But I know you are watching over me, the girls and everyone that loved you. One Day we will meet again.

Love always your fiancee,

Jacob Gore, born 22 June 1994, died 22 July 2014 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
A beautiful, loving soul - son, brother, and friend. Forever missed and loved

Barry William Aitken, born 10 October 1984, died 03 December 2004 in Scotland

Michael Lance Blomquist, born 05 January 1967, died 29 May 2017 in Moorcroft, Wyoming

Our Remembrance
Michael was a generous and loving soul. He left behind 3 children and so many unanswered questions.

Christopher Osugi, born 28 September 1996, died 28 April 2014 in San Jose, California. United States

Our Remembrance
Dearest Chris, We will remember you always, and will cherish the 17 years we had with you. You were the best son we could ever wish for, and you brought us so much joy and love. We know how much pain you were in, and hope that you are in a better place. Til we meet up again, please watch over the dogs❤️❤️. Love you to the moon and back. Mom, Dad, Ashley, and Nichole

Dalton Joseph Marceaux, born 23 July 1941, died 13 August 1978 in Amelia, Louisiana, USA

Our Remembrance
Dalton Joseph Marceaux is my father who chose to take his own life just one month after I turned 4yrs old. Other than myself my father has left behind my amazing mom (his wife) & two beautiful older daughters ages 17 years & 15 yrs old at his time of death. I do not have any personal memories of him but I love him with everything in me and a day doesn't go by that I'm not thinking of him. Yes, I do have numerous questions that only he and God can answer but I realize now as an adult that those questions will be answered once me and my father meets again.
Love a heart broken baby girl,
Sabrina Marceaux

Ruan Jurgens, born 04 May 2016, died 14 September 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Our Remembrance
You were too kind and sensitive for this world. So deeply loved by all and deeply loving in return, you leave a hole in all our lives. May you finally find the peace you craved, until we meet again

Colton Fink, born 15 June 1995, died 17 January 2011 in California, USA

Our Remembrance
For our nephew, Colton Fink, who died at the tender age of 15-1/2.
RIP with love your Aunt Jennie, Uncle Peter, and cousin Blaise

Robert Allan Stilwell, born 05 February 1971, died 06 August 2014 in Waterford, Michigan, USA

Our Remembrance
In Loving Memory, my younger brother who actually was my "ROCK!" I was so proud of all you accomplished in life! You served your country during Desert Shield/Desert Storm and came back a different man. You came back to your family and accomplished so much more. You were always there for us! You may be gone but you are remembered daily with LOVE! May you finally rest in peace!

Roy Gene Gindlesperger, born 23 April 1949, died 11 July 2008 in Pennsylvania, USA

Joseph Kinyon Shields, born 18 July 1975, died 22 April 2006 in Tucson. Arizona, USA

Dover Hairston, born 07 December 1935, died 22 January 2012 in Martinsville, Virginia, USA

John Paul Bennett, born 16 February 1964, died 09 February 2009 in Virginia, USA

Kerry Duane Richardson, born 12 January 1977, died 19 May 2000 in Pennsylvania, USA

Ray Salvador Guerrero, born 17 March 1971, died 23 July 2003 in San Antonio, Texas, United States

Our Remembrance
I loved the boy with the utmost love of which my soul is capable and he is taken from me-yet in the agony of my spirit in surrendering such a treasure, I feel a thousand times richer than if I had never possessed it.. ~ William Wordsworth

Kolton Gage Herring, born 25 August 1992, died 30 September 2011 in Thayne, Wyoming

Our Remembrance
Kolton loved the outdoors, hunting, fishing. He had a way of making any story an amazing adventure. He will be missed every minute of everyday. Kolton took his own life, GSWH. He suffered from Bipolar disorder. I love you, my baby boy! You are our family\'s angel. I can\'t wait to hold you in my arms again... Love you Mom, Dad and Your brother Weston.

Katrina Kara Tagget, born 30 April 1987, died 20 September 2008 in Maryland

Bo White, born 28 December 1996, died 11 Januiary 2018 in Fayetteville, Tennessee

Robert Blair, born 27 November 1952, died 24 June 2016 in San Diego, California

Our Remembrance

I miss you more than you know. I'm sorry I didn't call you on Father's Day. I will never forgive myself. Me and Shellie think about you EVERY DAY...I am still in great despair over your death.


Emily Murphy, born 07 January 1998, died 25 October 2012 in Alabama, USA

Our Remembrance
Our beautiful Emily. You left your Cocoon and became the beautiful butterfly that you are. We will miss and love you always. Mom, Dad and sisters.

Kevin Patrick Thompson, born 11 October 1975, died 10 July 2009 in Michigan, USA

Our Remembrance
Beloved Son, brother and daddy to Haylee Michele, you are in our thought and hearts everyday, We will always love you and keep your memory alive. Miss you so much, Sharon, Shannon and Haylee Thompson

Christian Von Metzgar, born 04 September 1973, died 24 May 1993 in Ford City, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of Christian Von Metzgar

Justin Newell, born 06 August 1990, died 21 January 2011 in New York, USA

Our Remembrance

Son, nephew, cousin, friend. Gone too soon. We miss you every day. Lydz

Mark Alan Seal, born 08 December 1977, died 21 November 2010 in Maryland

Our Remembrance
30 years together, my best friend growing up with each other and life experiences, always getting people together,loved by all. Will miss.

Dylan Andrew Brown, born 19 March 1992, died 25 June 2012 in Ohio, USA

Our Remembrance
Forever my heart beloved son.

Crystal Gibson, born 22 September 1996, died 22 March 2015 in Wallsend, Australia

Our Remembrance
Your so beautiful and your smile lit up a room you were there and helped so many people iv never known a person who touched so many hearts. I really hope your at peace my princess . We love and miss you so much. Your little sisters need you your brother needs you . I want you back with us crystal. ❤️❤️❤️

Randy Robinson, born 21 July 1974, died 23 February 2012 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
Dude of Dudes we miss you so.

Erin Keely McElduff, born 27 January 1988, died 25 January 2012 in Missouri

Evan Daniel MacDonald, born 30 September 1987, died 01 February 2005 in Nova Scotia, Canada

Our Remembrance
Dear Evan you are the bright shining star in my life, the best son a mother could have. I miss you terribly and love you deeply...forever your mother xoxo

Kevin Lee Wilkins, born 02 February 1959, died 11 January 2013 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
I love you dad and wish you could have walked me down the aisle on my wedding day.

Kenneth Wayne Stratton, born 14 April 1964, died 06 October 2006 in Arkansas

Our Remembrance
To my big brother who I love and miss dearly. Rest in Peace.

Todd Alan Johnson, born 03 April 1975, died 03 December 2001 in Harlan, Iowa, USA

David Joseph McIntyre, born 06 June 1996, died 24 April 2012 in Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
My sweet, sweet baby boy; never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have to bury you. A huge piece of my heart is now broken...never to be fully mended. You were so very special, with a heart bigger than most. Your beautiful smile, passion, honesty, laughter and love left a lasting impression and touched so many hearts around you. The pain is almost unbearable to not have you here with us but I know that you would have wanted us to go on and we will. I made a vow to you the day you passed my beautiful son that voices would be heard and changes would be made and they have. We love you with every piece of our hearts,Mom and your brother Steve xoxoxo

Apostoli Mouras, born 14 November 1989, died 09 September 2015 in Freemansburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
A loving, kind and gentle soul whom will be truly missed by everyone, especially his 3 amazing beautiful very young children.
-love you for eternity, baby brother

John Dustin Hilderbrand, born 29 April 1992, died 09 February 2008 in Mississippi USA

Michael Nowacki, born 11 May 1990, died 19 June 2010 in New Jersey

Our Remembrance
I love you and miss you more and more every day. Love You

Matthew Eugene Heckroth, born 03 August 1983, died 06 November 2000 in Iowa, USA

Our Remembrance
Matthew was my youngest child and only son. He has two surviving sisters. He passed away by completing suicide, gun shot wound to the head, at the age of seventeen. Matthew suffered from undiagnosed major clinical depression. Matt, you are forever missed and loved. Your Momma

Javie Garcia, born 12 April 1976, died 27 February 2009 in San Antonio, Texas

Our Remembrance
Gone way too soon but never forgotten..

Evan Don Woodward, born 08 April 2000, died 16 March 2013 in Texas

Our Remembrance
Evan was my only son. I will always remember his smile and beautiful dimples. I will remember him as a skateboarder, a football player, a high blue belt in karate. He loved to play jokes, and he laughed all the time. He was a great little brother, he loved to pick on his sisters just as much as they did him, he was a big brother as well and took good care of his youngest. I miss him everyday! I\\\'ll never really understand why. Instead I have to believe that he is no longer in pain and playing happily in God\'s playground. It has barely been two months since you left this world, but no worries my son, as you gave the gift of life to five other children! So in my book, you are a HERO!!!!

John Paul Grieb, born 04 November 1975, died 26 December 2000 in North Dakota, USA

Our Remembrance
In memory of my brother John. Gone, but not forgotten.

Joshua Ramos, born 08 February 1980, died 23 April 2012 in Tucson, Arizona, USA

Our Remembrance
Josh was my husband, the father to our 3 amazing children and a loving brother and son. He had a long struggle with his demons and I wish, how I wish I could have helped him conquer them. He was my first true love and we had a lot of joy and a lot of heartache in our time together. I wanted to post his face because I am starting to forget how he looks unless i see a picture and I thought a lot of other people might feel the same way. I hope all of you that loved Josh will smile when you see his face.
Joshua is missed by his family and friends immensely. We try to keep your memory alive by doing all the funny things we used to do with you...but life just hasn't been the same without you. Love you.

David John Stablein, born 28 May 1962, died 07 March 2012 in Orange, California, USA

Our Remembrance
A beloved Son, Brother, Cousin, Uncle, Father, Friend. We can only hope you are at peace now. You are missed so dearly, I hope you know. One day we will meet again. Please understand, though we hold no judgment for the path you have taken, your actions have left an indelible mark on us all. Your burden has become a little bit of ours now. We can not undo this tragedy, we can only live our lives with the unknowing of what small part we may have played in it. I pray you will forgive us for not being all that you needed, as we forgive you for not wanting us more. We love you and miss you, David. xoxo

Timothy Dean Warden, Jr., born 10 July 1995, died 21 May 2017 in Winsted, Minnesota

Our Remembrance
Timmy was such a loving, kind-hearted, and sensitive kid. He was full of enthusiasm and energy. He left behind so many that loved him, especially a 4 year old little girl who he loved with everything he had. He will be forever missed!

Scott T. Harmeyer, born 22 September 1989, died 01 August 2016 in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Our Remembrance
In the arms of the angel fly away from here. The world will forever mourn her loss. Because you are no longer here to make a difference. You will be greatly missed by all those who knew you and loved you. May you now rest in peace, my son. I love you always, until we meet again.

Benjamin Shamis, born 07 July 1987, died 08 April 2005 in Washington

Willis Lloyd Hopkin, born 17 July 1946, died 30 October 2005 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
Willis was just such an incredibly, amazing man and I thank God for the gift of his presence in my and our children\'s lives. I feel blessed beyond imagining to have loved and been loved by him. I pray that all that he stood for will become his legacy within us. I will love him forever.

Jordan Ball, born 05 November 1994, died 02 February 2011 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
We lost our beloved son/brother/friend by suicide on Groundhog day. We had no signs, no note, no texts. We all miss him so much. Just on more hug, one more conversation, smile, or a clue to why this happened. We all love you Jordan. You will never be forgotten.

Matthew James Sten Webb, born 31 December 1983, died 22 May 2003 in Wayne, Nebraska

Our Remembrance
Matthew was a son any father would want. He was an awesome young man filled with love. He was a awesome football player and loved all things. He lost his home to a fire and lost his girl and his parents were divorced. Matthew worked hard and often out-work 2-3 others. He love to run and workout. He was a great looking young man who work his abs every night before bed as he loved being ripped.

Jacob Alan McNamee, born 11 November 1975, died 30 January 2015 in Jennings Lodge, Oregon

Our Remembrance
Our son Jacob. A wonderful gentle soul

Victoria Wallace, born 15 May 1977, died 25 February 2013 in Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
This little girl might as well have been my sister. She\\\'s an angel now, singing in Heaven\'s choir.

Danny Burlington, born 02 October 1982, died 24 May 2017 in Medford, Oregon

Our Remembrance
Till we meet again!

Kay Ropp, born 05 February 1950, died 22 February 2007 in Ohio

Samuel Luther McCloud, born 29 January 1974, died 11 July 2012 in Big Stone Gap, Virginia

Our Remembrance
My beloved brother Sam. I miss you so much. You will forever live on in my heart.

Matt Clairday, born 22 June 1987, died 05 May 2004 in Arkansas

Our Remembrance
In memory of my youngest son mathew scott clairday (known as matt)
I love n miss you always
Dad !!!

Earl Blake Camp, born 19 October 1998, died 02 July 2015 in Illinois, USA

Our Remembrance
For he was a fighter therefore we shall carry the fight on

Andrew Wayne Hart, born 00 June 1997, died 00 February 2014 in Pocatello, Idaho, USA

Our Remembrance
May your loving memories liv on.

Michael Melotto, born 15 September 1971, died 18 June 2000 in Connecticut

Our Remembrance
Always in my heart.

Cody Steven Woodward, born 22 November 1992, died 28 September 2012 in Oak Ridge, New Jersey

Our Remembrance
Dad and I Love you with all our Heart! You will be missed every single day of our lives! You were the best son anyone could ever hope for! RIP Our Loving Son Cody. Love you Forever. Mom and Dad

Austin Losorelli, born 27 August 1990, died 30 September 2013 in Stevenson Ranch, California

Our Remembrance
The Power of Many....Starts With the Power of One...
You are that power of One. Austin by your ultimate sacrifice you have saved many lives. You are a hero to many who have never met you. But we just want you to come home. We miss you more than life. Mom, dad and ur brother xo

Kristin Campbell, born 20 September 1981, died 21 September 2013 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
My daughter Kristin left this earth much to soon. Kristin was a beautiful young woman who left 2 young sons, Chayton and Eli. Kristin also had a younger sister Heather and brother Jordan. We all miss her very much and our lives have been forever changed. Our comfort comes in knowing she's with her Savior and forever free from mental illness.. She is well and whole now. I miss her to much sometimes it breaks my heart..

Roger Comoglio, born 07 August 1972, died 24 February 1999 in Greenwood, Indiana

Bill Bunting, born 29 March 1969, died 10 August 2009 in Arizona

Our Remembrance
to my loving dad he may not have been in my life ever since i was born but at least he tried i will always love and miss him

Samuel M. Schadegg, born 29 April 1995, died 05 August 2014 in Minnesota, USA

Our Remembrance
Sam had a smile that would light up a room and blue eyes that would make anyone melt. He was a loyal, trustworthy, and fierce friend. Sam was very honest and was not afraid to speak his mind or stand up for what he believed in or someone in a troubling situation. Sam loved spending time with his family every opportunity he had, he took. Family barbeques in the back yard and Sunday family breakfasts were his favorite times. Sam was very passionate about music and loved Fleetwood Mac. Sam was goof ball and loved to laugh and was a smooth operator. He was extremely intelligent and there is no doubt he would have gone on too much success. I love you baby brother and anxiously await the day I see you again !

Nicholas D. Slone, born 04 February 1990, died 22 March 2016 in Celina, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Cowboy Nick,
You will forever be in our hearts. There is not a day that goes by that you are not talked or thought about. You are missed today and everyday.
With Love

Klara Bowman, born 30 March 1983, died 06 June 2016 in Tacoma, Washington

Our Remembrance
Klara Shams Einerson Bowman
Just weeks after proclaiming her assurance of Jesus Christ as her Savior, God's plans for Klara's life on earth ended, June 6, 2016. What won't end are our cherished memories of her.

Doug Stegmeyer, born 23 December 1951, died 25 August 1995 in Long Island, New York

Our Remembrance
Doug Stegmeyer was the longtime bassist for Billy Joel\'s band, from 1976 to 1988. He was a brother, son, and friend. Doug\'s suicide shocked friends, family, and fans as he was a stable and reliable man. Doug is sorely missed but his legacy will live on.

Anthony Michael Douglas Wallace, born 23 January 1974, died 09 November 2004 in Billings, Montana

Our Remembrance
You are a son to be proud of. I thank God I was the one only to be chosen to be your mom. I wish I could have protected you more from the cruelty of the world. I miss you so much. Forever.
Love, Mom

Teresa Marie Cutshaw, born 29 November 1969, died 24 August 2010 in New Jersey

Our Remembrance
Loving mother of 4 will be missed by all

Justin Blake Campbell, born 18 May 1986, died 20 May 2015 in Wichita, Kansas

Our Remembrance

Jaysen Maurice Terriere, born 21 July 1985, died 16 July 2003 in Florida, USA

Kameron Jacobsen, born 03 April 1998, died 18 January 2011 in Monroe, New York, USA

Our Remembrance
Kameron was a blessing to all who loved him. He was the same as any young boy. They are all loved, they are all our sons. They all have dreams, they all have fears. They sometimes cry and sometimes hide their tears

Derek McDonald, born 01 January 1980, died 15 May 2011 in Alberta, Canada

Our Remembrance
Love you bro.miss you a lot.I hope your there to meet me whenever it is I'm gone from this life of life I lead.red dragons forever norm

Brian Blecha, born 09 February 1986, died 15 October 2006 in Kansas, USA

Our Remembrance
I miss your smile, your laugh, your voice, and your love. You are always in my heart. I love you, my precious son.

Charlie Leverette, born 28 September 1978, died 31 March 2008 in Georgia, USA

Shawn Paul Sheridan, born 30 August 1975, died 23 July 2006 in New York

Derrick Measels, born 26 October 1969, died 01 September 2004 in Arkansas, USA

Frank Dickinson, born 14 August 1851, died 19 April 1919 in Pennsylvania, USA

Toni Rae Treece Vredenburg, born 9 February 1957, died 6 May 1997 in Montana

Our Remembrance
You will never be forgot. Always in our Hearts

Jason Todd Haralson, born 06 March 1974, died 28 May 2014 in Yukon, Oklahoma, U. S. A.

Our Remembrance
Jason was an avid outdoorsman that enjoyed, more than anything to experience the joys of showing others all he knew about fishing, hunting and everything in between. He was affectionately known as "The Great White Hunter". He was the ultimate Uncle to his 5 nephews Who he treated like his own boys since he had no children of his own.He was also a caring son and brother that will be greatly missed forever. Miss you so much bubba! Love always Sis

Jennifer Andrade, born 10 January 1988, died 18 August 2009 in Pasadena, Texas

Our Remembrance
The worse pain to indure is the loss of my child. The greatest joy is to know you are pain free & dancing in the heavens..Miss you so much..MOM

Phillip John Meyer, born 12 September 1990, died 06 April 2015 in Crete, Illinois, United States

Karen Roman, born 07 December 1961, died 20 March 2016 in Mesa, Arizona

Our Remembrance
A beautiful person, inside & out. Loved by many, missed by all.

LeAnn Campbell Pesek, born 27 July 1976, died 27 September 2011 in Big Spring, Texas

Our Remembrance
My dear sweet Daughter LeAnn. I would have given my life for you to be here. Many love and miss you.

Alex Kyle Williams, born 16 April 1987, died 18 October 2005 in Shreveport, Louisiana

Our Remembrance
In 2005, my beautiful, talented, intelligent, & loving son thought suicide was his only option. That's the hardest for me & his dad; a PERMANENT solution for a temporary problem. We'll never "get over it"; we just "get on with it". I've never had "faith" or believed in "heaven", but I KNOW he's someplace way better than here & that he's playing his BEST. MUSIC. EVER. ~~LoveNeverDies~~

Elizabeth Charlotte Bogod, born 26 November 1976, died 01 February 2013 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Our Remembrance
Elizabeth, we miss you so much. You needed peace. We hope you are at peace.

Lee Ann Jensen, born 20 November 1954, died 14 August 2002 in California

Our Remembrance
Also known as Misty.

Scott Dunlap, born 09 May 1989, died 26 April 2015 in Easton, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
I'm so grateful for your unique and obnoxious laugh that still rings through my mind at the most random times. I know your always looking down on us from your porch in the sky. ❤❤❤ always. Your Friends And Family

Timothy Lee Roupe, Jr., born 18 September 1983, died 28 April 2007 in Woolwich, Maine

Our Remembrance
Also known as T. J.

Wesley McLaughlin, born 13 January 1989, died 26 May 2012 in Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
My sweet son, Wesley...I carry your heart with me forever.

Asher Heinrich Kinney, born 23 November 1995, died 10 March 2012 in Bellingham, Washington, USA

Our Remembrance
Sometimes you\'ll see a strange spot in the sky,rna human being that was \"given to fly\"rnrnYour stay was much too short.rnI love you to the moon and back,rnPaParnrn

Aaron Jonathan Antonali, born 17 February 1979, died 02 April 2002 in Pleasant Hill, California

Our Remembrance
I haven\'t forgotten you my friend.

Steven Edward Golden, born 21 August 1968, died 19 January 2011 in Hamilton, Ohio

Our Remembrance
My big brother, whom I called Brubby. The only man who never let me down!
A US Army Infantryman, and a US Air Force Medic! My hero!

Stephen Cason, born 31 May 1960, died 04 August 2017 in Waskom, Texas

Our Remembrance
Back at ya, Babe. Rest easy now. You're in God's land. Perfection.

Jason Michael Dwyer, born 22 April 1983, died 10 June 2013 in Saint Charles, Illinois

Our Remembrance
You left to soon and nobody knows why. We will take care of Anastasia and Aiden the way you would want us to. I wish I could of saved you. I wish love alone would of kept you here. We miss you Damn Snoopy

Maverick Ruff, born 08 September 1994, died 08 February 2015 in Gila Bend, Arizona, USA

Our Remembrance
Maverick Ruff "Mav" was a tortured soul, he had a huge heart and helped those around him every chance he had, and he left this world by his own hand, much too soon... Poor Mav...

Gary Whalen, born 08 April 1978, died 28 August 1999 in Pennsylvania

Holly Harris, born 19 July 1982, died 21 October 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Trent Daniel Jones, born 14 February 1990, died 31 March 2011 in Montana

Our Remembrance
To know my baby brother was to love him forever. He will forever be missed...

Alejandra G. Montiel, born 01 February 1984, died 06 July 2006 in California, USA

Nicholas Dewayne Denham, born 11 September 1982, died 19 April 2014 in Arkansas - Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Loving son,brother and friend who had a contagious smile to no end. He maybe gone but will never be forgotten.

Jeffrey Lance Rizzo, born 21 March 1972, died 23 December 2011 in Wylie, Texas

Our Remembrance
Nothing we can ever say to get the person we love the message we may feel we should have said, \"Don\'t go please, I love you.\" Silence is the enemy. Please talk to someone if you\'re feeling suicidal. I wish to GOD Lance had. Remember, people only tell you what they want you to know. I love you now and forever.

Mary Jo Meza, born 28 May 1982, died 22 March 2014 in Pico Rivera, California

Joseph Britton, born 25 February 1993, died 10 June 2017 in West Amwell Township, New Jersey, USA

Our Remembrance
You were a wonderful, kind and gentle young man.

Michael Ford McKenna, born 28 May1970, died 26 January 2011 in Connecticut, United States

Our Remembrance
Michael was a fun loving, handsome big hearted man. He had an incredibly generous heart and loyalty was one of his most admirable traits. He had a smile that made you smile whether you wanted to or not. He made you laugh always. He will be so greatly missed by his friends and family. Life will never be the same without you hunny!

Donald Warren Barker, born 15 June 1974, died 6 July 2007 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Always in our hearts and in our minds, missing you so very much... Hoping you have found the peace you so longed for.. We remember you and \"me too\" ....

Braedan Belcourt, born 25 January 1995, died 15 June 2012 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Our Remembrance
A life he chose to end, I will never understand, I shall never ask why?
God gave me this child for a reason, as he also took him for a reason. I am on a journey to save a life. Life.....it is in YOU to live. Please watch my youtube honouring my Braedan "BraedansVoice" or "Jolene Moyan"

Travis Whalen, born 12 December 1990, died 01 June 2011 in Lincoln, California

Our Remembrance
Travis, one year has passed and each passing day seems like the first day you left us behind.

As your first anniversary of your death arrives today, officially, around early afternoon, your family\'s love remains as it always has.. in their hearts and minds for you.

Even though we can\'t see you or hug you, our memories of you fill up the passing days. Time continues on its march, but June 1, 2011 is forever etched in our hearts for that is the day we lost you.

David Lee McNulty, born 26 February 1967, died 25 March 2007 in Colorado

Our Remembrance
I will never forget your laugh... wonderful man, friend, brother and son

Skyler Evans, born 02 April 1987, died 17 July 2009 in Pendleton, Oregon

Our Remembrance
i miss you son and wish I had known you were in so much pain.i wish I had one more day with you and that you would have lived to meet your son.you would be so proud of him and love to watch him dance and sing at pow wows.your brother's aren't the same without you.we all miss your humor and jokes.

Bobby Dolan, born 13 August 1962, died 06 May 2013 in Texas

Our Remembrance
Loving husband and Father of 3. We weren\'t ready for you to go. We miss you every min. of every day.

Joshua Richards, born 06 March 2002, died 08 October 2014 in Weston, Wisconsin

Our Remembrance
While we lost one of our greatest gifts we are thankful he could live on though the gift of a better life for so many others via his organ donations.
The world is missing one astonishingly creative and loving person who is greatly missed each and every minute through all the lives he touched!
"Hey dad" "Yes Josh?"
4600 days or 12 years, 7 months, 3 days
Forever with us Jess, Max, Mom & Dad!
Never stop questioning!

Jayden Warren, born 20 April 1996, died 11 September 2017 in Sydney, Australia

Our Remembrance
Dear Jayden. You brought a smile to all of your friends and family. We love you dearly. Not a day goes by where we don't miss you. You were the fire in all of our hearts.

Anthony Wayne Miller, born 08 February 1982, died 10 November 2010 in Hernando, Mississippi

Our Remembrance
You left us way to soon.....Miss you everyday my precious son

Ryan Michael Manna, born 07 April 1982, died 23 June 2007 in Maryland, USA

Our Remembrance
Forever a part of me, forever in our hearts

Stacy Brown, born 06 April 1977, died 29 September 1995 in Springfield, Missouri, USA

Our Remembrance
An Amazingly Beautiful Soul

Harry Gardner Rogers, born 04 February 1923, died ** May 1958 in Deerfield, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
Harry was my father. He was a deeply loved husband, son and brother, a brilliant mathematician, a popular teaching fellow at Harvard, and a painter. But first for me, he was my father. He was dead within weeks of the taking of this picture. He walked into the Connecticut river in May; his body was found by a fisherman on Memorial Day. My mother was left a widow at 27. She kept the last clippings of his hair. My grandmother kept the buttons from his navy jacket. I look to his paintings, his letters and the tales of those who knew him, and strive for even a single memory, which never comes.
His death informed my world; an essentially unmendable thing even now that I have outlived his dying age by some twenty years. Yet I understand how it happened, for I have come so close to it myself, and have seen others pass that way since. I can never blame him for it. I am an artist, as was my mother, and all that we have created carries him and his end somewhere within it.
I considered cropping my own infant face from this photo, yet in a sense we who are left on the shore are all also aces of suicide. May there be some other, better meeting.

Ian Kevin Curtis, born 15 July 1956, died 18 May 1980 in Macclesfield, United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
Rest in sweetest peace always. You will never be forgotten.

Joe Cook, born 19 June 1937, died 18 May 2003 in Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Always and Forever in our Hearts <3

Nathan Paul Austin, born 02 November 1993, died 02 April 2012 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
Nathan, you were truly God\'s gift to us for the too-short 18 years you were here. We love you, miss you, and look forward to being with you again in Heaven.

Justin Metcalfe, born 26 February 1988, died 24 March 2007 in Washington

James Young Jr, born 16 June 1967, died 27 September 1996 in Augusta, Georgia

Our Remembrance
Beloved husband of Sandra Benson Young, Father of Stephanie,
Ashley, Jennifer and James Young, III. Be at peace.

Matthew Aaron Weaver, born 10 February 1989, died 25 February 2016 in Newton, Illinois

Our Remembrance
This is my little brother! I miss him so much everyday. He was always great to be around. No one saw this coming. Rest in peace bubbie!!! I love you.

Lucinda Marie Calvert Rykowski, born 09 January 1969, died 06 November 2012 in Billings, Montana, USA

Ogden Justen, born 10 March 1995, died 11 July 2017 in Humble, Texas

Our Remembrance
I will always love and miss you, my big brother. ❤

Obituary for Justen Glenn Ogden

SPC. Justen Glenn Ogden, 22 of Atascocita, TX passed away Tuesday, July 11th 2017. Justen was born March 10 1995 in Baytown, TX. A beautiful little boy with bright blue eyes, charming wit, and a smile that could capture any heart. He loved to goof off and have fun, always ready to pull a joke on someone. He was passionate about music and cars and loved to play the drums.

Justen started playing sports as a young child and continued playing Football, Baseball and Basketball throughout school. A 2013 graduate of Hardin High School, Justen was currently stationed at Fort Hood, TX.

He served as a Specialist in the United States Army's 61st Quartermaster Battalion.

SPC. Ogden is a certified Combat Life Saver. His awards and decorations include The Army's National Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army's Good Conduct Medal, Overseas Service Medal, and the Marksmanship Badge.

Justen is survived by his daughter Ellisyn Grace Ogden. Parents Jason and Toni Ogden, sister, Emily Ogden, and brothers, Jeremy Ogden and Justin Jones.

Grandparents Bobby and Sandy Henley of Houston, and Debbie Montgomery of Sherman, Tx and a host of family, friends and Army Buddies, that loved him.

He was proceeded in death by his grandfather Anthony Hanks, and Uncle Jim Rose.

Family meant alot to Justen , he didn't let a day pass without talking to his daughter, brother and sister. He was an excellent father, brother, son and soldier. He will be greatly missed. His absence will forever be felt by those who loved him.

Approved 2017. October 25 by Karyl.

Kenneth Bauer, born 26 October 1953, died 18 September 2015 in Michigan

Our Remembrance
Our bond was 50 years. The love we had for one another was unbreakable. He was my heart, I was his heart of hearts.
The pain is unbearable at times, never experienced this pain ever. He was in so much pain he couldn't handle it. He was so tired.

Shelley Kelley, born 03 September 1974, died 21 May 2005 in Texas, USA

Timothy Allen Schmidt, born 25 September 1967, died 25 February 2016 in Bloomington, Minnesota

Our Remembrance
Tim was a generous and kind person who fought a nearly 10 year battle with multiple sclerosis; although I wasn't ready for him to leave he has left a lasting impression on everyone who knew him and we are taking the positive memories forward in his honor. Thank you Tim for your kindness and love.

Christopher Moser, born 20 September 1991, died 13 November 2012 in Huber Heights, Ohio

Thomas Doolan III, born 14 December 1975, died 19 February 2013 in Pomona, Cailfornia, USA

Our Remembrance
He was a bright shinning star that will always be remembered with loved by many.

Randy Reed Hecox, born 07 January 1969, died 23 July 1999 in Missouri

Julia Buencamino, born 05 December 1999, died 07 July 2015 in Quezon City, Philippines

Our Remembrance
Great Filipina Actress and young role model!

Wayne Hightower, born 13 February 1966, died 02 August 2012 in Fort Worth, Texas

Our Remembrance
For all of us who knew him - and especially in the last few years - Wayne was an inspiration even at the times when he didn\'t want to be. He didn\'t want to be a hero, he just wanted to be an ordinary guy living a peaceful life with his family, but life demanded more of him.

Whether he was telling jokes, singing, teaching, talking or just listening, Wayne Hightower had an extraordinary presence that could be felt even from a distance. His circumstances challenged him to be stronger than anyone should ever need to be. He reached out to other people who were in pain and difficulty, and showed them what they could become. Even when he didn\'t see it himself, he was a light to others.

Wayne could make the people around him laugh, and feel good about themselves, even when his own world was falling apart. He always reminded each of us to cherish our loved ones, and never to take them for granted, because they could be taken from us in an instant.

He loved, and was loved by, many people. He will be greatly missed.May he be reunited beyond this life with his beloved wife Toyanne, who meant everything to him.

Krystal Baker Golden, born 4 February 1968, died 14 July 2009 in Arizona. USA

Our Remembrance
She was the light of my life. The world is a lot darker without her.

Daniel Bruce Conley, born 23 August 1984, died 03 January 2008 in Missouri

Our Remembrance
A funny, wonderful, kind hearted human being....my brave veteran. Love you always and forever..Mama

Collin Rajcevich, born 04 November 1989, died 16 September 2012 in Chicago, Illinois

Our Remembrance
Forever in our hearts...

Margaux Louise Hemingway, born 16 February 1954, died 01 July 1996 in California

Eric Byers, born 25 August 1979, died 11 September 2012 in Azle, Texas

Our Remembrance
The world is not as bright as it used to be with you here brother. I pray you found the peace you were looking for! I know you're singing with the angles now...

Steven Schwarting, born 14 April 1980, died 15 May 2008 in Mesa, Arizona

Our Remembrance
My big brother Steven was an amazing man and I miss him so much....he was loved by so many and is missed by all...our world is a bit dimmer without him in it...I love u big bro! 😇

David Babb, born 25 September 1974, died 04 March 2009 in Seattle, Washington

Our Remembrance
\"The win roars by and I feel it blow and know that I am free to go.\" Constance Witherby
took himself away
got too sad
then went away
so far, far away
Bill McGee

Pamella Mayweather, born 30 June 1949, died 16 July 2005 in Long Beach, California

Our Remembrance
Words cannot express how much I miss you. I still remember the day you passed, what a shock. I know you are in heaven because you were a devoted christian, and the sweetest mommy on earth. I miss you so much, and I wish there was a way that I could know that you were okay. We all love and miss you, but it is unbearable when I visit your grave site.I love you, and miss you forever your son, Deondre.

Katie Yael Rich, born 27 March 1996, died 23 August 2011 in San Francisco, California

Our Remembrance
To my beautiful daughter, Katie, I will never forget that you love me and don\'t you ever forget that I love you. You will always be in my heart until we meet again, my love.

Shane M. Williams, born 20 March 1979, died 04 December 2011 in Menominee, Michigan

Our Remembrance
In loving Memory of Shane M. Williams,owner and operator of New Finish Car Detail.

Matthew John Tindall, born 21 Februiary 1988, died 25 December 2013 in Iowa

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of my step son. I love and miss you with all my heart!

Jeremy Alan Secord, born 29 October 1987, died 04 October 2001 in Minnesota, USA

Jordie Murray, born 26 December 1974, died 17 March 2005 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Our Remembrance
I would like
a thousand tears
cried for you
if only the world knew
and it will take
a thousand years
to wash away
my tears for you

Lory Still, born 07 February 1972, died 18 September 2015 in Pocola, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
A loving and caring mother, grandmother, and person! Was a great woman all around and i can never tell her how much i loved her. She was my only true friend. And im sorry momma!.

Sylvia Plath, born 26 February 1965, died June 30, 2011 in California

Luke Schirmer, born 13 Janaury 1980, died 08 August 2006 in Ohio

Jason Nathaniel Case, born 15 April 1976, died 24 December 2007 in North Carolina, USA

Michael Allain, born 22 April 1965, died 19 September 2011 in Leominster, Massachusetts, USA

Billy Dehmer, born 31 July 1981, died 02 April 2016 in Oceanside, New York

Our Remembrance
What do you say about a heart of Gold
A hand for promises until you grow old

From the day you were born, you were my shining light
My protector, my friend, my phone call at night

How do I find the words for all that you've done
How do I say you were more than my son

My Billy, my best friend there will be no one like you
A soul so giving and loving are few

We are all left behind with a "forever" pain
And for me, my life without you, will never be the same. Love Your Mom

Michael Towers, born 01 February 1991, died 19 May 2014 in Warton, Carnforth, United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
We will always love you- always in our hearts xxx

Christopher Dean Samuel Allen, born 29 December 1970, died 19 February 2008 in Maryland, USA

Jonathan Allen Muffett, born 21 January 1993, died 04 February 2012 in Indiana

Our Remembrance
We all miss you so much. You will be forever in our hearts and in our thoughts. I am trying to be strong like you asked me one time. Please forgive me if it takes a lifetime to find that kind of strength. I love you my son. Love Mom

Kyle Rigby, born 01 April 1984, died 19 June 2014 in New York City, New York

Our Remembrance
I loved you my sweet little boy, your pain was too much for you we loved you , why oh why did you do this

Stan Wilson, born 24 January 1957, died 15 April 2003 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Our Remembrance

Kyle Ryan Kubachka, born 26 January 1989, died 22 November 2008 in California, USA

Brian Wayne Bibb, born 11 February 1968, died 17 June 2016 in Placerville, California

Our Remembrance
I love you, boo.

Samuel Walker, born 26 December 1986, died 23 August 2015 in Shawnee, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Miss you Sam as a son, brother, and friend.

Fariha Mahmud, born 26 April 1994, died 16 April 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Our Remembrance
Fariha my friend we will miss you alot. you were our best buddy in school. may god forgive your sins and let your soul rest in peace. from st judes international school (dhaka bangladesh) team

Brandon Beau Benavides, born 12 April 1981, died 7 April 2006 in Illinois USA

Steven Teller, born 11 November 1977, died 01 April 2016 in Wurtsboro, New York, US

Jacquelyn Jordan, born 13 January 1985, died 04 December 2000 in Warren, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Jackie was more than my sister she was my best friend my only friend nobody wanted to argue with her because she would make whoever tried laugh she was everybodys best friend.

Michael Stephen Vakula, born 13 August 1971, died 30 August 2009 in South Carolina, USA

Nicholas Purdy, born 08 February 1978, died 16 January 2016 in Galloway, New Jersey

Our Remembrance
Nick is missed by so many. He was a good son, friend, brother, and uncle.

Chad Michael Christian, born 10 July 1987, died 17 October 2016 in Seattle Washington,USA

Our Remembrance
Dearest Son
You are so missed. So very loved. So well thought of in the hearts of all those that you touched. Our lives will forever be changed without your beautiful presence.
My heart aches for you beyond words.
Love Mom

Shad Christopher Simmons, born 30 April 1974, died 08 November 2010 in Shelbyville, Indiana

Our Remembrance
Our Love is for Eternity. Miss You - Gretchen

Neil Raj Lal, born 01 November 1991, died 07 May 2012 in San Jose, California

Our Remembrance
Our GEM up in heaven. My beloved son, forever 20, forever loved, never to be forgotten.

Nathan Samuel Day, born 19 November 1978, died 24 January 2001 in Virginia, USA

Karla DeFrancesco, born 04 July 1990, died 16 April 2012 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Our Remembrance
Your joy was contagious and the world is a brighter and joyful place having had you in it.

Steven Horton, born 22 July 1974, died 02 July 2014 in Rainsville, Alabama

William Joseph Manning, born 12 October 1969, died 27 August 2007 in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, USA

Rebecca Gagliardi Von Fricken, born 23 February 1956, died 19 February 2013 in Troy, New York

Our Remembrance
"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." ~Reinhold Nieburhr

Mike Bertone, born 17 July 1970, died 21 August 2012 in New York

Our Remembrance
Mike was only 42 when he took his own life after the stress of a very tumultuous relationship was too much for him to handle. He was a vibrant gifted person, father, son, friend. It has been said: "Even in your darkest hour, there is hope, if you can only remember to turn on the light." You broke your Mom's heart, not to mention your beautiful boys. I will pray for you my friend. God bless ~Kristy

Ronald Wayne Siglar, born 22 March 1964, died 28 April 1999 in California, U. S. A.

Our Remembrance
Wayne Sigler~ 6 foot, 6 inches of laughter, love, happiness and silly-ness... he was always joking around... He suffered from a traumatic head injury for 18 years (to others who didn\\\'t know him, he seemed normal), but to his family and close friends, we knew he was suffering... trying to find his way in this mixed up world. He was poetic and kept journals, all of which we didn\\\'t see most of until after he was gone. If we could have seen some of his writings, who knows... maybe he would still be with us? But he\\\'s gone, and I miss him every single day... One day, my big brother, we will be together again. Until then, I will cry and mourn your passing. You should still be here!! I love you with my whole heart. always have...always will.

John Benjamn Schaible, born 29 August 1977, died 25 December 2013 in Clovis, California

Our Remembrance
He stopped loving her today !!!!

Gabriel Ryan Sweeney, born 28 February 1979, died 02 January 2005 in Missouri, USA

Sean Luc Birch, born 25 January 1992, died 19 March 2014 in Lakeside, California

Our Remembrance
Love you little brother. Cherish your memory always, wonder who you'd be today. Miss you

Megan Taylor Meier, born 06 November 992, died 17 October 2006 in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri

Our Remembrance
It's just so sad how people can be so cruel. We as human beings need to start caring and not judging each other. We need to show them that their not alone. I never knew her but wished i'd had though. R.I.P

Michael Robert Capristo, born 03 September 1976, died 28 February 1998 in West Winfield, New York, USA

Our Remembrance
There isn\'t a day that goes by that I don\'t think of you, Mike. I love you and miss you with all my heart and soul. May you rest in peace with our loving God. Love always, Mom

Blair Tyree Smith, born 18 April 1981, died 9 November 2001 in Indiana, USA

Our Remembrance
My sweet boy. We miss you everyday.

John F. Leskowsky, born 02 June 1973, died 07 March 2009 in Cambridge, New York

Our Remembrance
I miss you so much, uncle John. Not a day goes by when I don\'t think of you. You were completely free spirited and loving. You\'d give the shirt off your back for anyone. I wish you knew how much this affected all of us. I\'m sorry we couldn\'t be there for you more. I still regret it every day. But I know you\\\'re in a better place and I can\'t wait to see you. <3

Jonathan Michael Means, born 08 August 1986, died 14 October 2009 in Wisconsin, USA

Roger Leo Komer, born 19 April 1946, died 23 May 2006 in Michigan, USA

Henry William Krysz, born 26 August 1979, died 01 July 2008 in North Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
Also known as Hex.

Justin Douglas Clark, born 01 November 1981, died 28 October 2013 in Seattle, Washington

Jonathan Daniel Forrester, born 23 February1984, died 15 February 2012 in Michigan, USA

Our Remembrance
Jon is missed every moment of every day. We was loved and cherished by his family. His nieces and nephews adored him. Jon was kind. He cared about others. He had a great sense of humor. He was a friend to all. We will never be the same. We long for the day when our tears are wiped away forever.

Sheldon Grettner, born 29 May 1964, died 11 April 2014 in Washington

Our Remembrance
Sheldon...you were such a wonderful witty & compassionate human being. I'm sorry you let circumstances define your existence in this lifetime. Know that you are missed & loved by all that truly knew you.

Cary Lynn McClary, born 28 February 1959, died 06 July 2014 in Dallas, Texas

Our Remembrance
You will forever be in my heart, Daddy. I love and miss you so much already!

James Lee Strothoff, born 04 April 1975, died 07 September 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky

Our Remembrance
You will definitely be missed

Megan Elizabeth Huckaby, born 25 July 1975, died 24 September 2015 in Monument, Colorado

Our Remembrance
My baby sister; a beautiful person, a beautiful soul. Cancer survivor and so strong. You will always be loved and forever missed.

Lenny Cardenas, born 26 December 1962, died 28 June 2017 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Our Remembrance
Lenny Cardenas was a lawyer and his 6 kids including twin girls were his World.He passed away on my birthday June 28,2017.He was a member of the country club and I used to see him at the pool.He killed himself on my birthday June 28.He was engaged and his ex wife gave him a lot of problems.His death deeply saddened me.

Ronald Springsteen, born 17 January 1943, died 12 October 2006 in Burlington, Iowa

Louise Remmels Biechele, born 01 September 1878, died 01 February 1937 in Canton, Ohio

Our Remembrance
My maternal grandmother whom I never knew. She ended her life by drowning in a local lake in the middle of winter. I cant begin to imagine the pain and despair that she must have felt. Someday, I hope to meet her . . .

Joshua Harris, born 01 October 1983, died 07 September 2012 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
My sweet caring funny husband had secrets and demons that my love was no match for Josh and I were married a short 7 mos. prior to his death. He shared his fears with me and I tried to re-assure him that I had his back and we could deal with whatever came our way as a TEAM. Mental Illness is very real it took the love of my life way too soon (28) he was a GREAT dad to our children and will always be missed. Until we meet again Love I hope you\\\'re at peace with our two babies that didn\\\'t get to meet mommy.

Jason Ragas, born 22 May 1982, died 01 June 2013 in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey, USA

Our Remembrance
My first born Son. I miss you and love you so much. Fly free my Angel.

Lee Estabrook, born 17 July 1973, died 25 June 2003 in New York, USA

Erika Jaremko, born 26 June 1996, died 12 February 2016 in Olathe, Kansas

Our Remembrance
This is my beautiful daughter. I love you muchogrande baby girl and miss you much more.

Robert Alexander Espinola, born 27 July 1987, died 27 May 2008 in Florida, USA

Barry Galloway, born 21 August 1964, died 01 February 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky

Our Remembrance
We love & miss you Barry!

Jason Richard Palmer, born 12 August 1972, died 08 January 2003 in California, USA

Joey Kristina Foss, born 16 December 1975, died 24 December 2008 in Orlando, Orange County, Florida

Ciara Jolie Whitney, born 18 September 2000, died 28 March 2016 in Douglassville, Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
Our beautiful 15-year-old daughter was the best blessing that we were so very fortunate to have been given and so unworthy to have received. She graced our lives, and every life she touched, with light, laughter, and love. She struggled daily with depression and OCD and while she so tragically lost that battle, she fought so bravely, and won the love of many for simply being the wonderful person she was. Forever loving, forever loved, forever missed. Holding you so closely in our hearts until we meet again.

John Donaldson Muys, born 02 February 1977, died 07 February 2001 in Missouri, USA

Bryce Edward Wilkins, born 10 July 1993, died 13 October 2012 in Colorado

Our Remembrance
We miss you so much and still can\\\'t believe you\\\'re gone. Life has been so hard for everyone trying to figure out how to go on without you and why you did it. We miss you!

Bobby Blyton, born 28 November 1973, died 14 September 2014 in Nevada, U. S.

Hannah Lulay, born 30 March 1996, died 31 August 2014 in Illinois

Our Remembrance
Forever missed and loved. Fly high baby girl...Know Your Worth

Mason Ast, born 17 November 1999, died 26 June 2015 in Wichita, Kansas

Our Remembrance
I first met Mason in the fourth or fifth grade. We talked about video games all the time during lunch, played with each other during recess, and were just good friends. He had to go to a different school system soon after and we eventually stopped talking. Once I got into high school it turns out he was at the same one I was at, something was different though. I keep thinking what I could've done or said differently, but it's too late now. Rest in peace.

Michael Moore Beckwith, born 05 March 1952, died 04 January 2000 in Tennessee, USA

Stacey-Ann Grady Kawas, born 15 December 1980, died 05 May 2011 in North Carolina

Our Remembrance
Stacey I miss you everyday. My heart just breaks for your Son who is now safe in my arms, that he will never know the special person you were. I love you. Mom

Mandy Colley Adkins, born 03 May 1976, died 11 March 2006 in Tennessee, USA

Zachary Tyler Seamon, born 12 September 1977, died 08 September 2007 in Pulaski, New York

Cody Tiller, born 15 November 1992, died 29 May 2013 in Kentucky

Our Remembrance
Always in our hearts

James Brooks Hudson, born 09 September 1977, died 18 June 2013 in Charleston, South Carolina

Our Remembrance
Son, I hope that you found the peace you must have been looking for. I will never understand. But even if I knew why-the answer would never be good enough. You will never stop being loved. You will never stop being missed. I will never stop being your Mother. I will always think of you as that little guy they handed me and I fell in love with at first sight. While you wait until we meet again, watch over your little sister, and her little ones. They think of you often too. Love, Mom

Robert Joseph Quinn, born 03 August 1935, died 20 January 1990 in California

Joseph Patrick Sage, born 02 September 1975, died 18 February 2014 in Kentucky, United States Of American

Our Remembrance
Joe was a smart, talented, honorable man who loved deeply and suffered much. Wishing him the peace and healing that he was unable to find during his life.

Lauren E. Millican, born 13 September 1998, died 20 June 2011 in Arlington, Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
Lauren, we\'re thankful you are no longer in pain. Once yours ended, ours began. I wish we could go back in time to hold you, hear your wonderful laugh, see your smiling face just once more. We thank God for the 22 years we had you and wish we could have had more. The empty space in our family and the holes in our hearts is profound. Our prayers are that you have found the peace you deserved. We look forward to seeing you again. We love you forever

Jasmine Star Flores, born 16 February 2000, died 06 March 2013 in Coplay, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Gone too soon, we miss you so much Jazzy, you will NEVER be forgotten babygirl<3

Drayton Norwood, born 04 September 1971, died 05 August 2015 in Texas

Our Remembrance
My friend, Drayton, committed suicide on 5Aug2015. He was a son, brother, husband, & father in addition to being a friend to a select few of us. I don't know if he knew the depth of love that we reserved just for him but he is missed by us and we will never forget him or his funny laugh, & the brilliant blue eyes that were not able to hide the pain inside him even when he smiled.

Alexis Victoria Morris, born 15 July 1996, died 07 March 2014 in California

Our Remembrance
Lexi, I - we miss you so much. You were - no, ARE such a beautiful, kind, talented, and every-good-quality-out-there girl. I wish I looked like you, and I was a perfect as you... Lexi, I think about you every day, even though I didn't know you very well. Close in age, I looked up to you. I...I know what it's like to fight a battle against yourself...now I do. I honestly really do. Ever since you left, I've silently fought. I try to imagine you cheering me on to give me hope and telling me to keep on going and never give up. I'm trying, but it is so hard...so hard. Four times I have failed, so I'm...I'm still here, Lexi. Will you keep helping me and being there when I need it most? I am trying to keep going in your memory - I'm trying to live for you. I love you so much, Lexi, and it is not only me - it is everyone you knew - KNOW. Everyone you know will never ever forget you, because you are such a special and precious part of our lives. God loves you so much...I do, too. I miss you.

W. Michael Trant, born 27 September 1950, died 13 October 1999 in Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

David Jullienne, born 01 November 1980, died 14 August 2014 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Our Remembrance
Scattered in life as we are ....so too in eternity (D. Jullienne)

My dearest most beloved son,
Travelling the universe now
But my darling how I miss you here.
Holding you in my heart forever❤️

Nicholas Kaseno, born 31 October 1989, died 25 October 2009 in Minnesota, USA

Our Remembrance
Love you man, miss you like crazy.

Mary Elizabeth Hartman, born 23 December 1943, died 10 June 1987 in Boardman, Ohio And Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
Commonly and professionally known as Elizabeth Hartman, and also known by her nickname "Biff."

You're known mainly for "A Patch Of Blue", which I haven't seen yet, but I plan on doing so. I remember you from "The Secret of NIMH" which I watched a few times when I was little and "You're A Big Boy Now" which I watched earlier this year. You're really talented. Also, you were really hilarious in "You're A Big Boy Now", even though you played an antagonistic character in that one.

I'm really sorry that you've been through too much. I wish I could've known you, and I really wish that I could've helped you with everything. Hope you found peace.

Thanks so much for everything. Take care.

-David Ligon (a fan)

Curtis Ivins Hannum, born 06 January 1989, died 10 April 2011 in Rossville, Georgia, USA

Our Remembrance
Curtis (this hurts) My precious Nephew died 10 months ago. Life is forever painful as we miss his sweet, fun disposition so greatly. His purpose continues on and we feel that but we still miss him. Those smiling visits are all that get us through some times. I know he is with in the loving hands of God and one day we will see him there... but until then, we just have to be good for those who need, who hurt, who want to understand. Love, Ninnie

Dustin Whipkey, born 12 June 1986, died 08-May-2016 in West Allis, Wisconsin

Juan R. Vargas, born 03 March 1968, died 13 March 2016 in South Saint Paul, Minnesota

Our Remembrance
sing me to you. i love you like crazy. sing loud so i can hear you.

Nathaniel Ignatius Snyder, born 10 June 1993, died 10 December 2012 in Minnesota

Our Remembrance
I will forever love and miss you. All I ever wanted for you was happiness. Please be at peace my \"Honey Bunny\". Love you.

Christopher Allan Harvey, born 07 October 1978, died 06 April 2013 in Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Our Remembrance

A real brother from another mother. We were best mates and you were a good man. A Kid as we were, once we were warriors. The after life is where we will meet again and until then we will miss you every single day,for the rest of our lives. The hard life we really do have, alone you were that night. I wish i could have helped you my dear friend. I and the rest of the family and friends miss you every single day. What a life to take, once again my heart did break. Rest In Peace Champion.

Colleen Elizabeth Perrera, born 21 February 1962, died 14 September 2006 in Florida

Peter Nathan Holloway, born 12 August 1972, died 25 September 1998 in Nevada, USA

Anthony Wright, born 02 November 1986, died 30 June 2013 in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Our Remembrance
We miss you every second of every day AJ...we love you

Taylor Anita Raymond, born 23 April 1997, died 21 July 2014 in Lebanon, New Hampshire, US

Our Remembrance
RIP Taylor, fly with the angels now.

Richard Bukowiecki, born 27 August 1966, died 18 August 2014 in Huntington Beach, California

Our Remembrance
Richard was a quiet, but kind-hearted individual who put the service of others before himself. His untimely death sent heartfelt shockwaves through the Cerritos College Police Dept and Cerritos Community College District in which he served for 26 years. Richard, we think about and miss you daily, and wish we had just one more day to share with you. You left us all too soon.

Cecily Marie Turvey Pilkington Collins, born 14 September 1936, died 29 November 1968 in Auckland, New Zealand

Our Remembrance
I wish there was no such thing as depression because then I would have grown up with a mum. I eventually found you in other people's memories and official documents, it's not ideal but it's better than nothing I guess. You left a big, gaping ache in my life and I know you didn't mean too but you did. I guess you thought we'd be better off but we weren't. I haven't gotten over your death, I don't think I ever will even though it's been nearly 45 years but I've learned to live with it a bit better each year. Miss you much, love you more.

Leonardo Contreras, born 14 December 1984, died 16 September 2008 in Bakersfield, California, USA

Our Remembrance
My sweet Leo will always be the love of my life. He was an amazing person to be around, and always put others first. His friends remember him as the clown of the group, always joking and laughing. I remember him just as his other friends do, but i was lucky enough to know him much more then anyone else. Leo loved the outdoors, but also loved his video games :-) He found it relaxing especially when he was deployed. Leo was a wonderful father to out beautiful little girl and I know he would have done anything for her. We miss him everyday.......................I love and miss you babe

Bradley J. LeShure, born 28 July 1984, died 09 May 2003 in New York, USA

Andrea Alfieri, born 16 April 1990, died 24 Mayh 2011 in Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
Remembering my Angel for ever young.

Alan Corching, born 03 November 1947, died 28 June 2006 in Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Mark was a wonderful, caring, funny, and truly loving husband and father. He will always be missed and loved by me and his children.

Kimberly Kaye Hunter, born 05 September 1967, died 29 November 2004 in Waterford, Michigan

Our Remembrance
My beautiful daughter, you will be forever be loved and missed.

Shaye Anthony Sullins, born 21 June 1991, died 25 July 2012 in Oakton, Virginia

Our Remembrance
Our sweet son, grandson, nephew, and friend hung himself on 25 July 2012. He will be in hour hearts forever!!!

Jonathan Orlandiss Taylor, born 06 March 1973, died 08 June 2002 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
Your truest colors did not show; however, the manner in which you fought so valiantly in your torment allows me to see them clearly now. Jonathan, you\'ve shown me your rainbow. Lovingly submitted, Ma.

Ella Charlene Scott Cantwell, born 25 December 1928, died 30 December 1994 in Crescent City, California, USA

Our Remembrance
We miss you - we love you - you were far more special than you ever knew.
Sandy & Penny, your girls

Dallas Elliott, born 98 June 1990, died 21 November 2012 in Wichita, Kansas

Our Remembrance
Remembrance : We will never be able to understand fully why this happen, It has been almost 2 years since you left us. You were and always will be loved more than anything. Dad and I and your brothers will never be able to fill the hole you left in our hearts. We miss you so much.

Randy Carpenter, born 14 December 1962, died 12 March 2005 in Miles City, Montana

Our Remembrance
no more pain randy rest in peace forever your bother dan.

Scott Reed, born 01 January 1962, died 14 Janaury 2000 in Connecticut, USA

Our Remembrance
My 2 brothers! Miss and love them everyday.

Curt Rolison, born 11 November 1971, died 26 September 2017 in Nipomo, California

Our Remembrance
CURT NATHANIEL ROLISON 1971-2017 SAN LUIS OBISPO CA- PANCRIOTIC CANCER CHANGED THE CHEMICALS IN HIS BRAIN AND THE DECLINE WAS RAPID. We are hoping to get even more investigations on the links between panc. Cancer and suicide. Thank you

John Michael Jake, born 09 August 1963, died 14 September 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona

Patricia O Conner, born 26 September 1941, died 31 October 1999 in London, England

Our Remembrance
I remember my best friend walked out of the door and died and part of me passed away with you when you went. My confidant, my mentor, you gave me so much more than I ever gave you back but most of all you gave me the most precious commodity in this life your ceaseless love. All you ever wanted from me was my happiness and love nothing more than that. There is a hole in my heart that will be there for forever and a day. I miss you so much it hurts on levels I never knew I had and I have felt pain I never knew existed before you committed suicide. The amount of pain I was in is comparable to the amount of love I felt for you which was much more than I had ever imagined. But it was my greatest pleasure and privilege to have known you you were kind, loving, forgiving, generous and intelligent. I will love you as long as the universe is and with all my heart your ever loving son Tony.

Kevin LeRoy Hause, born 28 March 1965, died 12 March 2005 in Wisconsin, USA

Ron L. Wilson, born 23 November 1964, died 31 January 2017 in Nampa, Idaho, US

Our Remembrance
One of the greatest husbands, father, friend anyone could ever wish for. Sincere, loving, courageous and strong. He touched the lives of everyone who knew and loved him. He is greatly missed and will never be forgotten.

Kathryn Rose Gignac, born 04 June 1984, died 28 August 2005 in Menominee, Michigan

Our Remembrance
We wish we would have listened. We wish we would have heard you! All along, I never knew you were crying for help. You now belong to Jesus. I pray you recognize now how absolutely perfect he made you! I love and Miss you!

Misha Monce Singleton, born 24 February 1974, died 20 May 1998 in Indiana

Joseph Jackson Melville Howell, born 01 October 1971, died 17 September 2007 in New York, USA

William Turner Gibbons, Jr., born 13 July 1975, died 13 November 2006 in Texas, USA

Terry Michael Haefke, born 01 October 1964, died 10 February 2007 in Texas

Our Remembrance
He lived. He loved. He was loved and now missed by many. My husband.

Maren Somers, born 19 February 1984, died 18 June 2010 in Illinois, USA

Our Remembrance
We miss you and wish we had more time to enjoy life with you. You were a light to the world, but experienced the darkness for yourself. You brought so much joy and happiness to so many places on this planet, you will be remembered for a very long time.

Michael Murillo III, born 07 May 1996, died 04 June 2015 in Round Rock, Texas

Vaughn James Baldwin, born 25 March 1970, died 22 August 2009 in Arizona, USA

Gavin Ikaika Kalani Miguel, born 25 April 1989, died 14 April 2011 in Kauai, Hawaii

Our Remembrance

Jack Denton Reese, born 25 January 1995, died 22 April 2012 in Mountain Green, Utah

Our Remembrance
Jack was my first friend. He was kind and funny and quirky. He loved having a unique hairstyle and he loved going on adventure and laughing. He had a big smile and he loved being silly. He committed suicide because of being bullied at school and for not being like everyone. Love you Jack. Rest in paradise.

Jacob Randall Blankenship, born 09 November 1989, died 05 May 2017 in Cleveland, North Carolina

Our Remembrance
We love you Jake.

Dennis Kane, born 03 December 1996, died 15 May 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky

Our Remembrance
Mommy misses you every minute of every day. I love you!!!!

Lawrence Edward Anderson, born 19 January 1968, died 11 July 2002 in Bulger, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
I'm loving memory of Lawrence Edward Yingling Anderson who leaves behind his only son Lawrence Anderson Naill. You will be missed dearly.

Vincent Parisi, born 20 December 1999, died 12 April 2014 in Tucson, Arizona

Our Remembrance
Vinny, my son, please continue on your light path of healing. Mommy loves you very much.

Julian Benedict John Wormald, born 04 March 1980, died 30 December 2007 in England

Rebecca Lynn Birkholz, born 24 June 1971, died 13 November 2014 in Genoa Cty, Wisconsin

Rick Ranney, born 8 March 1958, died 5 November 1996 in Ontario, Canada

Regina Maria Bauman, born 13 February 1969, died 31 December 1996 in Shawnee, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Dearest Regina,
You were a lovely young soul, but left this world far too soon.
I am grateful that our paths did cross, though brief as it was.
The years pass. You are gone. I am here.
You are in my thoughts often.

Lila Jane Ashton Hoff, born 25 February 1952, died 12 February 2012 in Olivia, Minnesota, United States

Our Remembrance
Lila Jane Hoff
Loving Mother and Grandmother
Always Loved, Always Remembered

Jimmy Moss, born 10 September 1981, died 26 July 2013 in Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Jimmy was one of the sweetest and nicest guys in the world. He would do anything for you if you just asked him. Unfortunately his life began to crumble around him and we lost him too soon. He was a wonderful father and a wonderful friend.

Gerard Clooney, born 23 January 1923, died 21 May 1967 in St. Louis, Missouri

Our Remembrance
This man was my Father for 4 short years.....he also left 6 other children Fatherless....But he left our Mother destitute.....he now has 11 Grandsons and ONE Granddaughter....as of today, 12, July 2012 He has 3 Great-Granddaughters and 3 Great Grandsons.....We still miss the old coot!

Kacee Jaine Simm Smith, born 9 August 1981, died 26 October 2004 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Our Remembrance
She was born Beautiful, Special and Wonderful and is loved and missed by her Mum and Sister.

Leslie Helen Van Epps Cargill, born 12 May 1941, died 27 January 1979 in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA

Our Remembrance
Mom - picture from her late teens. Seriously Bi-Polar, got drunk, put a .357 Magnum to her head and pulled the trigger. Left behind 4 daughters - at the time of her death, one grown & married, one living with a BF, two in the \"care\" of her nasty brother and his hideously sadistic wife. Mom went through 3 divorces, had a lousily unsupportive family. She was tired of life, tired of failure, tired of being sick. Cremated, no memorial service, no cremains, nothing. Gone without a trace, except for handful of people who remember and mourn silently. I\'m her third daughter, one of the handful.

Charles Christopher Martin, born 30 December 1981, died 11 November 2011 in Arkansas

Our Remembrance
I will always love you my sweet son - to the moon and back!

David Lee Carberry, born 05 April 1966, died 16 July 1999 in Burlington, Iowa, USA

Randy Atkinson Cordell, born 16 February 1992, died 25 June 2017 in Lodi, Ohio

Our Remembrance
My first born son, my light, my heart. Life will never be the same without you in it. Words cannot express how very much you are loved and missed. Sweet dreams baby boy.

Zanoah Sales, born 02 August 1997, died 15 March 2014 in Bakersfield, California

Our Remembrance
Zanoah you are surely missed, i just hope you found the peace and the love you were so longing for.. love you always,

Brian Lee Taylor, born 17 December 1988, died 22 November 2005 in Wyoming

Arnold Dean Howerton, born 03 October 1966, died 07 June 2007 in West Virginia

Our Remembrance
Thank you for giving me our beautiful daughter. You now have a gorgeous granddaughter, Aaliyah...and a grandson who will be here in February 2013. We miss you Daddy Dink.

Tristan Hines Winkler, born 30 August 1991, died 29 September 2015 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA

Our Remembrance
To our loving and compassionate son and brother. We are grateful for the 24 years of your life and sorrowful for the toll of depression.

Ashley Marie Frawley, born 19 November 1996, died 30 August 2015 in Lynn, Massachusetts, USA

Our Remembrance
Ashley Marie Frawley, age 18, of Lynn, passed away on Sunday, August 30. She was the beloved daughter of James R. and Virginia A. (Ring) Frawley. A lifelong resident of Lynn, she was a graduate of Lynn English High School, class of 2015.

Ashley enjoyed cheerleading, swimming and playing soccer. She enjoyed spending time at the beach, and loved music. She loved animals, especially horses, and loved horseback riding. Her greatest joy came from spending time with her family and many friends.

In addition to her parents, she leaves her siblings; Denae Ramos-Pachucki and her spouse Betsey, Jeff Pachucki, and Amanda Plourde, all of Lynn, her nephew; Vincent Ramos-Pachucki, her grandfather; Ronald Shelton of Lynn; as well as many aunts, uncles, cousins and many friends whom she loved.

Dustin Cody Parker, born 29 September 1985, died 30 October 2006 in Colorado, USA

Patrick Welch J., born 26 June 1985, died 28 April 2017 in Rhineback, New York

Our Remembrance
Never thought I would be this broken over someone I only knew online. Thank you, Patrick. You were very nice to me and I sincerely appreciate that you took the time to talk with me with whatever I needed. Your suffering is now over, my friend. Rest in peace and your legacy will live on through your children.

Steven Adkison, born 08 December 1972, died 18 September 2011 in Spring, Texas

Payton Ferrari, born 22 August 1994, died 06 July 2012 in North Carolina

Our Remembrance
I`m so sorry for your pain. I wish I could have taken it away. I understand that you could not bare the burdens you faced. I live you and will never forget you my sweet boy.

Kyle Copija, born 20 December 1989, died 4 Septenber 2006 in Auburn, Georgia USA

Our Remembrance
To my precious Son, Kyle. You will always be my pride and joy. I love and miss you and can\'t wait to see you in Heaven. You are in my heart and in every prayer. Love always, Mom

Alan Bergins, born 07 December 1983, died 06 November 2009 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our Remembrance
We love and miss you with all of our heart.

Molliegh Struble, born 21 June 1994, died 10 November 2010 in Wisconsin

Our Remembrance
She was the greatest influence to keep me from taking my life, and still does today. She was the most kind and caring person that I have ever met.
She will always be in our hearts.

Ryan Richard Standridge, born 07 July 1985, died 13 February 2007 in Oregon, USA

Mariah Naimo, born 16 August 1993, died 21 March 2012 in Pennsylvania, United States

Our Remembrance
Forever missed and loved.

Tyler Reid Hawkins, born 03 July 1986, died 15 December 2006 in Liberty, Missouri, USA

Gary Lee James, born 29 March 1952, died 25 August 2010 in Bandon,Oregon

Our Remembrance
USMC Vietnam veteran. He always marched to the tune of a different drummer and that's how he went out of this life. He didn't leave any family behind but some of his friends still remember him.

Kyle Ashley Coope, born 13 May 1987, died 09 March 2008 in United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
Love and miss you every minute of every day kyle . Always and forever xxx

Jay Russell Odum, born 07 September 1969, died 21 May 1998 in Georgia, USA

Thomas Steven Burket, born 15 December 1982, died 08 September 2008 in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
My husband Thomas was a very loving and caring man, who had a Passion for taking care of animals. He enjoyed playing football, LaCrosse, spending time with our two dogs CJ and Mason and sitting talking with his sister Sara. He is missed very much by his family, he will be in our hearts forever. I love and miss you very very much mookie bear.

Michael Shoup, born 95 September 1980, died 21 July 2002 in Washington

Shannon Nicole Brinkley, born 29 December 1994, died 11 June 2009 in Ashland City, Tennessee

Shannon Kaye Massolo, born 21 April 1981, died 13 June 1996 in Reno, Nevada, USA

Our Remembrance
Shanny- We will miss you always and love you forever. Mom, Dad & Cara

Kayla M. Simonetti, born 18 May 1987, died 07 December 2006 in Pennsylvania, USA

Lauren Gill, born 02 August 1988, died 06 December 2011 in Canton, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Our dear precious sister, a beloved daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend... She made the best of her 23 short years on this planet, Getting good grades, graduating from college, staying out of trouble, working hard and being independent. She accomplished much, and she touched all of the hearts of those who were lucky enough to know her and be around her. She loved animals, scary movies, surf n turf, swimming in the pool and the ocean, she loved all forms of art, travel, she loved her family , her friends , and she loved to laugh. She suffered from depression and battled it to the very end until it made her little spirit tired. So the Angels opened the door for her and she took their hand that night in December 2011. We all miss her. Until we meet again...

Branden Richard Lee Fritz, born 01 January 1992, died 25 May 2008 in Wyoming, USA

Alan John Carlile, born 31 May 1987, died 06 June 2014 in Chesterfield, England

Our Remembrance
My beautiful baby brother, chose to become an angel xxx

Brett Ploude, born 13 September 1999, died 24 December 2015 in Taunton, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
We grew up together, I remember being in so many elementary school classes with you. We were never really friends, but I can remember how kind you were and how you cared about all of your friends so dearly. It's currently Christmas Eve, 2 years later, and we all still miss you. I hope you're enjoying Heaven. Rest in Peace.

Tyson Alvarez, born 11 April 1986, died 28 November 2007 in California

Our Remembrance
Tyson was a wonderful son. He was full of life and love until he contracted schizophrenia around 19. He suffered with this dreadful disease in loneliness and isolation for 3 years. He finally realize that he would never lead a normal life and decided to end his life. He shot himself in the head on 28 November 2007 and changed the lives of everyone who knew and loved him forever.

We will miss him forever...

You can see his wonderful story on: www.virtualmemorials.com (Tyson Alvarez)

Mikayla Marie Smith, born 07 December 1995, died 25 August 2013 in Fayette, Ohio

Jonnathan Isaac Compton, born 23 July 1978, died 20 Octocber 2008 in Des Moines, Iowa

Our Remembrance

Donald Sayre, born 15 January 1956, died 11 November 2016 in Jefferson, Iowa

Our Remembrance
I miss you daddy!

Phoebe Nora Mary Prince, born 24 November 1994, died 14 January 2010 in Bedford, England And South Hadley, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
I wish I could have helped you, but I guess that wasn't so. Bullying is cruel, and if it stopped, you never would have decided to punish yourself. I'll see you on the other side, Phoebe.

-Love from Michigan, US

Timothy Mason Hill, born 09 July 1965, died 09 September 1999 in Kingsport, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Daddy, I miss you more and more each day. I know your not hurting anymore but my heart hurts without you by my side. I hope your watching down on me smiling and proud. No one could ever take your place. You will always be my hero! Love your baby girl

Michael Webb, born 30 December 1974, died 25 May 1994 in Forest Lake, Minnesota, USA

Our Remembrance
Michael was loved by his mother, father, sister and grandparents. As a young boy, he seemed happy but as a teen his world became darker. We can never know what demons he struggled with, but our love endures to this day.

Edwin Leroy Sonnie Unger, born 27 November 1941, died 19 June 2015 in Columbiana, Ohio

Our Remembrance
My father, the strongest and bravest person I ever knew. He didn't ask for help .... he never let on that anything was wrong. Now, looking back, I see how unhappy and scared and alone he must have felt. If only I had known .... if only I could have done or said something ....

Jay Leland Johnson, born 10 September 1975, died 25 January 2004 in Minnesota

Our Remembrance
In Loving memory of a wonderful Father and Best Friend. You will always be in our hearts and never forgotten.

Steve Bradford, born 26 March 1992, died 14 March 2016 in Overland Park, Kansas

Our Remembrance
My beloved son. You were such a great artist.

Darin Pitts, born 29 September 1963, died 30 December 2007 in Gardena, California

Our Remembrance
Thank you for all the wonderful memories. You will forever be in my heart.

Justin Dixon, born 21 May 1990, died 05 September 2013 in Tallahassee, Florida

Our Remembrance
Son you are so missed, we Love you! I promise that we will let your baby girl know who you were and that you Loved her so much. Love Mom, Brandan, D, Erica and Kelsey!!

Paul Coffey, born 19 April 1971, died 28 June 2008 in New York

Our Remembrance
: Paul Coffey was a classmate of mine from Lindenhurst, NY. I was so saddened to learn of his passing. Depression and suicide is horrible. God bless Paul's soul.

Travis Lee Rodgers- Martinez, born 13 August 1992, died 20 March 2009 in Wyoming

Our Remembrance
My beautiful son, Travis, forever 16. I love and miss you more with each breath I take and I long for the day when I can be with you in Heaven and hold you in my arms.

Peter Matthew Welsh, born 05 October 1970, died 29 March 2007 in Pennsylvania

Jeanne Allison Bolte, born 25 October 1965, died 01 July 2012 in Duluth, Minnesota, United States Of America

Our Remembrance
She was a fighter for the underdog, and loved her family and friends very much. She swore like a sailor, could read two books a night, and loved animals. She is missed.

Howe Ethan, born 28 July 1999, died 13 March 2017 in Cumbria, England

Our Remembrance
i love him please dont be dead

Adam Hayles, born 30 August 1983, died 11 July 2007 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Our Remembrance
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Always & Forever, Jen xxx

Mariah Marcela Facio, born 13 July 1992, died 28 February 2008 in California, USA

Matthew Raney Brunk, born 17 October 1988, died 21 August 2007 in Turnertown, Texas

John Michael Nolan, born 25 November 1981, died 31 March 2000 in New York, USA

Cesar Paulo Dos Santos, born 31 August 1980, died 18 December 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Our Remembrance
My beautiful brother, my soul went with you when on the night of December 18, 2012 I came home and found you hanging from that rope but wanted to say that I will never forget your beautiful smile and a night before when we kiss and we said we loved kisses and ate very well soon love you forever.

Justin Wright, born 25 October 1984, died 04 November 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky

Our Remembrance
A loving son, friend and father to 6 beautiful children . An outstanding part of many peoples lives. Brought rays of sunshine to any room with his contagious laugh and smile! Part of our heart is in heaven with you!

Paul Michael Wislocki, born 01 March 1976, died 02 July 2007 in Pennsylvania & Delaware

Dennis Duwayne Paris, born 08 September 1964, died 04 May 2009 in California, USA

Gloria Branham, born 07 June 1964, died 01 September 1997 in Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
We miss you,Gloria.

Angel Mae Graham, born 17 January 1989, died 05 August 2016 in Ward, Arkansas

Our Remembrance
Sometimes I think that some souls are too beautiful & fragile for this harsh world. Angel would do anything for anyone. That's just who she was. All that she wanted was happiness of her own, and I wish with all my heart she'd given life a little bit longer to show her that it was out there waiting for her somewhere. Her smile could light up a room in an instant. Her laugh was contagious. More than anything, her love for her son was indescribable. She will be forever loved, forever remembered, and forever missed. Love you Angel. I hope you've found your peace finally.

Jon Golemon, born 24 September 1964, died 05 November 2012 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Our Remembrance
If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.

Paul Brian Cooper, born 29 August 1970, died 09 September 2012 in Kansas, United States Of America

Our Remembrance
I miss you daddy. Im sorry things ended like they did Im still angry you took sarah with you but im learning to forgive.

Don Vleming, born 01 June 1953, died 26 February 2011 in Colorado, USA

Our Remembrance
Love you bro. Hold a bar stool for me.

Anna M. Pavlina Koval Woodruff, born 08 February 1963, died 25 March 2014 in Bedford, Ohio, USA

Our Remembrance
I love and miss you. You left us way too soon. Your beautiful smile and heart will never be forgotten. You touched so many lives in your years as a registered nurse.

Gregory Tilton, born 15 December 1988, died 26 November 2009 in Columbus, Ohio

Our Remembrance
To Gregory: A great friend, son and battle buddy. Your memory will never be forgotten. It was a pleasure knowing you. Continue to look down on us and make us better people today. Thank you for the contribution to our unit as we fought again the global war on terror. 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team First Infantry Division. Operation Iraqi Freedom 2008-2009. His awards from the US. Army were the Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraqi Campaign Medal with Star, Army Service Ribbon and the Overseas Service Ribbon. RIP friend.

Russell Lane, born 03 August 1984, died 28 May 2005 in New York, USA

Craig Eugene Skaggs, born 04 February 1975, died 10 January 2008 in Missouri

Sheena Gould, born 16 June 1977, died 01 June 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona

Our Remembrance
Sheena was suffered with depression for 13 years of her life but seemed to be getting better. She was very compassionate towards others and always tried to help those who
suffered with this horrible disease.

Joshua Gaston, born 26 February 1990, died 02 September 2011 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England

Our Remembrance
The light of my life. The most kindhearted and caring person I have ever known in all of my life. You\\\'ve changed me for the best, I\\\'ll never be the way that I was before and I most certainly wont ever do the things that I used to do. I miss you so much Joshua and I love you more than anybody could ever imagine, myself and your family are SO heartbroken, we still cant come to terms with what you did. My best friend, My boyfriend... My life... May you rest for Eternal time now, Your light will never burn out. Our music that we made together keeps you alive. And in my heart you will forevermore live.

Jake Bradley, born 19 February 1999, died 17 August 2016 in Ireland

Our Remembrance
When you die, you don't get to bring friends. Which is why I'm still here, alone and crushed like a plane with no survivors. You were a big guy for me.

John Anthony Vastardis, born 22 November 1957, died 12 February 2001 in Florida

Our Remembrance
Beloved brother of Terri

Edward Michael Smith, born 03 March 1962, died 28 April 2009 in Pennsylvania, USA

Michael Benton Collins, born 03 May 1973, died 02 January 2007 in Missouri, USA

Our Remembrance
In memory of my husband. \"Till we meet again, my love...\"

Krystan Housley, born 21 January 1976, died 08 May 2010 in Palm Harbor, Florida

Shirley Ann Coffman Young, born 05 December 1957, died 08 June 2009 in Michigan, USA

Our Remembrance
My Mom...a loving Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, now my guardian angel watching over me and my family. Gracie misses you and I wish Gabe had just one memory. Your pictures are all over the house and they know who Grandma is. Gracie knows your an Angel in heaven. You are forever in our hearts, but I\\\'d give anything to talk to you once more. XOXOrnOur family has been touched by suicide far too many times (Great-Grandfather, Grandfather, Mother and Uncle). It\\\'s unthinkable-but it is real and it is extremely painful for the survivors. We need to pull together as a society and stop these tragic deaths by supporting resources that offer appropriate medical attention and educational services. AFSP does great work!

Joseph Dougherty, born 04 May 1972, died 01 January 2000 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
Always in my heart until we are together again. Missing you, Love Mom

Lance Christian Titus, born 09 March 1979, died 26 October 2006 in Ohio

Kevin Summitt, born 20 August 1983, died 11 May 2013 in Indiana

Our Remembrance
Kevin was a caring, loving, and divoted husband and father. He worked hard everyday for us. Our son was three when he passed. I wish I had known the extent of his pain. We love and and miss him every single day. He will will be my love forever.

Donnie Coke, born 16 December 1965, died 05 DSeptember 2013 in Dickinson, Texas

Our Remembrance
i will love you forever, no one can take that away from me. your wife forever

William Fader, born 17 Febuary 1955, died 19 August 2013 in North Carolina

Our Remembrance
In loving memory. Bill was my husband for many years. He left behind one daughter, one granddaughter, brother, sister, cousins and friends. Your are greatly missed and we love you.

Aaron McDonald, born 06 February 1983, died 23 June 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Our Remembrance
In memory of the most loving, handsome and sensitive man I have ever known. I miss you every day. It pains me to know we'll never see our wedding date come to fruition. I know you're with me in spirit but I long for the day that I will see you again. Until then, I know you are free. I know you are Home.

Emily Rosaline, born 12 October 1999, died 15 March 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our Remembrance
We'll never forget you, Emily. I remember the day you were born, I looked you in the eye and promised myself that I would protect you with my life. I'll never completely understand why you took your own life, but I'm still unable to come to terms with it. Every morning I wake up and the first thing I think about is making you breakfast, and the last thing I do at night is think to myself, "Did I tell Em goodnight?". I remember you had the most beautiful smile, and no matter how rough things were you always had a smile, and a giggle to go along with it. Please forgive me for any mistakes I may have made along the way. We love you so very much, Em.

Michael Bullock, born 29 June 1970, died 15 March 2000 in Greenwood, Indiana

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of my husband..miss you every day

Shawn Preston Rego, born 29 May 1988, died 22 March 2006 in New York

Our Remembrance
I lost both my ONLY son and ONLY daughter to suicide.

Timothy Weed, born 30 November 1977, died 16 September 2006 in Ohio

Linda Lee Shattuck, born 19 March 1950, died 05 August 2009 in North Carolina

Our Remembrance
\"Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling into at night. I miss you like hell.\"
Edna St. Vincent Millay, Letters, 1952

John Christopher McClain, born 24 August 1968, died 04 January 1993 in Tennessee, United States

Our Remembrance
My baby brother was so disturbed over many thing,he was in to devil worshiping,he sold his soul to the devil in order to gain a recording label,loved him so much,the final thing was he lost his girlfriend to a friend,then we was obsessed with death,and cemetaries

Curtis Richard Olinger, born 23 May 1990, died 25 January 2006 in California, USA

Our Remembrance
Your absence has gone through me
Like thread through a needle.
Everything I do is stitched with its color.

Scott Gregory, born 14 September 1960, died 14 August 2012 in North Carolina

Our Remembrance
Scott, our love is overflowing, each breath
we breathe wishes you were here.
Amazing Grace

Terry Lynn Locke, born 16 November 1971, died 03 July 2016 in Topeka, Kansas

Our Remembrance
This is my husband, Terry Lynn Locke. He was a perfect husband to me and I was/am so proud to be his wife. I will forever love and miss him. He was the one for me - the one I'd waited for all of my life. There is no other. So, until we meet again...

1LT. Brandon Ratliff, born 27 October 1972, died 18 March 2004 in Columbus, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Brandon was an Executive Officer in the Army Reserves and served a year on a front line surgical unit in Afghanistan in 2003 and 2004. When he returned home from war he found that his new promotion along with his previous position with The City of Columbus Health Department were both given to other employees. Struggling to get his job(\\\'s) back and losing the battle he also lost his will to fight any longer and committed suicide. In his own words, \"I was not prepared to come home from one battle and fight another\\\". May he rest in peace.

Jason Mark Steadman, born 23 August 1975, died 01 June 2013 in Birkenhead Merseyside, England

Our Remembrance
The gentle soul who was to good for this world, is at last in peace with his lovely, Nan.

Craig Baldridge, born 23 September 1974, died 20 April 2006 in Morehead, Kentucky

Our Remembrance
My Spirit Is Free
Don\'t Mourn For Me

Christian Ball, born 04 June 1972, died 19 August 2013 in Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Our Remembrance
On 8/19/13 Chris chose to end his life-long battle with depression. He was a remarkable young man who was a gifted artist and an accomplished mechanic. He was passionate about working on cars and bikes, as well as fishing. He was always quick with a smile, a joke, or some crazy idea that always ended with everyone laughing until their sides hurt. If a friend was sad, troubled or in need of comfort, Chris was the first one there to offer a hug, a shoulder to lean on, a compassionate ear, whatever he could do to help a friend, he was right there to do it.
His decision to end his journey, his life, came after a life long battle with depression. Although he has left us with broken hearts and with many unanswered questions, we hope and pray that he has finally found the peace that eluded him in life.

Michael Eric Hjellum, born 30 October 1988, died 28 January 2008 in Ethan, South Dakota, USA

Elizabeth Craig, born 01 April 1952, died 28 August 2015 in Kansas

Our Remembrance
Mom I miss you more and more each day. I love you more than I ever bothered to tell you and I just hope and pray that you know that. I find solace in knowing that you are not at peace and are no longer sad. Nor do you have to carry around the demons of your past that you have been carrying for years. May you rest in peace with the Lord til I see you again!

Sabrina Lea Griffith, born 14 August 1982, died 22 February 2013 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
You will always be my beautiful baby girl. Not a day goes by that I don\'t cry or think If only..... If only - I don\'t like those words. Thank you for giving me two beautiful grandchildren. They will always know how much you love them and would have stayed for them if only you could have. Never Say Goodbye I love you more than you will ever know. Love Your Liver - 4ever Mom

Eugenio L. Realubi, born 30 March 1967, died 26 July 1995 in Phillippines

Jacob Flores, born 28 May 1998, died 09 March 2015 in Meridian, Idaho

Our Remembrance
Miss you every day.

Cindy Brobst, born 29-Sept-1976, died 21-Aug-2014 in Dover, Delaware

Our Remembrance
To my dear friend Cindy - your friendship taught me how to give without judgement and to ask for help when in need. From you I learned to stand up for myself and to say no. You were my unexpected friend as I was yours. Desitny brought us together so we could learn from each other. You were my partner in crime willing to try any new adventure I threw your way. I miss our road trips, combat fitness, long talks and mostly your laugh. Loud & contagious!

Daniel Renk, born 23 July 1963, died 27 April 1993 in San Diego, California, USA

Our Remembrance
Sgt. Daniel J. Renk USMC Drill Instructor MCRD San Diego. Husband of Donna Renk and father to Nicholas Renk. His last gift was the donation of his organs for transplant. All of his major organs were harvested at UCSD medical center and recived by 7 seperate recipients.Resulting in a high school senior was able to walk at his graduation after receiving Daniels heart. A nurses sight restored after receiving one of his corneas. Construction worker his ability to breathe restored by one of Daniels lungs. A mother in Arizona a kidney recipient more time with her family. He was a marathon runner and triathlete participating in the Ironman and relays in Hawaii, Texas, Arizon a, and California. Amateur magic a hobby and passion that brought joy to his son and those around him. His absence is felt everyday and he is missed and loved still.

Garrison Thompson, born 19 December 1952, died 15 September 2000 in Missouri

Brian Gulik, born 19 June 1986, died 08 October 2012 in Illinois

Our Remembrance
Miss you and love you so much.

Jennifer Ailyne Nelson Alexander, born 03 August 1976, died 08 November 2010 in Houston, Texas, United States

Our Remembrance
Jenn: I think about you every minute of every day. Till we meet again.

Austin Tyler George Geisler, born 15 September 1994, died 11 November 2011 in Kentucky

Derek Rayburn Hawley, born 18 May 1977, died 27 June 2001 in California

Our Remembrance
We all died a bit that same day. Never to be the same. Love and miss you Derek, every second of every day!!!<3

Randal Frank Harwood. Jr., born 13 September 1961, died 27 April 2006 in Pell City, Alabama

Our Remembrance
A loving husband, father, son and friend.

Mary Ann Hodges, born 26 April 1949, died 03 December 2011 in Locus Grove, Georgia, USA

Our Remembrance

Daniel John Muhlenbrock, born 07 September 1992, died 15 May 2013 in California, USA

Our Remembrance
You will always remain in our hearts and our memories. XOXOXO

Jeremy Lane Buckalew, born 01 May 1986, died 22 January 2014 in Tyler, Texas

Our Remembrance
Jeremy you deserved better than your world gave you, your heart was pure. I hope you found peace.

Daniel Foutch, born 10 December 1984, died 16 August 2013 in Colorado

Our Remembrance
Our beloved son, Daniel Foutch.

Rachel Ehmke, born 14 July 1998, died 29 April 2012 in Minnesota

Miranda Stevenson, born 14 September 1987, died 28 April 2013 in Manitoba, Canada

Our Remembrance
My friend RIP

Donald Christopher Castillo, born 11 March 1970, died 18 August 2014 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
Donnie... Not a day goes by that you aren`t missed. We love you. My soul is incomplete...

Jack Totzke, born 09 October 1967, died 22 August 2012 in Centennial, Colorado

Our Remembrance
Jack I knew you were tortured and that you thought you were alone, but you weren\'t. I miss your laugh and your company and now there is a hole in my heart that will never be filled. I love you more than you know....as many did. May your soul be at peace now. I love you, your sis, Terri Lee

John Oakley, born 30 July 1964, died 01 November 2014 in Glenford, New York

Our Remembrance
RIP John.

Waylon Loyd, born 17 January 1994, died 24 August 2009 in Kingston, Oklahoma

Sarah Guerrero, born 21 October 1989, died 15 November 2006 in Minnesota

Our Remembrance
My beautiful baby girl, behind that beautiful smile was a sadness that you masked so well, you are no longer sad, and we miss you so much. 4ever in our hearts.

R. S. Maceo, Jr., born 17 November 1942, died 21 August 2011 in Galveston

Our Remembrance
He will forever be loved and missed. He was our Pop and will live on in the amazing memories we all shared. Love you Pop!

Elizabeth MacKenzie Dalgleish, born 17 February 1966, died 14 February 2013 in Arizona

Our Remembrance
I will never forget you, my sweet loving friend.

James David Austin, born 25 September 1919, died 03 March 1960 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
My Dad who passed on a love for black licorice, cold beer and strong cheese.

Paul David Arseneaux Kolozeti, born 14 March 1977, died 17 July 2010 in New Hampshire, USA

Our Remembrance
I miss and love yous Paul Kolozeti..
Me n My Two Izzy\'s xoxxo

Sean Thomas Clark, born 19 June 1990, died 23 September 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our Remembrance
Sean lit up any room he walked into with his big smile, personality and those beautiful blue eyes that everyone loved. He was an artistic, kind, caring, free spirit that would try anything once. You would have seen him skateboarding, playing football or baseball, bull riding, building pillow forts or even playing WWF on the trampoline, and let's not forget the crazy golf cart rides he and his brothers and cousins enjoyed. Sean's time on earth may have been short, but he will always be in our hearts; until we meet again.

Lacy Marie Tompkins, born 21 November 1987, died 15 February 2015 in Jacksboro, Texas

Our Remembrance
I wish I would have been there for you when you needed me. Thank you for all the memories. I love you and think of you often, you are missed more than you know.

Misty Ann McIntosh, born 22 December 1981, died 02 May 2001 in San Antonio, Texas

Our Remembrance
You were standin\' way too close
To see it all fall apart
And there were things you couldn\'t hear
\'Cause you were listenin\' with your heart”
-- Garth Brooks

Luis Alberto Martinez, born 20 June 1985, died 29 December 2011 in Berwyn, Ilinois

Our Remembrance
Missing you more than words can express. Love you Mom

Robert Richard Carlson, Jr., born 08 August 1962, died 10 October 2006 in Sacramento, California

Our Remembrance

Ryan Armstrong, born 30 November 1989, died 26 February 2011 in Defiance, Ohio

Our Remembrance
I will forever love and miss you my only child, you were my whole life,heart and soul.

Michael A. Schuller, born 29 January 1973, died 11 March 2014 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
Wishing you could see your boys and how they've grown! You would be so proud. Hope you found the peace you were searching for.

Brendan Dsir Dingle, born 08 September 1997, died 16 February 2017 in Austin, Texas

Our Remembrance
You are and will always be our Happy Virgo. I have been humbled by all of the kinds acts we have discovered after your passing. You are desperately missed. We love you so much! We will see you again.

Your loving Family

Christopher Williams, born 26 November 1998, died 21 October 2014 in Huntington, West Virginia

Daniel Maghakian, born 20 January 1991, died 07 February 2010 in New Hampshire, USA

Our Remembrance
My son Daniel was the sweetest young man that I will always cherish in my heart! His family loves him very much and he had many friends and we all miss him very much! His life was too short but we are fortunate to have had him in our lives. Now he is pain free and is in the home of God.

William Matthew Lawrance, born 17 May 1985, died 09 September 2011 in Indiana, USA

Our Remembrance
Of Indianapolis, passed away on September 10, 2011. He was a loving son and brother, adoring uncle, faithful partner, and gifted artist.

Laura Therese Underwood Hryhoriak, born 14 July 1976, died 12 July 2007 in Canberra, Australia

Our Remembrance
There\'s always a smile to remember you were here.

Ciannon Basher, born 22 March 1998, died 16 June 2012 in Boulder, Colorado

Our Remembrance
A beautiful heart, smile and soul. She loved unconditionally , animal or human. She was so sensitive that the humans did her in. rnI will miss her every moment of my day....forever

Darren Andrew Cross, born 12 February 1976, died 22 September 1990 in Texas, U. S. A.

Our Remembrance
We lost you too soon my precious brother. The pain is as much today as it was the day we lost you. The only consolation is that you are in God\\\'s loving arms, free and happy. Till we see you again.... Love from your family...

William Brent Allen, born 09 June 1989, died 08 May 2010 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
My beautiful son Brent, my heart is forever broken as I live day-to-day without you. I love you and miss you so incredibly much. You are always a part of my heart and soul.

Dawn Sims, born 16 September 1965, died 28 July 2016 in Danville, Kentucky

Our Remembrance
WE WISH WE COULD HAVE SEEN through your smile's that you were hurting inside we love and miss you so very much

Patrizia Mercuri, born 03 October 1966, died 08 February 2013 in Quebec, Canada

Our Remembrance
God has you in His keeping I have you in my heart. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you. I miss you so much Patty!

Jones David, born 14 May 1953, died 13 May 2016 in Portales, New Mexico

Our Remembrance
My father was a wonderful, caring and compassionate man. His life truly was to help those around him. He not only cared for his family with tender loving care but his patients as well. He is truly missed every single day!

Courtney Coin, born 28 July 1988, died 08 November 2011 in Arkansas

Our Remembrance
My Forever Angel

Ryan Jacob Roush, born 16 June 1990, died 05 February 2017 in Inola, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Ryan had the biggest smile and laugh and is missed SO much by his family and friends.

Phive Alicia Williams, born 04 April 1999, died 21 November 2014 in Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
Good bye to a beautiful girl, gone too soon. You were surrounded by love from friends and family, and still are. I hope yoy learn to love yourself wherever you are now.

Daisy Danielle Morledge, born 28 April 1984, died 18 September 2014 in Arkansas, United States

Our Remembrance
My beautiful, loving, caring, funny, selfless, smart, courageous, amazing daughter who loved and cared for so many. I will miss you forever and always.
Love, Mommy

Mariela Siri, born 13 December 1989, died 13 January 2014 in Santiago, Regin Metropolitana, Chile

Our Remembrance
we miss you so...

Joshua White, born 29 November 1990, died 18 September 2016 in Portland, Oregon

Our Remembrance
I love you my handsome man, I forgive you. I miss you.

Angel Ortiz, born 01 January 1977, died 27 December 2008 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Our Remembrance
Siempre En Mi Mente..

Sean Jeffrey Milligan, born 03 May 1967, died 05 August 1996 in California, USA

Joshua Blake Otis, born 09 June 1995, died 16 June 2014 in Lee's Summit, Missouri

Our Remembrance
The most amazing spirit I've ever known. Joshua was a kind, loving, giving person with the most amazing sense of humor and the most incredible smile. He was smart, handsome, kind, funny, and the biggest heart. Complicated Mind, Amazing Heart, Incredible Soul. ForAlways Love You Joshua Blake Bunches and Bunches.

Joe Frank Banks, born 30 October 1977, died 17 July 2001 in Kentucky

Samuel Stipe, born 30 August 1991, died 16 April 2010 in Redmond, Oregon

Our Remembrance
You made me laugh so hard man, You was truly a good friend. I miss you.

Dustin Rhodes, born 4 November 1992, died 21 December 2007 in Arkansas

Our Remembrance
One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.rnIn each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there was one only.rnThis bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints, so I said to the Lord; You promised me Lord,rnthat if I followed you, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there has only been one set of footprints in the sand. Why, when I needed you most, have you not been there for me?
The Lord replied; The years when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child, is when I carried you.
To my beautiful son who now walks with God and knows no unhappiness. I miss and love you every single day.

Jeremiah Kamailehihiokalani King, born 06 September 1978, died 31 August 2009 in Hawaii

Our Remembrance
My twin brother was my most beloved friend. He will forever be in my heart and soul. He believed all his work here on earth was done and accomplished and I believe carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. He questioned why all this war, poverty, why our beautiful grandmother was dying and suffering from cancer and leukemia and why God could let all this happen, but I believe he has made his peace with Heavenly Father and he has been welcomed into heaven with open arms, just as all suicides are. It\'s an unfortunate sickness that most times cannot be helped and I know the Lord would only deny entry if you deny him and I know these faces have not and will not deny him. I know my brother and all the other faces I see on here have all been welcomed with open arms, are at peace and have an indescribable eternal happiness.

David Michael Ressler, born 01 January 1955, died 07 August 2008 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
In memory of my dear husband and soul mate who I shared the good and the bad for 31 years. This poor man suffered from severe depression for 15 years. He was always trying and he was hospitalized several times and had many ECT treatments.

I don\\\'t know but I believe he could not live anymore. He also suffered from addiction problems. He had so much shame about this. The year he died he was hospitalized 4 times. The last hospitalization he took his life while in a psychiatric hospital inpatient. How does this happen? I always trusted the mental health system until now. The facility was not up to par in their suicide prevention. They had windows that were not appropriate for psych patients. There are other details but I will not share them here. I hope everyone who has lost someone to suicide or has a mentally ill relative is careful when they choose a hospital. I still have guilt about this. I know we can\\\'t go back but I wish I would have been more diligent on protecting him from himself in the hospital. It was the one place I did not think I had to watch him to keep him safe. The pain and grief never end.

Tasha Marie Stanley, born 25 June 1988, died 27 January 2012 in Maine, United States

Our Remembrance
Tasha Marie, You left us too soon baby girl. I know you are looking down on me and I\'m going to make you so proud of me big sis. I love you so much. You were one of the strongest people I knew and you helped me through anything and everything. I\'ll forever look up to you. Gone too soon rest in peace baby<3

Jacob Rowe, born 15 October 1984, died 30 September 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
You left home and you could never go back. You'll be forever young and you're carried in the hearts of all who knew you. I'm sorry I let you down, buddy. Your dad misses you and I know all the ladies you loved on do to. I miss you and Melvin. It's 2015, can you believe it?

Alexis Amber Stevens, born 08 March 1996, died 07 July 2010 in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi

Thomas Yacopino, born 24 January 1959, died 07 January 2015 in Babylon, New York

Our Remembrance
My brother Thomas, shot himself at our parents and
grandparents cemetery plot. He was 55 years old. He hid his depression/ pain/ mental anguish. It is 3 months since he died. He left a beautiful family, shattered.

Stephen Warren; King, born 02 August 1982, died 03 January 2013 in Tualatin, Oregon

Our Remembrance
My dear son, you are so loved and so missed.

F. Darrin Perry, born 09 April 1965, died 25 November 2004 in North Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
Talented, bright and loved by all. You are missed more than words can ever express. You brought joy and excitement to our lives always with child like wonder. You are ever in my heart. Rest easy my precious angel.

Joshua Rivas, born 24 February 1993, died 26 June 2013 in Colorado

Our Remembrance
My beloved son you are missed every day we carry you dear and near our hearts we think of you day and night , why you left us way to soon we will never understand. One day we will reunite and that day I will never let you go my baby boy.

Patricia Eaton Moran, born 20 May 1938, died 22 December 1973 in Wilmington, Delaware

Our Remembrance
...And the ones departed...their spirits reflect...through the ones who live on...Godspeed.

Jonathan Paul Cambron, born 03 August 1989, died 26 October 2014 in Buckeye, Arizona

Our Remembrance
Jonathan Paul Cambron was a loving, and caring whole hearted husband and father who truly had a heart of Gold. He will be loved and missed forever!
"God saw he was getting tired, and a cure was not to be, so he wrapped his arms around him, and whispered, "Come with Me, a golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands put to rest, his garden must be beautiful, he only takes the BEST."

Justin Kaminski, born 28 September 1990, died 18 July 2010 in Burbank, Illinois

Our Remembrance
Justin Kaminski, I love and miss you every single day. Love always mom

Gary Edward Weaser, born 29 June 1965, died 11 April 1998 in Placentia, Calfornia, USA

Our Remembrance
Gary was a loving son, brother, and father to his 11 year old son. He was the family clown,and the class clown, always had everyone laughing at his jokes. A true entertainer. But I think his jokes covered up his insecurities.
He loved children and they always responded to him. He once saved a 3 year old child from being hit by a car. As a young adult he became involved in drugs. Drugs cost him 2 wives and at the age of 32, they cost him his life.
We miss his always smiling face. And sadly, he is missing being a part of his new granddaughter's life.
Rest in peace, my son. We will meet again.

Jonathan Brush, born 6 March 1989, died 3 March 2009 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
You\'ll never know the hole you left in my heart.

Anthony James Gomez, born 16 June 1970, died 15 July 2011 in Nebraska

Our Remembrance
Remembrance : Tony was a wonderful loving father. His talents and sense of humor will always live on in those who truly new him.

Jose Rodriguez, born 26 May 1988, died 09 February 2012 in Fort Pierce, Florida

Our Remembrance

Samuel James Sharpe, born 20 November 1990, died 09 April 2012 in Hampshire, United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
Samuel miss you more with every day that passes.
You are in our thoughts every minute of every day.
Love and miss you son
Mum, Dad, Robert and Andrew xxxxxx

Margie Boutot, born 20 December 1956, died 13 December 2011 in Willimantic, Connecticut

Our Remembrance
I miss you my friend!

Zachary Evan Stayner, born 19 March 1995, died 26 November 2016 in Prospect, Ohio, USA

Our Remembrance
My beloved grandson, forever in my heart, never forgotten.

Charles Reese Johnson, born 14 November 1967, died 08 March 2012 in Missouri, United States

Our Remembrance
You left to soon,i did not expect you and your brother to leave this world so soon. I hope to be seeing the both of you soon because you have left me with a broken spirit.

Charles Baxter, born 24 January 1961, died 07 November 2011 in Minnesota, USA

Our Remembrance
To the living, I am gone. To the sorrowful, I will never return. To the angry, I was cheated.
But to the happy, I am at peace. And to the faithful, I have never left. I cannot speak, but I can listen. I cannot be seen, but I can be heard.
So as you stand upon a shore gazing at a beautiful sea, As you look upon a flower and admire its simplicity, Remember me. Remember me in your heart, Your thoughts, and your memories, Of the times we loved, The times we cried, The times we fought, The times we laughed. For if you always think of me, I will never have gone.

Stacy Glickman Winters, born 31 March 1970, died 13 May 2014 in Closter, New Jersey, USA

Our Remembrance
A troubled soul. loved by all who knew her, but incapable of loving herself because of her anorexia.

Tracy Lee Cox, born 18 October 1974, died 28 November 2004 in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Our Remembrance
I miss you more than words can ever say, you are forever my baby, forever my heart and soul. All my love, Mom

Lauren Niederer, born 12 October 1987, died 5 May 2004 in Waretown, New Jersey

Our Remembrance
My beautiful angel

James K. Thompson, born 17 May 1970, died 07 October 2005 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Our Remembrance
Love you, miss you, until we meet again my friend.

Michelle Vonzelle Lynn, born 12 March 1966, died 25 April 2010 in Eatonton, Georgia

Our Remembrance
I wish I knew the circumstances surrounding Michelle's suicide. I knew her when she was just 20 years old but have always remembered her fondly.

Martin Gene Morrison, born 17 May 1949, died 23 January 2007 in Indiana, USA

David E. Jenings, born 08 March 1959, died 10 June 2005 in Belleville, New Jersey, USA

Our Remembrance
Dave, through you I found God. As you said in your letters, we were put together through God. We knew by how we lived and loved. We loved God, we tried to live the life HE wanted us to. You were the 1 love of my life. I have your pictures around me still and think of you every single day. Wish we could have had more time together. When I heard you passed, I felt a sigh of relief, as though God put his loving arms around you and said "I will take you now". To this day I believe that. Thank you, Dave, for the best years of my life. I will always remember you. RIP Dave. I miss you.

James Dennis Bennett, born 10 September 1961, died 1 March 2010 in California, USA

Our Remembrance
Jim was loving, caring and loyal to all his family and friends. The beloved son of Ed and Nancy, treasured brother to Bill, Tom and Barbara, an awesome uncle to Michael and Dillon, a much loved nephew and cousin to his extended family, and most of all, a good and loyal friend. He was loved, and will be remembered forever.

Drew Young, born 01 December 1960, died 15 April 2012 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
I love you, Brother.

Travis Don Guyot, born 11 November 1994, died 27 October 2010 in Kansas

Our Remembrance
My Everything

Levi Bryan De Roey, born 18 May 1990, died 27 Oktober 2012 in Herselt, Angwerpen, Belgium

Dustin Jackson, born 12 January 1985, died 09 December 2016 in Winder, Georgia

Our Remembrance
Dustin is my brother. We lost him way to soon. He suffered from depression and drugs. What he did not know is he is about to be a father. Love you Dustin. He is a very kind heart person who would do anything for anyone.

Jennifer Lynn Huff Leonard, born 04 May 1987, died 16 November 2014 in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Our Remembrance
Love you sister

Ashley Niamh McCauley, born 11 April 1990, died 25 September 2003 in Ireland

Jennifer Sarah Snyder, born 14 August 1996, died 09 September 2010 in Sterling, Virginia

Our Remembrance
This was my niece Jenny . The devastation of her suicide was indescribable. She was caring , funny , great student and friend to her buds. So much potential.
If you are contemplating suicide please seek help. I see all these lost people who just gave up, when they didn't have to. 1 800 273 8255 please try.
And Jenny ....Uncle Ric LOVES YOU.

Torrey Baines, born 29 September 1992, died 06 September 2014 in Queen Creek, Arizona

Our Remembrance
Torrey will forever be in our hearts . With us always . So
very much loved !!!!

Megan Heather Stephenson, born 10 June 1983, died 12 June 1995 in Oklahoma

Matthew John Wagner, born 23 April 1984, died 29 March 2003 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
This is our beloved son Matthew. We miss him and think about him every day. Until we meet again, love Mom and Dad

Jan Marie Fairweather Curtis, born 26 February 1976, died 21 January 2016 in Abbots Langley, United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
We miss Jan so much. Her smile, her giggle, her sense of humor. A huge gaping hole has been left and we are left trying to understand why. No one can ever replace Jan, just as no one could ever replace her mother. Now they are together again at last, their bond was unbreakable, Jan simply could not go on any longer without her mum's steadying hand and guidance. We will keep them both alive in our memories. In this picture Jan was having one of the most wonderful moments of her life, sky diving. She kept saying she wanted to do it again. Now she can fly among the clouds whenever she pleases. Rest in Peace, dear Jan. You will never be really gone as long as you are never forgotten.

Kyle Strait, born 17 December 1984, died 07 October 2005 in Belleville, Kansas

Our Remembrance
Gone but not forgotten.

Anita Marie Mira, born 22 October 1992, died 04 December 2010 in Florida

Our Remembrance
We all love you and miss you more than anyone can imagine. We are thankful you are not suffering anymore and we know we will join you in the next life to be with you for all eternity. Love always from your family and friends.

Sgt. Peter Anthony Maginnis, born 2 March 1965, died 20 September 2002 in Wantagh, New York

Our Remembrance
My precious son with every breath I take, a tear falls..you will never be forgotten. You are my Forever Angel. Taken from us too soon. You are so missed every minute of the day. You were my Sunshine, my only Sunshine.

Amy Lorene Dunham, born 11 May 1978, died 05 August 2015 in Norwood, Hamilton County, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Miss you sweetheart. I will see you again Amy.

David Lyle Madril, born 25 June 1984, died 17 April 2010 in Los Angeles, California

Our Remembrance
My Dear Sonny Boy, miss you so much everyday, your always on my mind and will forever be in my heart. You will always be missed, never forgotten.
Your dad, your sister and Oscar miss you so much too. Kisses and Hugs Love Always Mom

Desire Nicole Dreyer, born 3 April 1989, died 18 January 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Desire\' was a friend to many and will be sorely missed by all she knew

Jason Scott Garber, born 28 December 1980, died 22 July 2013 in Marlboro, New Jersey, USA

Our Remembrance

Joshua Lambertson, born 16 August 1988, died 25 February 2011 in Arizona, USA

Our Remembrance
To the best son a father could have asked for...thank you for making my laugh so many times. I am so proud of the man you became. You changed many lives for the better.
I love you,
Your Old Man

Joshua Garrison Goley, born 07 July 1985, died 24 April 2011 in Canton, Georgia, USA

Our Remembrance
the best son a mother could ever ask for - forever in our hearts

Jeff Amati, born 25 December 1962, died 26 July 2012 in California, USA

Our Remembrance
Jeff is finally at peace.
I love you, my son, with all my heart.
Save a place for me in Heaven.

Anthony Fearn, born 01 March 1960, died 23 March 2006 in Australia

Our Remembrance
A Beautiful husband, brother, father and friend. ~ Also known as Tony.

Nathaniel Eugene Little, born 19 September 1975, died 13 March 2009 in Washington

Our Remembrance
My wonderful big brother. I will love and miss you always. There isn\\\'t a day that goes by that I don\\\'t think about you.

Robert George White, born 10 July 1956, died 25 June 2011 in New York, USA

Our Remembrance
He was called \"Bob\" by everyone but me, his mom. He was and will be forever \"Robert\" to me. Loving and handsome as a baby and an adult. He was a former recruit in the U.S. army which he joined because of the admiration he had for his older brother. Married and the dad of one son, David, whom he loved with more love than his father ever had for him.
He suffered terrible post surgical pain for yrs. At last he was told, after two surgeries, that all that could be done was done and that was the turning point in his life on earth. His death was all that he could see to rid himself of the physical pain that was there night and day.
I remember so many wonderful things about him as a boy and man. He finally could afford a Harley bike that was his pride and joy but because of the pain in his arthritic hands he had to give up riding it.
The church was filled to overflowing for his memorial service so there were others who had only the sweetest memories of Robert. He was so loved by all. He is forever in our hearts, tho broken as they are that there was no help for him. Until we meet on that Heavenly shore, Robert is with all our family and his friends who have gone on before. Be happy Rob, now the sadness and pain are no more and I\'ll see you soon.

Robert Edward Guerra, born 06 April 1983, died 16 September 2012 in Oklahoma

Michael Anthony Rivas, born 19 December 1989, died 04 May 2017 in La Quinta, California

Our Remembrance
Michael i will love you and miss you forever. You will never be forgotten. Your absence leaves so much sadness and emptiness in my heart. I'm so sorry your pain was unbearable. Rest In Peace my precious son

Charles John Alexander, born 12 September 1957, died 28 August 2015 in Templeton, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
You are remembered for your loving and sensitive essence. Thank you for being such a wonderful brother and sharing with me our love of music, books and so many other things that have shaped my life in such a positive way. I love you and miss you.

Rick Joseph Rypien, born 16 May 1984, died 15 August 2011 in Alberta, Canada

Our Remembrance
Forever loved and missed by family, friends, and fans. Your absence is a constant pain in our hearts. Memories will comfort us until we meet again xxoo

Alan Michael Clinch, born 05 December 1978, died 27 Janaury 2008 in New York, USA

Gary L Plank, born 03 March 1949, died 14 April 2012 in Missouri

Our Remembrance
My husband lost his fight of depression. We were married 43 years and raised 5 children and 20 grandchildren. He was a EMT-P at Salem Memorial Hospital in Salem, Mo. for 32 years.

Carlita Marie Daymon Pool, born 26 May 1957, died 14 October 2013 in Santa Barbara, California, USA

Our Remembrance
Carlita is spoken about often and thought about daily. She is greatly missed. Her undocumented decision left all of our hearts broken with so many questions that can not be answered. My faith gives hope that our souls will be joined again. Rest in peace.

Amanda Rose Wainscott, born 03 June 1985, died 21 May 2006 in Kentucky

Jeffrey A. Mott, born 27 June 1967, died 15 July 2013 in Buffalo, New York, USA

Our Remembrance
Dear Jeff, I find that as this first month approaches of you being gone...things have not gotten any easier...in fact my heart is heavier than ever without you being here sharing my days. You have become my best friend and confidant and I can\'t believe you aren\'t here with us anymore. I never thought it was possible to cry soooo many tears as I have since you\'ve been gone. I hope you can feel how much you were loved, not only by me, but by your family and friends. My heart is shattered into a million pieces and it will never be whole again. I hope that God can grant you the peace that you were seeking and release you of all your pain. I\'m so sorry that I couldn\'t help you work through things and you felt this was the only way out to release your pain. Babe I love u and will never love another as I do u!!!! Love u more..

Adrian DeMeza, born 09 December 1993, died 29 May 2012 in Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
: My Beautiful Precious Baby Boy. We had no idea. He was a good student, had been accepted into college, and wanted to be a doctor. He had tons of friends and was social and outgoing. He left no clue to anyone. I miss you and love AJ.

Shannon Lee Patten, born 19 September 1969, died 01 December 2012 in Illinois

Our Remembrance
You are Truly Missed More and More each and everyday!! Plz be with me and guide me as I raise our 4 Children . May you Rest In Peace My Love

David James Ybarra, born 05 September 1987, died 05 October 2009 in California

Our Remembrance
I miss you David. You were the most wonderful son a mother could ask for and I am so proud of you. But sad that you made this choice and didn\\\'t talk to me. Life does get better. You are in my heart and in my thoughts every minute of every day. Until we meet again. Love Mom

Amberlee Kae Murphy, born 28 June 1987, died 17 August 2009 in Texas

Our Remembrance
May angels bring you in....We love and miss you Ambee

Cody James Curth, born 16 July 1992, died 17 September 2011 in Florida

Our Remembrance
Cody had a dream to be a paramedic. He fought against so many odds to get there, and at the tender age of 18, was more than halfway. He was so smart, strong, and courageous, I am shocked at how and why he took his own life.

I miss my precious Cody so much, each day seems to get harder, not easier. The guilt of not seeing the signs and not being able to do more when he needed me most, physically depletes me.

I believe he is at peace now, and I pray to be reunited with him, when our God in Heaven resurrects all of our loved ones when Jesus returns. Our Father, Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Holy Name....

Desiree Ducharme, born 29 December 1994, died 31 July 2013 in Middleboro, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
My angel forever and always missed love you baby girl

Casaundra Brown, born 24 April 1998, died 03 March 2017 in Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
Cassie: a singer, a writer, a weirdo, a friend.

Jonathan Alan McGrath, born 31 August 1976, died 15 September 2011 in Kansas City, Kansas

Our Remembrance
You have joined mom, but I wish you were here. I love you little brother.

Wesley Tyler McKinley, born 27 July 1994, died 08 April 2011 in North Port, Florida

Our Remembrance
Wesley was a high-spirited, talented musician, artist, and had the natural ability to cheer others up and make people happy.

Nathan Pectol, born 02 March 1991, died 11 November 2012 in Roy, Utah

Our Remembrance
\"Nate” Pectol, 21, passed away Sunday, November 11, 2012.He was born March 2, 1991 in Ogden, Utah to Bill and Teri Pectol. He was raised and educated in Roy; graduating from Two Rivers High School.Nathan was a member of the Washington Heights Church.In his heart was the love and passion of music. Music was his life; writing and playing were his dreams. He learned to play the guitar and write songs by the music in his head and hands. It was part of the fabric of his being. Our son was a warrior. Everything he did was to the extreme. He played hard, fishing, hunting, wake-boarding and snowboarding; worked hard, fought hard, and loved hard. His friends were his whole life. Our talented son will be missed by so many family and friends.

Paige MacKenzie Duffield, born 27 August 1998, died 04 April 2014 in Saginaw, Michgan, United States

Our Remembrance
Paige is my 15-year old daughter. In addition to being gorgeous and brilliant, Paige had a heart of gold and was a true friend to those around her. She had a smile that could light up a whole room, and a sense of humor to match. Paige is dearly missed by her parents and two younger brothers.

Brian Jeffrey Woodard, born 09 April 1981, died 02 August 2008 in Kentucky

Our Remembrance
I miss him so much he loved his family and his friends. He is now one of the greatest angels in heaven. We miss him. We love him. We honor him. And we will never forget him.

Dante John Serna, born 22 July 1959, died 12 December 2011 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Our Remembrance
I miss him...

Laura Lee Cosby, born 11-Sep-1962, died 13-Jan-2006 in New Tazewell, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Silence is the absence of her laughter.

David Aaron Sexton, born 18 July 1983, died 07 May 2000 in Virginia

Kenneth Tolbert, born 13 May 1988, died 04 December 2015 in Merced, California

Our Remembrance
He will be missed not somedays, but everyday.

Georgiana Lynn Murray Reed, born 16 January 1970, died 30 September 2016 in Amarillo, Texas

Our Remembrance
Georgiana was a beautiful old gypsy soul that was no longer able to sustain her blackness on earth and wanted peace and happiness with the Lord. She was an Indigo Adult that needed peace and she finally found it on September 30. All of us left behind are very broken but know that she is peaceful and at the throne with the angels. I will love you forever....your cousin and your first friend.

Margaret Lucille Forsythe Lauderback Ball, born 22 December 1966, died 03 March 2011 in Indiana, USA

Our Remembrance
My best friend since the 4th grade. We called ourselves Soul Sisters! She was married and had 6 beautiful children from ages of 21 to 5.

Tiffani Jeffers, born 01 January 1987, died 24 May 2016 in Manson, Iowa

Our Remembrance
Tiffany Marie Jeffers was a mother to two beautiful young girls. She was very outgoing and the kind of person to be outside doing things. Although she was quite the tomboy and got her hands dirty, she could clean up quite well and look beautiful. She was currently attending college to obtain a degree to be an artist. drugs got in the way and took her down the wrong path where she saw the only way out was to take her own life. :(

Timothy Alan Sr. Norem, born 20 November 1957, died 17 June 1995 in Clinton, Iowa

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of my Father. You are forever in my heart.

Allen Dale Boring, Jr., born 17 February 1965, died 26 May 1997 in Indiana/USA

Our Remembrance
Allen was so warm and loving. Allen had beautiful eyes and a captivating smile.
Allen left behind 3 children, family and friends that love and miss him so much.

Joseph Caleb Anderson, born 25 July 1976, died 07 October 2016 in San Marcos, Texas

Our Remembrance
Everyone knew Caleb to be a kind person who had passion about what was important to him, such as Star Wars, gaming, rules of said gaming, anime, the renaissance faire, and good food. He liked country music, which made for interesting debate with his metalhead wife. Caleb worked for Walmart for 22 years and cared about the customers he helped. He acted with integrity and believed in doing the right thing even if it wasn't popular. He marched to the beat of his own drummer and didn't worry all the time about what others thought. He was highly intelligent and knew facts about nearly every topic ever mentioned in his presence, and was very much a perfectionist. He was a beautiful yet complicated soul who will always be missed by all his friends and family.

Jason Tylor Lee Winters, born 21 December 1988, died 30 May 2009 in Arizona, USA

Ashley Anderson, born 31 March 1976, died 20 September 2011 in West Virginia, United States

Our Remembrance
Its 4 weeks Ash, today 10/16. Being without you here is really starting to set in. You were loved \"more than you could imagine\". A lot of us are in ruins...Me, I\'m thinking mostly for the things that could have been. I never understood your pain, but I carry some of it now. You\'re still loved more than you could imagine, I don\'t know how life is going to go on without you? I guess the Good Lord had to heal your suffering in person. I hope you find peace, and that I\'ll get to see you again someday, smiling and happy. I love you. XOXOXO me...

Gerald Edmund Keen, born 19th December 1951, died 15th March 2008 in Adelaide South Australia

Our Remembrance
My beloved Fiance Keeny
Missed Forever.. Never Forgotten

Scott Pregler, born 07 September 1982, died 12 December 2001 in Iowa

Our Remembrance
when we lost you we lost more than we will ever know

Peter Lee Gonzales, born 22 September 1988, died 08 March 2007 in Texas

Our Remembrance
Forever at peace.

John Anthony Williams, born 29 October 1961, died 16 September 2014 in Murray, Utah

Marcus Heath, born 11 December 1982, died 31 January 2000 in Caanan, Vermont

Our Remembrance
My brother Marc had an infectious smile.He was warm and funny. He was the type of kids who was always there for people when they needed him.
I wish you had let us into your darkness and we could have goded you through. I would give anything to have you here today. We all miss you Marc. Our family has never been the same. I know I will see your bright smile again one day. Until then you live in the hearts of all that loved you.

James Grant Hansen, born 14 February 1972, died 05 April 2004 in Iowa, USA

Merry Jean Deen Edwards, born 30 January 1960, died 11 September 2004 in Georgia, USA

Our Remembrance
I love you mom! Miss you! Wish you could be here!

Peter Jared Slobodzian, born 14 December 1985, died 04 August 2006 in Florida

Our Remembrance
Also known as P.J.

Thomas Keith Bronston, born 22 June 1956, died 28 December 2009 in Oklahoma, United States

Our Remembrance
My brother Tom was the best man I ever knew. He was giving of himself to others, he was talented in so many ways. He is so missed by so many friends and family. I think of him daily, he will forever be in my heart.

Jessica Padilla, born 04 November 1990, died 29 August 2010 in Fontana, California

Our Remembrance
Jess, you were my best friend and sister. I wish I could have been there when you needed me the most, I'm so sorry. I love you so dearly. Until we meet again, palomita negra.

Warren Clark Merz, born 02 April 1943, died 28 November 2008 in Illinois

Our Remembrance
Remembered with love always.

Justin Perkins, born 03 June 1979, died 02 November 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Robert Dean Upson, born 16 November 1943, died 20 August 1978 in Holdrege, Nebraska

Our Remembrance
I love u daddy and miss u every day

Karen Kay Hansen Murphy, born 28 July 1959, died 22 July 2010 in Redmond, Terrabonne, Oregon

Our Remembrance
Karen touched the heart of everyone who met her.She had a special love for her family, children,and clients she worked with over the years. She left behind a wonderful legacy of caring and total selflessness. She always seemed to make the chaos of daily life seem so simple to navigate. She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, (soon to be a great grandmother) friend, sister, and daughter. We thank God for this precious gift,and are grateful for having been blessed to have had her in our lives.We will cherish her memory and miss her dearly. Always.

Amanda Rothwell, born 09 January 1987, died 09 May 2010 in Reston, Virginia

Our Remembrance
I knew Amanda in my own unique way, not even for that long of a time, and yet she changed my life. She saved my life. I knew of her struggles, she knew of mine, we spent time together sharing each others shoulder to cry on. She was a positive energy when anyone was upset and no matter what she was going through was there for you.
She\'s my shining star in Heaven. She\'s my Angel smiling down. And she\'s that for so many more. \"I\'ll be missing you.\"
I wish I had more words right now. But I\'m at a bit of a loss.
She will always be remembered.

Ronald J. Mize, Jr., born 21 June 1960, died 24 August 2011 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Ronnie, not a day goes by that I don\'t think of you. There were so many things I would have liked to say to you...goodbye and I love you would have been the most important. My only salvation is that you have peace now with dad. You will never be forgotten. I\'m proud to have been your sister.
All My Love,

Ryan Paul Freel, born 08 March 1976, died 22 December 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida

Our Remembrance
A great baseball player. He actually signed a baseball for me once.

Jonathan Gregory Brandis, born 13 April 1976, died 12 November 2003 in California, USA

Jessica Jenkins Alexander, born 21 September 1952, died 16 December 1991 in Tennessee, USA

Our Remembrance
There were more happy days than not. Your smile was contagious. Life was hard, but you always seemed to make it. One day it got too difficult and I understand. We still think of you often...you are sorely missed!

Brandon Roger Standifer, born 12 August 1983, died 10 February 2009 in Taylor, Michigan

Our Remembrance
Brandon was a fun-loving, energetic person. He loved his family very much, he was the life of every party, everyone knew when he walked into a room.

Gia Allemand, born 20 December 1983, died 14 August 2013 in Manorville, New York, United States

Our Remembrance
Beautiful souls live forever!

Robert Allen Bowen, born 11 April 1977, died 12 December 2008 in Richland, Washington

Our Remembrance
Robb. My younger brother was a kind and happy person; always laughing and playing jokes as a kid. As he grew up he got into some trouble and had issues with substance abuse and mental health problems. It was the combination of the two above-mentioned issues that led to his eventual death at the age 31 years on December 12th in 2008. In spite of his struggles he was always willing to lend a hand to those in need and loved animals, drawing, traveling and music. His infant son Vincent Allen preceded him into death a few years earlier. Robb left behind a loving family; our parents and nieces, nephews and cousins. He will always be remembered and missed but most especially in April near his birthday and in December close to the memorial date of his death.

Ronny Gray, Jr., born 12 June 1988, died 17 November 2015 in Moses Lake, Washington

Our Remembrance
Gone but never ever forgotten.

Jesse Hall, born 4 April 1985, died 30 January 1985 in Morgantown, West Virginia

Our Remembrance
Jesse was a wonderful son and brother who was loved by everyone. His favorite thing to do was ride his motorcycle in the hills of WV. He also loved video games, playing the guitar, could do almost anything on a computer. He thought of others before himself, and never thought he was good enough. He didn\'t realize how much we all loved him, and how much would miss him. He now knows eternal peace and joy in Heaven with God.

Trevor Kyle Thompson, born 05 August 1990, died 08 February 2014 in North Carolina

Our Remembrance
Time to go save lives (he was an organ donor). Semper Fi Marine. Mama loves you baby. Rest easy.

Andrew McIlvaine, born ** September 1978, died ** June 2012 in Levittown, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of Andrew David mcilvaine. An amazing father, brother, son, friend, cousin, and husband! You will be forever missed and loved. You now are finally FOEVER YOUNG. I will see you someday, I love you a always forever and ONE day! Love your wife

Steven Kenneth Pfeiffer, born 16 April 1968, died 29 December 2007 in Arizona

Darren Black, born 23 May 1973, died 20 October 2016 in London, England

Our Remembrance
You thought for what was right. But the Captain turned his back. Your sacrifice will always be remembered.

Daniel Malcolm Schaefer, born 13 May 1986, died 30 August 2014 in Aurora, Illinois

Our Remembrance
IN loving memory of our Son Daniel an inspiration to many. Always in our heart. YOUR family

Santos Titos Arturo Aguilar, born 12 May 1986, died 15 February 2012 in California, USA

Our Remembrance
Tito we love and miss you. You\'re in our thoughts always.
\"Famous Forever\" Rest in Paradise. Mommy and Daddy love you.

Justin M. Merryman, born 10 October 1986, died 21 November 2012 in Spring, Texas

Our Remembrance
A beloved son, brother, cousin and friend to all he met....Justin had talent of many and a heart of gold....
A true Texas Boy...we love and miss him more with each day that passes, Our hearts will be forever broken....but we live with the comfort that he is in Gods arms now and he will no longer hurt.
Missing you.....Much love Mom <3

Lona Williams Henderson, born 18 January 2017, died 16 October 2016 in Anglesey, North Wales, United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
My darling sweet, gentle, thoughtful, Lona. We were sisters-In-Law but also friends. Why you chose to go I will never really know. We miss you so much. I still hear your laughter and your voice. You left behind a husband of two months and two children, aged 7 and 2. I try and look after my brother, your husband but I am afraid. He will never be the same. I can only promise you that I will help care for your children as much as I am able to.
Your parents and siblings grieve for you and it breaks my heart. We will always love you, Lona. Please sleep in peace and may the angels care and love you. My heart hurts and tears fall from my eyes but it's better to have known you, and loved you rather than not know you.

Cindy Crowell, born 14 August 1968, died 31 March 1984 in Hanson, Massachusetts, USA

Our Remembrance
Beautiful sister and friend.

Ronald Scott Prince, born 12 November 1968, died 17 July 2013 in Georgia, US

Our Remembrance
Scott, You are my best friend, my soul mate. I will always love you.

Benjamin Frederick, born 18 December 1968, died 07 July 2012 in Ohio, USA

Our Remembrance
My dearest Pete,
I\'d like to thank you for all the things that always meant so much. Your loving smile, your hug, your kiss, your gentle touch. I will miss you every hour, every minute, every second, everyday. No one or anything can replace the love I have for you. You are and will always be my first LOVE. I never knew love until I met you. Pete you have my heart now and forever. RIP baby until we meet again.

Daniel Justin Heuser, born 14 April 1975, died 16 July 2007 in Arizona, USA

Todd Cole Mosman, born 10 November 1982, died 30 June 2016 in Brownwood, Texas, United States

Our Remembrance
It takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, and a day to love them, but it takes an entire lifetime to forget them. We will never forget you!

Christian Edward Mateo Godina, born 23 April 1996, died 24 November 2010 in Grand Junction, Colorado

Our Remembrance
'Til we meet again...In our hearts is where we'll keep you! Shine on Baby Boi!

Sara Michele Hone, born 25 March 1989, died 03 July 2011 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
Loving mother, daughter and sister whom is missed dearly

Hedy Dowd-Suraski, born 05 September 1975, died 08 May 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island

Our Remembrance
She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.

Kory Michael Hays, born 30 October 1983, died 21 October 2009 in Oregon, USA

Tim Murphey, born 05 October 1958, died 30 January 1995 in St John, Virgin Islands

Our Remembrance
Remembering Tim Murphey, my highschool sweetheart.
Born October of 1958
Died January of 1995
Tim was a kind, intelligent, funny guy.
He was loved by many. We lost him too soon.
I will always miss him.

Steven Reed, born 08 December 1966, died 02 November 1999 in Connecticut, USA

Our Remembrance
My 2 brothers! Miss and love them everyday.

Joanne Katrien, born 02 August 1971, died 08 March 2009 in Tehachapi, California

Our Remembrance
Miss you, little sister. Sorry that your life was so painful that you felt the need to end it. I hope you are singing with the angels now. Love, Laura

Douglas Klein, born 09 April 1974, died 11 October 2011 in Clearwater, Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
Doug, you were the bright light that came on every time anyone saw you, they just couldn\'t get enough. hope you heard some of the remarks during your funeral: he was always smiling & laughing, if you needed his help, he was always there.he never had a bad word to say about anyone. He helped everyone, asked for nothing.

If only we could know the darkness of your soul, perhaps we could have stopped you, but you wouldn\'t want to trouble anyone.

Doug, you are physically gone, never to return. The precious memories you left, will never die.

Brett Michael Gilman, born 16 April 1970, died 31 May 2005 in Ohio

Jesse Marmolejo, born 03 October 1990, died 19 March 2008 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Our Remembrance
He was the best son i could ever ask for!!! He never once raised a hand to me or said a bad thing.....he was only 17. He was the biggest giver i will ever know! The world missed out on a..... Actor/Son/Brother/Cousin/Nephew/Grandson & who knows just maybe the next one that would of made a differences in your life!

Christopher Douglas Stottlemyer, born 19 November 1970, died 26 June 2012 in Colorado

Our Remembrance
Douglas you are missed so dearly each & everyday by all who loved you; you left us way too soon that\'s for sure. However, what keeps our hearts at peace is knowing you have no more worries or pain.

If we all just had that one moment to tell you how much we love you, that one moment to hug & hold you, that one moment to let you know that everything will be ok; but that \"moment\" will have to wait until we meet again.

Please pray for all of your loved ones that you left behind & save a seat for us in Heaven ok?

Rest in peace now. <3

Austin Taylor Young, born 28 July 1995, died 01 March 2014 in Zionsville, Indiana

Our Remembrance
It was a blessing to know Austin, even if it wasn't for as long as we wanted. We love you Austin, we think of you every day man. Fly high.

Michael Finazzo, born 13 March 1960, died 19 September 2010 in Texas

Our Remembrance
Michael was my only son and we were very close. Depression sent him to a dark place which over time became unbearable for him. As much as I am so lost without him, I am comforted by the fact that he is now at peace. You will live in my heart forever Mikey.

Hannah Cline, born 19 September 2000, died 16 January 2015 in Florida

Our Remembrance
Hannah ~ Forever in our hearts

Spencer Levi Hiatt, born 02 August 1989, died 26 January 2015 in Orem, Utah

Our Remembrance
We lost a father, son, brother, uncle, and valued friend Spencer Hiatt..a very loved individual to suicide.
A Army Veteran who served in a tour in Afghanistan, lost his battle with
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
on January 26th, 2015.
Spencer`s death was very unexpected, and all those who held him dear lives, have not, and will not ever be the same.

==> My younger brother spent the majority of the day before his death at my home with myself, husband, and son. It never, ever would have occurred to me that would be the last time I would see and speak to him. I love and miss him so much.
All I can do is accept that after being in so much internal pain and anguish,
he has found peace. Whatever or Wherever that may be.

Clint Coonts, born 17 August 1965, died 01 May 2013 in Malden Missouri

Our Remembrance
A beautiful husband, father, Pawpa, uncle and brother. You left us much to soon leaving a void that can never be filled. You are loved and missed by more than you will ever know, as our hearts break at you leaving. I hope and pray you have found peace that was lost to you here.. No more pain as you were welcomed home by the creator, family and friends that went before you..Keep your eye on your family as you always did, until we meet again.. My Lil Indian, I loved you yesterday, I loved you today, I will love you forever. Always, your Lil frog.

Derek Richard Freese, born 10 August 1971, died 21 May 2008 in San Diego, California, USA

Our Remembrance
Just to look at your photo reminds me of the pain you endured in this world. This just wasn't the world for you, you suffered much here and I know you are suffering no more. I wished I could've given you the love I had for you in my heart, so you could experience what self value was. No one hated you more than you, it's such a catastrophe. You are so loved to this day by many, many people in whom you changed their lives because you were a part of it. Perhaps someday it will all get better, but until then, your sister, me, will know that you are laughing all the time now, and you are hurting no more. I love you Derek, your life has forever changed mine. I miss you more than my heart can feel.

Ashlea Ruth Doty, born 01 July 1975, died 20 January 2010 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of my one-and-only, my precious Baby Girl, 34yo. Rest in peaceful slumber, Sweetie ღஜღ

Amy Morley, born 28 March 1988, died 26 June 2007 in Arkansas, USA

Our Remembrance

Bryce Biedermann, born 24 November 1984, died 29 Auigust 2017 in Decorah, Iowa

Our Remembrance
Bryce will be missed by all those who had the pleasure of knowing him. He was a loyal & compassionate friend, a loving father, brother, & son. Gone but not forgotten!

Paull F. Churchill, born 21 July 1966, died 23 January 2006 in Salem, New Hampshire, USA

Our Remembrance
Too Soon Gone,
Forever Loved,
Even Before I Held You In My Arms,
I Held You In My Heart.
This Is Where You Began And
Where You Will Always Be.
All My Love Always,

Stephen W. Alexander, Jr., born 06 October 1979, died 15 May 1998 in Massachusetts, USA

Our Remembrance
Always on my mind, forever in our hearts.

Ken Hochman, born 30 October 1966, died 08 March 2012 in Nevada

Our Remembrance
Ken my younger brother,a son, husband, father and missed more then he would ever know, I love you.

Lydia Geralyn Becwar, born 5 March 1965, died 22 September 2008 in Iowa

Our Remembrance
Still missing you every day.

Jason Allen Barrett, born 15 July 1975, died 25 August 2009 in Minooka, Illinois

Our Remembrance
My husband, my friend my maker of dreams. Not a day goes by that you do not cross my mind. You left too soon. I love you.

Shannon Laudig, born 26 April 1986, died 10 November 2007 in LaGrange, Georgia

Our Remembrance
My Shannon was only 21 years old when she died of a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. She left behind a 4 year old autistic son.

Clint Thomas Rice, born 18 November 1981, died 27 December 2002 in Texas, USA

James Joseph Johnson, born 14 Janaury 1971, died 18 September 2004 in Missouri, United States

Our Remembrance
Things are not the same since you left. I miss you every hour every minute of every day.

Carl Jerome Craine, born 15 March 1953, died 05 September 1987 in Pickens, South Carolina

Our Remembrance
To my father: You were a good man and loving father! I'll never understand why you left but love you and miss you always! It hurts to know you never got to meet all your grand kids, to see the man your son has become or walk your daughter down the isle, but I know you're smiling down on us! Forever in our hearts!

Eric M. Meyer, born 1980, died 01 November 1999 in Georgia, USA

Jennifer DaRosa, born 05 April 1980, died 29 June 2014 in Lowell, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
Loving daughter loving mom, for ever will be missed.

Derek Orren, born 10 June 1978, died 02 November 2017 in Lakewood, Washington, USA

Our Remembrance
Rest in peace my beautiful soulmate....til we meet again. Your loving wife, Shanna

Jonathan Ryan Van Syckle, born 22 March 1996, died 11 October 2011 in Nevada, USA

Our Remembrance
Jonathan was our beloved son,funny,smart,loving,he died of suicide reason that we never will know or understand. He is missed by ever friend and every member of family. I will see you some day my sweet boy.

JaNesja Lyn'Shayi Anthony Secrest, born 03 September 1998, died 01 October 2015 in Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Just how I like to remember my daughter, her beautiful smile as it brightens my day.

Ted Alan Bowen, born 03 November 1960, died 23 July 2012 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Ted was a caring and loving person and would spend every weekend with his daughter Jenny, her husband, and grandchildren. He had a great sense of humor and loved his family.

John Winter, born 08 September 1957, died 05 April 2007 in Seminole, Florida

Eric Ian Radin, born 02 July 1975, died 19 November 2012 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
Eric - you are missed so much by your family, your best friends, your friends, your acquaintances, and anyone that had the pleasure of meeting you. You have impacted so many lives. The world is not the same without you.. you made it a better place. We will always miss your stories. We will miss hearing about all the *bests*. You are the true legend to anyone you crossed paths with. Love you now and forever - Mom, Dad, Candice, & Billy.

Jesse Short Gershman, born 22 July 1992, died 29 Octocber 2014 in British Columbia, Canada

Our Remembrance
A beautiful mind, a gentle soul, misunderstood.
Jesse we love you an infinite number of Googleplexes!

Cynthia Jane Michaels, born 28 May 1954, died 21 November 2014 in Lubbock, Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
In memory of our loving mother, grandmother & friend.

Julianne Tiffany Nelson, born 09 July 1958, died 09 November 1990 in Pasadena, California

Our Remembrance
It's been 25 years, and I miss her as much as the day she left.

Scott Logan, born 09 January 1970, died 24 February 2017 in Wayne, New Jersey, USA

Our Remembrance
My love for you was indescribable. Always on my mind. Forever in my heart.

Shari Ann Fitts, born 02 May 1974, died 01 May 1991 in New York, USA

Julianne Elizabeth Brennan Porter, born 07 April 1992, died 29 September 2016 in Port Huron, Michigan

Our Remembrance
A beautiful mother, sister, soul mate, auntie and daughter, you will never be forgotten, and this is another way for me to show the world your beautiful face, and make sure no one will ever forget it. I love you Juli and I miss you everyday. Love your baby sister forever, Rachael

Darrell Wayne Holt, born 21 January 1957, died 22 June 2005 in Indianapolis. Indiana USA

Evan Charles Garrett, born 08 December 1968, died 24 August 2011 in Cary, North Carolina

Our Remembrance
Loving you always, forgetting you never.
I will remember you forever and be thankful for the sensitive and truly kind son I was bless to have. You gave so many so much love and helped everyone you could. You took in abandoned Golden Retrievers, especially the older ones who had less chance of finding a forever home, and you loved so many of them to health and got them new loving homes. You brought love to countless families. You left a legacy of love, dear one, and so many people miss you so very much.
I\'m so glad through my tears that I was blessed to have you in my life and your sister will always love you, too.
The world is a lonelier and sadder place without you in it...it seems you were too kind, too trusting and too gentle a soul to endure the harshness you endured until you could go no further. Oh, Evan, you are loved and missed.

Tim Murry, born 23 October 1956, died 13 June 2011 in Kansas

Our Remembrance
You will be truly missed...R.I.P

Geoffrey Kee, born 24 September 1986, died 16 September 2010 in California

Our Remembrance
My journey is complete now, the tide is drifting in. My vessel moves on gentle waves, eternity begins.
We miss you son

Jason Kevin McCarthy, born 17 September 1982, died 27 April 2009 in Winter Springs, Florida

Our Remembrance
Our Simple Man...He only wanted the love of family and friends, material things in life didn\'t matter to him. In the blink of an eye..You soared like an Eagle to the heavens above. We will always love and miss you Jason...Love Mom, Dad, Missy & Heather.

Dillon Palmer, born 06 July 1995, died 07 February 2014 in Mansfield, Texas, United States

Our Remembrance
Dillon loved his family and friends. His heart was kind and vulnerable. His nieces where is world. I wish he could have felt all the out pouring of love that has been posted on his Facebook memorial page. He might have realized how much he was loved and needed by us. Whenever their was conflict, he tried to turn the situation around by singing "Why Can't We Be Friends;" while he stood in the middle, wrapped his arms around the two people and swayed. Soon, the argument was over, a group sing a long had replaced conflict. You were only 18 years old. In my dreams, I see your face and reply our last conversation that day. You are happy now, in the arms of God. Save a place for me, I'll be there soon my son.

Ellen Harris Belanger, born 4 June 1958, died 4 Octrober 2008 in California

Our Remembrance
Jesus, Take The Wheel!

Daniel William Bethke, born 24 March 1974, died 17 December 2010 in Montana

Our Remembrance
I love and miss u very much
Your loving wife
Julie K Strong-Bethke

Jordan Becker, born 31 July 1991, died 19 January 2014 in Blair, Nebraska, USA

Our Remembrance
Jordan was one of the lights of my life and will be missed forever.

Marta O'Conner, born 02 May 1986, died 10 Dec 2016 in Beaufort, South Carolina

Our Remembrance
A mother who loved her children with all her might. She suffered with bipolar depression and PTSD but even with that she looked unto her children as her bright light. She left behind three beautiful images of herself. Will always be remembered. If there is ever anyone who come across her picture just know that her heart was selfless and her devotion pure. She had no family other than her babies and yet she smiled. They were all encompassing to her- will be missed. I MISS embracing the living days but never shall the memories be forgotten. She served our country and honorable completed her time in the Marine Corps. She was one to love so deeply. Love was her ultimate undoing :'(. It is in the after math that those who truly loved her show. May her beauty glow, let her heart now be fulfilled, her spirit gain its heavenly wings, and her memory live on. I wish now that the flowers had came in life instead :'( Her favorite quote "Take the good, Leave behind the bad, and accept the ugly (of life)" ~Zully

Joshua James Treichler, born 10 June 1983, died 12 October 2000 in Indiana

Cem Buldanlioglu, born 21 November 1987, died 16 April 2009 in Izmir, Turkey

Our Remembrance
My dear, beloved son

Thomas Joseph Pierre, born 13 October 1958, died 13 December 2006 in Massachusetts

Joshua Michael Jones, born 12 December 1976, died 03 May 2015 in Lincoln, California

Angelica Ariel Ledesma, born 09 February 1978, died 25 January 1999 in New York, USA

Robert John Munoz, born 08 September 1987, died 16 March 2010 in Violet, Louisiana

Our Remembrance
Robert, I love and miss you so much, Love Mom

Kristopher Huffman, born 21 April 1983, died 27 January 2011 in Greenville, Illinois, USA

Our Remembrance
Highly respected, selfless, righteous, caring, courageous, authentic, and one of a kind. Kris left behind many friends and family who loved him dearly. May his beloved son grow up to be the kind of man his father was destined to become. We never knew his pain and sorrows because he was always spreading cheer to others. May his soul find eternal comfort and peace in eternity. We love you and miss you every single day.

Michael Glenn Avery, born 25 April 1949, died 05 April 2002 in California, USA

Stephen Samuel Quaid, born 13 January 1982, died 27 May 2010 in Riverside, California, United States

Our Remembrance
This is my precious baby boy, Stephen Samuel Quaid. He was 28 when the pain of leaving outweighed the pain of staying in this world, and he took his life. There is not a day that goes by that I will not hear his laughter, feel the warmth of him in my arms, smell the smell of him, or hear him say, I love you, Mama. I am trying to survive until I cross over to the Other Side, and, once more, I will hear,smell, and feel him in my arms and I will, once, again, feel the joy and it will be as if no time had passed. His pain is over, mine still goes on...

Dara Diann Daniels Williams, born 13 January 1977, died 05 January 2013 in Brookhaven, Mississippi

Our Remembrance
A beautiful person inside and out. She tried so hard, but just couldn't Continue living without her sweet baby boy, Dylan, who was murdered at 8 yrs old. They are both dearly missed.

Corinne Celice Wilson, born 30 September 1991, died 06 October 2004 in Texas

Cory Allen McMillan, born 24 January 1974, died 17 March 2004 in Paulding, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Gone but never forgotten,may you be at peace in heaven. You are missed daily by your mom and dad,sisters,daughter,nieces and friends

Randy Barham, born 20 January 1962, died 27 May 2017 in Reidsville, North Carolina

Our Remembrance

Approved 2017. December 2 by Karyl.

William Hoyt, born 22 September 1989, died 18 March 2011 in Corning, New York

Our Remembrance

We will miss you every single day. A beloved son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend. I still question if there was anything I could have done to help. You're free from your pain and I hope to be reunited with you again one day. We love you so much.

Stewart Guy Catanzariti, born 28 June 1950, died 18 August 2014 in Chino Valley, Arizona

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of my uncle.

Gerard C. Ballotta, born 25 September 1958, died 06 November 2004 in Florida, USA

Heather Elizabeth Applewhite, born 18 September 1990, died 23 August 2011 in Virginia, USA

Our Remembrance
My precious daughter, an exquisite creature, my heart.

Wade Charles Smith, born 11 August 1976, died 25 May 2006 in South Dakota, USA

Luis Antonio Alicea, born 17 April 1950, died 14 April 2006 in New York, USA

Our Remembrance
In Loving Memory of Luis Antonio Alicea

David Craig Harper, born 17 October 1963, died 25 August 2001 in Kansas

Graham Clarke, born 31 December 1992, died 18 August 2010 in Barrington, Illinois

Our Remembrance
Graham was a wonderful guy who could always put a smile on someones face and was willing to help someone out if they needed it. He is missed every day and will never be forgotten, we love you graham <3

Mary Lee Raynor Hudson, born 03January 1931, died 10 August 2002 in Rose Hill, North Carolina

Owen Henderson, born 11 June 1970, died 05 March 2017 in Denton, Texas

Shelley Johnson, born 20 February 1953, died 31December 2015 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
You were stronger than you let your self believe. We couldn't save you. The pain you left behind rips apart my gut everyday. I loved you so much mom. I miss you so much mom. It's still hard for me to wrap my head around it. I accept it and I know you are at peace and not struggling with the demons anymore. Forever my mommy you will be.

Jonathan Allen Russell, born 22 January 1997, died 27 January 2012 in Georgia, United States

Our Remembrance
RIP to an amazing son, brother, and friend, who left us far too soon.

Augustine Andrew Leonard, born 12 December 1980, died 22 March 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Our Remembrance
My Dear Son Andrew it's now 03/20/15 and in just a couple of days (22nd) it will be 5 years since you left us. Heart still mourns for you. Love you Son, and I miss you with every beat of my heart. If it is possible please be with your kids and Brother they are Lost too.

Kelly Toombs, born 10 February 1980, died 14 October 2012 in Sprague, Washington

Our Remembrance

Earl Boen, born 26 November 1948, died 27July 2010 in Garfield, Arkansas, United States

Our Remembrance
I miss you so much, Daddy! It's hard to believe it's been almost 6 1/2 years. You would be so proud of Nick. And I know you'd love the 2 granddaughters you never got to meet. We all love & miss you. Love~Melissa

Vickie Diane Kelley, born 02 February 1954, died 24 July 2005 in Duck River, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
My mother was a kind-hearted and generous person who always put her family and friends before herself. She is thought of and missed everyday by those who knew and loved her. She will forever be a part of all that we do if only in memory.

Michael Lee Hammond, born 02 October 1978, died 01 April 1998 in Maryland USA

Ernest Hemingway, born 21 July 1899, died 02 July 1961 in Illinois And Idaho

Cecil Mayberry III, born 15 January 1983, died 02 November 2001 in Virginia, USA

Our Remembrance
Much loved son, brother and uncle.

Randy John Chadbolt, born 10 August 1972, died 18 December 2006 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
You\'re in the arms of an angel, may you find some comfort there.

Joseph Anthony Martinsen, born 12 December 1987, died 04 December 2014 in Missouri, USA

Our Remembrance
My beautiful son, I Love and Miss you so very much.

Jackie Vaughn Rhodes, born 09 December 1935, died 05 December 2010 in Bridgeport, Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
My dad was not a perfect father but he was an excellent provider and loved each of us in his own quiet way. My dad was a true cowboy worked on farms and ranches at an early age and he remained a cowboy for the rest of his life. He loved me despite all the numerous poor choices I made. My dad was never able to absolve himself of guilt and grief after my older brother chose to take his own life at the age of 12. For many many years my father drank his guilt away and watched our family fall apart over our own grief. After my father ended his life I found information that devastated me and when I questioned another family member and they confirmed it was true, I lost it. Not because of what he did but that other family members were given an opportunity to speak their mind and voiced their disappointment to him. If I was given that opportunity I would have said: \\\"Dad, although I am deeply disappointed in the choices you made, I do not support the choice BUT my love
for you has not wavered and I will support you even though I don\\\'t condone your behavior.\\\"

Donald Belanger, born 31 March 1953, died 03 March 2009 in Arizona

Our Remembrance
Jesus, Take The Wheel!

Toms Cortest, born 30 January 1991, died 15 May 2006 in Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Toms lives on in our hearts. He loved poetry, music, playing the trumpet, playing basketball, reading, writing, the color pink, nature, his six year old niece, his five siblings, and his friends. He was bullied and beaten up and his heart was broken by a girl named Destiny and his friends that had abandoned him. He had two weeks of eighth grade left but could not go on. We will love him until our last breath.

Patricia La Plant, born 03 March 1963, died 11 February 2008 in Arizona

Our Remembrance
My mother, my world..... You continue to be my rock even in your absence. I can hear your laughter and still feel your touch. I love you momma,!inknownyoure at peace now.

Jordan Rene Edinger, born 07 October 1993, died 26 March 2011 in Erie, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Remembering you is easy, we do it everyday.
Missing you is the heartache that never goes away.

Joshua Glenn Barber, born 30 April 1979, died 02 January 2017 in Longview, Washington, USA

Our Remembrance
My beautiful Lowrider79 You are missed and loved more than you could have ever imagined. May you be at piece and watch over us all. I am counting the days until we are together again.Hearts are broken .You always made us laugh with your silliness. W.M.will never be the same.

Chris Mackinnon, born 21 May 1990, died 15 November 2014 in Whitney, Oxfordshire, England

Our Remembrance
You were my only son,
My future, my world, my dreams, were all tied up with your future.
I go on without you, with pain in my heart, and try to remember how wonderful you were.

Benjamin Allen Onstott, born 11 August 1992, died 06 November 2008 in Kentucky, USA

Julia Erin Holleman, born 27 March 1979, died 05 December 2015 in Henniker, New Hampshire

Matthew Flaherty, born 3 July 1969, died 8 April 1999 in Redmond, Washington

Our Remembrance
We all love and miss you, Matthew

Jonathan Hershey Beck, born 01 October 1976, died 12 October 2011 in Oveido, Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
I miss you baby brother - you took part of me with you last month.

Donald John Pantlin, born 09 May 1947, died 16 January 2012 in Minnesota, USA

Our Remembrance
I love you daddy. I hope you are proud of all that I am becoming. You are a grandpa now. I promise your grandson will know what a wonderful man you were.rnrnButterfly kisses,rnyour little girl.

Joshua Williams, born 27 November 1978, died 16 March 2004 in California

Our Remembrance
A bright college student with a bright future, and SSRI prescribed medication destroyed it all. Josh loved the Lord and followed his commandments. Many were touched by his life.

Liam James Thompson, born 10 June 1989, died 25 February 2009 in Canada

Wendy Lynne Sunderlin, born 18 June 1977, died 12 November 1996 in Ohio, USA

Michael Earl Dearman, born 07 November 1952, died 07 May 2014 in Arkansas

Our Remembrance
I wish had said I love you when I had the chance.

Donald Odekirk, born 11 February 1963, died 11 April 2014 in Reseda, California, USA

Our Remembrance
"Big Brother" You were so loved and absolutely respected by anyone who knew you. I adored you and ALWAYS will. If you only knew how much your family and friends needed your beautiful heart and that contagious laugh that the angels are so lucky to have, you might have stayed. All My Love Always Rest in peace MISS YOU EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, Love, Your Little Sister Theresa

Lamont Francis Murphy, born 11 August 1996, died 09 August 2015 in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

Our Remembrance
You are so missed, beloved son

Martin Alan Birdsong, born 27 June 1970, died 17 May 2011 in Alabama, United States

Our Remembrance
Marty was a brilliant drummer, talented artist, clever, funny, and loving man. He was adored by his family including his mother, daughter, sisters, nieces, and me. He was the calmest, kindest, most helpful person I have ever known. He lit up our world with a radiance that out-shined the sun. A rock when the storms of the world threatened to overcome. He loved beyond anything that I have ever known before. His practical jokes made every minute of every day so happy and joyful. He is missed by all who knew him. He is loved and kept forever in our hearts until we see him again one day.

Kristen Schon, born 02 March 1991, died 23 November 2011 in California

Our Remembrance
My beautiful daughter you grew into such a loving caring young woman with a very big heart, a positive attitude and compassion for those that had no voice. You have no idea how infectious your personality was to so many people, they just couldn\'t get enough of you. We still can\'t get enough of you. You didn\'t realize how you would light up a room just by walking into it and how bright your smile was. I\'ve had so many people approach me that didn\'t even know you very well tell me how you made a difference in their world when it mattered the most and when they needed it the most and you didn\'t even know it. So many people have thanked me for bringing you into this world. You truly were a remarkable young woman who made this life so fun and happy for so many people. You are loved by many, many people and missed by all whose life you touched. I know you tried so hard to not take your own life and the person you sought help from and who should have at least notified me did nothing to stop you, nothing. I just wish you would have told me how you were feeling. After all, we were best friends and that is what best friends do, help one another, rely on each other and tell each other everything. I love you so much beautiful daughter and I miss you more than words can say. xoxoxo \"Mommy\"

Steven Michael Hill, born 20 January 1951, died 02 October 1988 in Michigan, USA

Our Remembrance
This was my father--who left me at a very early age. He struggled with psychiatric illness--a pain that I also know all too well.

Cordarrell Robert Abbott, born 19 November 1990, died 24 September 2009 in Neoga, Illinois

Our Remembrance
Though you carried the world on your sholders for so many years it became to much for you. On Sept 24,2009 you left behind 2 sisters, a niece and 2 loving parents that desperately tried to help you fit into this judgmental world that could NOT accept you, and now a large family and friends from all walks of life will be for ever changed by knowing you. I love you. Thank you for 18 yrs of your life.
Love Mommy

Douglas Francis Dinsmore, born 25 October 1957, died 08 August 2015 in Ontario, New York, USA

Our Remembrance
The Greatest Father & PaPa I know. He is missed & will continued to be missed, we love you Dad and are always in my thoughts, talked about daily, and loved so much, wish you were still here with us but,....I LOVE & MISS YOU OLD MAN UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN PLEASE WATCH OVER US AND THE KIDS I MISS YOU MY BEST FRIEND PLEASE RIP & SIP
Your Baby Girl Leslie

Christopher Pereida, born 31 August 1980, died 31 August 2000 in Texas

Our Remembrance
You will live forever in my broken heart ^Christopher^!!! My Child - My Angel - MY HEART!!!

Isaac Tao CHi Kelly, born 26 April 1986, died 06 November 2010 in Houston, Texas

Our Remembrance
My Son, Isaac. He had a heart of gold. Was very understanding towards others and was dependable about helping any one out. He would listen, advice, listen, listen. He was highly intelligent, but he tried NOT to show it. He was not only my son, he was my friend. I love him and miss him so much. part of my heart was torn out when he left this world. I love you Isaac, always will.

William Fred Bowen, born 16 January 1924, died 27 October 1960 in Columbus, Ohio

Our Remembrance
A great Guy, Outdoorsman, Deputy Sheriff, Husband and Father of 5.

Jeffrey Alan Nies, born 08 October 1979, died 25 November 2010 in Florida - Michigan

Our Remembrance
May we somehow help prevent another family from suffering such preventable pain. Someday it will all make sense, I promise.

Joshua Marks, born 28 April 1987, died 11 October 2013 in Chicago, Illinois

Our Remembrance
An awesome cook. My prayers go out to his family.

Shawn John Edward Curthoys Collum, born 15 May 1971, died 12 August 2010 in Phoenix. Arizona, USA

Our Remembrance
my first born child,Shawn john-edward collum-curthoys..hung himself after I left one morning, on my bedroom door....WHY? I will never know...but my heart broke forever he was my buddy,friend,and loving son I will miss so much....

Lacie Helms, born 24 July 1993, died 20 November 2016 in Blacksburg, Virginia

Our Remembrance
Lacie was a beautiful soul, amazing inside and out she meant so much to so many people and she will be missed forever.

Fatima Larios, born 28 August 1995, died 31 January 2015 in Monterey, California

Our Remembrance
Fatima you will be missed by all your loving friends and family

Joseph Donohue, born 19 April 1994, died 11February 2016 in Ridley, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
22 A Day. Until Valhalla.

Leon Lewis, born 29 September 1982, died 29 November 2009 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
Missing you with my whole heart and soul. I lost a huge part of myself when you left. R.I.P. baby brother.

James Houp, born 19 January 1971, died 04 May 2014 in Wilmore, Kentucky

Ronald Joseph Murray, born 10 June 1975, died 13 September 2006 in Eugene, Oregon

Our Remembrance
Loving husband and father of 2. Friend to all and the life of the party. We miss you so much.

Steven John Gonzales, born 27 November 1971, died 14 November 2012 in Oregon

Our Remembrance
It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn't go alone,part of us went with you,
the day God called you home. Not gone, just gone ahead.

A. J. Quinly, born 20 November 1984, died 04 August 2011 in Ridgecrest, California

Our Remembrance
AJ was a very artistic and spiritual soul. He loved to travel and would often leave with only what he could carry on his back. In life he was fearless and would often step far outside of his comfort zone. He is survived by his parents, 2 sisters, 4 nieces and nephews, and many, many friends.

Grimmett JohnThomas, born 25 August 1970, died 26 December 1988 in Doniphan, Missouri

Our Remembrance
The pain of him leaving us gets easier to deal with after timernBut the questions always remainrnJohn and I were very close

Abby Robidoux, born 15 February 1998, died 26 February 2015 in Marango, Iowa

Our Remembrance
My sister was the best sister I could of ever asked for. She was a good artist, and made everyone laugh for days. I could never replace a sister like my sister Abby. We had nicknames picked for each other. She used to call me brat and I always called her Nerd. She was kind-hearted, lovable, caring, trustworthy, smart and funny sister. I can�t imagine my life without her here. I love you forever sissy.

Raymond Paul Houston, born 03 January 1949, died 14 September 1979 in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of Raymond Paul Houston

Brandon Harrell, born 15 March 1984, died 27 May 2014 in Livingston, Louisiana

Our Remembrance
Forever my angel, my best friend. I miss you everyday but I know you are free of your demons. Until we meet again.

Mark Schwab, born 20 April 1968, died 30 June 2016 in Northbridge, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
I love you Dad and I would give anything just to hug you one more time. I think about you everyday and hope you are finally at peace. I'm lost and alone without you and only you undrstand why. "You and me against the world."

David Warren Mockerman, born 11 April 1979, died 25 April 2014 in Ohio, United States

Our Remembrance
David was a loving , caring, husband , father, son, and brother. He suffered for many years with bi-polar disease and schizophrenia. David is loved and missed always and forever. Rest in peace my dear child.

Jason Horne, born 29 April 1983, died 08 June 2004 in Colorado, USA

Our Remembrance
Remembrance : A sweet son and brother, a loyal friend, Jason there will never be another soul who lights up our world the way you did. When you left us, your light went out of our lives. Not a day goes by that you are not missed, remembered, and loved.

Darren Humphrey, born 15 December 1978, died 31 August 1998 in Watford, England, UK

Our Remembrance
May your spirit continue to fly ... on, on into the great blue yonder

Patrick T. Caughhorn, born 06 October 1966, died 20 November 1999 in Toledo, Ohio

Our Remembrance
I never thought I would have to walk thru life without you by my side, but know you are in my heart and mind every hour of every day. Until that day we meet again. Love you always.

Robert Vega, born 22 July 1993, died 19 June 2013 in Houston, Texas

Our Remembrance
Robert was the most loving and sweetest person in the world. He was a good listener and always very affectionate with his loved ones. He would give the funnest compliments and the warmest randomest hugs. He truly was an amazing brother and son. He had the biggest heart of anyone I ever met, truly accepting of everyone and never one to judge. He is deeply missed.

Austin Bisel Tims, born 11 November 1992, died 27 September 2011 in Utah, USA

Our Remembrance
My you find peace and love..You are missed.

Stephen Douglas Wilson, born 14 May 1962, died 27 November 2013 in Austin, Texas, U. S. A.

Our Remembrance
Stephen Wilson was my first real love and true friend. He will never be forgotten

Robert Wayne Pickering, Jr., born 24 October 1977, died 09 April 2016 in Wesson, Mississippi

Our Remembrance
This was my oldest son. He was always ready to help others, give his last dollar and shirt off his back. I have no idea what happen. He left a wife and 3 children. We live and miss him so much.

Kyle Patterson, born 18 November 1989, died 22 November 2010 in Memphis, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Kyle was a an awesome brother, friend and son. His fun loving, free spirit will live on in our hearts forever. Kyle, we are so sorry you carried such heavy burdens. We miss you so much &will never forget you.

Gershwin Philand, born 16 May 1988, died 23 March 2008 in Cape Town, South Africa

Our Remembrance
In memory of Our Beloved son and Brother, Time may close the book of grief, but memories we will never forgot. Till we meet again.

Joseph R. Blackman, born 17 March 1967, died 08 March 2008 in New York, USA

Douglas Norem, born 12 May 1937, died 28 August 1960 in Clinton, Iowa

Our Remembrance
I never got a chance to meet you yet you are forever in my heart Grandfather...

Farid Hussain, born 09 February 1996, died 09 January 2012 in United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
It\\\'s been too long since you left us. I can\'t believe that just the weekend before it seemed like any other ordinary Sunday. We laughed, not worrying at all about the finals we would have to take that week, choosing to play Magic and Smash Bros. instead. And then came the day you left us. It was the first time I had cried in years. I tried to be stoic, but it was useless. Coincidence or not, it marked the beginning of the darkest year of my life. I lost myself; I had no place to go. I don\\\'t know if any of us did. But slowly, we learned that the past cannot be undone. We still think of you all the time, looking back on more naive days when we didn\'t have anything to worry about. Flower-strewn thoughts, innocent and carefree. You\\\'re in all of them.

I still wonder how different things would be if you were still here.

Dorinda Papp, born 26 February 1978, died 27 July 2007 in Washington, USA

Our Remembrance
Also known as Rindy.

Roddy Melville, born 27 February 1951, died 03 December 2014 in Louisiana

Our Remembrance
Forever In Our Hearts

John Callum Chapman, born 03 June 1995, died 23 February 2016 in Lynnville, Indiana

Our Remembrance
You will live on in our memories and hearts. We love and miss you very much. Momma will see you again one day my dear son

Brandi Lyn Brantley, born 14 July 1989, died 03 April 2009 in Cortland, Illinois, USA

Our Remembrance
Brandi Bear, we will love you forever.

Garrett Wolff, born 02 July 1996, died 04 June 2012 in Allyn, Washington

Our Remembrance
Garrett made a firm decision to end his life. He had inquired about life after death to me and had been studying Buddhism. He drew elaborate drawings of the soul mind body and spirit most likely days before his choice. In his early years he drew drawings and wrote poetry centering around the lady of truth , he star cleaner and ghosts and gargoyles just amazing.

We do respect Garretts decision to end his life. He may have had a sense of life beyond the earthly realm and if there is such a place we hope to join him there someday. My former wife and our living son are firmly committed to live our life on earth with passion and healthy pursuits. I hope to give back to society in more meaningful ways when my forestry related career winds down. My wife is pursuing spiritual healing. I hope this story assist others who are grieving and perhaps would encourage others to choose life when faced with obstacles or other challenges

Sam Neathery, born 11 December 1964, died 23 July 2013 in Richland, Louisiana

Our Remembrance
The pain to stay became greater than the pain leave. You will be forever missed and loved.

Michael Scott Tehan, born 12 February 1967, died 25 April 2008 in California, USA

Danny Pugh, born 12 December 1973, died 11 September 2007 in Caddo Mills, Texas

Our Remembrance
Danny is greatly missed by his mother, step-dad, brother and many loving friends & family. Life is not the same without you sweet boy...

Kelly Joe Crawford, born 22 June 1960, died 16 July 1985 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
: I remember the fun times like this image from Halloween all dressed up in my prom dress. So many songs I hear remind me of you. I think to myself, "Kelly would love this guitar solo" So many memories packed inside of four years. I still say you were the best guitar player I've ever heard. Jeff misses you, too. Thirty years gone by ... not a day forgotten.

Anthony Cathal Lawless, born 05 July 1980, died 20 March 2000 in Drogheda, Ireland

Our Remembrance
Snoopy, beloved son.

Carl Randolf Stotler, born 23 December 1946, died 13 August 2006 in Virginia

Ashley Nicole Johnson, born 29 February 1988, died 24 July 2004 in Fayetteville, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
You went to young at only sixteen. Your birthday was about a week ago and you never left my mind. Hard to believe you've been gone almost ten years. Rest in piece my beautiful angel. We love you and we'll see you again soon!

Peter Wayne Van Der Walt, born 15 April 1968, died 19 May 2000 in South Africa, Capetown

Daniel Harley Smith, born 06 May 1985, died 22 May 2013 in Lincoln County, Missouri

Our Remembrance
Love you my dear son.
It's been two years and it's not any easier.

Barry Mark Spies, born 27 January 1966, died 6 May 2006 in Cape Town, South Africa

Our Remembrance
We really miss you B and we\'ll always love you!

Lots of love
Mum Dad and Paulie

Melody Steeves, born 30 May 1973, died 19 December 2015 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Our Remembrance
Melody: wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, cousin, friend, resilient miracle baby, swimming with dolphins, eyes dancing, seven more minutes, hostess with the mostest, teacher, Orange Lake, cruising, volcanoes in Hawaii, snorkeling with sea turtles, Grand Canyon by helicopter, camping, Niagara Falls, organized, gardener, gifts, strong and powerful, scrapbooks, photos, loyal, shopaholic, field hockey, silent treatment, surgeries, blonde curls, turkey dinners, junk food, didn't know what she was worth, the cabin in Canal, her happy place, and yet her final resting place amidst the torment, depression, walls up, third time's the charm, at peace with her Saviour, and grandparents.

Russell Murray, born 23 December 1964, died 01 June 2006 in Wisconsin, USA

Daniel Dumelie, born 15 July 1969, died 15 April 1995 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
My brother was my protector my best friend.... he left behind a wife and son. Dan was funny warm and thoughtful. He suffered in silence. I will miss him forever, may God have grace on him. Love you Dan so much. Hope to see you again bro.

Joshua Dean Dahl, born 30 April 1989, died 25 November 2007 in Galesville, Wisconsin, USA

Nathan Nicademus, born 31 January 1995, died 03 December 2010 in Illinois, USA

Our Remembrance
A dry-witted, smart, handsome, big old teddy bear. Your friends and family miss you more than words. All my love, Mom

Steve Grover Stedge, born 07 March 1962, died 10 June 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Our Remembrance

Samantha Ann Meyer, born 11 November 1989, died 21 May 2012 in Boise, Idaho

Our Remembrance
Samantha Ann Meyer was a beautiful mother, wife, sister, daughter , friend and hair beautician with the most amazing mission statement, "making the world a more beautiful place , one train wreck at a time." Not a day goes by that she isn't thought about, missed and cried over.

David Dill, born 02 November 1965, died 03 January 2000 in Michigan, USA

Eugene Hollis Edwards, born 31 August 1969, died 29 March 2013 in Mesa, Arizona

Our Remembrance
Hollis spent his life looking for and calling out the best in everyone he came in contact with. From the floor scrubbers and ditch diggers to the CEOs, Hollis made everyone feel loved and noticed.

Joshua Reuben Jones, born 10 February 1981, died 29 March 2010 in Utah, USA

Our Remembrance
My dear son, we love you and miss you every day. From the darkness, you have gone to the light.

Cindy Marie Anderson, born 30 October 1959, died 24 June 2007 in California, USA

Beverly Louise Turner Hart Cummins, born 14 July 1951, died 02 August 2015 in Brookline, Missouri

Our Remembrance
Our ❣Mom❣ suffered a head injury at the age of 16, due to a car accident that caused her to be thrown out the windshield & hit her head on a electric pole, the accident put her in a 3 month coma, when she came to, she had to relearn how to do everything, from walking, talking, eating , reading, writing, her mental state never was the same, I've been told, by MANY family members, she went from a sweet loving girl to one who had anxiety became rude & depressed. She suffered all our lives with mental issues that she'd NEVER ADMIT. From time to time, doctors managed to get her to take a medication but she never stayed on it long, she always felt better so she'd stop taking it.

She had attempted suicide twice in the past, those times were attempted with prescription pain medication she took for RLS ( Restless Leg Syndrome) & Arthritis. The doctors again got her on medication & she'd once again quit taking it.

She ALWAYS thought she was healed. We quickly knew when she was off her medication by her words/actions & constant insecurities of my 4 siblings & my love for her! We have always known her love is real & she had a deep loving heart, some times her battle was invisible to those who love her most, we all are good at hiding behind a SMILE, when we're breaking inside!!

All her stories of her past, abused as a child in many different ways, physical abuse by our dad who equally, if not more, got it from her too, seeing her 5 yr old Uncle die when she was just 5 herself, she remembered that day & the following ones VIVIDLY, even the smell of the baby's breath flowers on his casket, I wouldn't even doubt if all those years of trauma, over & over again, may have caused PTSD, who knows, either way, no wonder she was so broken & questioned our love, time after time, she'd been deeply hurt in ways others can only imagine.

Our 💔Momma 💔 lost her battle with her medical condition & a shattered heart on July 29, 2015 , when took her life. She survived for a few days on life support until my siblings & I had to make the choice to let her go. August 2, 2015, our mom's suffering ended; not her story.

Forever changing the word suicide for me, my siblings & extended family, like Cancer is to others, one no worse then the other, just one is harder to understand, for one choose Death over Life, in a otherwise seemingly almost physically healthy body.

💦💔Momma 💔 💦 I KNOW YOU'RE STILL HEAR WITH US ALL, wish it was physically, you always were here for us & I feel you still. I remember your voice as you sang along to this song,
Freddy Fender - Before The Next Teardrop Falls. That's why I smile today, for you;

I leave you with a ;
For Beverly's story has not ended

Ryan Woodland, born 02 June 1981, died 01 May 2006 in New Mexico

Rhonda Nell Dickey Mason, born 01 September 1959, died 21 June 2014 in Fort Worth, Texas

Our Remembrance
I miss you more and more every day my sweet mama. You will forever be missed. I love you. If only heaven had a stairway or a phone so I could call or visit. Until he calls me home. I will always love you and miss you. - love Shannon

Michael Raymond Powell, born 11 June 1968, died 07 June 2014 in Sevierville, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
we always love u

Joseph Mitterko, born 16 February 1990, died 08 February 2010 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Patricia F. McFarland, born 17 February 1940, died 09 February 1984 in Kansas, United States

Our Remembrance
"Patti" my mom, my rock, my best friend...depression and medication finally won over your life. The pain stays with me with the permanent solution you chose. I love you just as much as I did that day you ended your pain and mine began....your daughter...Connie

Billy Walker, born 20 January 1943, died 09 July 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Remembrance
My father was one-of-a-kind, he was hustler/poker player that played with the best and beat them. He lost my mother to suicide and took his own life months later. Words can't describe how much I miss him.

Ryan Rhoads, born 13 March 1992, died 21 May 2015 in New Jersey

Our Remembrance
Ryan was such a loving man, who had a really big heart. He always made sure that everyone he loved and cared about we're happy. He taught me a lot about life. He was one of the most humble people I ever met. He loved his dogs, Rosco and Joker, more than anything. He had one of the most lovable, adorable, goofy smiles that you couldn`t help but not smile when you saw it. His love still surrounds us even though he isn`t here. Rest easy baby. We love you!
He left behind a wife, mother, father, brother, and sister

Heather Lynn Russell, born 28 July 1979, died 04 May 2009 in California

Our Remembrance
Always in our hearts. We love you forever.

Stefanie Nagelschaartje, born 03 April 1998, died 11 November 2012 in Arnhem, Nederland

Our Remembrance
rip in rust liefu stefanie je nagelschaartje werd je fataal uit het oog maar niet uit het hart dushiii

Skip Feldmann, born 20 December 1958, died 26 June 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona

Our Remembrance
I love you, Daddy.

Eric James Borges, born 1992, died 11 January 2012 in California

Our Remembrance
Eric James Borges, 19, was repeatedly bullied, tormented, terrorized, for the duration of his childhood and teen years.

Robert Charles Galen, born 20 September 1959, died 29 May 2006 in Georgia, USA

David Mason, born 23 November 1981, died 8 November 2010 in London, England

Our Remembrance
My sweet big brother and best friend.

Intelligent, caring, funny and modest.

Gone too soon.

Michael James Harris, born 27 October 1979, died 24 July 2009 in Indiana

Our Remembrance
This is my beautiful son Michael. He had so much to give to the world; but he didn\\\'t think the world had anything to give to him. He was raped when he was 8 by an older neighbor boy; and he was bullied at school. Michael had ADHD and even some of his teachers bullied him. He would be called stupid in front of the class, among other things. As a freshmen football player; he and a handful of other young men, were locked into the cage where the lockers are; and they were urinated on, and hit with locks in a sock. The coach knew this and thought the hazing was a rite of passage. I had to hire a Lawyer to get the school to do an Assessment test (IEP) on him, after 3 years of fighting them to perform it. Finally he changed High schools and had tutors and was put in the right classes for his education level. rnrnI found out Michael was severely bipolar when he was about 23. He struggled with that beast for years until he felt he couldn\\\'t fight it any lo
nger. His Psychiatrist bullied him and his staff did too. When Michael\\\'s medicine was a week from running out; he was to call in to the Doctors Office and tell the staff and they were to relay this info to the Doctor\\\'s nurse. The staff didn\\\'t think Michael looked like he had anything wrong with him; so they didn\\\'t always tell the Doctors nurse that Michael needed refills. So he would call and call to get the Staff to get this taken care of. He had to go cold turkey off Seroquel which made him vomit and have severe panic attacks. The kind of meds Michael was on could NOT be stopped abruptly without Doctors advice and monitoring. Michael was in and out of the Madison Center wanting to end his life because he hated \\\"riding the Bipolar Roller Coaster.\\\" (c) Debbie Harris rnHe asked the Psychiatrist \\\"will I ever get any better?\\\" The Doctor answered, \\\"no Michael; you\\\'re going to spend the rest of your life in and out of the Hospital trying to kill yourself.\\\"
OH MY GOD!!! You never take away someone\\\'s hope. How cruel.rnrnMichael had always called me when he felt suicidal. No matter what time of day or night; I was there for him. I would talk him into going into the Madison Center voluntarily until the crisis passed. He promised me he would never take his life; But he broke that promise July 24, 2009 by taking 80 of his prescription pills and quietly slipped away. I know he loved me greatly, and he kept his promise a very long time. However, that Friday night his pain became so much greater than his love for me; he checked out of the \\\"Pain Motel\\\" . 5 times that day we talked. He was joking with me and gave not a clue of what he was planning on doing. I don\\\'t know if he had planned it all out; or he had a severe panic attack later that night and took all those pills in a moment of extreme duress.rnrnI love my son Michael and when he died; he took a big piece of me with him. I am not the same person I was before h
is death. I look like I have aged 10 years. I had the Detective e mail the photos of him as they found him 2 days later. It broke my heart to see him lying on the couch, so peaceful in sleep. He should have known kindness from this world, and not just from this Mom who adored him. He was my son, my sidekick, my buddy; my baby boy. He didn\\\'t deserve to be treated the way the world treated him because he had ADHD and suffered from Severe depression and anxiety and mood swings. People assumed because he looked so normal, that there was nothing wrong with him. NOT ALL HANDICAPS CAN BE SEEN!!! If you seen me, you would never think I was disabled. If you got closer, you would see the scars on my throat that go from ear to ear. You wouldn\\\'t know I was stabbed 17 times, raped, beaten and buried in a gravel pit. You wouldn\\\'t know I use my Handicap plaquard because I get scared walking a long way in the parking lot of a store. I earned it, even though people tell me \\\"
you\\\'re not handicapped.\\\" I do the best I can do every moment of my life to cope with a horrific past. I refuse to stay closed up in my home like a hermit. God brought me back to life in that grave of mine in the gravel pit; and I\\\'m going to honor every moment I take a breath.rnrnLook at all the young and older people on this wall; and it makes you wonder \\\"didn\\\'t they know how much they meant to someone\\\"? Didn\\\'t they know that someone\\\'s heart would be shattered with their death? Didn\\\'t they know how we struggle with more questions than answers? Didn\\\'t they know we blame ourselves somehow by thinking \\\"we should have known\\\"? Every person deserves to be loved and accepted \\\"as is\\\". That\\\'s how God loves them. Bullying is claiming many lives and this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! The schools don\\\'t want to get involved. Some of the kids doing the bullying are the Alumni\\\'s kids. Get involved when you see bullying so people don\\\'t feel this is the only way they e
scape the hazing, the cruel words and taunts from bullies. If someone would have \\\"got involved\\\" when I was screaming for help in the gravel pit; I would have only been raped and beaten. I wouldn\\\'t have had my throat slit from ear to ear and my left lung punctured. The woman said she heard me screaming, but didn\\\'t want to get involved. WE NEED TO GET INVOLVED AND SAVE MORE LIVES. PLEASE HELP ME KEEP OUR KIDS ALIVE AND SAFE. WE SHOULDN\\\'T HAVE TO BURY OUR KIDS.rnrnPlease visit Michael\\\'s site and read the poems I\\\'ve written. Writing is my way to release the pain. Thank you, Debbie Harris

Dawn Gautier, born 25 June 1980, died 15 January 2009 in Louisiana

Our Remembrance
My beautiful Girl. I love you and miss you so much. Your smile could light up a room. Your baby girl is beautiful and we are taking good care of her.

Arthur Rodriguez, born 03 March 1984, died 23 April 2014 in California, USA

Our Remembrance
Friend, you are missed.

Steven Carl Lehman, born 12 October 1987, died 28 February 2013 in St. Francis, Wisconsin, USA

Our Remembrance
Dear sweet Stevie.. Not a minute goes by that you are not in our hearts &our thoughts. Your memories, your beautiful face &loving words will always be remembered and forever remain in our hearts. You were loved by so many. Though you may be physically gone, you will NEVER, ever be forgotten. We hope that you finally found the peace that you have been longing to find for so long now, my angel ~ Rest.In.Paradise <3

Sara Dawn DeClercq Jankowski, born 20 July 1980, died 14 February 2007 in Houston, Harris County, Texas, US

Our Remembrance
My baby who suffered for so long in silence until she just couldn't anymore.

Michael Raymond Riley, born 15 September 1979, died 30 November 2011 in Anchorage, Alaska

Our Remembrance
I am sorry you felt all this pain, my dearest little one. I cannot be in a world where you are gone. It is a cold, cruel place with you in it. Mom never knew the boy she loved is gone, and here I am, every day missing you. I wish you would call me and say sis the way you did ...

Stefan Chapple, born 02 March 1985, died 23 April 2002 in New Hampshire, USA

Our Remembrance
Stefan,Your love and gentle kindness have been woven into my heart, - your smile is embedded in my mind. You are remembered lovingly, missed intensely and loved very deeply,everyday and always....Mom

Aaron Russell Baldwin, born 14 July 1982, died 14 July 2005 in Oregon, USA

Lydia Danielle Schabb, born 23 November 1984, died 18 December 1999 in Maryland

Kayla Jefferson, born 06 August 1988, died 28 February 2006 in Minnesota, USA

Tracy Ann Cairns, born 20 April 1972, died 16 November 2011 in United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
A beautiful,full of life Daughter with a sense of humour and was loved by so many people. She had her own business as a Hairdresser and loved her job. Wish Tracy had known how many people thought the world of her. Big heart of gold and a wonderful Mum to her daughter. Love to you my lovely one.xxx

Jason Lee Hafford, born 01 June 1984, died 15 January 2007 in Maine

April Michelle LaFever, born 01 December 1974, died 16 September 1990 in Tenneesee, USA

Terry Jason Hetrick, born 19 June 1972, died 27 September 2009 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
Also known as T.J. ~ There are no words to describe how much I miss you. I still pick up the phone to call you. How I wish you were here to meet your neice. You would have thought the world of her. She looks so much like you. I named her after you. I tell her she was named after mommy\'s best friend, an angel. Every night I go to bed I wisper, \"You are still my brother, and I am still your sister\". But you know that already.. I love you. I pray you are truly happy and at peace.
Love, Betsy

Kieran Archuleta, born 12 February 1995, died 01 August 2011 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Our Remembrance
Kieran, a sweet, funny, creative, intelligent young man. Much loved & missed.

Kenneth Nicholas Trawick, born 11 October 1986, died 28 July 2004 in Alabama, USA

William Kenneth Brock, born 24 November 1977, died 07 June 2010 in Landrum, South Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
My precious brother: I can\'t believe you\\\'re gone. I would give anything to wrap my arms around you, hear your contagious laugh, see your contagious smile...
Not a second passes that I don\'t think about you and the great memories you have left with me. I miss you and love you so very much!!!

George Corwin Slanker, born 30 May 1943, died 24 October 1990 in Michigan

Eugene F. Smith II, born 22 March 1994, died 17 March 2015 in Texas

Our Remembrance
Texas size heart- Gone way too soon! We'll always miss you!

Gary Patrick Grobecker, born 02 August 1950, died 12 December 1971 in Los Angeles, California

Our Remembrance
Missing you always. Till we meet again! Love your sister, Theresa

Jeff Merz, born 14 January 1967, died 20 July 2015 in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Our Remembrance
Forever missed but always in my heart! I love you my cowboy!

James Blake Thomas, born 26 March 1983, died 02 October 2013 in Stevenson, Alabama

Our Remembrance
Forever loved and missed.until we meet again I LOVE YOU.

Jacqueline Evans Hammac Glenn, born 22 November 1963, died 11 September 2013 in Georgia, USA

Our Remembrance
Loving, loyal, and precious mother of 3, grandmother of 2. Child of God, she loved her Jesus and never met a stranger. Her smile lit up a room with warmth & passion for life and everything living. She will forever be missed and held dear to our family's heart!

Thomas Anthony Stanley, born 30 May 1985, died 15 July 2015 in Sedalia, Indiana

Our Remembrance
My beloved son, forever missed

Matthew Ival Stevens, born 5 October 1971, died 18 November 12006 in Walla Walla, Washington

Angela Johnston, born 15 September 1972, died 21 November 2010 in Texas

Our Remembrance
I will miss you my whole life my love.

Dawn Carol Allen Mancini, born 12 May 1969, died 08 February 2016 in Pensacola, Florida

Our Remembrance
Dawn is my only daughter. She served proudly in the US Air Force. She has one child a daughter, Cheyenne. She was a kind, loving and giving lady. She actually took her coat off and gave it to a stranger at the Salvation Army She would take food out of her home and take it to a Food Pantry. She was beautiful inside and out. She was oving, funny, sweet and had a big heart. She was ending an abusive three year relationship. She moved from Kentucky to Florida for a new beginning. Her problems went with her. She took an overdose on February 8, 2016. I hope she knows how much we love her. I feel empty inside without her. The days do not get better. Cheyenne is the only one I can talk to about the pain I feel. I try not to confide in her. She suffers from depression. I am afraid of how she is going to go on with her grief. She found her mom. Our hearts are broken forever. Before taking your life please call for help. You can not deal with your problems all alone. My father committed suicide also.

Shawn Robert Sorg, born 20 September 1969, died 16 December 2008 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Our Remembrance
An unconditional love knows no bounderies or time. It lives in our hearts...Just as you do precious son. rnrnI remember how much you loved animals and the elderly. Your love for nature and all God\\\'s creations. rnrnAlways on our minds, forever in our hearts, Mom , Dad, Dean, David, Lisa....
We love you son and miss you so much. Wait for us.

Dean Robert Denton, born 08 November 1995, died 19 January 2014 in Houston, Texas

Our Remembrance
Son, brother and a grandchild): will be missed!

Eric Moore, born 18 May 1979, died 20 December 2015 in Richardson, Texas

Our Remembrance
Loving father, husband, brother and son. Forever in our hearts, always on our minds.

Kevin Michael Hughey, born 21 June 1991, died 18 July 2007 in North Carolina, USA

Our Remembrance
Forever 16
What you did during that dash was purely Awesome!

Terry Elaine Nelson, born 27 November 1963, died 02 March 2004 in Bangor, Maine, USA

Chelsea Amber Jack, born 14 May 1993, died 1 February 2011 in Florida

Our Remembrance
I will forever love and miss you. All I ever wanted for you was happiness. Please be at peace, my baby...Mama

Paul Thomas Ferguson, born 15 September 1977, died 13 October 2006 in Whalley Range, Manchester, United Kingdom

Darwin Dean Van Campen, born 10 September 1935, died 03 October 1981 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona

Our Remembrance
Born to Harry Lynn Van Campen and Myrtle Annabelle Schoonover, Darwin graduated from a photography school in the early 1950's and became a prolific photographer for "Arizona Highways" until the 1960s.

Darwin loved bowling and sports. Those who remember him say he was a happy man with a good sense of humor. He married Betty Lou Starner (1928-1988) in 1970.

He took his life by a self-inflicted shotgun at a Phoenix motel and is entombed in crypt #852, Memory Lawn Chapel Mausoleum, 719 N. 27th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ. The location is listed as "inside--East Corridor, 6th Level". The 6th level is the uppermost level on the ground floor.

Richard Hatch, born 28 December 1986, died 23 July 2009 in Indiana

James Mathew Atkinson, born 16 August 1973, died 08 September 2001 in California, USA

Chanss Anthony Newell, born 20 March 2001, died 27 April 2015 in Washington, United States

Our Remembrance
Chanss. You will forever be loved and missed. We have had so many memories together that I will never forget. You were taken away from us way to soon. I hope that we can see each other again babe. Till then, I love you.

Liana Martin, born 11 April 1992, died 20 February 2011 in Missouri, USA

Our Remembrance
You are loved more and more everyday. Not a day goes by without thinking of you, your pretty face, laughter, and kind ways. You are missed more than you will ever know. No worries, we are taking good care of Chewy.
Love you always and forever, Mom, Felicia, Evan, Memaw, Uncle John, Uncle Dan, Cousin Jake, Nephews Aiden and Corbin.

Michael Gianini, born 30 March 1981, died 17 April 2011 in West Hollywood, California

Our Remembrance
Michael loved cats, more than anyone I know.
Michael was a creative screenwriter.

Amy Lynn Melerine Vice, born 07 July 1983, died 25 May 2005 in Louisiana

Zack Kallem, born 11 November 1990, died 16 September 2011 in Oregon

Our Remembrance
Your beautiful spirit and warm smile will live on,forever in our hearts.
Love Forever and Always.

Zack was an organ donor, always willing to give to others, he gave himself to three patients; one, his heart of Gold; another his lungs, to breath the air of happiness Zack shared with others, another his liver. What a wonderful gift Zack gave these three recipients. He gave them another birthday, holiday, and special moments to share with their families and friends.

We miss you as much today as the day you chose to leave. We will always remember your beautiful smile, your heart of gold. You were deeply loved by many.

Savannah LeighAnn Hennen, born 10 April 1994, died 11 May 2011 in Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Savannah was a bright beautiful girl with a giggle that warmed your heart. She took her life at the young age of seventeen and shattered the lives of all who truely knew her. We love and miss you so much Savannah. We would do anything to have you back with us.

Bradley Briggs, born 03 June 1980, died 27 May 2013 in Hunlock Green, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
My one my only son. Fly high baby.

Aja Wray Urqhart, born 04 December 1992, died 18 February 2013 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA

Our Remembrance
The best and most loyal friend I could have ever asked for.

Joshua Harmon Boots, born 25 July 1981, died 13 November 2002 in Indiana, USA

Matthew Clyde McGee, born 26 June 1992, died 22 April 2015 in Lenoir, North Carolina

Our Remembrance
All my love, my precious son. I think of you every single day. Always in my heart and mind. I miss you every second of the rest of my life. Always, Matthew's Momma

Kelly Dahringer, born 17 May 1979, died 29 August 2007 in Warren, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Forever loved and missed

Kirk Lang, born 01 June 1959, died 22 December 2004 in Peabody, Massachusetts

Our Remembrance

Crystal Lipan, born 29 November 1985, died 27 August 2011 in Riverside, California

Our Remembrance
Gone too soon...I love and miss you, Crystal

Rebekah Leah Tomlin, born 26 July 1984, died 22 June 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
I remember her always being there for me..i miss her calling me...getting mad at me ..n then 1 second later she wasn`t anymore..i remember sitting on the couch watching our little brother in an incubator when he came home..i remember her..i miss her..

Robert James Dufour, born 12 December 1960, died 14 March 2006 in New Mexico And Connecticut, USA

Jonathan Davis, born 30 September 1982, died 12 January 2011 in Martinsville, Virginia

Our Remembrance
Not a single second of every day goes by that you are not thought about. Such a beautiful soul who tried so hard but couldn't make peace with life. You are free now, fly high my angel. See you at the gates big brother

Laura Elisabeth Rhodes, born 18 April 1991, died 04 September 2004 in Wales, United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
Adored daughter of Yvonne & Michael Rhodes. She lit up our lives and now holds the torch for us to see the way.

Sonny Lee Higdon, born 29 July 1977, died 3 June 2008 in Tennessee

Our Remembrance
Forever in our Hearts Son

Jarrod Wayne Fraley, born 22 July 1976, died 19 July 2003 in Indiana

Our Remembrance
Every day - you`re the first thing I think of and the last thing I think of before I fall asleep.
So much has changed since you went away.
I love you son and look forward to seeing you again.

Ryan John Marcotte, born 24 February 1978, died 03 April 2015 in Hastings, Nebraska, USA

Our Remembrance
Ryan was a loving father who cherished his daughter Destiny. He was a kind and caring friend as well. He is loved and missed everyday and will never be forgotten.

John Bernard Frantz, born 12 July 1975, died 19 June 2001 in Michigan, USA

Our Remembrance
John was a very happy person. He loved his family and friends. He is sadly missed everyday by everyone. John, I love you and miss you terribly, Love your big sis, Dawn

Jason Brian Seek Seek Brian, born 25 May 1971, died 30 November 2017 in Memphis, Collierville, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
a wonderful middle school band director,he was a wonderful person, graduate from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas with a bachelor's degree in music education where he was a member of Phi Mu Alpha. He later went on to receive his master's degree in music from The University of Memphis. you will always be the man who thought me to read music,and i am forever grateful.you will never be forgotten.rest in peace dear friend.

Claire Elizabeth Hudson, born 03 October 1999, died 12 August 2013 in Wyoming

Our Remembrance

Patrick Sean McGettigan, born 09 September 1976, died 18 October 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
I'll find you in the sunshine
and I'll find you in the rain
I'll meet you in the darkest night
and wait for dawn to come again.

you are mine and always will be
you are free from all the pain
i will keep you here inside me
until i see your face again.


Ronald Joseph Castaldo, born 24 July 1941, died 01 December 1976 in Flagstaff, Arizona

Our Remembrance
Hoping you found peace.

Nicole Hetzer, born 22 March 1984, died 21 February 2013 in Michigan

Charles Kocher, born 13 February 1953, died 13 September 1984 in Savage, Maryland

Our Remembrance
I love you Daddy..... I hope we can meet again someday

Jake Andrew Feinberg, born 21 April 1977, died 09 February 2009 in New York, USA

Our Remembrance
Jake, I miss you every moment of everyday. Love you forever my son, Mom.

Douglas Benge, born 20 February 1966, died 25 October 2008 in Virginia, USA

Cyndi Cuatt, born 24 July 1984, died 23 August 2009 in Arizona

Our Remembrance
One learns to live with the loss, tragedy and waste. There is no closure nor would I want one. I want to remember her vividly: her laughter, moments of joy, her humility and integrity.

Gary Nelson Wilhelm, born 02 February 1963, died 08 August 2011 in Kentucky

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of my oldest son,Gary, who was a special light in our family.

Dillon Michael Branson, born 07 December 1990, died 16 July 2010 in Golden, Colorado

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of Dillon Michael Branson.
Always and forever, Dillon, my baby you\'ll be. We miss your smile, your laugh, your wit (and sarcasm), your sharp mind, but most of all, we miss you terribly, our hearts are broken and will never be the same. We love you, honey.

Monica Dee Jordan, born 15 September 1969, died 28 April 2005 in Michigan, USA

Matthew Ryan Vest, born 26 September 1981, died 23 June 2007 in Indiana

Kate Elizabeth Wesselman, born 09 August 1984, died 01 December 2013 in Crestview Hills, Kentucky

Capt. Lance A Busbee, born 02 July 1970, died 23 November 2012 in Oklahoma, USA

Our Remembrance
Our hero died. Our father, son, brother, uncle, cousin ... our hero. You will forever live in our hearts, we will forever miss you.

Rory Welch, born 12 August 1966, died 24 January 2011 in Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
I will never forget.

Kenneth W. Carroll, born 7 April 1966, died 31 August 2007 in Van Nuys, California USA

Christopher Allen Van Buren, born 31 March 1979, died 28 May 2009 in Wisconsin, USA

Robin McLaurin Williams, born 21 July 1951, died 11 August 2014 in California

Our Remembrance
"You - you alone will have the stars as no one else has them... In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing, And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night... You - only you - will have the stars that can laugh." Tribute to Robin by his daughter Zelda Williams, from The Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Richard Raymond Roth, born 19 April 1968, died 28 May 2014 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Our Remembrance
Rick was the best husband,dad,friend. Our best time was on his motorcycle, camping or fishing. I love and miss you dearly. RIP RICK

Holly Russ Irvin Snowburg III, born 21 August 1973, died 22 July 2013 in Pennsylvania, United States

Our Remembrance
For every breath I take, I take a breath for you ...
In loving memory of a devoted father, a kind and thoughtful partner, and a true friend to many.
Too young to die yet lived more life than most who live to be old and gray.
You are greatly missed and always will be.
Until we meet again

Kerri Krieg, born 16 January 1986, died 06 April 2011 in Tennessee

Our Remembrance
My sweet daughter,I miss you so much my heart aches.I will remember your smile and laugh and hold you in my heart forever.

Richard Alan Yocum, born 27 July 1967, died 22 January 2000 in Dallas, Georgia

Our Remembrance
Richard was a loving father of two children, former Air
Force LT. and Engineer for Lockheed Martin. He was a good man and a good daddy.

Edwin Eugene Bowles, born 30 November 1982, died 11 June 2006 in Ohio

Our Remembrance

Gaston Nicholas Bordelon, born 14 December 1995, died 03 August 2009 in Collin County, Texas

Our Remembrance
Gaston was a kind and gentle soul. He was our \"Little, big man.\"

Randy Swanson, born 15 March 1956, died 03 November 2014 in Gresham, Oregon

Our Remembrance
He was the love of my life for 24 years. You are so missed and loved. Life will never be the same, your light will shine through me until we meet again.

Trena Lee Grimmett, born 06 March 1983, died 15 March 1999 in Louisiana

Casey Cosker, born 09 September 1987, died 03 May 2014 in Miamisburg, Ohio, USA

Our Remembrance
From Bozrah and Ledyard, Connecticut. Norwich Free Academy, 2005.
Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, BFA in writing 2009
Mass Communication Specialist, US Navy aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt, Veteran
Editor at Image Magazine, NY. Employed at Civitas Media at time of death in Miamisburg, Ohio
Casey was an avid reader and writer all his life. He was a lover of bookstores, sushi, cats, and social media. He rode his bike. Casey was a gentleman and an explorer. He knew how to be a good friend. He was smart, thoughtful, and sometimes cynical. He was a complicated fellow. He was a wonderful son who brought so much into the lives of his family. He was loved so very much. He will always be remembered for his intellect, wit, and pleasant personality. There will never be anyone quite like Casey.

Glenn Jackson, born 12 March 1987, died 17 July 2014 in Holbrook, Massachusetts

Kyle A Adams, born 16 August 1975, died 02 August 2010 in Columbus. Nebraska USA

Michael Peterson, born 30 August 1977, died 20 August 1999 in Camp Pendleton, California, United States

Our Remembrance
Ogre, My strong Marine who could move mountains and now I believe you live right above them. I know you this suicide was the only way out but my love for you has lived on and I wish you knew it would have gotten us through anything life could have thrown our way. I love you. Jenn

Monique Kathleen Parkin, born 02 January 1986, died 02 January 2012 in Wilminton, North Carolina

Our Remembrance
Our darling Nique, your light went out too early. Love and miss you Bub xox Mum

Austin Schoonover, born 08 December 1998, died 04 November 2013 in Boise, Idaho

Our Remembrance
Love you today and always!!! ~ Mom

Matthew William Gauvreau, born 29 April 1987, died 06 October 2014 in Maryland And Georgia, USA

Our Remembrance
The most amazing person I ever knew. My pride and joy.

Zane Andrew Levitt, born 07 December 1987, died 14-Feb-2014 in Colorado

George F. Frank, born 16 July 1969, died 21 February 2015 in Florida

Our Remembrance
You never really believed how truly special you were. Many people remember, love, and miss you every day.
Fare you well, fare you well
I love you more than words can tell
Listen to the river sing sweet songs
To rock my soul

Mary Crystal Zirkle, born 12 December 1983, died 05 September 2001 in Illinois, USA

Our Remembrance
We will miss you until we are rejoined in eternity.
Love, Mom, Dad, Scott & Matt

Scott Christopher DeMunn, born 24 August 1958, died 19 September 2014 in Lantana, Florida

Our Remembrance
From his youngest days, my older brother Scott had a natural talent for making friends wherever he went. He was always smiling and joking, and everybody liked him. Scott would do anything to help a friend or family member in need, and often did so. He lived life to the fullest, and he was loved and admired by everyone he touched. He was proud to be a veteran of the Marines.
After going through some difficult life changes and battling depression for several years, Scott lost all hope for the future and took his own life.
Scott was a devoted family man who leaves behind his mother, brother, sister, two children, three grandchildren, and many friends and relatives who love him. He will be sorely missed. Our hearts are broken to lose him. All our love forever.

Daniel Perez, born 13 March 1958, died 09 January 2010 in Maine, USA

Our Remembrance
I love you daddy and may your death not be remembered for how it occurred but lets remember the beautiful person you were. You were my role model, selfless and strong and I am proud to be your daughter. Love always and forever.

Felisha Ellanna Marie Schwartz, born 29 August 1996, died 02 October 2010 in British Columbia, Canada

Our Remembrance
She touched the lives of far more people than she realized and is greatly missed by so very many.
Where you were there is a hole in my world that I find myself wandering around during the day, and falling into at night.

Aaron Michael Bright, born 18 April 1990, died 11 December 2012 in Florida

Our Remembrance
We love you and will miss you always. No matter how you chose to say goodbye, you deserve respect, understanding and forgiveness. Our duty is to find peace now that you have found yours.

Audrey Mamakwa, born 29 December 1999, died 27 May 2013 in Kasabonika, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
R.I.P Audrey Mamakwa
gone but never forgotten
age 13 born 1999

Iliya Zaripov, born 23 December 1956, died 02 July 2007 in Florida, USA

Jake Wayne Kenney, born 02 December 1994, died 05 December 2011 in Alabama, United States

Our Remembrance
Jake, always seem happy and liked making people smile. We never knew his home life. We don\'t know the true reason why he killed himself. He was bullied at school. We all miss and love you Jake! We know you\'re in Heaven now and we can\'t wait to see you again!

Robert Whiddon, born 18 March 1974, died 17 July 2009 in Washington, D. C.

Alexander Bernard Hall, born 10 February 1990, died 05 November 2004 in Chesapeake, Virginia

Our Remembrance
Alexander is gone but never forgotten. We miss you everyday and will for the rest of our lives.Love Mom Danni

Jason Bryant Hellewell, born 3 January 1982, died 19 May 2006 in California

Our Remembrance
Jason was so talented..created music, poetry, art. He suffered from bi polar for 9 years. He is missed and loved so much. Jason was 24 years old when he took his own life by asphixiation with nitrous oxide.

Scott Parker, born 30 March 1972, died 22 February 2012 in Truro, Cornwall, England

Our Remembrance
I miss you dad, so much! I wish I could just have one more day with you to prove how much we all loved you! Rest in heaven daddy! Xxx

Emily Martha Corbin, born 15 March 1985, died 27 July 2005 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
Beloved mother, daughter, sister, niece, and grand daughter. Addiction to methamphetamine tainted Emily\'s vision of a future. In the desperation that comes with the \"crash\" after meth abuse while in the custody of the Lipscomb County Jail, she found a means to and end in the form of a bed sheet tied to a partition. We love you and miss you but we WILL see you in Heaven. XOXO

Lisa Kubina, born 10 Decemeber 1979, died 11 September 15 in Catskill, New York

Our Remembrance
My loving caring sister she give anything to help everyone lisa is always missed each and everyday

David Allen Cooke, born 04 November 1963, died 13 November 2015 in Fenton, Michigan

Our Remembrance
David was a Avid Deer Hunting and Loved the Woods. I hunted with David for 10 years and watched him kill many deer. He taught me how to hunt with a Bow and Target Practice. He was a Beautiful Person. He was loved by Family, Friends, and me your wife. David you will be missed so much. I will meet you in Heaven. Love, Kelly

Joshua David Stevens, born 29 May 1980, died 16 February 2005 in Kentucky

Daniel Scott Stayner, born 24 January 1978, died 21 February 1998 in Nevada

Our Remembrance
Our Danny Boy, you are loved and missed each day by everyone who knew you.

Justen Hale, born 10 May 1977, died 28 November 2016 in Talent, Oregon, USA

Our Remembrance
Justen Hale unexpectedly departed this world over the course of Thanksgiving weekend 2016 and we are mourning the loss of a soul that could light up the room with his beautiful smile and loving heart.rnrnJusten was a strong, charismatic, witty, loving, hard-working and talented man that made you fall in love with his charm within moments of meeting him. He had a knack for living life to the fullest, a true creationist in his work and an artist in the residential/commercial/recreational painting realm. 2 years ago he began dating Zi (Zulu of Sis-Q Rollerz), and we instantly fell in love with him and his ability to make one of our dearest friends so incredibly happy. Justen was supportive of her, her daughter, her love of roller derby and became one of Sis-Q Rollerz biggest fans. He would eventually become a referee for our league and watching him skate was a pure joy! rnrnAs was watching the two of them build a life together with their blended family of 3 young girls. They would soon come to add a beautiful baby boy who would make this family bond even more incredible, Kangee Hale-Barnes who was born on June 15th, 2016.rnJusten's unexpected passing has left his partner, the love of his life, in a place of immense grieving and mourning. rnrnHe is so greatly missed and in his honor we ask that you alwasy reach out to your friends and family. When they are in a place of despair and depression, encourage them to lift their chin to the light.

Howard McDaniel, born 13 August 1973, died 15 June 2005 in Alabama

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of a special son that took his angel wings, but lives today in my heart.

Marilyn Keller, born 29 April 1931, died 13 January 1983 in Hopkins County, Texas

Our Remembrance
Mama I love and miss you every day I wish you would have called me and talk about it before because you could have come lived with us.

William Eugene Statham, born 13 March 1932, died 21 May 2013 in Indiana, USA

Our Remembrance
Truly an amazing man
Lawyer, Father, Poppy

Hunter Hickey, born 22 March 2017, died 01 January 2016 in Perryville, Arkansas

Our Remembrance
My son Hunter shot himself while 3 times over legal limit of alcohol. He had depression and he was in and out of rehab. I wish I could go back and start over and teach him the love of our heavenly father and fill him with the love of the holy spirit. I love you Hunter and you will never be forgotten.

Jason Holbrook, born 29 December 1979, died 19 August 2004 in Michigan

Roger Dale Smith, Jr., born 15 November 1985, died 04 April 2010 in Tennessee, USA

Our Remembrance
My precious son ... always in my heart ...

Samuel Joseph Scarbrough, born 26 November 1996, died 22 June 2013 in Missouri, United States

Our Remembrance
Sammy -such a sweet loving soul, nicknamed \"wild thing\" whose motto was Baseball for Life.

Moana Aki, born 05 February 1991, died 12 October 2008 in Kauai, Hawaii

Our Remembrance
Moana was loved by so many people,students,loved ones and family,
if you are reading this
please help stop suicide,
Its been 3 yeras and we all still have such a hard time.
we love you mo

Michael Eduard Bledsoe, born 21 March 1989, died 19 June 2012 in Independence, Missouri, United States

Our Remembrance
Michael. You were so loved by so many people.
We will always love you and miss you, buddy.

Timothy Best, born 17 July 1962, died 16 August 2016 in Bakersfield, California, USA

Our Remembrance
He couldn't see how many people loved and cared for him, especially his children.
So many reached out, but a sick mind blocked him from feeling the love.
This life was too painful for him, now he is free of pain.
Please remember, whoever you are, you are loved by many and touch more lives than you know.
There is no shame in being mentally ill and needing help. Treat it like you would any illness of the body, and find professional help.

Victoria Saxer, born 03 August 1991, died 15 September 2014 in Fairhope, Alabama, United States

Our Remembrance
In Loving Memory Victoria Anne Saxer

Elizabeth Jane Watts, born 26 July 1972, died 28 January 2011 in Appledore, North Devon, United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
A brilliant nurse, a true friend and a wonderful partner.
Sleep well with the Angels, Lizzie.

Jason Martin, born 25 January 1991, died 22 March 2012 in Aberdeen, Washington USA

Our Remembrance
Jason you were a generous, compassionate and loving person with a heart of gold. You always gave big, warm hugs and lit up a room with your beautiful smile. The world is an empty place without you in it and we will love and miss you forever...rnrn~Mom, Herb, Lauren, Olivia & Nathaniel.

George Ross Cramer, born 09 August 1985, died 10 August 2009 in New York, USA

Our Remembrance
We will love you and miss you, always. Rest in peace.

George Guillemette, born 15 October 1958, died 15 June 2009 in Massachusetts

Our Remembrance
I miss you and love you dearly my Brother! you showed me what family was all about, The good lord above only knows where i would be if i hadn\'t had you growing up.. You were my brother by blood, but you were my father in heart and mind!

Nathan Elias Thomas, born 16 September 1984, died 04 September 2014 in Chicago, Illinois

Our Remembrance
My dear, dear, Nathan.

Your death has left many people with such a tremendous heartache. I am so, so sorry for the obvious despair you lived daily.

Nathan, I think you would be very proud and humbled by the outpouring of love and support for us (and consequently you!) immediately after you died. Family and friends have been incredibly kind, honey. Nathan, you are loved by many people.

It still is very hard to believe you have died. I look at photos of you and I think how incredible that I literally gave you life. I've held your warm hand. I've held your warm face between my hands. Your smile and bright eyes lit up a room. Life got too hard for you and you knew no other way to escape the pain.

Dad and I miss you, as do your siblings. It's been hard honey, but we are slowly learning to live and be happy again. Some days are better than others. We thank you for the little ways in which you continue to let us know you are around us.

You remain in our hearts and always in our thoughts. You made a difference, honey.

I love you.
I miss you.
I'm proud of you.


Brandon John Anfeldt, born 27 May 1982, died 09 August 2004 in Illinois

Our Remembrance
You left this life so soon, but you are never forgotten. You were a true caring friend to all who knew you. We miss you every day, you are forever loved and in our hearts.

Peggy and Lou Anfeldt (Mom and Dad)

Kelsey Marie Langan, born 19 March 1987, died 25 October 2014 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Mom's Baby Girl...Forever 27...My Angel...I Love You a Million

Lawrence Michael Acevedo, born 17 June 1988, died 29 December 2011 in West Covina, California

Our Remembrance
Lawrence Michael Acevedo was a loved son, cousin, nephew, and friend. There are no words to explain what he meant to so many. So I can only attempt to say what he meant to me, he was my nephew but more like the little brother I never knew I wanted wish I never lost. He knew no judgment, and offered acceptance to all. His services had every type of person,every size, shape, color, ethnicity and peer group you can think of. You were my baby brother I was supposed to protect you, I\\\'m sorry I didn\\\'t hear you when you listened and saved me. My nephew fell victim to this horrible darkness at 23yrs old, he never had a chance to love, to marry to have children, he never had a chance to find himself before he lost himself to himself...........IT\\\'S TIME WE TAKE THE POWER OUT OF SICKNESS, SUICIDE IT\\\'S ONLY A WORD NEVER AN OPTION. I love you n I will keep my promise love always your Deva

David Elmore, born 04 October 1982, died 10 November 2009 in Missouri

Our Remembrance
David was our gentle giant with a loving soul, our broken genius.He tried to have hope that things would get better. Dave fought so many battles. He tried everything in the medical arsenal that was available to him. He wanted to win the war with bipolar so bad. But with each battle he became more tired. Still he battled on and on. Finally it became too much for him and he sought the only peace he could find.
We love you David and we always will miss you and we are trying to be at peace knowing that you are no longer in pain.
All the love in the world cannot prevent a loved one from dying or you would still be with us.
Love you forever, miss you forever
mom and dad
Forever missed.

Dario Coltri, born 11 March 1957, died 23 May 2012 in California

Our Remembrance
A sensitive spirit and kind soul. I wish I had known how very alone you truly were. I am so sorry. I will love you always.

Linda Eckman, born 02 February 1960, died 03 May 2009 in Louisville, Kentucky

Our Remembrance
A daughter, a sister, a mother, and a friend to anyone she knew. She is missed everday.

Steven DeGrenier, born 20 September 1972, died 23 March 2004 in Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
Steven, so loved by his family and those he touched in his lifetime, they numbered so high, that buses were hired to bring them to the memorial service from all across the state of Florida. I wonder if he knew just how special he was to so many people.

Alfredo Buenrostro, Jr., born 18 December 1988, died 21 April 2013 in Stockton, California

Our Remembrance
A Beloved Son, Brother, Uncle.
Forever In Our Hearts

Fabian Alvarez, born 24 July 1987, died 07 June 2016 in San Diego, California

Our Remembrance
"..Good friends we have, Good friends we've lost, along the way....In this great future, you can't forget your past, so dry your tears, I seh'... No woman, No cry"- Bob Marley

Scott Bryant, born 11 January 1984, died 13 August 2014 in Mesa, Arizona, USA

Our Remembrance
Our loving son my he rest in peace.

Silvan Skye Valeska Herberger, born 25 November 1988, died 10 January 2012 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Jordan McMullen, born 12 May 1996, died 11 November 2012 in Colorado

Our Remembrance
You are missed beyond words everyday.
My life will never be the same without you.
Thank you for the time I had with you.
I love you!

Kenneth Knight, born 11 October 1990, died 17 July 2014 in Owensboro, Kentucky

Our Remembrance
my son kenny was a kind sweet child very smart eager to learn he was out going eager to please anyone he came n contact with he was on the gifted and talanted program in school was on the honor roll he lovedhis close friends loved fishing bike riding and his skate board he loved his sisters so much and his niece and nephews he wouldve made a great uncle and father if he had the chance he left us to be with his sister i hope he and jessica are enjoying being together now kenny mommy loves you so much i miss you and your sister so much each day passes your my thoughts rip my son

John Michael Smith, born 13 May 1950, died 27 February 2008 in Florida

Guy P. Essick, born 08 September 1961, died 07 August 2002 in Pennsylvania

Phillip Miller, born 12 April 1994, died 10 December 2011 in Michigan, USA

Our Remembrance
A very young man who loved and cared for everyone. R.I.P. Phillip.. You are loved and missed by many. Soar like an eagle!

Donald F. Foltz, born 22 March 1941, died 30 March 2007 in Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
he best father, husband, and grandfather a family could ever ask for. I hope you are at peace, watching a Penn State game or on vacation at the beach. You will never be forgotten. I love you PopPop

Steven Mathis, born 31 January 1974, died 15 May 2004 in Alabama, USA

Our Remembrance
Always in my heart

Donald Norman Woods, born 06 April 1976, died 15 December 2011 in Texas

Our Remembrance
Funny Loving Son Brother Uncle but most importantly DAD

Joshua David Goddard, born 24 May 1978, died 25 November 2005 in Missouri, USA

Kristopher Bryant Woosley, born 20 August 1976, died 02 December 2003 in Kentucky

Annette McNicholas, born 02 July 1964, died 04 May 2013 in Michgan

Our Remembrance
Memories of your tender heart. Our love for you will long impart. Gentle child, full of grace - Someday again to see your face.

Tyson H. Nelson, born 25 October 1985, died 28 June 2009 in Roy, Utah

Our Remembrance
My sweet son who is missed every day !

Johnny Mesecher, born 28 January1992, died 16 June 2013 in Monmouth, Illinois

Our Remembrance
I will never forget your bright personality, and your wonderful smile. We had so many good times together and for that I am grateful. I love you babe!

Chris Oliver, born 09 May 1997, died 22 May 2014 in Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
Chris was a truly extraordinary person and I couldn't be happier that I got to call him my boyfriend. I can't believe he's gone... I'm completely broken. I never expected that I would lose him like this. It's amazing how much Ior anyone elsecould trust and rely on him for almost anything. He'd drop everything for anyone if he knew they needed help. He had the ability to make anyone smile without trying. Things like dancing, anytime, anywhere showed me that he were never afraid to be himself and I will always love that about him. I will never forget any of our memories like when Chris pushed me in the water at the beach and I was wearing all of my clothes or when my mom made us go on some boring boat tour and he fell asleep on my lap for 3 hours. And I will especially never forget your last night alive when we made cookies then danced and sang in my kitchen for hours. That was the best day of my life and it was also the last time I ever got to see Chris' face. It kills me that we will never be able to make new memories. We'd grown unbelievably close over the past year or so and I wish he didn't have to leave so soon. There are still so many things I need to tell hi, and questions I've got to ask him and tons of things I wanted to do with him. Chris changed so many things about me and made me a much better person and I couldn't thank him enough. I'm so sorry that he was battling with personal demons and I wish more than anything someone could have taken away his pain. He will always have a very special place in my heart. I hope he's in a happier place now. Don't forget about me, Chris. I'll see him again eventually. I love d him from the start and I will love him forever. I miss him so much it hurts. Rest easy baby

Vanessa Gama, born 06 December 1986, died 17 November 2016 in Nice, California, USA

Our Remembrance
This is Vanessa Gama. She was a single mother, she had three children two of which she care for soley. She was my very best friend and had been for several years. Her children are going to miss her deeply and they will never forget that she loved them with all that she was. PLEASE REMEMBER JUST LIKE IN VANESSA CASE JUST SOMEONE TO LISTEN (NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND , JUST TO HEAR THEM OUT) COULD HAVE HELPED TO HEAL AND COULD HAVE HELPED HER AND SAVED HER LIFE. I love you Nessa you are very loved and will never be forgotten.

James Willis, born 25 November 1943, died 13 August 2002 in Kansas

Our Remembrance
My dad was such a viberate and funny guy. He moved his family to Arizona in the late 70\'s and all of the 80\'s. Arizona is where he truly was happy. A lot of my happy memories of him are from our time living in Phoenix, Arizona. If you had him for a friend, you were very lucky. He enjoyed being around people and I think that is why his life ended. He just counldn\'t take the lonliness and rejection anymore. The family survivors from someone who takes their life is left with the \"WHY\" question. It maybe something that will never be answered. My only advice to someone who may have to go through this in the future is that you will have your sad moments and you must stand strong with your head held up high and know that with each day the pain will get easier to deal with. Don\'t ever let anyone tell you to get over it. Until they have walked in your shoes, then they don\'t know how you feel exactly.
God Bless Us All

Mitch Spencer, born 18 June 1991, died 6 November 2010 in Nottinghamshire, England

Our Remembrance
Oh Mitch my darling, you\'re forever in all of our hearts.

Tammy Acery, born 18 December 1973, died 24 September 2008 in Monticello, Kentucky

James Duty, born 19 June 1949, died 29 May 2012 in Columbus, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Dad-You will always be remembered and loved for your kind heart and your devotion to God. We may never know why your life ended this way but God does and I just pray some day that we will see each other again in the Lord\'s house! We love and miss you so much! <3

Julie Ann Richardson Glenn, born 21 January 1955, died 16 September 1992 in Kansas, United States

Our Remembrance
Your family and friends miss you, Julie!

Steven Rotan, born 12 June 1973, died 13 August 2016 in Portland, Oregon

Our Remembrance
May you have found the peace you were seeking.

Daniel S. Goettsch, born 03 April 1979, died 24 October 2004 in Minnesota

Our Remembrance
Love endures forever.

John Albert Jordan, born 11 September 1954, died 03 February 2016 in Alexander, Arkansas

Jonas Watkins, born 05 September 1983, died 30 November 2005 in Kentucky

Stephanie King, born 18 September 1989, died 04 March 2014 in Ohio

Our Remembrance
Love you mostest baby girl!!

Thomas McGreal, born 02 October 1963, died 08 October 2016 in Missouri

Urich Nel, born 11 January 1987, died 18 January 2012 in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Our Remembrance
Urich, was a funny, kind, sensitive and caring young man and a deep thinker who pondered the meaning of life and decided that this world could not provide him with what he wanted and needed. He himself described his death as a choice and that "nothing I do further could match what I've done till now." I miss him every day of my life. He still had so much to give to this world to make it a better place to be in. I will never stop loving you, my son.

Nicholas Alexander Moncada, born 08 November 1989, died 19 June 2008 in Berwyn, Illinois, USA

Hillenbrand Cody Mackenzie, born 15 July 1992, died 25 October 2017 in Chandler, Indiana, United States

Our Remembrance
In memory of my sweet son Cody. You will never be forgotten. Your kind and sensitive soul is greatly missed; more than you realized. Until we meet again.
Love, Madre

Jamey Rodemeyer, born 21 March 1997, died 18 September 2011 in Buffalo, New York, USA

Our Remembrance
Jamey was my friend. He was always kind to everyone. He\'s missed by everyone. Paws Up forever!

Tracie Denise Schultz, born 08 April 1978, died 04 March 2017 in San Antonio, Texas, United States

Our Remembrance
Tracie Denise Schultz my daughter, the rest of us have aged 10 years, but you will remain 25-years-old *forever. I miss you still, the loss is forever. I know you changed your mi d and tried to get help. Jesus knows this too.

Shane Joseph Halligan, born 12 February 1990, died 12 December 2006 in Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
My mission is that your legacy will not be of a ruined mother. You left a much greater mark of joy, knowledge, humor and kindness. I love you and will carry you in my thoughts and heart for the rest of my life.

Richard Joseph Kutney, born 23 April 1981, died 15 July 2008 in Binghamton, New York

Our Remembrance
Don\'t judge me for how I left this world,
Remember the love I gave.

Renate Vettleson, born 22 January 1965, died 28 September 2008 in Minnepolis, Minneota

Our Remembrance
She had just graduated with a Master\'s Degree in Social Work, truly wanted to good in the world, but the awful problems in her own life proved to be too big for her to bear. The land of the living lost a good soul, but I am sure she will do much good in the eternal world of Heaven.

Emily Jane Rios Hayes Marteny, born 17 November 1975, died 12 May 2012 in North Little Rock, Arkansas. USA

Our Remembrance
If love could of saved you
You would of lived forever
You have no idea how missed and loved you are.

Brandy Michelle Hallmark Wilkins, born 28 January 1974, died 04 October 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

Our Remembrance
Brandy.....you were such a huge part of my life and who I am. I know your life was never easy but I wish I could have been there more for you to help you work through your troubles. I am comforted with knowing you will be there waiting for me on the other side and we can be together again. I love you Homer! Peace!!👊🏻
Love, Lisa

Chris Rajcevich, born ** **** 1964, died ** **** 1982 in Clinton, Iowa

Our Remembrance
Forever in our hearts...

Jeri Irene Shamburg Reed, born 01 May 1947, died 05 January 1995 in Bakersfield, California, USA

Our Remembrance

Randy Scott Klose Jr, born 07 June 1990, died 18 July 2009 in North Dakota, USA

Jacob Rosenfield, born 04 July 1990, died 27 August 2007 in Vancouver, Washington

Whitney Leigh Rich, born 05 October 1965, died 18 December 2004 in Reno, Nevada, USA

Our Remembrance
Whitney was simply stunning, and bore more sorrow than any soul of her beauty should ever have to. She is never forgotten, always missed...That smile, those kind words, her ways-will always be with us.

Jennifer Elizabeth Angel Nicole Stevens Dillon, born 26 May 1973, died 31 March 2009 in Duneden, Florida

Our Remembrance
My Beautiful Angel Nicole,the light of my life your smile would light up a room and everyone loved you.I miss that smile and I will never hear the words Mom again,You are on my mind all the time so I wait for the day to come that we will be together again.Rest my Beautiful Angel Nicole I love you so very much and miss you.Love in Christ Mom

Anna Louise Borau, born 17 February 1985, died 11 January 2007 in London, England

Our Remembrance
my beloved daughter....so loved....so missed...until we meet again.

Jessie Darnell, born 4 Sept 1988, died 8 May 2007 in New Mexico

Our Remembrance
Jessie was an amazing athlete, son, brother, friend, and most important, Dad!

Marsena Feathers Dixon, born 19 April 1972, died 12 May 2016 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Our Remembrance
Marcy, my darling firstborn daughter, mother of Gabe, Ferron, Caleb, Sam, and Brock; Grandma to Casha, Elena, and Shana.
I'm so sorry. I wish i would have known how confused you were, i just didn't know, i didn't understand.
please forgive me.
I love you forever sweetheart.

Benjamin Fletcher, born 07 August 1982, died 30 October 2012 in United Kingdom

Our Remembrance
I miss you more every day my beautiful son. I wish you had told me how you were feeling and that I could have stopped you. The pain is so huge without you. You are always in my thoughts, heart, soul and mind. Sleep well my baby. xxx

Eston William Nelson II, born 18 April 1996, died 16 November 2011 in West Virginia

Our Remembrance
Every time I hear your name, tears are brought to my eyes and the thought of it upsets me, because there were no goodbyes.

Cassi Leann Churchwell, born 20 August 1991, died 02 February-2014 in Pensacola, Florida

Our Remembrance
My baby, My love, My life...2-2-14 my life changed. My precious child completed suicide. She had battled depression for over 5 years. We had tried many doctors, therapists, counselors, medications...nothing worked for long. I worried her entire life, I worried something might happen to her...from the time she was born I loved her so much, felt so inadequate...I felt God had made a mistake in giving her to me because there was no way I was worthy of her, and I wasn't I was only 20 when I had her. I didn't really know how to be a good parent, I thought loving her so much was enough and I thought I could protect her from all harm. She was my best friend. We had the same sense of humor, the same tastes in music, literature...I am doing my best to carry on, but I have to say, Life just isn't fun without her.

Ryan Carl Moetsch, born 01 November 1985, died 09 September 2004 in New Hampton, Iowa, USA

Bradley Ray Hughes, born 10 February 1978, died 28 May 1992 in Ohio USA

Roger Allen Painter, born 06 November 1963, died 01 April 1998 in Pomona, California

Our Remembrance
All of your fans including us at Rozznet still struggle with the fact that you chose to take your own life. Though it came as no surprise to most of your close friends, your mother was heartbroken. We will always make sure that your music is remembered for as long as each of us are alive. Your legacy of music will be remembered for all eternity. We love you Rozz. The Rozznet family.

Liam Gillespie, born 10 July 2000, died 25 October 2015 in Troy, Ohio, United States

Evan A Current, born 01 October 1996, died 15 November 2012 in Missouri

Our Remembrance
Evan, I love you and miss you very much can\\\'t wait to see you again.

Pamela S. Pirtle Stone, born 12 December 1962, died 19 March 2013 in Michigan, USA

Our Remembrance
A Loving Sister who will forever live in my heart.......I miss you Big Sis!

Laura Lee Snyder, born 03 February 1990, died 27 October 2010 in East Northport, New York, United States

Our Remembrance
RIP my baby girl...not a second goes by that i dont think about you..love you always, mom

Leelah Alcorn, born 15 November 1995, died 28 December 2014 in Kings Mills, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Rest in power

Jay Kincaid, born 18 July 1969, died 01 December 2009 in Decatur, Alabama

Our Remembrance
I knew Jay since we were kids and he was just a lost soul. He will be missed by many.

James Davie, born 01 May 1939, died 05 July 2005 in Alexandria, Virginia

Our Remembrance
His Mental Illness Had Reached A Whole New Level And Meds Just Didnt Seem To Him Back. My Mother Had Passed 8 Months Prior To His Death And I Suppose Her Loss Might Have Been More Than He Handle.
Love You Dad <3 Lisa Victoria Davie

Evan Andrew Ritter, born 27 December 1991, died 20 October 2014 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
Our darling Evie, we are so broken and lost without you, and miss you so terribly much. If only...
We love you.
Mom, Bill, and your siblings, Joseph, Jordan, and Nicholas
If you are in pain and need to speak to someone right away to stay safe, please call 1-800-273-8255, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. We care.

Vaughn Seamon, born 02 September 1963, died 15 May 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Things only got worst when you left us.Do you miss us? are you at peace? do you regret it?

Rebeccca Rehring, born 02 May 1958, died 15 February 2012 in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
my beautiful amazing mother..I hope you find peace in your next life we will always love and cherish you!!! Elisa, Nick, Maliyah, David

Mark Rodgers, born 16 October 1968, died 14 July 2015 in San Francisco, California

Our Remembrance
a truly great brother and a brilliant musician. loved his guitar and his friends. his alias Piss Pissedoffherson and his band The Devils Own ruled san francisco. he owned the streets of S.F. Brother i miss you every day

John Mathias Fernandes, born 14 January 1981, died 26 October 2004 in Florida, USA

Robert L. Jones, Jr., born 30 October 1953, died 17 June 2010 in Louisiana

Our Remembrance
I love and miss you daddyII

Adryan Dylan Veith, born 02 April 1972, died 17 September 2011 in Denver, Colorado

Our Remembrance
tears of a clown .. we will love you forever

Richard Manuel, born 03 April 1943, died 04 March 1986 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
RIP Richard

Ry Walker, born 15 May 1986, died 22 September 2008 in Kansas

Richard R. Shamblin, born 27 April 1954, died 13 December 2010 in Northport, Alabama

Our Remembrance
My Rick was the most loving compassionate, caring person you could meet, he was my soul mate, my best friend. He always helped those in need, loved his Harleys, always rode in all the charity runs, He actually saved my life when I met him, yet I was unable to save his. That guilt will be with me for the rest of my life. He had a horrible childhood raised by a surgeon father who could not see past his God syndrome enough to show his children love and a mother who could think of nothing but keeping up the \"family\" name.. He could not get past his childhood, was always looking for love, acceptance and validation from his father, something that was never going to come, Rick gave up his early retirement plans to travel the states to move back to Alabama to care for his aging parents, nothing he did was ever good enough for his father. I hope he is finally at peace... if anyone deserves to be in God\'s loving arms, it is my Rick Rick....

Keith Robert Jenkins, born 06 November 1989, died 09 April 2014 in Manhattan, Kansas

Our Remembrance
My best friend, my companion, my love, my everything. I miss you & think about you every day-- I can't wait until we can see each other again. In the meantime, I know you're with me, just as my heart is always with you. I love you, battle buddy-- always & forever.
♥ B.C.

Steven Bailey, born 02 May 1977, died 13 September 2011 in Pensacola, Florida

Our Remembrance
This was the love of my life my best friend and was going to be my husband. A father of 3 awesome children. He was full of life and laughter. He went down to a hurtful dark place for unknown reason I'd do anything to have him back. I love you Bailey.

Gabriel Johns, born 29 March 1994, died 23 April 2013 in Lafayette, Tennessee, United States Of America

Our Remembrance
Gabe was a vibrant 19 year old small town country guy. He loved his family and his friends. He worked hard and played harder. His truck was his most prized possession! Sometimes no one knows the battle being fought except the person fighting it. Unfortunately, that was the case with Gabe everyone thought everything was going good in Gabe\'s life but we soon came to realize it wasn\'t. For his friends and family 19 years was not enough time to spend with Gabe. We rest assured that Gabe went home to be with the Lord on April 23, 2013. I speak for the majority when I say the Lord Jesus cannot come back soon enough! We look forward to the day when we will be reunited with Gabe and the rest of the ones we have lost throughout the years.

Holly Blake, born 08 February 1997, died 11 December 2015 in Fairbury, Nebraska

Our Remembrance
I will always love you, Holly. I will always carry you with me. ~Marty

Nathaniel Cripps, born 16 May 1994, died 24 September 2013 in Pleasant Hill, Missouri

Our Remembrance
One day you were here with laughs, big hugs. Aww how everyone misses those hugs. God did not call you to him, you decided to go on your own to see him. The pain you suffered was so severe that you choose to leave it and live a life pain free. We were so surprised! Thank you for the love you shared in the 19 years of life. Not just with me but your best friend and sister, Jacq. Your dad and all your friends. I tell your nephew stories of you so that he will know you. I love you and miss you, I think of you everyday.

Tracy Smith, born 18 December 1962, died 13 February 1994 in Harmony, Minnesota, USA

Our Remembrance
I met Tracy when he was 12 years old. He became my first boyfriend and my first love. He was my first kiss on my 16th birthday. His parents didn\'t like the fact that we loved each other and tried to keep us apart but we snuck around for years. We dated, on and off, for years. We were best friends. There was never anyone like him. He was a blonde bombshell with a body to match. Even though he was two years and 13 days younger than I was, we were meant to be. Even though we married other people, had kids and lost touch for a while, he was never out of my thoughts.
The day he died, my heart stopped beating. My whole world fell apart. No one ever loved Tracy like I did and I was distraught that I couldn\'t stop him from taking his own life. His funeral was the hardest. I sat with his sisters, wishing that he would get out of his casket. I wished him alive! Almost 20 years later, I still miss him so much, I still cry. My heart will always be broken.
I cherish the 19 years that we were friends and I will never forget our special friendship, our songs, our secret dates, our kisses, his letters to me, our walks around Minneapolis, our hopes or our dreams. His death was a crime as he left all of us devastated and extremely sad for the rest of our lives. But we can all take comfort in the fact that we knew him. I can take comfort in the fact that he loved me and I loved him. His son, Ivan, will be 18 soon. I want to find him so that I can tell him how much his Dad loved him and what a special person his Dad was.

Leon Gutierrez Davis, born 05 January 1988, died 26 August 2008 in Kissimmee, Osceola County, Florida, USA

Our Remembrance
Born "Leif Jesse Holcombe", his name was changed by the courts to Leon Gutierrez Davis in honor of his parents when he turned 18. A truly kind and gentle young man, he was a victim of brutal bullying most of his life for his racial heritage, being a descendant of Long Island Native Americans and Virginia African plantation slaves on his father's side, and Central American Native Indians and Central Europeans on his mother's side. His life and death stand as a witness against the evils of racism and bigotry, and in 2009 a binary star system in the Andromeda Constellation, consisting of a blue star and giant red star, was named "Leon & Lydia" in memory of Leon and in honor of his mother Lydia. The binary star dedication and a memorial poem was launched into space aboard the United States Space Shuttle DISCOVERY which retired in 2011.

Delbert Thomas Wynn, Jr., born 16 June 1993, died 05 March 2012 in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Our Remembrance
A troubled life caused you to leave us too soon, your missed greatly and forever in our heart.

Kimberly Kay Edens, born 03 November 1985, died 13 February 2007 in Tennessee

Our Remembrance
A beautiful soul gone too soon.

Frederick Allen Pablo, born 17 October 1980, died 10 September 2011 in Kaka, Arizona

Our Remembrance
He was a very funny person, fun to be around with, more welling to do for his family. He enjoyed hiking,drawing,skateboarding,listening to music. He loved being with his friends.

Patrick Rassley, born 23 December 1995, died 25 Januiary 2015 in Belgrade, Montana

Our Remembrance
Patrick was the best person I have ever known. He had a smile that could light up a room and was kind to everyone, even if they weren't kind to him. He never knew how much he was loved and respected while on earth. He never would have believed how many people miss him now that he's gone.

Stephanie Dawn Barragy, born 05 August 1970, died 19 November 2007 in Elmendorf Air Force Base, Anchorage, Alaska

Our Remembrance
There are things that we don\'t want to happen, but have to accept, things we don\'t want to know but have to learn, and people we can\'t live without, but have to learn to let go.~ Author Unknown

Carl Clifford Avants, born 16 June 1949, died 02 September 1996 in Kennett, Missouri, USA

Our Remembrance
He had a personality that everyone loved.. He was a son, a brother, a husband, a friend, and I'm proud to say he was My Dad! I love you and miss you always...

Scott Campo, born 17 April 1975, died 17 June 2010 in Dracut, Massachusetts, United States

Our Remembrance

River Cree Hale, born 02 March 1993, died 04 September 2008 in Gold Bar, Washington, USA

Vince Collier, born 08 December 1978, died 04 June 2015 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, Great Britain

Our Remembrance
missing you every minute of every day love your big sis

Thomas Rothe, born 07 September 1996, died 12 July 2014 in Pasadena, Maryland, USA

Our Remembrance
This is my Brother Thomas Wilson Rothe , he was always happy and filled with joy , always knew how to make you smile , he was well on his way of becoming a professional Jack Of All Trades . As he Loved to play the harmonica, guitar, he also loved drawing and being educated on things that are cool , such as adruino coding ,turning useless stuff in usefull stuff and chemistry...he was talking about becoming a massage therapist as he loved making people happy!!
I will always miss him ...
He was a very passionate person. Tommy was incredibly talented with electronics and also interested in taxidermy and was exceptionally good at music. He played guitar and harmonica and collected harmonicas and antiques

Cameron Weston, born 18 March 1975, died 26 March 2017 in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
This is my husband I will never understand
I miss you i need you till we meet again xo

Tim Watson, born 10 November 1972, died 25 May 2000 in Melbourne, Australia

Meghan Ahearne, born 06 February 1982, died 28 July 2010 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
A beautiful woman with a beautiful soul whose value and worth she never knew. I know she is close by with no pain, no suffering and lots of love surrounding her.

Croix Lazzara, born 26 August 977, died 27 June 2014 in Tampa, Florida

Our Remembrance
Missed and Loved Forever & Ever.

John Palmer Stensrud, born 19 November 1957, died 13 August 2006 in Arizona And Illinois

Tyler Baker, born 17 March 1987, died 25 December 2009 in Florida

Our Remembrance
Love you & miss you more that words can say. Until we meet again. Mom

Wesley Glenn Smith, born 20 March 1988, died 09 November 2011 in Pennsylvania, USA

Our Remembrance
wesley loved with all his heart and nothing less. Truly missed.
shoot for the stars son
if you miss and fall
you will land on the moon
and thats not such a bad view

Kevin McBreaty, born 27 October 1977, died 19 January 2009 in Switzerland

Christopher Lee Alexander, born 05 April 1983, died 22 August 2007 in Arizona, USA

Todd Michael Lefever, born 20 May 1981, died 15 July 2007 in Pennsylvania, USA

Brandon Schwieger, born 10 March 1993, died 09 March 2013 in Chester, New Hampshire, USA

Our Remembrance
I don't know what to say but I miss you.

Levi Jacob Smock, born 15 January 1996, died 08 August 2011 in Grantville, Kansas

Our Remembrance

Steven Taylor Holliday, born 07 March 1988, died 16 June 2015 in Alabama

Our Remembrance
Father, son, brother or best friend, regardless; he will be missed in this lifetime. He was a great listener, and most things he had good advice to give on; because he had already been or knew someone that had been through it. He was good with his hands. He is leaving behind his 2 daughters, Gracie, 9, and Emma, 8. Both parents, Steven M. And Rhonda. And 1 sister, Morgan.
A life taken too early, yet brought everyone closer. Watch over us handsome!

Lana Jo Allen, born 10 April 1946, died 14 October 2008 in Oklahoma, USA

Damon Lee-Jared Ward, born 23 October 1977, died 15 September 1997 in Beachhaven, Auckland, New Zealand

Our Remembrance
My beautiful boy,you would be 40 this year but I still see the young man you were.Loved more than I can say, never forgotten and forever by my side.

Donald Harman, born 08 May 1970, died 29 November 2011 in Kansas City, Missouri

Leaford Brissett, born 18 December 1987, died 09 December 2000 in Norristown, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
My son Leaford love and miss him so much

Hayden Michael James Brush, born 14 April 1996, died 10 September 2015 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Our Remembrance
Rest in peace

Timothy Gill, born 06 March 1961, died 07 May 2000 in Memphis, Tennessee

Our Remembrance
I never got to say goodbye or tell you that I care, you must have felt all alone, desperate, hurt, and scared.I wonder why you felt so bad that your pain engulfed your life, I wonder if you thought of us, your daughter and your wife. If I could go back in time and try to ease your pain, I would dry all your tears when they fell like rain. It must have been a place so dark that you could not see the light, but here I am, you\'re pain I feel, I cry myself to sleep at night. So Daddy please forgive me, I was only 16 at the time, I didn\'t realize how much pain you had.

Brandon Dray Kenney, born 03 April 1992, died 03 June 2008 in Texas, USA

Richard Allen LaBonte, born 24 December 1943, died 11 April 2007 in Massachusetts, USA

John Shookowsky, born 22 June 1972, died 11 February 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
He was my friend, my confidant and my non-biological son. I love him as much as I did when he was here.

Kimberly Eilene Young, born 16 December 1964, died 25 March 2014 in Idaho, USA

Our Remembrance
We love you very much our beautiful daughter and will always keep your sweet memory in our hearts and never forget how much you always helped others.

Thaddaeus Paul Smith, born 17 February 1975, died 13 January 1998 in Arkansas

Our Remembrance
Thad was my only child, my son. He was such a gentle person and never was in trouble at all while growing up. His girlfriend broke up with him and broke his heart.

Michael Burrola, born 20 April 1979, died 09 March 1999 in Tempe, Arizona

Our Remembrance
Missing you always your beautiful smile and the memories we hold dearly. Thank you for the laughter and love you gave.
We love you!

John Ryder, born ** July 1971, died 20 March 2012 in Lindenhurst, New York

Our Remembrance
John loved to dance! He often went out with us and he was a warm caring guy. He would help anybody and loved his red hot rod. I will never forget your quirky comments that nobody understood. I got you. Miss you kiddo!! -Kristy

Jonathon Ware Domin, born 22 January 1970, died 24 December 2015 in Florida

Our Remembrance

Tina Mary-Ann Roberts, born 03 December 1958, died 16 September 1978 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Our Remembrance
This is a photo of Tina when she was approximately four years old.rnrn
Tina was adopted by two wonderful people - Ed and Mary Roberts. Tina was ahead of her time. In the 70s at 17, she was already concerned about the environment and wanted to go to university and study to be an environmentalist. Her reading list included very thoughtful material like Brave New World and 1984. She loved children. She was intelligent, kind, and loving and had she not suffered from severe depression and lost the struggle, would have lead a wonderfully interesting life.rnrnI wish I could have done more to help my sweet sister, but I was 18 months younger and very naive. I was proud to have been her sister for her 19 short years on this planet. Rest in power my sweet beloved sister. rnrn

Cory Roger Decker, born 31 December 1987, died 24 May 2008 in Texas, USA

Howard Worthington Jr, born 14 April 1974, died 15 March 2008 in Texas, USA

Our Remembrance
Also known as Howie.

Chris Manning, born 11 June 1984, died 22 July 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Our Remembrance
Chris was an amazing man. His heart, mind, and soul were incomparable to anything I have ever encountered in my life.
When I think about my future, I will always wish I could have shared it with you. 6 months later and the pain is still unbearable.

Christian Victoria Carrigan, born 14 November 1986, died 06 December 2001 in Maryland, USA

Our Remembrance
Chrissie - My angel born to soon gone to soon. Forever in my heart.
Once I held an angel in my arms now I hold one in my heart. Forever my angel gone but never forgotten. Loved for eternity.

Clara Marie James Phoenix, born 29 October 1956, died 12 April 2009 in Macomb County, Michigan

Our Remembrance
Clara was my baby sister. She has two sons, and one grandson that she has never seen. He reminds me a lot of her when she was little. She loved to sing and play the guitar. She taught herself how to play. She wrote her own songs. I miss her very much. I would give anything to be able to talk to her and tell her how much I loved her. We used to be best friends when our kids were very small. We drifted apart over the years. I wish I had been close enough to make a difference in her life. One that would have been able to show her there were reasons to live. I will regret that I wasn't there for her, forever. But she is at peace now with our Mother and brother. R.I.P. baby sister. I love you. Sharon

Cherie L. Pummell, born 26 August 1971, died 08 May 1996 in Ohio

Wayne Thomas Bradley, born 29 December 1971, died 14 July 2007 in Greensburg, Indiana

Ricky Costa, born 23 November 1978, died 09 April 2012 in Pitman, New Jersey

Our Remembrance
Ricky was a kind and very gentle person, loved by all that knew him. He was extremely generous, and at one time a very funny guy. He was a master carpenter and avid fisherman, good at whatever he put his hands to. He is so dearly missed!!!!! We love you Ricky!!!!!

Angus Bristol, born 17 May 1954, died O9 November 2013 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Our Remembrance
Miss you.

Theresa M. Mendoza Schlicht, born 26 July 1950, died 16 September 2007 in Florida, USA

Chad Brunette, born 02 December 1976, died 21 July 2002 in Texas, USA

Sierra Carol Hoover, born 28 January 1983, died 19 January 2007 in California, USA

Eric Vincent Unruch, born 01 October 1976, died 01 July 2002 in Colorado

Paul Alan Coker, born 30 November 1985, died 28 December 2009 in Victoria, Australia

Our Remembrance
In loving memory of my precious son who I miss more and more each day and who I love so dearly.Forever in my heart.xx

Scott Patrick Satchwell, born 09 August 1975, died 20 December 2009 in Waterton, New York, USA

Our Remembrance
I'll love you forever. I miss every second of everyday. You are in every painting I create. Love Always, Your Wife

Glenn O`Rourke, born 13 May 1964, died 02 March 2013 in McDonald, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
My partner/husband for 27 years, loving father of two beautiful children. My heart still breaks for the pain he must have felt to make this decisionrnrn

Robby Banuelos, born 09 Janaury 1983, died 09 August 2009 in California

Our Remembrance
My 4ever \"Son\"shine! You left me far too soon, my love. As amazing as your sparkling blue eyes, is the impact and everlasting bond we share. Mommy\'s angel now now plays his guitar and sings with God\'s other angels... I miss you each moment of every day.

Terry Stone, born 31 March 1942, died 16 February 1981 in London, England

Our Remembrance
It's been a long time Terry, but I always remember you with love.
Approved 2016. May 31 by Jean

Luther Loren Black, born 1931, died 1990 in Georgia, USA

Melissa Mack, born 31 May 1991, died 21 August 2007 in Independence, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Will think of you every day for the rest of my life, and will never really understand why you felt you had no other choice.
It's been almost 10 years and I still cannot truly believe it happened.

Derek Christian Wentz, born 04 December 1972, died 21 May 2009 in Buckhannon, West Virginia

Our Remembrance
A life that touches the hearts of others lives on forever.
Acceptance is peace.

Adonte Brown, born 29 August 1993, died 10 November 2009 in Missouri, USA

Our Remembrance
\"There\'s far more here than meets the eye. The things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow. But the things we can\\\'t see now will last forever\" (2 Corinthians 4:18).

When you consider God\'s answer to suffering, loss and grief, you must think about heaven. You\'ll be on earth a brief time. For those who believe in Jesus, their time in heaven will be forever. In heaven you will see God\'s final solution for tragedy, disease, death, and injustice.

Ronald Pete Henderson, born 26 July 1939, died 24 January 2008 in Raymond, Illinois

Our Remembrance
I love and miss you, Dad . . .

David Neuschafer, born 14 July 1967, died 13 December 1984 in Enterprise, Kansas

Our Remembrance
"Missing You, Dave"
By Anna Marie Richardson Neuschafer

We miss you Dave, each night and each day.
The world's not the same, Dave; the sky's always gray.

We don't laugh as much, Dave, and life isn't fun.
This break in our hearts comes from missing you, son.

We loved you so much, Dave, the ache never ends.
It helps but doesn't cure to spend time with your friends.

We miss your big smile, Dave, your jokes and your pep.
The sound of your voice and your fast walking step.

Life could be better, if you were still here.
But, you aren't, and we miss you, and we shed one more tear.

Written by David's mother, Anna Marie (Richardson) Neuschafer

James Stanley Hawley, born 06 July 1910, died 27 February 1952 in Slate Lick, Pennsylvania

Our Remembrance
Stan. In loving memory

Roy Wayne Ridenour, born ** November 1960, died ** July 1995 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tony Smith, born 14 September 1965, died 01 September 1999 in Fairfield, Ohio

Our Remembrance
always a smile on his face, always a place in my heart

Patrick Mahony, born 26 April 1971, died 28 May 2016 in Gualala, California

Our Remembrance
Patrick was my best friend. No one has or will ever love me as much as he did. No matter what,where,when or why...he was always there for me,even if I didn't really want him to be. He was my constant companion..and I miss him & remember him every minute,every day. A sweet,funny,loyal, passionately tender man.wherever you are Patrick,I hope you're not sad or alone anymore. I'll love and cherish you. FOREVER! "Bye&Bye"
Melissa D'Ann Martin
Hot Chickee Mow Mow

Patrick's suicide note - found on his cell phone six days after he'd killed himself.

May 22,2016
I haven't done any one thing so terribly horrible. Its been a long aimless past of mistakes and selfish decisions,opportunities wasted,willful choices of poor judgment,loneliness in a sea of friends,regrets and failures. I consistently disappoint myself and I know that I'm the only one responsible for my fucked up life. I've hurt those I love. Those who count on me are let down. I can't find love. I'm never happy. My IQ is above average which makes me all the more stupid for living a life of underachievment. I've driven the only woman I've loved in fifteen years to hate me. My twenty year old son is a stranger to me and that is surely to his benefit. I was raised a Christian but I never believed there was a God. I know death is final and total. I'm not "crossing over"or entering heaven or walking into the light. Its only the end and that's it. Just like a candle flame extinguished hasn't gone anywhere.It's just gone. Now nothing matters because there's no me for it to matter to. Fourtyfive years isn't a long life but it's long enough. A good life,a happy life,a successful life doesn't want to end. My life is none of that. Its a pathetic life. I occupy the the lowest level of society. I quit before it gets worse. I apologize to those who care. No one could have helped me,I'm too damaged. Mourn if you feel compelled to but please forget me quickly. I leave no lagacy. In a very short time there will be very little evidence I ever existed. Whatever. I'm done. I'm dead.

John Kilcline, born 26 April 1962, died 31 July 2007 in Indiana

Brian Paul Dugas, born 03 March 1975, died 17 January 1993 in New Iberia, Louisiana, United States

Our Remembrance
Wherever you are, for as long as I live, you are surrounded by my love. Mom

Craig Owens Vander Vennet, born 21 July 1963, died 23 October 2012 in Virginia, USA

Our Remembrance
This is my third year missing my best friend since I was 9 years old. He took his own life 3 years 1 month and 2 days ago. He saved more lives, including mine, than he could ever have known with his huge heart. He took something with him that I will never get back. I know he suffered his whole life with depression, as I have, and I Pray to God he is at Peace. He saved my life several times over the years, the last mere weeks before he took his own life in a moment of despair and rage. How I wish he had of reached for my hand as he had so often extended his own to pull me back from the edge. This is for you, Craigy. I love you and miss you always.

Alex Wilkes, born 14 July 1987, died 14 September 2011 in California, U. S. A.

Our Remembrance
Alex you left my world too soon and left me feeling completely alone, and in agony.
You will always be in our hearts, until we can hold you in our arms again.
I love always love you like a fat kid loves chocolate cake, and I will hear your guitar and voice hopefully someday in my dreams so that I know you are with me in spirit.

Johnny Leathers, Jr., born 24 April 1979, died 29 August 2000 in Georgia

Our Remembrance
Forever in our hearts and one day reunited for eternity.

Jesse L. Souders, born 27 December 1991, died 23 January 2009 in Franklin. Ohio USA

Michael Lee Jordan, born 31 March 1983, died 25 September 2008 in Virginia

Our Remembrance
Michael was a great friend to me and everyone he knew. He lit up the darkest days with his smile and his way of making me and others laugh and have fun. He had a wonderful heart. I miss him and think of him every day. The world has lost a truly unique star.

Jose Rodriguez Carrillo, born 15 January 1991, died 19 April 2009 in Minnesota USA

Nathan Michael Horn, born 10 October 1991, died 30 October 2009 in Costa Mesa, California

Our Remembrance
Miss you Son ... Love you so so much.

William Boman McCormick, born 08 December 1964, died 05 September 1995 in Bellevue, Washington

Our Remembrance
My only son is missed more than words can express. He was brilliant, funny, loving and too young to leave this earth.

Jeffrey Ray Barcus, born 18 October 1962, died 17 May 2012 in Bidwell, Ohio

Our Remembrance
Please help us change the criteria to get someone help, when they can not ask for it themselves!!! In the ED with a crisis councilor and was allowed to go home only to find his picture here!

Kaylie Lynne Leiper, born 29 July 1986, died 09 June 2006 in California, USA

Justin Walker, born 28 August 1992, died 11 June 2012 in Westland, Michigan

Our Remembrance
Justin you were one of my best friends and an inspiration to so many people. You were smart, funny and fiercely loyal. You will always have a place in my heart.

Perry Scott Madsen, born 10 June 1969, died 10 June 2001 in Nebraska, USA

Roger Donald Laplante, born 30 June 1937, died 24 January 1983 in New Hampshire, USA

Our Remembrance
Remembering you Dad. Thank you for saying, \"I love you\" to Don.